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Chapter 2: Darkness at Eldin Caves

The only stages that will be in this arc are the prologue stages up to the activation of the portals, except I will actually make a short end so that I don't have to go into this story for too long. And this will be the first mentions of gore, although it will still be slightly Teen to Mature. The only M rating is of violence, gore and swearing.)

In the previous chapter:

"This is Hyrule Warriors!"

"Over here, Link!"

"Get out of my way, boy."

"Those symbols on Link's hand and Richard's hand...Could it be?"


"You're the descendant of the legendary hero, and so you deserve this robe worn by him."

Opening 1: Fighting Stars (J Stars Victory Vs)

Featured scenes: Link slashing through a crowd of Darkness moblins, Sheik using his Musou in a large crowd of Darkness LoZ skeletons, and Mario using Mario Finale.

After defeating King Doldongo, and the Dark Army above ground, the trio of heroes, Link, Richard and Impa make towards the Eldin Caves, as Richard hints that there is a new ally there to help them.

The trio arrive at the caves few weeks later, just in time for a announcement from a generic Hyrulean Captain that a girl magician is leading a force against the Dark Army at Faron Woods. The trio had made towards a Goron bazaar...

"Look!" Richard said, in a new look, wearing steel knight armour with the Hyrulean crest on the chest-plate. "There's a bazaar here!"

"Hi!" The shopkeeper Goron called in a cheery and gruff voice. "What do you wish to buy from my wares?"

Richard looked through the cabinets and stands full of items, but a glass bottle of red liquid caught his eye.

"I'll take that item there." Richard bartered while pointing at the bottle.

"You wish to buy a Fairy Potion? That's 5000 rupies. It's very good for revitalizing you, and refills every 10 minutes"

"Good." Richard answered while dropping a bag full of rupies of different colours. "This is my share of the "earned" rupies from the last battle. It's enough to pay."

The Goron just simply smiled, and gave Richard the potion.

New Item: Fairy Potion

The potion is made from Fairy Dew, which is the nectar of Fairies. This item can revive or heal a person by 75% of their max health, but refills slowly at the rate of 10 minutes.

Richard uncorked the bottle, and gulped a quarter of the nectar, and soon got a feeling that he was blessed with energy and recuperated some of his energy, while moaning lovingly.

(Best theme at this point: Eldin Caves (Hyrule Warriors))

The army then did a slow march towards the exit of the caves. Unfortunately, some of the platoons were restless from walking slowly, and rushed forward leaving the others behind. The three heroes made their way to catch up to them, but then the Dark Army appeared, engaging all the platoons, and even attacked the platoon that was trapped from their companions due to the West Square being closed on them. While Richard did combo after combo of attacks onto the enemy, he saw a ancient core-like structure that is humming a red evil aura, and guarded by skeletons and a Chief Skeleton. At that time, Vai flew out of Richard's pocket.

"This is a Outpost." Vai explained in the same chippy voice. "It spawns units continuously for the side holding it. So far, the Dark Army has the Outpost, so in order to capture it, you must defeat the Outpost Captain that is guarding it."

"Thanks for the advice, Vai." Richard answered warily, while preparing his sword to do a charge attack. "But I know this well."

Richard then rushed into the handful of skeletons and sliced through them towards the outpost Captain, a Chief Skeleton. He then slashed into the monster's steel shield, which caused some sparks to fly when sword and shield meet, and then after a amount of time, Richard cut through the shield, leaving it into two clean halves, and then proceeded to attack the monster's chest area, before it fell away defeated. The Outpost changed to a warm blue aura, and some Hyruliean soldiers with a Hyrulean Captain instantly appeared, while soldiers slowly but surely poured out of the area.

"These caves, no matter how many we cut," The trapped Hyrulean Captain at the West Square nervously faltered, "There's more coming out!"

"Hyrule Captain's morale fell due to being surrounded by monsters." A message popped in Richard's AR display.

"This isn't good..." Richard bemoaned. "We need to take care of the keeps taken by he Dark Army now! Impa, Link, follow me!"

The aforementioned two cut down the horde that they were working on, and joined Richard while they rushed through to the West Square gate, where they saw the stranded Hyrulean captain and his platoon fighting a horde of skeletons, but the platoon were faltering.

"It's looks like they need our help, but we can't go through due to the keep being locked." Link commented with a worried expression.

"Then we will find a way through. I saw that there was a cracked wall, so we can make a way through that." Richard assured with a calm voice.

The trio then went back, and moved to the cracked wall, while hearing that the soldiers had teamed up and defeated a Big Poe.

"Good to know that the soldiers are capable of fighting off the larger monsters after all." Richard smirked, while running.

"I trained them myself." Impa replied in a stoic tone. "They are strong enough to take down a horde along with them if it comes to that case."

They then reached the wall, and threw bombs at it, creating a open hole and a path to the West Square.

"There." Richard declared while dusting his hands off. "Now Impa, you come with me to save the good Captain, while you, Link, take care of the South Square which is controlled by the Dark Army as well."

"I usually hate being ordered." Impa complained in a slightly irritating tone. "But you're a huge asset, so trusting you is best."

"Nice!" Link agreed with a happy tone. "I'll get it done before you are finished saving the Captain."

Richard and Impa rushed off to the West Square, while Link cut his way to the South Square with a joyful face.

The two also took every outpost on the way, leaving a metaphoric trail of blue behind them. Impa showed off her giant sword, swing ing it into the ground and even kicking the sword back into her sheath, while Richard did multiple spin slashes and shield bashes. They made it to the West Keep where Richard fought a Lizalfos, where Richard simply stunned the lizard anthro, before plunging the sword into the creature's heart, causing it to fall, before Richard stepped on the corpse, pulling out his sword with a still-beating blue heart spurting purple blood.

"That's cruel, even if they deserve it." Impa blurted in a annoyed tone.

"All fair in love and war, Impa." Richard rebutted with a smirk, while twirling and twisting the sword. "If you don't have the intent to kill, like they did to the Sheikah tribe, then you aren't as stoic as I thought."

"What?" Impa yelled in a angry voice, which she rarely used. "How do you know about my tribe?"

"I know many things, Impa, and even know who Sheik, a member you are unaware of, really is."


The duo were heavily thanked by the Hyruliean Captain, and Link returned, saying that he had cleared the keep, making it a foothold for the forces, before more Dark Army forces appeared on the other side of a magma river.

"This river is impeding our progress to the exit." Impa muttered sorrowfully. "If only we can move the pillar, which can form a bridge that can get us across."

Richard thought about it for a while, before remembering something.

"Follow me." Richard expressed with a warm smile.

Link just simply smiled, and followed Richard back to the entrance, where a Goron Captain with a Bombchu were.

"We'll help!" The Goron Captain appealed. "Rocks are no match for our Bombchu."

"Thanks for the help then." Richard simply answered with a grin.

The Goron Captain then proceeded to activate the machine, and the Bombchu started up, whizzing slowly but surely to the pillar, but their advance did not go unnoticed, as some factions of the Dark Army had moved to intercept.

"They're after the Bombchu!" The Goron Captain wailed while flailing his chubby arms about. "Help us, friend!"

"Just about what I'm going to do!" Richard answered while rushing to intercept the forces with Link.

Richard dashed through the horde of Skeletons, while escorting a peachy Bombchu, unscratched thanks to Richard and Link's help.

They both reached the stone pillar, and the Bombchu was set on the pillar, before exploding a chorus of colourful explosions.

"That's all the pillars. Everybody, advance!"

Richard did a "Charge!" pose, and then rushed to the other side of the lava river, and the rest of the army followed.

Just when they reached the other edge of the pillar, Richard then froze at a familiar sight, with a fearful expression.

"It can't be-"

(Flashback: Before entering the Caves.)

Richard was walking to the caves with his army and friends, when Vai suddenly struggled in his pocket, which informed him that she has something to say. He let Vai out in the same manner as Link does with Navi.

"The Creator wants to talk to you." Vai said in a slightly more serious tone, before swishing into a rectangle motion, which then formed a magic screen from the trail of fairy dust, that showed The Creator back at The Core smiling and waving to Richard.

"Hi Mrs Creator! It's been a while since I first entered this world. I had training that made me as strong as a lieutenant (Level 10+), although Impa's training was plain harsh, making me attack her while she just bashes me to the ground. Link and Impa also did not fall behind, as I heard they had gotten better weapons from the Bazaar with a few enhancements." Richard addressed while waving back.

The Creator's smile then dropped slightly. "I like to talk about the Darkness, and what forms they take." She commented, while creating a image of a dark black sphere in Richard's mind.

"So that's their pure form?" Richard said while examining the image in his mind.

"Indeed. But they can take the form of beings in whatever world you are in. It either turns the being into a dark version of itself, or become a splitting dark image of the heroes they take."

Richard then pictured the Dark Aeralfos in his mind, noticing the similarities between the description and the image, before implying, "So it's like the Dark Aeralfos thing, right?"

"Correct." The Creator agreed. "But remember, they can take any form they want as long they had consumed or took their image."

(Present Time)

"And I'm seeing a shitload of them." Richard thought, while seeing a bunch of Dark skeletons, which are truly dark black all over, even their shields and swords, and a Dark Big Poe, which was all black too, save for the lantern and their blue gleaming eyes. The three heroes staggered slowly back, but more Dark skeletons surrounded them. Richard, Link and Impa touched backs, as if to begin to fight to their last man, when they heard a heavenly lyre tune play. The three heroes turned to the source of the voice, which is a golden-haired woman that wears the Sheikah armour and robes, wears a scarf that obstructs every part of her face except her red-irised eyes, and has a lyre in her hands. She then jumped down and unleashed musical wave barrages at the monsters.

"The princess Zelda is not dead." The mysterious woman exclaimed without any hostility in her voice. "You'll reunite with her at some point in your journey, but not quite yet. You can call me Sheik. It's a name that comes from the Sheikah tribe, who are servants to the Hyrulean Royal Family"

Richard then smiled, and reached out a hand, and warmly appealed, "Then you may become our ally, if you have the same goal as us."

Sheik took Richard's hand and shaken it sincerely.

Impa, however, was wearing a suspicious look, and questioned Sheik with a bit of confusion, "The Sheikah tribe, that's impossible. No-one except me had been sent out of the remnants of our village."

Just then, the cave begins to rumble, and Sheik maintaining her calm posture, "We can talk more once we get out of the caves. Follow me."

The four heroes moved on from the location, and moved towards the exit of the cave. Richard then stopped with a surprised look,

"Looks like there's more monsters, and they are summoned at the entrance. It's not good to let them advance into our forces, so we'll need to stop them. Impa, com with me, and we'll hold back the pincer force, while you two, Link and Ze-no,Sheik, support the advance of the units."

Impa simply nodded, and followed Richard, while Link and Sheik moved on to take care oft he front forces.

The two heroes at the front line went through a tunnel full of crystals, while fighting enemies and capturing outposts. They reach the Tunnel Square, and captured it to get the South Gate that is blocking their way to open, but the gate remained closed, and Richard and Impa returned from ridding the pursuing force.

Richard then noticed a sudden increase in the amount of monsters on the field. He then called to Impa, Sheik, and Link, "Come on! We need to defeat the Spirit of the Cave! It's the only way that gate will open!"

"Come to think about it," Link pondered quietly, "The Spirit of the Cave made a magic gate here once. Perhaps defeating him will open it..."

Richard and Impa made their way through a secret passage that had many turns, while Sheik and Link defended the Tunnel Square they recently captured, and Richard was beginning to get physically tired of running around.

"Goddamnit, *huff* why is there so many tunnels that are this long? *huff*" Richard huffed wheezing.

They then saw a white version of the Big Poe, namely the Spirit of the Caves. The monster then noticed the duo, and then began to fire barrage after barrage of dark flames at them, with most missing, except for two that caught Richard by both shoulders, which made Richard then clutch the wounds, which left a black mark on the armour.

"Damn. Those flames hurt like heck, as if I was stung by 10 wasps simultaneously." Richard hissed.

Richard then got up, and slashed at the Big Poe, which then floated out of Richard's reach and then fired at him again, but Richard was prepared, and dodged the flames before getting close and stabbing it in the centre. The Spirit of the Cave then faded away, leaving a white robe on the floor.

'Time to go. The gate should be open by now." Richard informed.

The duo moved back to the gate, where the Tunnel Square was still under ally control thanks to Link and Sheik. The gate was also open, so the army moved forward, only to see that there was another river, and there were two pillars stuck together.

"Drat!" Link cursed. "Another river, and we need two Bombchus this time to destroy this column!"

"That's not a problem. There's a Bombchu coming thanks to that Goron Captain, and there's another one we can activate." Richard answered calmly. "Follow me, Link."

Link gladly obligated, while Impa and Sheik once again drive the approaching force away. There were also some dark units in the pursuit force this time, but Impa and Sheik knocked back the forces.

"Come to think about it," Impa declared, seizing this opportunity to privately ask Sheik. "There were no-one known as Sheik in my tribe. Yet you know my race. What is the meaning behind this?"

"You'll see..." Sheik replied with a slight glimmer of a smile under her mask.

Meanwhile, The Goron Captain activated his Bombchu as Richard predicted, and Richard and Link found a Bombchu at Central Square, but they were obstructed by skeletons in the keep. This posed no problem, however, for the swordsman duo, and they cleared the keep in a matter of time, and activated the Bombchu, with Richard escorting it, and Link supported the other one. The two Bombchus met at their destination, and they exploded in a bigger chorus of explosions than the one before, knocking the pillar down and forming a path down the river. On the other side, however, Wizzro appeared, dressed in a purple robe, and the eye-mouth still glaring red at the forces.

"Kyahahahaha!" The monster wizard cackled while his only eye turned into a mouth, with his rotten teeth showing. "You rats will die for our Lord Ganon!"

He then morphed his right arm into a huge monster claw and slashed at the army, knocking away everyone except for the four heroes, who guarded the attacks, Richard and Link with their shields, and Impa with her blade, and Sheik with a pulse of musical waves. The arm clanged against the metal of the shields and blade, causing sparks to rise, and Richard was knocked back slightly, while the others were unmoved.

"What!?" Wizzro exclaimed frowning. "Maybe you aren't as puny as I thought. No matter, I will kill you all for my Lord!"

"We need to combine our attacks if we are going to defeat him!" Richard explained, while raising his sword to attack. "On my count, assault him with attacks that will knock him in the air!"

"Why?" Impa questioned.

"Because he's weak in the air, being unable to counter or defend!"

Richard then rushed to Wizzro, who then used the claw to try and bash Richard down, but Richard just blocked with the shiled in one hand, and then slashed fiercely upwards, sending the wizard monster in the air.

"NOW!" Richard yelled.

Sheik began to fire streams of notes at the monster, while Link and Impa jumped to slash Wizzro upwards, putting him higher in the air. Richard then activated a Weak-point Strike, which made him leap high into the air, and grab Wizzro by his collar, then stash his weapons, before giving Wizzro a barrage of punches and knees to the face, before finishing off with a double-handed bash on Wizzro, sending him flying onto the ground.

"That's how it's done!" Richard boasted, while striking a pose, where he did the peace sign with his right hand towards the monster, and his left hand pumped up into a fist.

Wizzro warily got up, his clothes beaten.

"You wretched...boy..." Wizzro coughed. "This is far from over... We'll meet again soon, and that time, i'll kill you and your meddling friends."

He then vanished in a puff of purple smoke. By then, the stragglers of the Dark Army were defeated, and the army proceeded to the exit.

"We did it!" Richard cheerily announced.

"All thanks to you and your contribution." Link replied. "If it wasn't for you finding that Bombchu that was abandoned, we would be stuck and defeated."

Richard then blushed with a smile, and muttered a "Heh." while rubbing his head in gratitude. He then pulled out a weapon that was similar to the one Impa has, but it was encrusted with sapphires on the hilt.

"I also found this when I was fighting a Outpost Captain." Richard said. "Should be a improvement from the weapon you have."

Impa just smiled, and took the blade, swinging it to test if it had any difference, only to see that the blade was lighter, enabling her to attack faster.

"You have my gratitude, young Saviour." Impa complimented.

"Please, just call me Richard."

The four heroes then did their victory poses, Link raised high by Epona holding his sword, looking like a legendary knight, Impa kicking her blade into her hilt, and smiling, Sheik playing a random tune from Legend of Zelda games, then throwing a smoke bomb, and disappearing in a puff of smoke, and Richard twirling the sword in his right hand, and then smiling to the screen, with the Creator standing beside him. (Look in All victory poses in Hyrule Warriors videos to have more detail about Link's, Impa's and Sheik's victory poses. Richard's pose is original and non-canon.)


The four heroes then exited the cave, and moved onto the next area, Faron Woods.

Chapter END.

A/N: By the way, any of the people, places, items are owned by their individual companies. I only own my OC, the Creator, a OOC version of God, and other OCs are owned by their individual authors. Also, don't forget that you can submit your OCs into the stories, and even suggest the next arc of the story. Criticism is needed for this story to be refined, so fire away all your inner complaints about this.

Preview of Next Chapter: Richard Rescues Lana At Faron Woods

Hi all! It's been a while since I made my latest battle at Eldin Caves. I met the most hated annoying monster wizard, Wizzro, and also met the Darkness taking form in front of me. They were hell scary, but I didn't become a hero and saviour to back down at terrors like these. We are now at Faron Woods, home of the Great Lana. I know that she is actually a split personality of the original Sorceress of Time, and she's quite cheerful for her life. Be lucky that there weren't any perverts, or they would be clobbered by me, or any of the strong ladies, Impa or Sheik, and even Lana if that person pisses her off, and I hate to see her pissed, both because of the power she wields. What's going to happen at the Woods? Find out in the next chapter!

Richard and Lana shot continuously at the eye of the Gohma many times when the monster was recovering from his laser attack, which caused it drop its guard, and they took the moments to attack and dish out serious damage.

After a while, Richard and Lana were exhausted at defeating the Gohma, with Lana having a bit of a frizzled hair from tiredness, and Richard panting like crazy, while his head was lurched down.

"Did we finish it?" Lana asked.

"Maybe." Richard replied in a stoic tone, not showing his fatigue.

The Gohma was then enveloped suddenly by a blanket of darkness, which caused the duo to look in shock at the transformation. The blanket writhed and wobbled, before being absorbed by the Gohma, which stood up, now in a shade of utter black, with only its purple eye that is not black.

"Oh shit..." Richard uttered in despair.

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