X-Over Multiverse ZX

Chapter 4: The Final Battle

X-Over Multiverse ZX Chapter 4: The Final Battle! The First Multiversal Union!

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In the Previous Chapter:

"Are you the one that is leading the forces here?"

"That's a Deku Baba! Unless you can shoot it at a long range with a sharp object, it will kill you by poisoning!"

"What...what is this?

"Orders are, to keep those vile creatures off the lady Lana!"


"So this is the power of rage on this Saviour. It seems that this is not the actual person, but instead a possession of another spirit."

"You saved me twice now...It's only fair to at least trust you."

"All units, our destination is Valley of Seers!"

Opening 1: Fighting Stars

Featured Scenes: In construction...

Current Music: Valley of Seers (Hyrule Warriors)

The five, Richard, Link, Sheik, Lana and Impa move onto the Valley of the Seers with the Hyruliean army, to stop the evil double of Lana, Cia, from opening the Gate of Souls fully. Cia plans to use the portal to gain the three pieces of the Triforce and fulfill her desire to revive Ganondorf.

The army marched from Faron Woods, the previous battlefield, and were ambushed by many small groups of monsters of the Dark Army. Link and Impa were emotionally sore as they were missing Zelda, with Link being her hero, and Impa her bodyguard, both depressed that they let Zelda be captured. Richard, however, was dwelling on something different.

If I remember this battle well, Richard thought, The battle ended with a failure to stop Cia. Perhaps if I can create a hypothetical situation by stopping Cia before she completes the ritual, then I can end this conflict earlier than I need to. Besides, I have limited stamina and vitality, unlike the other four heroes.

"Hey, Richard?" Link asked, worried. "What are you thinking about?"

"Oh!" Richard gasped, surprised that Link was talking to him. "It's nothing."

"We're here." Sheik stoically said, pointing to the Gate of Souls that is glowing far in front of them.

Just then, the voice of Cia boomed across the entire battlefield.

"Ooh. Has the Hero finally come to see me?" Cia cooed. "Well then, Link, don't keep me waiting~"

"Cia's at the top of the ruins." Lana stated "We must take her out before she summons more monsters."

"If we can capture the ruin keeps in front of us," Sheik stated. "We can gain a foothold against the Enemy Base, where Cia is. We'll split into two groups to quicken progress. Impa and I will take the east keep, and the rest will take the west keep-"

"Excuse me, Sheik." Richard interjected, with a tone of annoyance. "But I'm going with you. You can't force me not, and it'll benefit you greatly."

"Hmph." Impa growled. "Do what you wish, boy."

Richard heard Impa, and gave her a beaming glare, before the three head off to take the eastern keep, while Link and Lana moved to the west keep.

I still feel uneasy putting trust on Sheik... Impa thought Perhaps I should take another route.

Impa then turned away from the group, before saying, "Thank you, Sheik, but I have my own attack plans.", taking another route.

Richard just sighed at this, knowing that this would happen, and then moved on with Sheik.

While going on her route, Impa encountered Volga, who was annihilating the Hyruliean troops in front of him.

"Worthless..." Volga roared, while knocking a Hyruliean Captain down. "You vermin are not qualified to be my exercise."

Volga then grabbed another Hyruliean Captain with his hand, and threw the soldier down onto the ground.

"IS THERE ANYONE WHO CAN PROVIDE ME WITH A CHALLENGE!?" Volga yelled with utter annoyance.

Impa then took the moment to strike Volga, who was surprised by the assault, and knocked back a few metres by the blow.

"So you're the captain that saved those two boys at Hyrule Castle." Volga grumbled, while breathing fire out. "I'll enjoy tearing you limb to limb..."

"Just try me, dragon hybrid." Impa retorted, dashing towards Volga.

Impa swung her gigantic blade down at Volga, but Volga blocked it with his spear, and parried the blow back to Impa with a hard thrust, knocking her back a few metres. He then jumped and raised his spear above his head to impale Impa with it, but Impa simply rolled out of the way, and Volga landed with a slight shockwave. He turned to and growled, trying to lift the spear, only to look back and see that the spear was stuck in the earth. While he was trying to pull it out, Impa used the opportunity to assault Volga with a combo of slashes, knocking the hybrid away from his spear.

"You..." Volga growled. "You think you can win that easily?"

Volga then turned his arm into a dragon claw and rushed at Impa.

"I WON'T LET YOU!" He roared.

He then slashed down on Impa, and Impa tried to block the claw with her sword, but the sword was knocked away in the process, and she was defenseless to a series of strikes from Volga, which drew blood and left many bloody claw marks on her body while knocking her back.

Impa then staggered slightly, before rushing to her sword.

"What's the matter, woman?" Volga smirked. "Losing your courage?"

"I've got more strength to fight you." Impa stoically said while drawing her sword from the ground.


Sheik and Impa made it to the West Keep, only to realize that a new thing was in it. It was a Beamo that is attached to the wall. Sheik noticed this, but Richard did not, as he rushed into the keep.

"Time to slaughter this keep!" Richard smirked.

"Richard, don-'" Sheik tried to say, before the Beamo then locked its only eye on the boy, and fired a laser that ignited the ground, before the lighted ground exploded in a eruption of light.

"Ulp!" Richard uttered while jumping back from the eruption, before staggering.

Sheik just looked at the boy, while shaking her head in annoyance, before heading in.

"Now do you know what impatience nets you?"

"Yeah...I forgot that traps like Beamos aren't shown on the HUD." Richard groaned. "But I won't get cocky this time."

They took down the East Keep, just in time for a message to appear on Richard's HUD

Impa is losing the fight against Volga.

"I knew it." Richard said, while rushing off to where Impa is. "She had to have trouble with him at some time."

"Where are you going?" Sheik said, noticing Richard.

"I have to save her!" Richard said. "Find Lana and Link, and ask if they took care of the East Keep."

"Got it." Sheik said, while running in another direction.

Meanwhile at Impa...

"He's really hitting us with everything he's got." Impa huffed, being tired from the prolonged battle with Volga. "We have to bring him down!"

"Pathetic pathetic PATHETIC!" Volga yelled with fury. "You are no fun to battle. If you are the best you got here, then this battlefield will become my slaughterhouse."

"Damn..." Impa hissed.

"Now..." Volga growled, while pointing his spear at Impa and her squad. "It's time to wipe the cockroaches off."

"Not a chance!"

Volga then saw Richard come to Impa's side.

"Impa." Richard calmly said. "Go get the other keep. I'll deal with Volga."

"What!?" Impa complained. "Are you insane!? Volga defeated me with slight ease!"

"But he hasn't fought me yet." Richard replied. "Besides, I got a score to settle with him. GO!"

"Richard..." Impa mouthed, while moving ahead of Richard and Volga. "Thank you..."

Richard waited for Impa and her units to leave his sight, before moving into a battle stance.

"Now we can fight without distractions." Richard said coolly.

"You!?" Volga smirked. "Don't make me laugh. You defeated me because of a cowardly surprise attack. Do you really think that you can defeat me when I defeated your mentor?"

"Then it's a fight to the death then." Richard retorted. "And, I found out something about myself."

"What is it, boy?" Volga grunted in a irritated tone.

"This!" Richard said, raising his right hand in the air, before the golden chain mark shined on his raised hand, and he was suddenly surrounded by a pillar of fire.

When the pillar subsided, Richard was now in the same form that he was when he was at Faron Woods. His hair is now red, his eye colour was a bright red-orange colour, and one could see that his aura exerts a crimson lining.

"Surprised?" The now-transformed Richard bragged with arrogance, in a louder voice than Richard normally says. "This is the very person that will whoop your ass over and over!"

"How annoying." Volga intoned. "You only seem to have changed colour, like a pathetic chameleon."

"Chameleon?" Richard smirked.

Richard then put his right hand on his forehead and let out a burst of 'Ahahahaha', while pointing his head up.

"What's so funny, boy?" Volga growled with anger.

"You stupid fucking lizard..." Richard chuckled. "Do you really think that I'm that boy now? Last time we met, he couldn't control me. But this time, he given me the reins of his body, which means... I GET TO JAM MY SWORD UP YOUR PUNY ASS!"

"You dare insult me!?" Volga roared.

"I dare." The possessed Richard retorted.

The two then rush towards each other with their weapons, with both roaring with determination.

Flashback, 2 hours before the battle.

Current Music: Laughter and Merriment (Kingdom Hearts II)

The Hyruliean Forces are camping near the entrance of Faron Woods. Link was practising his swordsmanship on a wooden dummy, Impa is meditating in a lotus position, Sheik leaning on a tree while playing the harp, and Richard resting on the opposite side of the tree. The rest of the forces were going through drills and combat practices.

Current Music: Dearly Beloved Remix (Kingdom Hearts Chi)

Unknown to everyone, Richard drifted to a dream, where he was on a platform that had the same format as the Dive to the Heart platforms in Kingdom Hearts, except the outer tier pattern being gray, and the rim being black, the surrounding circles of the middle tier having a shining gold Chi letter, and the inner tier having a background of the Core, and Richard being in the centre, facing towards the outside, arms spread out in a T formation, with his face being in blissful slumber, and the circle of the inner tier bearing the Creator in the center, Link in the upper-right circle, Impa in the upper-left circle, Sheik in the top circle, Zelda in the bottom circle, Lana in the bottom left circle, and Cia in the bottom right circle.

"This is... my heart?" Richard quietly blurted with surprise.

"Indeed." Said a voice that was Richard's, except it was more bold and strong in tone.

Richard then turned to the source of the voice, only to find that he was looking at himself, except the other one had red hair, orange-red eyes, wears a arrogant smirk on his face, and is clad in crimson steel armor, wielding dual longswords that are a longer version of Krato's Artemis Blades, each being at the length of a katana, and the hilt being the head of a red dragon moulded from steel, with the eye sockets bearing rubies.

"This is your Heart." The red-clad Richard intoned with pride.

"Then who are you?" The normal Richard replied. "You seem... familliar."

"That because I am." The red-clad Richard said. "I can be you, but i'm not truly you."

"I don't get what you mean." The normal Richard told the other Richard, with confusion in his voice, and scratching his head for added effect.

"Ay..." The red Richard moaned with disappointment. "And here I thought I was the dumber one of the two here. Heard of Ares?"

"Ares..." The normal Richard muttered, until the truth clicked in his mind. "You don't mean...!"

"That's right, my little cutie!" The red Richard laughed with joy. "I'm the one and only Ares of the multiverse!"

"But I don't get how you became a part of me?" Richard questioned with worry. "I'm not connected to you at all."

"Well, I'm actually a part of you. I represent recklessness, pride, anger, adrenaline and strength in a single entity." Ares replied as calm as he could, which is at most still slightly excited.

"You said you are the Ares of the multiverse." The normal Richard asked. "What do you mean?"

"Well, considering that in other universes or dimensions, there are other Ares, each claiming to be true gods." The red Richard intoned with the same voice as before. "There's the one from the Percy Jackson universe, a total bald-head and too arrogant compared to his own strength, so lots more bark than bite, and there's the one from the God of War universe, my personal favourite, considering that he is at least competent, but he's dead by Kratos, so whoop-de-doo, I have no other self around the whole multiverse that at least interests me. So I'm the real Ares that is a god of the multiverse, which is basically a upgrade from being god of one universe."

"Wow!" Richard cheerfully yelled. "This is so awesome to be given such personas from the Creator."

"Yeah yeah.." Ares droned, uninterested."She created me from you, so she's technically my mother, and I hate to parented being the god of destruction and war. But I find you, kid, to be very interesting. You have the guts and courage to defend the multiverse, so i'll stick with you."

'So that's what Sheik meant when she said I turned red in Faron Woods.' Richard thought.

"Anyway, there's a way to change into me." Ares said. "All you have to do is raise your right hand, and then call me in your mind, and then, voila! I'll be there to kill some shit and whoop some ass! You'll still be conscious, so you'll be able to switch me with any other personas if you want something else. Just make sure that I get my share of enemies to kill, or i'll be disappointed that I am summoned to kill a few people that are even weak enough to be defeated wielding a regular sword."

"I promise you, my Master." Richard solemnly stated.

"Master?" Ares smirked, surprised yet also flattered by the comment. "Nah, I'm the same position as you. If there's one name I like to be called, it's Friend."

"Thank you.." Richard sniffed, moved by the fact that Ares is quite friendly, even if he was a god of destruction.

"Now now..." Ares said comfortingly, although in a loud voice. "There's no need to be all snotty because of me. A pal like you is more worth than any blockhead."

"So it's time to wake up?" Richard asked, while wiping the tears away.

"Yep. Just remember, I'm here to beat up some assholes with ya, and be your guardian." Ares insisted.

Current music: Laughter and Merriment (Kingdom Hearts II)

Richard then woke up right where he was, and then thought about Ares, as he was surprised to have a great persona as his friend.

'Ares...' Richard thought with interest. 'He seems great...'

Back to present time.

Current music: *insert any boss theme here* (My preference: Nuclear Fusion (Artist: Xi-on))

Richard does the first blow, slashing boldly upwards at Volga, stopping Volga's attempt in attacking him, and kncoking the hybrid a few metres back back.

Volga then recovers from the knock-back and growls intensely at Richard.

"I'm not satisfied of you yet, boy!" Volga roared.

"Yadda yadda." Ares goaded in a mocking tone. "Will you ever fucking shut up and focus on the fight!? For your information, asshole, i scored a hit that whitted away a decent amount of our stamina, and you haven't even scratch my guard."

"You are making death wishes." Volga hissed with fury.

"'You're making death wishes'." Ares imitated in a slurred tone. "You talk too much for a warrior. No wonder Richard had the mind to nickname you "Thou most Chattiest Dragon Lord'."

"SILENCE, WEAKLING!" Volga yelled with pure anger. "YOU WANT TO DIE SO MUCH, I'LL OBLIGE YOU!"

"Good." Ares smirked. "You'll be my first general that I will mutilate in this body."

The two warriors engage, parrying each other for a few times, before both of them begin to attack at a inhuman speed, and one cannot see the weapons, but can see a flurry of slashes appearing in between them. The flurry of slashes wavers towards either of them, but finally lands on Volga, hitting him multiple times, but he withstood the blows and remained unmoved.

"Now we're talking!" Ares laughed with joy. "This is the Volga that I wish to fight!"

Ares then rammed into Volga head-first on the chest, and Volga was winded by the impact and was pushed into a stone wall by Ares, who then raised his head and did multiple strikes, which got both faster and stronger with each hit due to Ares's determination to defeat the enemy.

However, Volga managed to break free of the continuous assault, and then knocked Ares back with a flame-engulfed fist on his head, stunning before using his spear to pierce through the left side of Are's chest in a spray of blood. Ares then gasped sharply in pain, before the spear withdrew from his body and he fell down on the ground, the blade tip dripping with crimson blood. Volga was slightly injured from the fight, as his once pristine dragon armour was filled with marks of cuts and stabs, and he also got some gashes on his face.

"That boy..." Volga huffed with fatigue. "He's strong and worthy. It's finally worthy to come to that hag's orders to here, as he managed to be the only to moderately wound me. But in all fights, the more old and experienced warriors wins the battle."

Volga then turned away from the body of Ares, and walked only a few steps, before he felt something penetrate his armour and had unbearable pain on the center of his chest, and when he looked down, he saw the golden sword that Ares used with Richard's body stick out the very area the pain is coming from. He then looked behind him, and saw that Ares was clutching the blade with both his hands, the golden shield lying on the ground.

"H-how?" Volga asked, still normally speaking even near death.

"Never turn your back on me..." Ares smirked, with some fresh blood leaking from his mouth. "Your mistake was not penetrating my heart. If you did... I've would have truly died..."

"I-impressive, b-boy..." Volga whispered, before Richard pulled the sword, and on it was the heart of Volga, which is a larger version of a normal human's, and ending the suffering of Volga.

Volga has been slain by Richard.

Ares then began to transform again, with the iris and the hair fading back to his original hair and eye colour, changing back to Richard.

"Uugh..." Richard moaned with pain. "Ares, how the hell did you even got me fatally wounded?"

'That asshole managed to knock me down enough to spike me one on the chest!' Ares mentally explained. 'I'm sorry for the wound, but I can keep you up for a while.'

Current Music: Warning (Trauma Center New Blood)

Richard is fatally wounded by Volga's attacks.

"Gah..." Richard blurted, feeling the pain that came after he read the announcement, and then spitting out some blood that stained his teeth. "I need to find help."

Mission: Reach Allied Main Base before time runs out.


"So that's where I can seek help?" Richard coughed. "And that time limit must be the limit of Ares's ability to keeping me alive."

'No shit, Sherlock!' Ares yelled so loud mentally, that Richard winced in pain from it. 'Just please don't die on purpose!'

"Let's hope that the others know..." Richard muttered under his breath, before making a straight course for the Allied Main Base.

The wound on Richard has reduced his health by a slight amount, and has reduced attack power significantly.

"Agh!" Richard hissed with pain, as the wound became more painful, and he had to clutch it with his left hand to keep

'Keep going!' Ares commented mentally. 'You'll die if you stop moving!'


Richard then ran faster, making it halfway on the route, before he was ambushed by a squad of Moblins accompanied by a Lizalfos.

"FUCK!" Richard roared with frustration. "Not now! I can't fight like this."

The squad ignored Richard's comments and moved forward.

"Goddamnit..." Richard moaned. "I have to fight then..."

Richard then tried to attack the squad with the sword in his right hand, but it only defeated the moblins with great ease, leaving the Lizalfos The Lizalfos saw Richard doing a double take, and rushed to finish off the vulnerable Richard. Richard saw the lizard anthro raising the sword it wields, but lost all strength to draw his sword.

'Is this it...' Richard thought in despair. 'This is how I die the first time, under the blade of a minion?'

Just before the Lizalfos can even be within reach of Richard, it was suddenly cut by a vertical flash of steel, which slowly began to split the lizard in two parts, with the blue blood leaking out of them.

"Are you alright?" A familiar voice asked

Richard then turned to the source and saw Impa, with her giant blade stained with the Lizalfo's blood.

"What does it look like, teacher?" Richard groaned.

"I.. never thought that you can even stay awake from that wound... You fainted soon after that Gohma stabbed you with its leg, as Lana said." Impa stuttered in fear of what she saw, which was Richard's armour mostly covered in his own blood from the wound.

"Just... help..." Richard replied.

The two of them continued to head to the specified area, as Impa helped kill any enemies in the way with no time wasted.


They reached the base, and Richard was very pale from the blood loss.

A medic came to the place, with some squires to help him.

"My Naryu!" The medic swore in fear. "What happened to you?"

"Just... Help..." Richard managed to moan before he spat out a spray of blood, and fell to the ground unconscious.


"Hurry up and get him up! We cannot let one of our best generals die here!" Impa ordered quickly.

"YESSIR!" was the response of the medical group, while 4 of them carried Richard by grabbing each of his limbs to lift him up, heading for the tent.

Current music: Valley of Seers (Hyrule Warriors)

Impa hurried back to the field to finish off the battle. By then, the plan has succeeded, as the two keeps were captured. Impa met the other heroes, except Lana, at the entrance of the Temple of Seers

"Richard is under medical care, but he will make it." Impa explained. "He might be able to return to battle if we are lucky."

"He was brave to slay Volga." Sheik stoically responded. "I get that he finally used his first persona mode, but what surprised me that Volga fatally wounded him, yet he makes it to the main base still beating."

"Richard..." Link muttered with worry. "I hope you'll live through this..."

"Everyone!" Lana called out while running to the group. "The front is blocked with dark vines!"

"Then we're stuck..." Link groaned with disappointment.

"Come now!" Cia boomed across the entire battlefield. "I don't like people dawdling at my doorstep! You want a welcoming party? Fine!"

After Cia finished talking, more monsters of the Dark Army moved onwards to attack them, with some of them being enemies strengthened by the Darkness.

"The front's blocked. We need to find another way..." Lana said. "Perhaps we can lower the bridge in the east!"

"It seems possible." Sheik replied.

Suddenly, a Hyruliean messenger ran towards the group.

"Report!" The messenger shouted. "Engineers are deploying from the Main Camp!"

"That's perfect!" Link cheered. "We can have them lower the bridges!"

"What of the condition of Richard?" Impa asked the messenger.

"He's still living, but barely." The messenger responded.

"I shouldn't have let him fight Volga alone..." Impa muttered with self-disappointment.

Meanwhile, at the Medical Tent

"He's not responding, sir!" A medic cried.

The scene was in a medical tent, where Richard was laid sprawling on a stone table, eyes glazed over in coma, and a few medics surrounding him, using many methods, including rubbing healing herbs on the wound, to heal him, but to no avail.

"We can't lose him to the Reaper!" The chief medic exclaimed. "Use the Harmlir Elixir!"

One of the medics went out, and came back with a potion that was in a honey-like colour, and almost transparent. The chief medic then took the potion with haste and poured it on the wound, but the wound still as large as it was.

"Damnit..." The chief medic sighed in defeat. "There has to be something that can help him..."

Just then, a soldier from Richard's squad burst into the tent, with the Fairy Potion Richard bought from a Goron Bazaar.

"Use this!" The soldier pleaded loudly. "This potion has helped him when he was injured many times, including when he got pierced by that Gohma. Please use it to heal him!"

The chief medic then took the potion, and then poured it on the wound, worried that it wouldn't work. But what came soon after surprised him.

The moment all the contents of the potion were poured on the wound, it shot a ray of divine light onto the area, and the wound was fizzling away like it was being digitally deleted, until the wound was not present at all.

"By Din..." The chief medic stuttered in surprise. "The fairies saved this child..."

Richard then begin to move, first his hands twitched, and then his face changed to a grimace, and he sat up, with his right hand on his head.

"Oh..." Richard groaned. "What the hell happened?"

He then got off the table, and then noticed the medics.

"Right..." Richard grumbled with frustration "You guys saved me?"

"We did, young master." The chief medic eagerly responded.

"I never expected that I would need help myself..." Richard said. "Then again, I would have to deal with death time and time again. Here's your pay."

Richard handed out a equivalent of 1000 rupees to each of the medics, which surprised them.

"It's all I can do to thank you guys." Richard explained.

The medic still remained there, stunned by the generosity of Richard.

"Anyway..." Richard smirked. "Duty calls!"

Richard then grabbed his weapon, including the shield he dropped, from another table, and rushed out of the tent to continue the fight.

Back with the heroes...

Lana, Sheik, Link and Impa taken all outside keeps and have escorted the engineers to the east side of the temple, where they constructed a drawbridge that helped them cross into the Temple of Seers, and they just made it into the temple, and have already identified that there are more dark vines blocking the way to Cia.

"If I heard correctly, there's some sort of item in the ruins that could help." Lana stated. "We have to find it!"

Just when the group was about to leave, however, Richard can rushing in behind them, dicing and slicing all enemies in his way with momentum-filled swings.

"Don't forget me!" Richard exclaimed, when he reached the group.

"Richard!" Link cried with joy, and bear-hugged Richard...again.

"L-link..." Richard tried to say, but ended up wheezing the words out due to the pressure. "You're going to hurt me bad..."

Link then snapped out of his joyous expression, and then contorted in fear when he was squeezing the life out of Richard again. He then went into a anime emo with anime depression lines on his face.

"What I was about to say was that I know where the item is." Richard said, while sprinting off."Follow me!"

The heroes followed Richard, even Link, as he snapped out of his depression.

After a while, taking down about 15 squads of Dark Army Forces, they reached the West Room, which was infested with enemies.

"Come on!" Richard exclaimed, doing the "come here" sign with his right arm. "We'll find the treasure here after we kill the enemy!"

The five heroes just agreed mentally, and then took down the enemies without ease, even taking down the Darknut defending it, where Richard sneaked towards it while Impa attacked it in the front,and Richard simply just stabbed the blade into the back of the anthro's neck and then swiped it up, resulting in a split head which gushed red blood, before the body fell, and faded away. Just after the Darknut was killed, a treasure chest appeared.

Richard took the honour of opening the chest, and then lifted the chest's lid with ease. He then saw that inside the chest was normal boomerangs, and no relic, each bearing a ruby diamond on the centre, and having circles of green runes etched on it's edges. Richard just simply shrugged with both hands, and then collected them before handing them out to the other heroes.

New Item: Hyruliean Boomerang (Epic)

A weapon that is made out of a special wood in Hyrule, making it strong enough to cut anything less than metal. It returns to its owner, and possesses penetrative abilities, making it a crowd-control item.

"Well, that's strange." Impa mused. "A boomerang can help us."

"O, ye of no faith." Richard chuckled. "Just watch what it can do."

The group of heroes made it back to where the vines blocked the route to the summit, and then Richard pulled out the newly-acquired boomerang, and threw it with a vigorous flick, which caused it to fly at fast speeds, where it hit the vines, and cut through it to everyone's surprise, excluding Richard.

"Sometimes, even water can penetrate a rock boulder if given time." Richard recited, comparing the situation to a teaching he heard. "But first..."

Richard then rushed back to the temple's entrance, and cut the vines again with another throw of the boomerang, which caused the allied troops camped there to cheer with joy.

"Now... Shall we end this?" Richard insisted. "We got plenty of time thanks to the allied reinforcements into the temple, and that we cleared the field faster than i remember you did."

"I have to stop Cia..." Lana commented with worry.

"You seem to help us well, Richard." Sheik intoned. "I thank you for your help."

"Yep!" Link agreed.

After the conversation, the party of five made it to the altar, where the Gate of Souls lies.

"Don't let your guard down!" Richard warned. "Cia could be anywhere here!"

Right on cue of those words, Cia appeared in a purple plume of smoke, wearing clothes that are opposite colors to those Lana wears.

"Now which of you shall I play with, and then kill?" Cia cooed, while putting her index finger on her lips.

"Neither." Richard retorted. "I'll stop you before you even do that."

"Oh?" Cia drawled. "And what can a boy like you do against the Darkness?"

"The Darkness!?" Richard stuttered. "What are you blabbering about!?"

"Oh, I know about it." Cia grinned. "BECAUSE I EMBRACED IT!"

Just after she finished saying those words, she suddenly exerted a dark aura, and her mask fell off, showing that Cia has the same face as Lana, her right eye flashing a deep crimson before it faded back to normal, and then she cackled as she charged at the group with dark fire in both her hands.

"GET READY!" Richard roared to the other heroes, as they prepared to fight.

Richard was about to slice down onto the charging Cia, but then she disappeared in a flash, and then she reappeared at the back of the room, now split into 5 copies.

"Ahahahahhah!" The Cias laughed simultaneously, as if speaking as one. "You think that being a hero is good. Well try to find me~"

"Take each of them in a single duel!" Impa ordered. "That way, it can be easier to defeat them."

The others followed the orders, and then rammed their opponent away from each other. The Gate of Souls still blazed, but without Cia on it, it began to diminish.

"You won't stop me!" The Cias cackled. "I'll slaughter you all!"

"Not if I still breathe, witch." Impa retorted, slicing the Cia copy away from her.

The others were engaged well into battle, with Richard trying to duck under Cia's whip attacks, Link trying to attack her, but is blocked and then countered back, Lana throwing spell after spell while Cia did the same, causing a ball of pure magic to be pushed between them, Sheik taking her Cia out slowly, by exploiting her weak points, and Impa simply cutting through her Cia's guard with slight ease.

"Give up?" The Cias purred. "You should be!"

"ENOUGH!" Richard roared, suddenly speeding up his attacks, which slowly overwhelmed his Cia, and then dispelled her with a blade through her chest.

Lana's Cia then saw the Cia against Richard fall, and Lana then fired stronger spells, which caused the orb of magic to push towards her Cia, which noticed the change too late, and was utterly obliterated by the ball of magic, howling in pain.

With their Cias down, Richard and Lana each took down the Cias against Sheik and Link, with Richard smashing the sword down onto the Cia against Link, and Lana using her first Musou onto the unsuspecting Cia against Sheik. Both Cias faded away as the blows connected, which left the real Cia against Impa, which Impa knocked Cia back with a swipe of her blade, and the other heroes came to Impa's side. By then, Cia was literally livid, her eyes twitching in anger and frustration, with her cool demeanour gone only to be replaced by one filled with hatred, and her robe being torn and shredded everywhere, and her body was bent forward, looking at the group.

"Why..." Cia hissed. "WHY WON'T YOU DIE, YOU BRATS!?"

Richard just simply stepped forward, and then raised his blade's tip towards Cia.

"Because..." Richard responded, pulling the sword back. "I can't afford to lose here. Not while lives are at stake!"

He then suddenly glowed a faint golden aura.

"ZANTETSUKEN!" Richard yelled the famous art.


Zantetsuken (斬鉄剣, Zantetsuken?, lit. Iron-Cutting Sword), also known as Steel-Bladed Sword and Atom Edge, or by a shortened name Zantetsu or Z-Sword, is Odin's signature attack in the Final Fantasy series, and shares its name with his sword. Zantetsuken typically causes instant death to all targets, or does very high damage to them.

Richard then rushed forward in a flash, through Cia, and one could see the kanji for "slash" being imprinted on the body of Cia, and then the symbol is split diagonally, with the pieces falling off, and a flash of light as Cia falls forward, and laid sprawling on the ground.

"What... is that?" Link asked.

Richard then doubled over in exhaustion, and the aura around him slowly faded.

"I... I don't know..." Richard responded, with slight worry in his voice. "It was like as if... I know the move and had the power to execute it..."

Current Music: Sincerely Abbey

Lana rushed over to Cia, with a face of fear and worry, and then held her.

"Cia!" Lana cried.

Cia simply tilted her head, now calm.

"Lana... We've seen how this ends... And we both know that he didn't choose you..." Cia whispered, having little energy to even speak. "But how... how do you do it, knowing you'll get left behind?"

Lana just simply looked back at the group of heroes behind her, with Richard doing a thumbs-up with his right hand.

"Tell her the answer." Richard insisted. "It's better to let her pass on without doubt."

Lana just nodded, and then looked back at Cia, who was waiting for her response.

"Because you don't always get the person you think you deserve..." Lana replied with clarity. "And I can live with that..."

Cia just simply did a small smile.

"You always were... my better half..." Cia mouthed silently, before her eyes closed and her head fell back, and she faded into a shower of light particles, leaving behind the Triforce of Power.

Lana tried to grasp the fading Cia, but she just grabbed onto air, and she began to cry. The rest of the heroes looked at her apathetically, including Richard, who had his head down slightly, as if he was depressed.

"Cia eventually would have been slain..." Richard solemnly stated. "Not matter if the Gate of Souls was open or not. We just stopped many of lives from being wasted by a pointless war, but at what cost? Lana is the only Sorcerer of Time."

Lana saw the piece of the Triforce, and then slowly combined it with her body, by surrounding the piece with a magical sphere, and the sphere shrunk into her right hand's palm.

She then turned to the group, with a sad smile on her face.

"It's finally over. We won." Lana said.

"But what now?" Impa questioned. "We cannot close the Gate of Souls without the full Triforce, and Zelda is nowhere to be seen."

"No..." Sheik replied. "She's here."

Sheik then suddenly disappeared a globe of light, which dispersed to show Princess Zelda.

"Because I was her." She said.

"Princess!" Impa exclaimed with joy. "I thought that those horrid monsters had captured you!"

"I knew it all along, Impa." Richard stated. "It's just that I decided to let things go that i never said this. I'm sorry if I caused worry for you."

"I see." Impa sighed. "So that's why I felt the Princess in Sheik."

"Now, let us restore Hyrule." Lana said.

Link and Zelda nodded and walked over to Lana, bofore putting out their right hand, as did Lana, and the pieces of the Triforce appeared, and slowly fused into the full Triforce, which shot a beam of light into the giant Gate of Souls, which then exploded in a flash of light, and the sky turned from the dark red back to the peaceful blue.

Lana then withdrew her right hand, along with Link and Zelda.

"There." Lana said. "Things should be as they were. And with that... It's time for me to go."

Lana then turned away from the group, and began to walk towards the exit of the temple.

"Wait!" Zelda blurted, stopping Lana. "Will we meet again?"

Lana then turned to the group.

"Maybe. I'll never forget you though." Lana replied with a smile, before turning away and walking through the exit of the temple.

Current music: Main Theme (Hyrule Warriors)

After the battle, the group of heroes walked across the desert, back to Hyrule Castle. When they arrived at the gates, the gates opened to reveal a cheering army, which is celebrating the end of this war. The heroes walked into the court of the castle, where the army formed a circle around them.

"By the way, I've been trying to say it earlier, but never had the courage to ask... Will you join my quest?" Richard confessed with his fingers pressed together in embarrassment.

"Richard, that's rude..." Impa scolded.

Richard then dropped over in shame.

"... that you left that fact for long... Of course we'll join you, you funny boy." Impa joyously finished.

"Yeah!" Link exclaimed. "We owe you for being a good friend!"

"I'm going as well, if Link is going as well." Zelda commented, smiling. "There'll be a duplicate that will rule the kingdom for the others while I'm gone."

Richard's face then brightened up and turned into a face of happiness.

"Thank you!" Richard cheerfully blurted.

Just then, the Creator appeared in front of Richard, wearing the same robes as when she met Richard at the Core.

"So you managed to purge the Darkness of this world." The Creator said. "It's a joy that not only the world is free from Darkness, but you also unlocked a new persona!"

"So this is a ability I leaned?" Richard questioned the Creator.

"Indeed." The Creator replied with kindness in her voice.

"Wow..." Richard stuttered with overwhelming joy. "I'm as powerful as the heroes..."

"Now... Shall we go back to the Core, and seal the world from the Darkness? " The Creator giggled, as she found Richard's expression funny.

"Of course!" Richard said.

The Creator created the same door that led into the world, except the symbol on the door was a miniature version of Yggdrasil in black and white, with the trunk and branches being black and the leaves white, and then walked through as the heroes followed her in.


Hyrule (Warriors Arc) has been purified from the Darkness!

12000 Multiverse Essence has been awarded as a result of the completion of the task.

Extra: Helping Lana

After the heroes went back into the Core, Richard opened a door back into Hyrule, without anyone knowing, not even the Creator. He then walked through the plain, before he met Lana at the altar where the Gate of Souls used to be.

Richard saw that Lana was making a giant magic circle of her own, using her finger to concentrate mana into a pointer to form the circle.

"Lana?" Richard warily asked.

Lana heard the voice, and then extinguished the magic at the tip of her finger, before looking up and seeing Richard.

"Ah! Richard!" Lana chirped in a happy mood.

"How's it going from the last time we met?" Richard asked.

"It's going well. I've purged most of the monster remnants, but I'm finding it slow, so that why I am making a magic circle that will summon the Great Fairy." Lana replied.

"I see..." Richard muttered, looking at the incomplete magic circle. "I have something that can help."

"Really!?" Lana exclaimed, as her eyes brightened in joy.

"Of course!" Richard smirked, while pulling out a blue man crystal, that looks almost identical to the Crystals from Final Fantasy, except it bears a white hue, and has rainbow light shining on its edges. "This here is a crystal I found in the Core. I think that it may help you."

Lana happily took the crystal from Richard's hand, and when she touched it, her hands began to glow white, and then she finished the giant incomplete magic within seconds, and then she summoned the Great Fairy without ease, and she went off, ready to finish the monsters.

"Thank you!" Lana exclaimed, expressing her joy.

"It's a little errand compared to what I really have to give you." Richard said, rubbing his head in shyness.

"What is i-" Lana tried to ask, only to meet Richard's face, as Richard hugged and kissed her, lowered her slowly, with his eyes closed in bliss. Lana did the same and returned the kiss, before Richard lifted Lana back up.

"That's what I owe you for worrying you over me." Richard grinned, blushing that he instinctively kisses his first girl/woman.

"I... I don't know what to say..." Lana stuttered, blushing way harder than Richard.

"Just ask me this, will you help me at times of need?" Richard questioned.

"Of course I do! I'm still your friend..." Lana immediately responded.

Richard just beamed a smile, and tapped her softly in the centre of her chest with a perfectly spherical sapphire. Lana then disappeared in a flash of blue light, before she disappeared.

"So... This is how you'll help me?" Lana asked, from the gem, with the gem shining with her every word."The world inside this gem... it's beautiful."

"I found this lying somewhere, and when I took a close look, at it, its a summon gem." Richard explained. "It allows me to summon you. But I don't control it entirely, so you can just simply exit the gem with a bit of concentration."

"I see..." Lana muttered. "So you still are as kind as you were when you met me and saved me."

"Come on!" Richard joyfully exclaimed. "You'll see Zelda when I summon you out again."

Richard then walked towards the materializing door back to the Core, with Lana's gem in his pockets.

Arc Ending

The screen flashes into white, with the text "Thanks Link and Richard, you're all the heroes of Hyrule" being slowly fading in from left to right.

Current Music: Hard Linked (Hyrule Warriors Credits)

The screen then turns into the same Hyruliean symbol in the original Hyrule Warriors Ending, shining gold for a short time. Suddenly, the screen pans downwards, where a picture of Hyrule Castle is shown. And then Zelda's portrait for the game appears, with the credits of the game coming down, and clips of Zelda are shown with moderate sepia filtering, making them look like pictures of a storybook, including short clips of her dreams, her meeting Link.

The scene then changes into Volga, with his portrait on the side, and the clip where Richard and Link part the flames with their power plays in the background. Next up is Impa, whose portrait appears along with the picture of the Abandoned Fort of Hyrule Fields in the background, and her featured scene is when she blocks Volga's blows in Valley of Seers, then sending the hybrid back with a momentum-filled swing of her blade.

Sheik's portrait appears after Impa, with the picture of Eldin Caves in the background, and a scene of her meeting the trio of heroes. Wizzro is up next, with the picture of the crystal passage in Eldin Caves, is when he appears in Eldin Caves.

Lana's portrait appears after Wizzro, with the picture of Faron Woods. Afterwards, the credits proceed like in the game, except after Link, is when Richard's portrait, where he is smirking and his eyes are looking directly at the screen, and his arms are crossed, wearing the Hyruliean Army armour, and the picture that appears alongside his portrait is the Core, and the cutscene shown is Richard commandeering his troops, and when he did the Spirit Focus Attack on King Doldongo. The scene then fades, leaving only the beige background, where Vai and Navi appears flying from the left side of the screen, and the two of them twirl around each other, while doing a loop, before exiting through the right side of the screen, with the fairy dust trail that they left, illuminating the letters "FIN" written in fancy medieval letters.

A/N: So the Hyrule Warriors Arc has ended. Hope you guys have voted. Someone already did, so please vote if you haven't so, as I will close the poll when I finish the filler chapter/ intermission chapter. By the way, trying to describe the Kingdom Hearts Dive to the Heart platform, so please comment if it's confusing. As for the new form, his name will be revealed in the filler chapter, and I shortened the chapter, changing the fight with Manhandla to Cia, as I didn't have much time to waste, as I cannot disappoint people by delaying it. The gem? It's a idea I got off Nan the Keyblade Master's stories. That idea is especially his, so don't criticize me for it. It took me about 2 months to write this, as this chapter has over one half of the current fan-fiction's word count, so hope you enjoy it.

I've decided to add some extra features from other games. Try to find out where they are and which game they are from. Also, I brought back the battlefield reports that debut from Musou games, but i've only did a few to avoid repetition of the same thing. Also, like the outro/ending? It's a twist of the credits of the original game, I can't find enough people to fill the slots of the characters that are not encountered in the fanfic, but is originally in the game, so I decided to avoid causing trouble and keep them.

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