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Just Dance (Oneshot) | KOOKV


Definition of Dance Practice in 3S. Sweet kisses. Sweaty bodies. Steamy sex.

Romance / Erotica
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Wild Dancing

"Pam.. Pam.. Pam.. Yes that's it." Jungkook clapped his hands as the dancer moved to the beat.

He saw few trainees struggle a little, making him groan in frustration.

"That's not fucking right!" He lifted his hand to stop the dancers as he glared at the woman to his right.

"Seriously, Chungha? When will you get this routine?" He uttered, rolling his eyes, seeing her near to tears.

"Don't fucking cry in front of me. You're not a drama queen." He hissed, making the woman lower her head.

He had a lot of things to say but was halted when his assistant came to his side, notifying him about the arrival of the members of BTS who were scheduled for today's dance practice.

"Okay. Practice is over. Get the hell out of my sight." he brushed the trainees off, darting his attention on the group of male performers coming his way.

"Hey, Mr. Jeon." Namjoon greeted.

Jungkook just nodded his head. He barely looked at the other members, not really interested.

"Get ready. We'll start in 5." He instructed, walking past the group, heading to his private office to get changed.

He's soaking in his own sweat from training the dancers earlier.

The ravenette didn't pay much attention to his surroundings when he bumped to someone who's obviously not paying attention as well.

He glared, seeing a man with brunet locks, his eyes innocently round and wide, lips as red as cherries. He's quite smaller than him, body soft muscled in contrary to his toned one.

"Oops.. Sorry." The brunet apologized, his voice deep yet tender.

Jungkook just glared at him before turning away, not wanting to be captivated by those beautiful brown eyes.

He went to his private office, slamming the door behind. He picked up a fresh shirt and changed.

True to his words, the practice started after 5 minutes. Everyone was on their comfy clothes, starting on the basic steps for their comeback.

He did a little introduction and laid out his rules as their dance instructor.

"Jeon Jungkook, 24. I'll be with you for a week or two to make sure you master the steps for your comeback performance." He started, reading the names pasted on the member's shirt.

He had a quick gaze of the brunet's name, brows furrowing a little at the only letter he sees in it.


"I'm a man aiming for perfection. I'm strict even for the little details." He warned, making sure the members are understanding what he's trying to say.

After a few more words, the dance practice finally started.

"Okay. Make sure the spacing is good." Jungkook motioned for them to spread out.

"First thing, here are the basic steps." Jungkook demonstrated which everyone started following.

"Yes, good. Spread your arms a bit more Seokjin." He pointed out, the man following instantly.



"Why is it always me?" Taehyung pouted, slumping his ass next to Jimin who just laughed at his scowling face.

"I'm doing everything perfectly and yet he keeps on seeing my mistakes. God! I'm so pissed." He grabbed an orange juice, gulping everything in one go.

"Chill, Taetae. He's just a perfectionist, that's all." Jimin uttered, but Taehyung just kept on pouting.

"No, Chim. I feel like he's bullying me." He accused, feeling angry and frustrated.

It has been more than a week since they started practicing with Jeon Jungkook, and to Taehyung's frustration there's not a day that he was able to get away from the older's nagging.

He would always point out his mistakes and get angry at him until he ran out of things to say.

Taehyung doesn't know why but the man seems to hate him so much. It seems like he's punishing him by going through the routine over and over again.

He could even feel his sweat in his underwear from over practicing.

"Just this day, Taehyung. We only have just this day to practice with him. Hang in there." Jimin comforted him, tapping his shoulders a little.

"Let's go. He's calling us."

Taehyung groaned, bringing himself up his feet. He looked at the ravenette whose eyes were glued on him too, making him flinch.

What the hell?

He saw Jungkook eye him up and down, lingering a little on his exposed collarbones and the map of sweat on his shirt around his chest.

"Let's finish this up." Jungkook turned to the other members as if he didn't see him.

The practice started once more. The men were tired as hell when Jungkook finally decided that they were done.

"Fucking finally." Hoseok groaned, letting his body fall on the floor.

They were all covered in sweats, breathing ragged as they let their body sprawl on the floor.

"Everyone did great. However, there's one thing I noticed." Jungkook darted his eyes on the brunet who's panting like crazy.

"V.." Jungkook started, making the latter groan and curse in his mind.

What the fuck again?!

"You're still unable to follow the chorus. Your movements were late and sloppy." Jungkook commented.

Taehyung rolled his eyes in annoyance. Until the very last day, this monster sure hated him.

"Well maybe you could give me a one on one tutorial." He blurted out, too annoyed at the ravenette.

Jungkook looked at him, astounded to hear the tone of his voice. He glared at him for a long while which made Taehyung gulp at the intensity.

"Sure. Stay for a couple more hours." Jungkook agreed, making Taehyung gasp, eyes wide not expecting the ravenette to ride on his temper.

"Uh, no. I was just-"

"We're going to start at 5."Jungkook cut him off and went inside his private office, leaving the brunet with his mouth hanging on air.

"Nice one, Tae. You got a free training from Mr. Perfection." Jimin teased, slowly standing.

He turned to Yoongi who's reaching his hands for the latter, asking for him to help him stand.

"Don't tell me you're going?" Taehyung was alarmed, seeing everyone up their feet.

"Yep. You requested for a one on one training, remember?" Jin teased, waving his hand cutely at the brunet who just groaned.

"We'll see you at the dorm." Namjoon waved his hand as well, pulling Jin near him as they made their way out.

Taehyung was left gaping, feeling sovfucked up as he laid on the floor like a starfish, regretting to have such an uncontrollable mouth.

"Fuck my mouth." He murmured, slapping his lips with his hand.

"I would."

Taehyung abruptly sat up, hearing the ravenette's voice. His steps were slow as he made his way to the brunet who's looking away.

He wasn't able to comprehend what Jungkook had said, his mind occupied by his anger for him.

"Let's start so we could go home early." Jungkook instructed, making Taehyung grunt.

He stood, facing the ravenette who's standing a few meters away from him.

"Okay, show me the routine." Jungkook uttered, his arms folded across his broad chest.

Taehyung sighed, wanting nothing but to finish the training. He started dancing, making sure his movements were refined and on point.

He pushed away the ravenette's strong gaze, trying to focus on the routine.

He was breathing heavily when he finished dancing, sweating from his head down to his foot.

"Okay, how was it?" He asked, trying to catch his breath.

Jungkook just stared at him for a long while, not saying anything. He slowly made his way next to him, positioning himself to Taehyung's right.

"When you're doing the spin, you tend to push your left foot first. It should be your right one."

Taehyung flinched when he felt the ravenette's hand on his arm, guiding him the right step.

They stared at their reflection in the mirror, Taehyung's breath hitching when Jungkook stood close on his back, hands finding purchase on his waist.

"One more thing.." Jungkook whispered in his ear, his hot breath made Taehyung hold on to his breath.

"When you step forward.." Jungkook waited for him to do the step, but Taehyung just couldn't focus, feeling his huge hands on each side of his waist.

He gasped loud, feeling Jungkook's right knee push his right thigh, making his feet move forward.

"When you step just like that, you have to time your hands with your right foot." Jungkook grabbed his arms, lifting them above his head.

His shirt raised a little, showing a bit of his skin.

"Hold your hand like that." Jungkook ordered in a low voice, hands caressing his arms going down to his waist.

Taehyung shivered when Jungkook pushed his hands under his shirt, feeling up his soft skin.

He gulped, his breathing faltering at the sudden attack.

"When you raise your hands like that, make sure to time it with the beat, and drop it down slowly." Jungkook instructed, his hands feeling so warm on his skin, thumbs drawing circles, making him gasp.

Taehyung slowly dropped his hands, his body glued to the ravenette who's looking at him through the mirror with intensity.

"You're doing good, Taehyung." Jungkook whispered, pulling the brunet to his body even more, his plump sexy ass now pressed to his front.

Taehyung could feel something hard against his ass, making him close his eyes.

His body was responding to the ravenette's advances, letting himself succumb to the heat of their body pressed together.

The brunet almost fell on the floor when the ravenette started grinding his hips down, deliberately pushing his ass on his growing erection.

"F-fuck.." Taehyung moaned, his hips moving on its own, sensually meeting the ravenette's slow thrust.

"Mr. J-Jeon.. What are we..?" He gasped, his muscles tightening when Jungkook's hand went up his chest, feeling his sweaty body.

"Relax.. Just dance." Jungkook whispered, guiding his hips in a rhythm that only the two of them could hear.

Taehyung felt his underwear get soaked even more, his dick painfully throbbing as their grinding intensified.

"Mr. J-eon!" His eyes grew wide when he was spun around, now facing the ravenette's dark eyes.

He instantly melted when he was met by hungry lips, attacking his own in a heated makeout.

He shivered as Jungkook's tongue made its way inside his mouth, playing with his own in a war for dominance which the ravenette had clearly won.

Taehyung withered like a leaf at every touch, letting himself be drowned with his sweet kisses that turned into hungry ones.

Wanting.. needing..

He gasped, feeling the ravenette's strong arms guide him down the floor.

He could see the raw hunger in his eyes, making him shiver in anticipation.

Jungkook pulled his pants down, eyes not living his beautiful face that had captivated him since day one.

He pulled harder until Taehyung was left with only his shirt and his underwear, both soaked but from different body fluids.

"You're so beautiful, Tae." Jungkook said, voice full of admiration as he palmed his way through his thighs, loving his soft skin against his calloused hands.

He felt his muscles tremble with every touch, making him smile in satisfaction.

At long last, this beauty is finally in his arms.

Jungkook's hands find its way to the brunet's briefs, tugging it softly on the side, revealing his leaking cock.

The ravenette licked his lips, his lust getting stronger. He leaned in, swiping his tongue on the tip, making the brunet yelp in surprise.

"Oh shit!" Taehyung gasped, horrified to see the ravenette taking him in his mouth.

"N-no.. That's.. That's dirty." He shyly said, covering his dick with his trembling hands.

Jungkook chuckled, fascinated by his innocence. He slowly removed his hands away from his meal.

"Baby, you're not dirty. In fact, you taste fucking good." Jungkook uttered, swiping his tongue on the tip once more.

Taehyung arched his back, feeling electrified as Jungkook began sucking him up.

"Fuck!" He groaned, body shaking in ecstasy. He could feel his liquid rushing down his cock and in one final suck, he came inside his mouth.

The brunet heaved a sigh, his body shaking at the intensity of his orgasm. He looked at the ravenette with tired eyes, seeing him taking out his cock.

He gasped, seeing his size.

Fucking hell..

He yelped when Jungkook pulled him closer, settling himself in between his legs.

He's still wearing all his clothes with his hige dick out and ready for him.

He felt a bit uncomfortable from their position, Jungkook kneeling in between him, his cock poking his hole.

He's still wearing his briefs when Jungkook pulled it on the side, revealing his tight hole.

"Shit.. You're so beautiful like this." Jungkook uttered, lining his cock on his entrance.

He grunted when he started pushing in, no prep, no anything.

He screamed, tears began forming in his eyes when Jungkook pushed hard, ramming his dick all the way inside him as he grunted at the tightness surrounding him.

"Holy shit!" Jungkook closed his eyes, feeling the tight squeeze that almost made him cum.

"H-hurts.." Taehyung cried out, moving his hips to find comfort.

Jungkook hissed, stilling his hips. "Shit, stop. You're going to make me cum." He held on to his waist tightly, trying to ease the building pressure in his lower abdomen.

Taehyung closed his eyes, the seering pain unbearable. He looked at the ravenette who's now looking at him with his charcoal eyes.

"You okay, baby?" Jungkook asked, caressing his hips.

Taehyung bit his lips, shaking his head. "It still.. hurts." He responded, feeling the cock inside him grow bigger.

"It will feel good, baby. Trust me." Jungkook whispered, easing his cock out slowly, earning a gasp from the brunet.

He closed his eyes, feeling the cock slid back inside him. His body began to rock as the ravenette continued ramming inside, his hold getting tighter.

He gritted his teeth when Jungkook plowed hard and fast, making him scream in both pleasure and pain combined.

"Shit! J-jungkook! Haaaa-ah..!" He arched his back, accepting every piece of him.

He was getting drilled, hard and fast. His body began to combust when Jungkook's cock rammed deep within, reaching a bundle of nerves that had him moaning.

"Yes! That feels so fucking good!" He groaned, snapping his hips to meet each thrust.

His eyes flew open when he felt another wave of cum splattering out of his now reddened cock.

"F-fucking good!" Jungkook grunted, his breathing turning ragged as he fucked him harder... faster... harsher.

One final blow and Jungkook began filling Taehyung's ass with his hot liquid, making the brunet moan in satisfaction.

"Fucking good.." Jungkook huffed, pulling himself out of the brunet's beaten hole.

He saw his cum flow out, grinning at the sight of Taehyung all wasted and fucked up.

He lifted the beauty in his arms, carrying him to his private office, wanting to clean him up in his bathroom.

"You did great, beautiful." Jungkook praised, kissing Taehyung's temple.

The brunet just groaned, so tired and wasted to even utter a word.


The bangtan dorm was enveloped in silence when Taehyung arrived. He carefully made his way inside, not wanting to wake anyone up.

He's limping when he reached the staircase, cursing a certain ravenette in mind as he struggled to take each step. He was halfway through when he heard Jin's voice.

"Oh, you're only returning now?" Jin asked, looking at the brunet who smiled awkwardly.

"Yeah. I got caught up with the traffic." He lied, taking few more steps.

Jin noticed his limped steps. "What happened to you? Did Mr. Jeon beat you up with practice?"

Taehyung gulped. "Uh, yeah. I was messing a lot of steps so I had to...practice a lot." He uttered, nervously tucking a loose strand of hair behind his ear.

"Okay. Take a rest." Jin uttered, his eyes following the brunet.

Taehyung went up, wincing with every step.

"Are you sure you just dance?" Jin asked once more, troubled to see the pain in his face with each step.

Taehyung smiled. "Yeah. I just danced." He answered hurrying up, bearing the pain in his back.

Once inside his own room, Taehyung carefully lie on the bed, eyes staring at the ceiling.

His phone suddenly buzzed, making him jump.

He took his phone out, a small smile creeping on his lips as he reads the message.

Have a good rest, my angel. I'll see you tomorrow.

He typed on a reply with a silly grin on his face.

Buy me a wheelchair. I can't even walk without wincing.

See you tomorrow. 💋

He sent the message, feeling excited for tomorrow to come.



I love you 💜
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