X-Over Multiverse ZX

Chapter 3: Richard Rescues Lana

X-Over Multiverse ZX Chapter 3: Richard Rescues Lana At Faron Woods

In the Previous Chapter:

"I know many things, Impa, and even know who Sheik, a member you are unaware of, really is."

"Hi Mrs Creator! It's been a while since I first entered this world. I had training that made me as strong as a lieutenant, although Impa's training was plain harsh, making me attack her while she just bashes me to the ground. Link and Impa also did not fall behind, as I heard they had gotten better weapons from the Bazaar with a few enhancements."

"Damn. Those flames hurt like heck, as if I was stung by 10 wasps simultaneously."

"You'll see..."

Opening 1: Fighting Stars

Featured Scenes: Lana using her first Musou, Juliet (Lollipop Chainsaw) slicing through Dark zombies, and Harry Potter using Sectumsempra on a group of Darkness.

Current Music: Faron Woods (Hyrule Warriors)

The trio of heroes, Richard, Impa and Link, advance to Faron Woods with a new ally, Sheik, who unbeknownst to all but Richard, to be Zelda, who actually escaped capture. But this time, they are not fortunate to run into another Goron Bazaar, as Richard had triple the amount of rupees he earned from the battle at Hyrule Castle, thanks to the previous battle. Luckily, the backpack he wears is a hammer-space pocket, and it did not hinder his movement.

When they made it to the woods, it was swarmed by monsters who are attacking the local villagers. The Hyruliean army sprang into action. While Richard was cutting down wave after wave of goblins, he saw that a Hyruliean soldier was surrounded by goblin warriors. Richard tried to move over to support the distressed soldier, but then another wave of goblins, this time being Dark goblins instead of the normal ones.

"Damnit! Get out of my way!" Richard swore while swinging at the approaching dark horde who are preventing from rescuing the soldier.

The circle of goblins around the soldier tightened, and the soldier began to seriously panic, when suddenly, a rain of magic bolts fell onto the field, hitting all the goblins and sending them flying. A cyan-haired girl with lavender eyes, dressed in a blue bra, a purple skirt with a sapphire on the centre of its band, blue boots that have miniature angel wings on them, white sleeves, a blue cape, and wears a blue and red ribbon stuck on her ponytail. She is Lana, the gooder half of the now-separated Sorceress of Time in Link's world. She helped the soldier up, and then looked at Link, who successfully slashed consecutively at goblins.

"You..." She uttered in surprise.

The four heroes then got in front of Lana's sight, with Richard having a strong smirk on his face.

"Are you the one that is leading the forces here?" Impa questioned in her usual manner.

The soldier then walked away, and went to fight more.

"Yes, I am." Lana replied in a polite manner.

"You can use magic. Where did you learn your craft, and who taught you it?" Impa queried.

"Oh, well... I'm a sorceress. You know who started this war? Cia? We came from the same magical clan, but she uses her magic for evil." Lana

"Then who is this "Cia"? And what does she want with Hyrule?" Impa questioned curiously.

"I can explain."

Everyone turns to Richard, who just spoke.

"I can tell you everything about Lana and Cia, but it's long. So I'll tell you after we finish this battle." Richard advised.

The other heroes simply nodded. They departed from the West Square, where not long after, they bumped into a Deku Baba.

"Why is that plant spewing poison to the surrounding area?" Sheik questioned, addressing the plant in front of them.

"That's a Deku Baba! Unless you can shoot it at a long range with a sharp object, it will kill you by poisoning!" Lana blurted frighteningly.

"In that case, we better lend a hand." Impa decided with confidence. "It'll help the army advance."

The heroes tried to attack the Deku Babas, but Link's sword, Richard's blade, Sheik's barrage of musical waves, Lana's sorcery, and even Impa's giant blade cannot even scratch the ungodly plant.

"Poisonous weeds...They negate our attacks." Sheik sighed. "We need to use another strategy."

"Then we're going to need a ranged weapon. Follow me!" Richard expressed with faith.

The heroes followed Richard, while taking down some of the enemy vanguard, and witnessing more Deku Babas limiting their advance.

"We can't advance with these plants spewing poison!" Richard exclaimed. "We need to find the bow now!"

They eventually made it to the south-west tree, which had a pathway that led to a golden chest. They opened, and inside, was bows for the heroes, especially one that is coated in gold and filled with ancient Greek runes, which glowed in reaction to Richard's symbol on his hand.

"What...what is this?" Richard said, while Vai began to shake once again. Richard let Vai out again, and she did the usual, opening a magical channel to the Creator.

"Oh sorry. I forgot to mention that there is also some unique weapons that only you can use." The Creator explained in her usual polite tone. "This is Artemis, a bow that I hid in this chest, as I expected that at a point, you'll need a ranged weapon."

"And I'm proud of your gift, dear Creator." Richard expressed cheerfully. "I thank you to the deepest of my heart, for giving me things like this to become a hero."

Richard then put the bow on a pocket of the bag, so that he can take it out when needed. The rest of the heroes took the bows that remained.

NEW ITEM: LoZ Bow (Epic)

This bow is renowned by its ability to fire perfect shots, and encompasses multiple arrows if needed. It is one of the most accurate bows in the video-game universe.

NEW RELIC EQUIPMENT: Artemis (Ultimate)

A bow that is once used by the god of the same name. It is quite strong compared to other man-forged bows, as it can shoot divine light arrows without limit, and cannot be taken off its owner.

The five heroes moved back to the battlefield, and made their way to the Deku Babas. Richard prepared his bow and tensed the string with no arrow on it. However, a arrow of light appeared on the quiver, and Richard shot it right in the centre of the plant's forehead. To everyone's surprise, the plant let out a dying roar, before turning into a withered brown colour.

"Looks like this bow carries enough power to send them packing. Let's go!" Richard said while smirking at the performance.

The heroes then moved around the battlefield, using bows to strike the Deku Babas, except that Richard was literally using his bow to fire on the enemy troops, shooting at a fast speed thanks to the fast materialization of arrows. To Richard's surprise, the arrows of both a regular Bow and Richard's is that they pierce through weak enemies easily, with the addition of Richard's shots being a portable smite-cannon, with the light arrows. When they got rid of the last Deku Baba blocking their path, Lana sighed in utter relief, as the poison has dissipated, allowing the troops to advance.

"Everyone's getting tired of dealing with the enemy." Lana inquired. "It's best if we recuperate at the Great Deku Tree."

"Will do. Impa and I will hold off anyone that will even try to scratch you." Richard cheerily said, while rushing behind Lana, and forming a defensive line with his squad. "Besides, to be honest...You're very beautiful."

Lana gasped at Richard's compliment, in which the person is blushing slightly while tugging the metaphorical collar, and then giggled happily before replying. "And you would be my shining knight in armour for a long time."

She then turned around and rushed for the Deku tree, while Richard blushed harder.

"Captain!" The squad second-in-command called while rushing up to him, a tall man that has brown hair. "What are your orders?"

Richard noticed the man, and stopped blushing. He then took a serious tone, bellowed. "Orders are, to keep those vile creatures off the lady Lana!"

"YESSIR!" The squad's soldiers cried pridefully in response, morale high, and lifted their weapon as a sign of loyalty and honour.

"CHARGE!" Richard said, while pointing his sword out and holding his shield well ready.

The 20-man squad rushed at the overwhelming legion of monsters, and dispersed them far apart, with the addition of Impa's units assisting the defense.

After a while, the advancing Dark Army troops were decimated, with only one non-fatal, but severe casualty to Richard's squad. The aforementioned soldier was being carried away in a medieval stretcher with two squires holding it, with bloody gashes everywhere. Richard approached the injured man, and put his hand on the soldier's shoulder.

"You've done well. It's a feat to stand against a legion of monsters with only a handful of soldiers." Richard assured with a tone of pride.

"Ungh..." The soldier moaned, while trying to smile, only to faint halfway.

"Move him out."

The squires nodded, and moved the soldier back to a guarded stronghold to recuperate.

Meanwhile, Richard heard, thanks to a messenger, that Sheik and Lana also had their troubles, and dealt with the Gibdos that advanced on the Great Deku Tree, repelling most of the enemies inside and approaching the area, due to a plea from a captain that the Deku Tree is their main stronghold, and it must not fall. Lana agreed to stay behind and keep the base at optimal condition, while Link and Sheik moved to rid the northern forces.

Just then, a whoosh of air was heard, and Richard then turned around, only to see to his horror, that the Great Deku Tree was burning, with flames covering almost all of the tree. Richard then widened his eyes in fear when he heard the last sentence of the message, that Lana was in the Great Deku Tree.

Current music: Emergency (Trauma Center New Blood)

"LANA!" Richard yelled in his loudest voice, which caused him to cough for a while. He then rushed to the Deku Tree, seeing the area burning brightly, with panicked soldiers everywhere. Richard frantically looked for Lana, and found her stuck under a burnt piece of wood that is as large as a piano. Lana tried to push with all her might the wood that was pinning her down, but she couldn't do it.

"Is this...the end?" Lana sobbed with streams of tears leaking from her eyes.

"Wait!" Richard bellowed, while rushing over, and with adrenaline in his heart due to the fear of losing her, did a very hard kick that sent the piece of wood flying off her. He then helped her up, only to see that her legs have been burnt badly, with second degree burns everywhere on the skin.

"Can you walk?" Richard asked.

Lana responded by trying to walk, only to shriek in pain from the burns and fall.

"No..." She moaned, with a face twisted in pain.

"I see... Then maybe I can carry you." Richard suggested.

"What? But are you strong enough to do that?" Lana questioned, surprised at the statement.

"Being given some power by a universal god makes very little impossible. I can carry you by helping you to hold onto my neck and lie on the back." Richard responded with a smirk on his face.

"But if you carry me like that, won't you be unable to fight?" Lana commented, while turning away with some resentment for herself on her facial expression.

"Are you worried about me?" Richard answered, while looking serious.

"No!" Lana blurted, embarrassed, while shaking her hands in front of her in a "no thanks" way. "It's just...I don;t want to a burden to yo-"

Current Music: The Blue Danube (Orchestra Ver.)

Richard then suddenly put his right index finger on her lips, in a shush manner.

"It's fine. I'll make it. Besides, what hero cannot be strong enough to carry a girl like you?"

Lana just blushed, brighter than the burning background, and put her hands on her mouth, as if to wipe her lips with her hands.

"C'mon." Richard insisted, putting his hands out. "Get on my back, and I'll get someone to fix your legs."

Lana just simply grabbed Richard's hand, and Richard just heaved Lana over him, putting her in a piggy-back condition. Richard then moved out of the tree, making sure to avoid the falling debris.

Current Music: Faron Woods (Hyrule Warriors)

When they got out, they were greeted by Link, Sheik and Impa. Impa was frowning slightly, considering the 'boy' risked his life for this woman, as opposed to Link, who was relieved that the woman was safe. Sheik was simply being neutral, with no expression on her face, even covered by the scarf.

"Where were you, Richard?" Link inquired. "We saw the Great Deku Tree burn very strongly. I thought you two weren't going to make it."

Richard just sighed, and turned over, showing the injured Lana, and everyone, including Sheik gasped when they saw the condition Lana was in.

"What!?" Impa roared in fury. "I know monsters are cruel, but this... I will not let them go for this!"

Richard also was slightly angered by the turn of events, and "When I get to Wizzro, I'm going to make sure he suffers for doing this, but right now, we need to save the Deku Tree."

"I agree. The Eastern Checkpoint has opened, so we can go through there to search for means to extinguish the flames." Link agreed.

"Yeah. There's a Fairy Fountain up in the northern area.

The five heroes, with Richard lugging Lana, made it to the gates of the Fairy Fountain.

"We're here!" Richard cried with joy. "Now let's get-"

Suddenly, the gates shut, and a Gibdo jumps down, blocking their way.

"Son of a bitch..." Richard muttered in anger, his smile turning into a loud scowl.

"GET OUT OF OUR WAY!" Impa yelled with fury, before running up and making a powerful vertical slash, which knocked back the monster, but not finish it.

Richard simply assisted the attack without any comment, and shield bashed the Gibdo very hard on the head, severely stunning it, and did a flurry of wide slashes that also hit other enemies, finishing the Gibdo and the surrounding enemies. The gates open, and a magic circle suddenly appears near the Fairy Fountain.

"We'll get the Fairy to help us! Deal with the forces in front of us." Richard articulated with a bold tone.

"You owe me, Richard." Impa responded, leaving in a rush.

"OK!" Link cheerfully replied, before following Impa.

"I shall hold them off, Richard. Finish the prayers." Sheik stoically responded, leaving last.

When everyone has left, except for himself and Lana, Richard took out a Hyruliean chants book which he got from Link.

Flashback: 3 hours before the battle

Richard and his squad was still fighting off a ambush of Dark Army goblins, with some Darkness-engulfed enemies among them, that appeared on their way to Faron Woods, but it wasn't faring well for them. Richard was struck multiple times from the clubs that they wielded, making him flinch in pain when he was knocked back.

"Ugh..." Richard moaned. "Those bastards were lucky to be planned to do this..."

Just after, Link came by on Epona, and took down the group with a few swipes of his blade, thanks the the momentum of the blade strengthened by the speed.

"Thanks..." Richard warily commented. "I owe you one..."

"No need." Link replied. "I found something that could be useful for you."

Link took out a red book, that surprisingly had English on the cover, saying "Hyruliean Chants for Beginners"

When Richard took the book and opened, he was surprised that there were many magic chants and incantations written in it, all with a English translation beside them.

"Wow!" Richard gasped. "This is a very good discovery! Now I know how to get the Great fairies now. Before, I couldn't understand a single word Zelda chanted."

"Don't thank me." Link replied smiling "Thank the gods."

Flashback end

"Not here..." Richard muttered while flipping the pages. "Not here... Not here... Oh! There it is!"

Richard flipped to a page that had the chants the summon the Great Fairies separately.

"I'll help." Lana said, half-conscious and recovering. "The more people that chant this incantation, the more powerful the spells that the Great Forest Fairy becomes."

Richard just nodded at Lana, and then began to incant words from the book.

"Conjuro te Fairy immensa silva ! Adiuvare nos perducat nos speramus!" Richard chanted in a noble voice. (I summon thee, O great Forest Fairy! Come to our aid and bring us hope!)

"Homines implentur tempora desperet nihil!" Lana chanted in the same tone. (We live in times that are filled with despair and nothingness!)

"Sic nos sperare cras et auferes malum angit nos!" The two chanted together, with the last word echoing.(So bring us hope for tomorrow, and purge the evil that tortures us!)

Soon after the chant is said, a golden light appeared from the centre of the fountain, and the Great Forest Fairy appeared, in the same garb that Richard saw her when he was with Zelda.

"Ohohoho!" The Great Forest Fairy cheerfully chortled, with fairy dust sparkling off her. "If it isn't a beautiful boy before me, with a maiden on his back! I never had your name last time we saw each other!"

"My name is Richard, and I'm a hero." Richard replied. "I ask for one thing only. Please help us rid the flames that burn the Great Deku Tree!"

"Your wish is granted, dear Richard." The Great Forest Fairy chimed with joy. "Fairies, gather the clouds and create rain upon the Great Deku Tree."

Soon, fairies of assorted colours appeared from the fountain, and moved as a swarm. When they got out of the ancient temple and reached the skies, they split in the four directions, and grabbed clouds everywhere to form a massive cloud that soon began to turn grey, and rained upon the battlefield. Richard went outside, and was in awe at the miracle before him, and Lana felt soothed as the rain cooled the burns that injured her legs. The Great Deku Tree's fires began to die, and the cloud disappeared after the tree is extinguished.

Cheers of joy appeared among the allied forces, and their morale were boosted by the rain that saved their base. Richard's squad even began to fight harder with new-found spirit.

"We're saved!" Lana cheered. "Great Forest Fairy, thank you for your help!"

"I agree. I am eternally grateful that a deity like you is on the side of good." Richard commented, while kneeling.

"Ohohohoho! You heroes always flatter me." The Great Forest Fairy managed to say before she was sent back into the fountain.

"Hey Lana. Are you fine?" Richard questioned.

"Why yes!" Lana said jumping with joy, to Richard's surprise. "The rain completely healed my legs! There may be some healing magic in it that may also healed the tree as well!"

"That's a relief." Richard sighed. "It's really sad to see a girl like you in this condition."

Just then, they heard Wizzro's angry shouts.


When Richard heard all that, he was so angered by the word "brat" placed on Lana and that the plan was to kill Lana, that he was clenching his fist so hard that there was some blood collecting from the penetrations made by the nails, and Richard's hair and face turned utterly red, something that normal people couldn't have, and there were anime tick marks all over his head. Lana was surprised by the sudden change in Richard

"Are you okay Richard?" Lana asked. "You seem... miffed."

"I..'m...fine..." Richard managed to respond through gritted teeth, despite his voice turning gruff due to his attempt to keep calm. "I'll... just...make...sure...that...sack...of...shit...clothes...gets...his...*bleep*...chopped...off...and...i...hope...it...hurts...bad!"

"I'll just keep away." Lana said to Richard, who had steam running through his ears, while she took a step back, knowing what is going to happen.


Richard was charging like a mad bull right at the Enemy Base, slashing through multiple outposts in his oblivious rage, and turning any flesh being into a fine paste of meat with his inhuman speed of slashing, due to adrenaline again. When Link, Impa, Sheik were cornered by a huge crowd of goblins, they saw Richard, and jumped up to a nearby branch to avoid the running "train" of slashes by Richard. The crowd, however, did not fare well, and all of their flesh, bone ,organ and muscle were turned into a huge mound of meat paste.

"Oh Nayru..." Link swore. "Richard is now literally some kind of moving transport with a blade swinging at the speed of wind..."

"This child..." Impa stuttered in complete horror, with eyes wide, and finger pointing at the raging Richard. "This cant possibly be the child I started training 2 months ago!"

"I see..." Sheik commented, without emotion. "So this is the power of rage on this Saviour. It seems that this is not the actual person, but instead a possession of another spirit."

By the way Richard reached the Enemy base, he was covered with miscellaneous parts of bodies, and covered fully in a film of blood, with his blood glowing crimson from the blood. The very sight of Richard caused the enemies to flee in fear, with all kinds of screams, high and low, echoing through the woods, and only Richard and Wizzro remained.

"Yikes!" Wizzro hooted. "That is one nasty boy."

"Die..." Richard hissed with true malice.

"But I have no time for small fries." Wizzro cackled. "What if I give you THIS!"

Wizzro made a dark portal from above, and a Gohma, a spider that has a guard over its only large dragon eye with a red iris, dropped down, and it roared so loud that the whole woods shaked.

"Toodeloo!" Wizzro cooed, before disappearing into the same portal.


Suddenly, something clicked in Richard's head, and he fell down unconscious, only to get up, once again normal and calm.

"Ungh..." Richard muttered, rubbing his head. "What the hell happened?"

When Richard looked at the blood on him, he swiped it away, with a loud "Ewww!", and his armour was surprisingly clean after he finished wiping the blood and gore away.

He then saw Lana come over to him, and she hugged Richard like she was in love with him.

"Oh, Richard!" Lana said. "I was so worried about you when you snapped. Are you okay?"

Richard just softly grabbed Lana, and slowly pulled her off him.

"I am." Richard replied in awkward manner, with shifting eyes. "But please don't worry about me. I'm not ready to be swooned over yet."

They then saw a giant shadow go over them, and when they looked back, they saw the Gohma jumping out of the base, and towards the Great Deku Tree.

"Great.." Richard groaned, while face-palming. "Just when I finished saving the Tree from fires, it gets attacked by a ugly monster..."

"We have to go, now!" Lana squealed, with her hands on the side of her heads. "There will be bad things if the monster breaks the tree!"

When they got to the Tree, the monster was firing lasers everywhere with its only eye, and there were soldiers panicking everywhere, just like when the tree was on fire. Link, Impa and Sheik attacked it from different directions, but it did no damage. They were then swatted together out of the base by a spider leg.

"Link! Sheik! Impa!" Lana cried, as they landed outside the base with a crunch.

"They're unconscious from the landing." Richard muttered.

The Gohma then turned its attention to the duo, and roared.

"Lana! We have to hit the eye when it finished attacking with it!" Richard shouted to Lana. "It's the only way we can weaken it!"

"Got it!" Lana replied, while drawing out her bow, while Richard draws Artemis.

The two avoided the swipes by the monster, and when it fired a laser right around it, its eye turned blue and screeched in pain.

"NOW!" Richard shouted, while firing arrows into the eye. Lana also assisted by firing few arrows, and the Gohma fell in pain. Richard then rushed up to the monster and then jumped up in the air, and stabbed the sword into the large eye. The Gohma screeched even louder in pain, and Richard jumped off, withdrawing his blade. The monster got up, and continued attacking.

Richard and Lana shot continuously at the eye of the Gohma many times when the monster was recovering from his laser attack, which caused it drop its guard, and they took the moments to attack and dish out serious damage.

After a while, Richard and Lana were exhausted at defeating the Gohma, with Lana having a bit of a frizzled hair from tiredness, and Richard panting like crazy, while his head was lurched down.

"Did we finish it?" Lana asked.

"Maybe." Richard replied in a stoic tone, not showing his fatigue.

The Gohma was then enveloped suddenly by a blanket of darkness, which caused the duo to look in shock at the transformation. The blanket writhed and wobbled, before being absorbed by the Gohma, which stood up, now in a shade of utter black, with only its purple eye that is not black.

"Oh shit..." Richard uttered in despair.

The Dark Gohma roared, this time, the voice was deeper. It began to raise a claw to pierce Lana.

"Get out of the way!" Richard said, pushing Lana out of the way.

Lana was pushed far away, but managed to get up fine. Richard, however was pierced in the centre of his abdomen, and groaned in pain while falling to his knees, as the wound bled through the crack in the armor. Lana rushed over to Richard.

"Richard!" Lana cried with worry, while holding Richard. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine..." Richard groaned, trying to stand up, and clasped the wound with his left hand. "I'll defeat him, even if i lose a limb!"

The Dark Gohma continued its destruction while the duo were conversing. By the time they noticed it, the monster's eye fired a laser, and it turned blue again, signifying its vulnerability. The two fired arrows into the eye, despite Richard being slower due to his wound. The monster fell down again, stunned by the arrows in its eye. But something was happening between the two heroes.

"Lana, do you trust me?" Richard asked with a strong glare, while reaching out his hands

"I...trust you..." Lana stuttered, while gripping Richard's hands with her own. "You saved me twice now...It's only fair to at least trust you."

"Then let us fight with all our might to save the world." Richard replied.

The two let go, and then used their separate Spirit Focus, and then attacked in a synchronized manner, and then both of them jumped into the air, and dived at the monster, with Richard turning into a yellow comet, and Lana a blue comet, which then combined into a cyan comet, which struck the monster with so much might, that a sphere of dust spread outward from the point of impact. When it dissipated, the Dark Gohma was defeated, and back to its original self, with Richard and Lana standing over it.

"It's.. finally... defeated..." Richard panted, before the wound spurt a stream of blood,and falling onto the ground.

"Oh no!" Lana gasped, before Richard's world was turned into darkness.

(3 hours later)

Richard woke up on the same spot he fell unconscious on, only to find that the wound was gone, as well as the crack in the armour. He then got up,walked out of the keep, and saw that Lana, Sheik, Impa, and Link was talking.

"So you and Richard defeated this beast by yourselves?" Impa asked.

"Yes, but Richard was badly hurt by that attack. I healed his wound, but he was unconscious when I checked him." Lana replied.

"Richard...Please wake up..." Link said in a worried manner.

At that moment, Richard came over to the group and said, "I'm fine, Link."

"RICHARD!" Link gasped with joy, before tackling him with a bear hug.

"Stop it... Link..." Richard groaned under the pressure. "You're killing me..."

Link let go, and then asked, "Are you really okay?"

"Yep, unless you can give me the potion i bought a while ago." Richard replied, smirking.

"Here." Impa said, handing the aforementioned object to Richard, who took a big swig, and then wiped his mouth with his arm.

"That helped." Richard commented, relieved.

"It's a shame Zelda was not here. I hope that she is safe wherever she is." Impa bemoaned.

Sheik just glanced at Impa, before turning away and sighing.

"One more thing to tell you, Lana is actually a part of the Sorceress of Time." Richard said.

The group was surprised by the statement, and then looked at Lana with surprise.

"Don't believe me? I'll tell why, if you want." Richard insisted.

"Do tell." Sheik said.

"It's like this." Richard narrated. "From what I read, There was the Sorceress of Time who protects the balance of the Triforce while observing the timeline without interfering, until she caught sight of a unique soul. It was Link, the legendary hero that arrives to purge evil, no matter the era. She was fascinated that the bodies only had the soul of this hero in them, and she was also sad that she would never get her chance to ever meet the hero. While she was preoccupied, a fragment of Ganondorf entered her heart without her knowing, and it purged the light from her, turning her into the woman Cia. Lana is actually the light that was purged, while Cia had the desire to possess the legendary soul. She opened the Gate of Souls, which was a gateway in time, in which monsters of different eras invaded the land, causing this war we are in."

"Is this...all true?" Impa asked, in awe of what was said.

"It is." Richard assured. "I know where she is for now, and the sooner we defeat her, the less time Ganondorf has to fully use the Gate of Soul's potential. She's at the Valley of Seers, a place which you should know, with both Wizzro and Volga."

"Then we advance there." Impa announced. "All units, our destination is Valley of Seers!"

The army moved towards the Valley of the Seers, ready for the battle to end this nightmare.


A/N: So this it it, one more chapter before Richard recruits Link, Impa and Sheik into the team, and the end of the arc. The reason I selected these three is because Link is the main character (duh!), Sheik can be used in any world, and Impa also applies for the same case, and Lana has to fuse with Cia in the end. By the way, I did my best to try and make the situation interesting, so please criticise if there are problems. By the way, Sheik just revealed a clue about another special ability that Richard has, but unaware about...yet.

Preview of Next Chapter: The Final Battle! The First Multiversal Union!

Hi everyone! I'm feeling that I'm close to getting some allies for my team, thanks to the interactions I had with Link, Impa and Zelda, i mean Sheik. We are at the Valley of the Seers. This is the part where the game version becomes long, but I know a trick that can end this war early. Want to know what it is? Find out next chapter, where this world is about to be cleared.

The party of five made it to the altar, where the Gate of Souls lies.

"Don't let your guard down!" Richard warned. "Cia could be anywhere here!"

Right on cue of those words, Cia appeared in a purple plume of smoke, wearing clothes that are opposite to those Lana wears.

"Now which of you shall I play with, and then kill?" Cia cooed, while putting her index finger on her lips.

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