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A/N: Since there is not much people voting in my polls, i decided to make a preview of each selection, which will be about 150-300 words long. For the last time, the poll is in the profile, and i prefer that you vote in it. Please. Alos, depending on your choices, the Hyrule Warriors Crew may participate this arc or not. For each vote in the poll, there will be a new preview for the selections.

Update: Poll's closed. If you had any regrets about not voting, then don't flame. I'm done waiting for votes that will not come.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Preview: Changing Fate

'So if i remember...' Richard silently thought 'Then... Will is in danger!'

He stands near a Havoc Launcher, with Link, Sheik and Impa standing by his side, dressed in the very uniform that the squadron wears, with Link wielding a Bulldog in his gloved hands, Sheik holding a ARX-160, and Impa using a IMR to kill oncoming Koreans soldiers.

"Richard, over here." Will Irons called to Richard.

"Got it, leader." Richard solemnly replied. "Link, help me."

Link comes over to Richard's side, and then Richard leaned over to his ear to whisper.

"Listen Link, when I give the charges to Will, you hold that panel with both hands. If you let go, that panel will trap his arm, which is not a good thing." Richard whispered. "Okay?"

"Okay." Link replied.

The two of them walked over to Will, who was raising a arm out to grab the charge, but his body was facing towards the control panel.

"Richard, give the charges." Will said.

Richard got up on the wing, and put the charges softly into Will's hand, then flicked his left hand, signalling Link, to move towards the panel and hold it.

Will just simply activated the charge, and then shoved it into the gap.

"Okay, timer set, time to-" Will said, before he heard metal creaking. "Go

"Richard!" Link hissed, with the panel shaking with his hands."This panel is too strong! I can't hold it much longer!"

"Will!" Richard yelled hastily. "Pull that arm out, or that panel will trap you with that god-damn plane!"

Will pulled his arm out quickly.

"But the timer's set to blow in just 15 seconds!" Will shouted back.

"What!?" Link exclaimed in surprise, before jumping off and running like hell.

The Havoc Launcher suddenly began to fly, and both Richard and Will were stumbling on the wing.

"Move!" Richard shouted, before running into Will and pushing him off the wing, before he jumped himself, only to be met by a wave of heat and wind from the explosion that sent him back-first into the ground.

Richard was so stunned that he could not move a inch, and his vision was dark at the edges, and then a sharp piece of the Havoc Launcher suddenly fell at high speeds towards his right arm, severing the arm to the shoulder in a spray of blood, and he screamed bloody murder in pain, with the vision darkening further to the point where he could only see what was in the centre of his

"Richard! Richard!" Will cried out, which seems very dull due to the ringing in Richard's ear from the shock-wave.

"Come on, bud..." Link said fearfully, in front of Richard, administering CPR onto him. "Don't die on me..."

"Oh god..." Will gasped, seeing that Richard was filled with burns on his face, and the giant pool of blood that leaked from the stump of Richard's former right arm.

"I did it..." Richard weakly moaned.

"What!? You can still speak?" Will said,surprised.

"I saved you..." Richard responded groggily, turning his head lazily to Will, with a weak smile. "That panel would have been your final fate..."

"How... how did you know that this panel was retractable?"

"Because..." Richard groaned. "I seen you die before..."

"Wait! What do you mean!?" Will replied, before Richard fell limp, and he became unconscious. "Richard! RICHARD!"

Just then, Cormack came to the group, and then inspected Richard.

"Please Cormack... save him..." Will said, worried.

Cormack then tapped his head-piece, signifying that he was communicating through it.

"Spaceman, Badger 5 is down, with a amputated arm. Requesting medivac."

Regular Show Preview: Who. Do. You. Think. I. Am!?

Richard simply just walked through the door, and landed right in the middle of the highway Exit 9B, right when Garrett Bob Ferguson Junior has gotten Exit 9B operating, and all the villains of the past return, with a disgusting reunion of son and father.

"Now, what do you say we show these park scum the meaning of revenge?" Garrett Jr said, not noticing Richard.

"I'm going to enjoy this." The Urge from the future said, cracking his knuckles.

"These cowards need to die tonight!" The leader of the Hot Dogs exclaimed.

"Hey!" Richard shouted, annoyed at being ignored. "What the fuck is going on here?"

The shout got everyone's attention, including the two Garretts.

"When did he get here?" Garrett Jr said.

"Just a minute here." Richard said. "What's with these god-damn threats? Can't you see that I'm lost?"

The crowd of villains shuffled,and murmured among each other.

'That's right...' Richard thought with a smile. 'Think of me innocent. You won't know what hit you...'

Richard then turned to the staff members behind him stuck in the concrete, and did a mock surprise gasp expression.

"What's with this?" Richard asked with mocked surprise. "Why are they trapped in here?"

"Who is this child? He seems quite creppy!" Rigby said.

"I have a feeling that he's our ally, Rigby..." Skip murmured.

"Come, let me help you." Richard said kindly, putting out both hands out to grab Skip's head.

At that time, Garrett Jr whispered something into the ear of one of the Spawn of the Underground Zombies.

"Kill him. I want no obstructions, not for this plan which took years to make." Garrett said.

The Spawn of the Underworld suddenly charged at Richard as a whole legion.

"Look out, bro!" Muscle Man shouted.

Richard, however heard the attack, and then drew out of his backpack Heaven's Will with a smirk on his face, pulling it out slowly like a experienced warrior, before slashing horizontally towards the army with a sudden turn, which caused a wave of white metal to pass through the entire legion, before it cut every zombie attacking into two horizontal parts.

"Tsk tsk..." Richard pouted, with his left hand doing the finger-wave. "And I thought that we could hug it out."

"Who are you?" Garrett Sr demanded. "Answer me, worm!"

"Who am I?" Richard said.

He then suddenly wore a serious expression, with his head tilted so only his eyes could be seen.

"I am the one who foresaw this." Richard said hatefully. "I am the one who saw what you have done. I am the one who saw your true nature. You call yourself the Greatest Gamer in the Universe, no? Well fuck you. I seen how you cheated, Garrett, and you cannot lie. Your death was just, and you upset the world being a cheater."

"Pfft..." Garrett Sr chuckled. "Like a boy like you know games, you're no gamer!"

Richard then tilted his head back, now with his entire face visible to the army, but his eyes are pinpricks, which is a anime expression of hate and seriousness.

"And what does that make you? A speck of dust?" Richard retorted, with each word being louder and louder, filling up with hate. "For your FUCKING information, Mr Universal Cheater, I AM A GAMER! But there is a reason why I'm going to kill you, because you cheated your way into gamer royalty. HOW MANY FUCKING PEOPLE DIED FOR YOUR AMBITION? HOW MANY FUCKING PEOPLE WERE TAUNTED BY YOUR PATHETIC MOVES AND INSULTS? HOW MANY FUCKING PEOPLE WERE SILENCED BECAUSE THEY BEAT YOUR ASS ANY DAY? HOW MANY DREAMS ARE CRUSHED BY YOUR CHEATING? YOU HAVE THE FUCKING AUDACITY TO COME BACK FROM A HELL YOU BELONG TO, AND I'M HERE TO SEND YOU BACK!"

He then drew his blade.

"Skips..." Richard said. "Call the shots for this war. I have some beef to bash with that eye-sore and his midget."

Xenoblade Chronicles X: The Truth Hurts Hard.

The four heroes, Lin, Elma, Irina and Richard have began to whittle down the armor Lao's Prog Ares, causing it to be damaged.

"This is wrong. Humanity should have died out with the Earth." Laos said. "We should have let nature take its coruse and accept its fate."

"You didn't believe that, Lao." Lin argued, inside her Venus ST "If you did, then you would have never chose Project Exodus."

"I did. I used to believe the project, believing that it could be pulled off." Laos replied. "I knew that everyone couldn't be saved. Nothing can save the billions in the scarce time we have. But all the religions and races could be saved. It felt like that politics fell and all the countries were forced to come together. It was all survival! There was no choice at all! So I had to sign or die!"

"So what happened then?" Lin asked.

The air surrounding them began to feel more threatening, as Laos continued.

"It was all LIES!" Laos exclaimed with both anger and regret in his voice. "If you weren't rich, or a part of the first-world elite, or have high social status, you burn down with the Earth."

"What!?" Lin cried. "Oh no..."

"Oh yes. The only reason people like you and me came aboard the White Whale is to use your skills. Exploit our talents. But everyone else? All those countless souls boxed inside you precious Lifehold Core? The same elitist bastards that decided that they are the only part of humanity that s worth saving."

"No..." Lin muttered in despair.

"If you don't believe me... ask Elma." Laos stated.

Elma, in her black Urban St, just bowed her head.

"I couldn't say that I agreed with how all the passengers were all chosen, but it doesn't justify the madness you are commiting. We are acting to save the human race. I never understood why the human race would seperate themselves off... By race, by class, religion, country, age. As if it matters in the end! On a gentic level, the differences are insignificant."

"No, not insignificant. Not to humans." Laos argued. "But really, how could you understand, Elma?"

Elma just simply turned away.

"Sorry, but I won't let these bastard purge what made us human." Laos declared. "I'll kill us all first."

"Lao, look- I admit that I had no idea about any of this..." Lin admitted. "But killing what's left of us is not going to solve anything. It's you playing god against them! How is that fair?!"

Laos just uttered a rude "tch" sound, and then continued again.

"Don't talk to me about 'fair'. Is it fair for what happened to my wife and daughter, to be vaporised along with the Earth?" Laos said, getting more rageful in tone with each word. "That's why I volunteered. I didn't sign up for Project Exodus because I wanted to save the human race... No... I signed up to Project Exodus... because I want to save my family... We knew that there were no guarantees that we'd be chosen, of course... We'd promised that we would accept our fate, either way. But at least, this way, we had a chance... We had something to hope for.. But there was never any hope. Not really. The decision was already made... We just didn't know it yet. These scum DESERVE TO DIE, Elma!"

"No-one deserves to die, Lao." Elma replied calmly.

"Tell that to Charmaine! And Chenshi! Tell that to everyone we left on the Earth!" Laos shouted, filling every word with cold hatred. "... And you KNEW... You knew that they sealed the fate of all those people... and then you lied- you LIED about why no-one could know about who made it onto the ship after launch!"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Richard roared with volcanic anger, inside his custom Amdusias ST"You rage about losing some-one so badly that you are willing to kill everyone just to get self-satisfaction. Well, guess what. There's a saying that says: "You break a few eggs to make a omelette.". And you complain all this time, just because you given up all hope on humanity. If you want to die so badly, do it yourself! Plunge that blade of yours right through your chest! But I won't let you kill my friends and humanity off! There's a REASON why I rather NOT FUCKING DIE JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO SUICIDE!"

"And what do you know!?" Laos retorted, with anger. "Do you know how much pain losing a loved one causes!? And what those scum did!?"

"FUCKING EXACTLY!" Richard vented back. "You cry and moan about losing just only two of your beloved people. Well, guess what. You aren't a soldier if you can't bear the pain of death. When I was still a civillian, I dealt with all my grandparents and relatives dying all around me, and guess what. I moved on like a true soldier would. And about being selected, BULLSHIT! I too wanted to accept fate, except I never signed for that Project. I was just a obsessive gamer, and my life was shit up until that moment where Earth was going to die. I was selected because of a random draw At first, I FUCKING HATED BEING DRAGGED INTO DANGER, but as life around NLA passed. I learned to appreciate life, so I did everything in my power to save the new world and body that I CARRY. As for you, Mr Fucking Lao, you aren't worth saving. You are just a back-stabbing coward, and I nullify all the things I said for you being a hero. You aren't even WORTH CALLING A HUMAN! ALL YOU DESERVE IS TO BE ANNIHILATED FOR BEING A FUCKING ASSHOLE TO HUMANITY! Elma, Lin and Irina. Attack Laos without mercy. He has nothing left to remorse about."

The squad members all nodded in agreement, and prepared their Skells to finish the battle.

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