X-Over Multiverse ZX

Chapter 1: Hyruliean Warriors Live

Chapter 1: Hyruliean Warrirors Live!

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"Welcome to the Core, I am the Creator."

"Don't worry, I'll save the multiverse!"

"Good luck, Richard..."

Opening 1: Fighting Stars (J Stars Victory Vs)

The opening starts with the Core in the view, with Richard standing in the middle and it spins around Richard, while getting to a close-up of his face, and then zooms out with Richard running on a grass plain and moves behind to show the many people that are following him. The 12 Originals Smashers are right behind him, and the camer does snapshots of their expressions, and there are the main characters of the animes behind, and then most comic and cartoon heroes, which all are viewed all in the same manner, and then the whole group is viewed from behind and the camera pans to the sun, which forms the X in the white-lettered title with a black background

Sono toki Kaze ga umi ga hoshi ga (At that time, the wind, the sea, the stars)

Otakebiageru: Yatto kono hi ga kita to (Will cry: At last, this day has come)

Camera cuts to a battle in the Hidden Leaf Villiage, where Richard and Naruto are fighting off the Darkness horde, with the camera zooming in around them as they execute their own moves.

Shijō saikyō Mucha na Hīrōzu ( Crazy heroes, the strongest in history)

The camera zooms through Richard's left eye, and we see Link and Sora fighting off a Darkness Titan, with Link using his spin attack to cut the 20 foot titan down with darkness gashing out of the wound, while Sora attacks with his keyblade the head.

Mashōmen kitte Pawā kisou no sa (Will go face-to-face, and test their power)

Raibaru wa jibun Shin no shōsha wa (They are their own rivals; True winners)

The scene switches to a scene where Mario and Shadow Mario fight each other, while Samus and Dark Samus engage each other on the top of Death Mountain.

Kako no jibun ni yoishire wa shinai (Don't get hung up on their past selves)

Kitaenukarete nao Kitaenuki (Training, yet training for more)

Asu no kiseki o tsukuru (They will create tomorrow's miracles)

Mario and Shadow Mario rush towards each other and each clash flame-engulfed fists, and create a huge explosion that returns us to the grass plain, where the heroes begin to fight the Darkness's monsters, with them doing what they do more.

Gō! Faitingu Sutāzu Gachi de kachi ni yuke ((Go, Fighting Stars!) Go all-out to win)

Zoom shots of various heroes fighting will be shown in the final verses of the opening. Changes every episode. In this episode, the snapshots are of: Impa using her Musou, cutting thousands of Darkness, Shulk using his Future Vision ablity to defeat the larger monsters, and Goku turning Super Saiyan and firing a Angry Kamekameha.

Faitingu Sutāzu Hade ni yattsuke (Fighting Stars!) Finishing them off with a flourish)

Gō! Faitingu Sutāzu Chikara awasete 'ke ((Go, Fighting Stars!) Combine your powers)

Sā Arashi ga kuru (Now, a storm will come)

Gō! Faitingu Sutāzu Tomo ni kakenuke((Go, Fighting Stars!) Run through together)

Faitingu Sutāzu Janpu misetsuke ((Fighting Stars!) Show off your Jump)

Gō! Faitingu Sutāzu Ore ni makasetoke ((Go, Fighting Stars!) Leave it up to me)

Gō! Shōri mezashi Ike! ((Go!) And aim for victory!)

In the final beats of the song, Richard charges with a hand glowing with divine energy, and jumps at the horde with a fierce expression, with the heroes behind him. The screen turns into a vividly coloured painting.

Richard walked through the door, and found himself at a familliar place, Hyrule Castle. He looked around and found out that something is more familliar about this area, as it is empty with a lot of keeps. However, before Richard could make his assumptions, a crowd of Hyruliean soldiers and the heroes Impa, Link, Zelda come out from the gates of the castle, and Richard saw a horde of Zelda enemies. The two armies clashed, and Richard was dragged back by Impa, who had a sour expression on her face and in Hyrule Warriors costume (spoilers, spoilers!), considering she found a boy in the battlefield.

"What are you doing here, boy!?" Impa spoke in a annoyed tone. "Don't you know that this is war you're standing in!?"

"Impa?" Richard replied in a confused tone, while grabbing Impa's hands and calmly putting them off his shoulders. "But you don't look like this unless... Wait... war... new Impa... armies... blades... This is Hyrule Warriors!"

"Hyrule Warriors?" Impa said, while wearing a confused expression, "What's that?"

"Well, it would be hard to explain how I got here, so listen."

Richard told Impa that this adventure was shown in a video game of that name, and told her that he was sent here to gather allies to save the Multiverse.

"And that's how I got here. Mind if I assist you?"

"So basically, you're a multi verse hero." Impa said, now having a interested look. "But how are you going to fight? You are un-"

"Not entirely." Richard pulls out his weapon from his backpack, and shows it to Impa. "This is also a weapon of evil's bane, so killing these minions would be easy."

Suddenly, the same fairy that transported here appeared in a poof next to Richard.

"You?" Richard suddenly said, surprised at seeing the fairy.

"Yeah. Me." The fairy said in a cute and friendly girl voice. "Before I was exhausted getting here, I want to be your navigator."

"Basically my Navi? Well, my girl, you can do as much tips as you want, because I'm going to need them all! What's your name?"

"It's Vai."

"Well Vai, hope you can give me a HUD, because I can't know what to do unless you have something like the game screen."

"Okay." Vai flew around Richard, sparkling fairy dust everywhere on Richard. Suddenly, Richard began to see a display like the one in the game.

"This is the spell Av Naivus." Vai explained. "It gives you a display identical to the game you're playing. Too bad it only works in games."

Richard scanned the map, and saw on the map that Link was surrounded by a horde.

"That's my cue to go. Impa." Richard said while rushing away to help Link.

"Got it." Impa, while heading for the battle as well. "When I capture the west keep, two other keeps near Link will open, so make sure you rescued Link by then."

"For you, I'll sweep the entire keep in just a minute!" Richard said teasingly, until he ran out of sight.

Meanwhile, Link was surrounded by a group of moblins with a Lizalfos, but was holding his own.

Richard was fighting back horde after horde of moblins before the gates of Hyrule Castle.

"Over here, Link!" Richard shouted while slashing fiercely with his sword, slaughtering all in his path.

"I'm coming!" Link said, while dash-attacking towards him. "Hang on. Impa's almost done taking the keep at the west side."

"Good! Then I can go for the attack with you when she's done."

The two meet, and they attack while back to back, clearing the area within a minute.

"That was eas-" Richard yelled, before a Big Poe fired a blast of ghostly fire towards him, which Richard dodged by leaping to the left.

"Oops. Did I say that too early?"

The monster and Richard began battling.

"Come and get me, you sack of possessed clothes!" Richard taunted while doing the "Come at me!" sign.

The Big Poe didn't take the insult well and screeched while charging at Richard, but Richard just simply stabbed the sword into where the heart should be, and the monster drops dead onto the grass earth.

"Too easy. Now to take that keep." Richard and Link went to a keep, which was inhabited by hundreds of Moblins who screeched simultaneously at the sight of the two heroes. The two swordsmen wiped out the entire keep, even defeating the Moblin chief that resided there in a minute like Richard promised Impa, thus controlling the keep where a platoon of Hyruliean soldiers came out of the door.

"We got another keep to take, Link! Come on!"

Richard and Link moved out of the now ally-controlled keep, and moved towards the Abandoned Fort. There, they saw a red Dragon knight that was fighting Impa, and it looks like that Impa is struggling, giving the knight a chance to knock her down. Just when he was about to finish Impa, Richard rushed into the knight and bashed him out of the way.

"Are you okay, Impa?" Richard called, while pulling up a wounded Impa, who had a gash on the left side of her stomach, that she held onto with her left hand.

"I'm fine." Impa replied whle quivering a bit. "It's just a small wound. I can still fight."

The knight got up, and he was glaring angrily at Richard.

"You must have a wish to join your ancestor to fight me, boy." The unknown knight growled in a deep and gruff voice.

The word 'boy' got Richard's attention, and Richard turned to the knight with a glare that is equally violent.

"And you got no honour fighting women. If you really want a challenge, fight me, Volga."

"Volga!?" Impa yelled in a surprised tone. "But I thought that he was a legend."

"Not if he was summoned and controlled." Richard stated. "He's now a general of the Monster Forces. Now Volga, what's your answer?"

Volga simply just lifted his spear towards Richard. "Hmph. I have no time to waste with weaklings like you. Move, and i'll give you a quick and painless death after I-"

Richard just simply rushed at Volga and shield-bashed his spear off, surprising him, and did a hard right hook onto his face, stunning him briefly, and then did a 10-slash sword combo, and finishing with a kick to the chest, sending the knight into the other side of the keep.

"Don't you DARE call me weak, you arrogant demon!" Richard shouted with slight anger, with a bit of his hair turning red. "I am not as weak as a normal soldier, in fact, I have equal power to you."

"Yeah!" Vai added.

Volga simply stands up and begins to glow red. "Get out of my way, boy."

Volga then morphs his right arm into a dragon claw and rushes at Richard, knocking his shield away and clawed at him, sending Richard back into Link, bringing them both down. Impa stands in front of them.

"How noble. Enjoy your shared grave."

Volga raises his spear, and the ground below him begins to erupt.

"Oh no." Impa thought while getting down to wake the two up. "If that hits us, then all of us will be annihilated."

Volga then finishes preparing, and fires a stream of magma at the trio, causing a explosion to appear where they were standing.

Volga then smirks under his helmet, and turns to walk away. "Stupid boy. He was no match for me."

"Is that so?"

(Best music from this point: Hyrule Warriors Theme (Legend of Zelda Theme Remix.

Volga turns abruptly to see that a golden barrier is protecting the trio, and Richard and Link are standing with their right hands out, holding the swords, showing the Triforce of Courage on Link's hand, and a golden cross made out of chains on Richard's hand.

Impa was stunned at what she saw. "Those symbols on Link's hand and Richard's hand...Could it be?"

Volga then turns into a mini-dragoon.

"You haven't beaten me." Volga said in a deeper voice, while flying away. "You've merely hidden behind your shields, human or otherwise."

"COME BACK HERE!" Richard roared with pure rage, with half of his hair glowing red. "I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU, YOU FUCKING CORRUPT, COWARDLY, HONOURLESS ASSHOLE!"

After Volga left, Richard then scanned his HUD, showing that a Goron Captain was in trouble.

"Link! We need to assist a Goron Captain at the north side of the battlefield!" Richard called to Link, waving his sword like a hand. "We can use the Abandoned Fort to get there quicker!"

"Got it!" Link yelled, regrouping with Richard. After the two moved towards the distressed Goron Captain, and slashing through groups of Moblins.

The generic Goron Captain was being assaulted by a Lizalfos, which Richard dispatched without ease.

"Thanks!" The Goron captain said. "There was some treasure in the cave behind me, so you can have that as a token of my gratitude."

"Treasure? That is the bomb weapon that Link and I need! Come on Link!"

The two heroes rushed down the ancient passageway, and collected the item in the chest, which was the famous Bomb.

NEW ITEM: Legend of Zelda Bomb. (Epic Quality)

This bomb is used in LoZ games, and can be used identically to a contact grenade, or a time bomb. They are famous for their abundance in stock and their explosive power.

Right when the two equipped the bombs, they heard a rumbling noise from the entrance. The Moblins had covered the entrance by tipping boulders. They cackled evilly, unaware that the two had bombs to blow them up.

"Time to test the bombs, Link." Richard cooed in a sly voice.

The two bombed the boulders in the entrance, and got out.

"Hey, we can use the bombs to blow the boulders that are blocking out the rest of the battlefield." Link suggested to Richard.

"Good idea!"

The two went to the gate of the West Field Keep, which was obstructed by boulders. The two simply blew the boulders by throwing bombs, and then took back the keep.

Afterwards, Impa rushed to Zelda's side, keeping in front of her, protecting her from a horde of Moblins.

"Princess! Thank goodness!" Impa puffed, with slight exhaustion. "If it wasn't for these two heroes, i would have failed to get to you."

Zelda examined Link and Richard, and pronounced "These two? Well, from the smallest seed comes the great trees, i guess."

"You're welcome." Richard humbly smirked, with a great smile. "Come Link. We found a supply fort, full of jars you might want to smash, considering that those attacks might have been painful."

The two went around the fort, and collected hearts, Triforce shards, but what caught Link's eye was a greeen potion bottle.

"What's this?" Link queried, while holding the potion up.

"It's a magic bottle. Gives you strength to go wild with full power." Richard explained.

Link drank the potion, and immediately got a slight rush of power.

The two met with Zelda, only for Richard to have a worried expression.

"Looks like the commander of the enemy doesn't like our cheek." Richard announced. "Because reinforcements came, and they are hostile."

Zelda just simply sighed at this, and asked Richard, "Can you take the Central and East Keep, while i seek help?"

Richard was wearing a know-it-all expression, and responded. "From the Great Fairy? You're going to need me, if you are going to get the entrance open. Hey Link?"

Link was drinking another Magic bottle, and groggily mumbled "Yeah?"

"Go and deal with the Central and East keeps, while I get the Great Fairy to bomb the others to kingdom come, please?"

Link just shrugged, and went away to go and capture keeps.

Richard and Zelda went through, the two of them fighting bravely, Richard with sword and shield, and Zelda with graceful rapier. Richard even unleashed a Musou on them, where Richard drew light power to his blade, and dash cut through the enemies in a sphere of cuts.

New Skill: Purgatory

A skill that is used mostly in Musou games. Is affiliated to Light element. The Musou invloves the user dashing through the enemies, leaving a sphere of golden cuts that lasts 10 seconds.

By the time the duo reached the entrance of the Fairy Fountain, Richard simply blew the boulders covering the entrance, and Zelda went to a Magic circle near the fountain, and chanted Hyruliean chants, which activated the circle.

"Come!" Zelda called. "We need to pray together to the Fairy to work!"

Richard came over, and repeated the same set of prayers along with Zelda.

A light appeared in the middle of the fountain, and the natural Great Forest Fairy came, with a floral tribal cloth, and then cast her fairies to collect the bombs. The fairies got as much bombs as they can, and formed a massive rune covered bomb, and threw it down onto the northern keeps, severely damaging the influence in them.

"We did it!" Zelda cheered. "The bomb destroyed a great portion of the enemy forces."

"Yeah." Richard agreed, scanning his HUD. "We took down the central guard. Time to strike the commander!"

"Time for me to go. It's dangerous here now."

Zelda used Farore's Wind to teleport out of the battlefield, leaving a trace of magical sparks.

Richard exited the fountain area, and met Impa and Link at the northern side, having taken all keeps except the enemy main camp.

They then heard the ground rumble, and King Dodongo appeared from the Central Keep, burning the troops there.

"We have to go!" Richard yelled, while moving to the Central keep.

When they got there, the army was pelting the beast with arrows, but King Dodongo shrugged them off, and used a stiff paw to wipe a platoon of soldiers.

"Use the bombs when his mouth opens! He's weak in the stomach!"

The three heroes rushed in, and commenced assault with the giant creature, putting bombs through his mouth, assaulting him when he was weak, and avoiding his attacks.

Richard then began to charge his power, and then released it in a golden aura.

"SPIRIT FOCUS!" Richard shouted with his strongest voice.

Spirit Focus:

Equivalent to Dynasty Warriors' Rage mode, and Samurai Warriors' Spirit Attack. Allows user to be stronger, doing more attacks to weak points and deal more damage to officers and bosses.

Richard then threw bombs at a inhuman speed into King Dodongo's open mouth, and then assualted him with a series of fast slash combos, finishing off with a Spirit Weak-point Strike, where Richard bounded into great heights, and then turned into a shining white comet, as Richard does a golden slash onto King Dodongo, finishing him off.

The entire army cheered for Richard and Link. But then, a frightened general came over to Impa.

"I-Impa!" The general stuttered. "Zelda...S-she's g-gone!"

"What!" Impa cried with pure fear. "So it was a distraction. Where is she?"

"She's disappeared from her castle!"

Just then, a moblin tries to attack Link, just before Richard slashes it down. Impa then comes to the two, and insisted "I must ask for you to help us again. Are you two willing?"

"I'm in." Link chipped.

"Definitely, and we need to go to Eldin Caves." Richard answered.

"Why?" Impa questioned.

"Because, we will find someone who can find her there, and a way to Faron Woods, where we will find a powerful ally."

"I see. Link?"

Link turns around and sees Impa holding green robes.

"You're the descendant of the legendary hero, and so you deserve this robe worn by him."

Link took the robe, and the three heroes took their men to head for the caves, oblivious to the dark shadow that watches them.]

Chapter End.

(A/N: That's the first chapter of the Hyrule Warriors Arc. The reason why I chose this game was because the variety of skills each character possesses there. And the quality on the bomb? I'll hint you where I got it. It's from a mobile MMO bulletin game with monsters, and that's how all items will be ranked from now on. Don't forget to PM me if you want your OC in there, or a vote for the next arc after this. No Mary Sues please, and my character will soon be flawed, don't you worry.)

Preview of Next Episode: Darkness at Eldin Cave

Hello all! I met with the Hyrule Warriors Link and Impa, and downed a whole army and King Dodongo thanks to my allies and some power given to me with love from the Creator, pun intended. We are now heading down to the Eldin Caves to find Sheik, if I know the game well, but that's not all down there...

Richard dashed through the horde of Skeletons, while escorting a peachy Bombchu, unscratched thanks to Richard and Link's help.

They both reached the stone pillar, and the Bombchu was set on the pillar, before exploding a chorus of colourful explosions.

"That's all the pillars. Everybody, advance!"

Richard did a "Charge!" pose, and then rushed to the other side of the lava river, and the rest of the army followed.

Just when they reached the other edge of the pillar, Richard then froze at a familiar sight, with a fearful expression.

"It can't be-"

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