X-Over Multiverse ZX

Chapter X-1: A New Friend

Chapter X-1: A New Persona and a old friend.

After Richard, Impa, Link and Zelda have defeated Cia, and stopped the Gate of Soul incident, almost killing Richard a few times in the process, Richard asked the other three if they would like to join him on his quest to save the multiverse. The three of them agreed, considering the bonds they had with Richard after many battles. Richard also received something called "Multiverse Essence" just before he was going to leave the world with new allies. The four of them made their way back to the Core, not knowing the surprises ahead...

The four of them have landed back in the Core, and just then, Vai appeared in front of Richard, still glowing as brightly as ever.

"Hi Richard!" Vai cheerfully chirped. "I heard that you got Multiverse Essence from clearing the last world.

"Multiverse Essence?" Richard asked, confused at what this 'Multiverse Essence' is.

"Well..." Vai said.

Current Music: Your Best Friend (Undertale)

"Multiverse Essence is basically pure energy that is produced from the Core, which can give a person great power if abundant amounts can be collected." Vai explained without stopping or changing her voice. "If this was a game, it would be the currency of it. By clearing the world, the flow of Multiverse Essence is strengthened due to the Darkness being purged from this world, so it gives you a 'reward' of Multiverse Essence. Multiverse Essence can be used to strengthen your abilities, or can be used to gain new ones. It can be used over at the Essence Shop, which is right behind you."

"I see. Thank you Vai." Richard said kindly.

"You're welcome! Bye!" Vai chirped, before she went back into Richard's pockets.

Current Music:The Song of Wind and Waterfall (Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2)

Richard looked behind him, and saw a bazaar stand, that had a sign that showed all the things for sale, and there is a sign that has the space background and the words "ESSENCE SHOP" on it in white bubble font , with a cartoon star comet streaking through the words. What surprised Richard the most is that the Creator was the shopkeeper of the very stand, except her hair was ginger-red, she was wearing a red velvet dress, and she had star earrings, and she had red leather gloves."

"H-h-how are you the shopkeeper of this s-stand!?" Richard frightfully stuttered, pointing a shaking finger at her.

"Simple." The girl said, in a voice that is quite high-pitched, yet dominative. "You got me mixed up with the Creator, I'm the Shop-Mistress."

"Oh my..." Richard gasped with surprise. "A beautiful girl being my shopkeeper... It's like I'm dreaming, but I'm not..."

"Anyway, want to explore my wares? You got 12000 Multiverse Essence from the last trip~" The shop-mistress cooed.



Summon Power+ Lvl 1: 1000 Essence

This perk will increase the duration and strength of summons by 30%, useful in fights with multiple summons (E.g, if Lana does 300 damage per hit, and stays in battle for 10 minutes, the perk causes her to do 390 damage per hit)

Summon Defence+ Lvl 1: 1000 Essence

This perk will increase the vitality and defence of summons by 30%, useful when summons are alone in battle. (E.g if Lana has 50 defence, and has 1000 HP, the perk will cause her to have 65 defence, and have 1300 HP)

Revival Counter+ Lvl 1: 5000 Essence

Increases the limit that Richard can revive before he fails the mission. Next Level: 5 revives (Richard has to be revived if he enters biological death, or if his body is utterly destroyed.)


Real Friends, Real Bonds: 2000 Essence

When Richard is fighting alongside Real Worlders, his stats and Real Worlders' stats will increase by 50% as long as they are less than 10 metres apart.

Pyromancer Apprentice: 1000 Essence

This perk will allow the person to have the power to learn and use basic fire spells (e.g Fire from Kingdom Hearts)


Global Language: 2000 Essence

This ability will allow the person to speak of any language that is known around the world, e.g French, Japanese, Vietnamese


Attacker Aura: 2000 Essence

A spell that can used to boost the power of all attacks, magical or physical, by 200%. The duration of the buff is 5 minutes, and has a cool-down of 15 minutes.

Magical Barrier: 5000 Essence

Negates a single magic attack, regardless of strength. The cooldown is 30 minutes.

Richard scrolled through the entire stock, and then opened his mouth to answer, only to be stopped by The Shop-Mistress with a universal stop hand-sign.

"You don't need to say it." The Shop-Mistress drawled. "I already know what you want. You want to buy all upgrades in the stock, buy the Real Bonds perk and Global Language, don't you?"

"How did you-" Richard tried to reply, before being cut-off.

"It's because I'm the Shop-Mistress, silly~" The Shop-Mistress smirked.

Suddenly, Richard felt that he has learnt something new, and felt something grow in power.

"Clear more worlds, and I'll expand my stock." The Shop-Mistress said. "Be a good customer, and visit my shops (:3)"

The Shop-Mistress did a air-kiss to emphasize the heart in her words, and when it hit Richard, he blushed so hard that his skin colour looked identical to a tomato's colour.




Richard then thought about something, and then suddenly had a idea, signified by a anime light-bulb appearing above his head. He then found a blue sapphire on the ground, and then went through the Hyrule Warriors door.

After convincing Lana to be a summon ally...

Richard walked out of the door, now holding the same sapphire gem in his hand, plus one Lana inside it.

"Well, looks like buying the summon upgrades was a good idea after all." Richard smirked.

"What do you mean?" Lana asked.

"It's too hard for you to understand, Lana." Richard replied. "Even with that genius mind of yours."

"I see." Lana said, before the gem went back to silence, indicating that she has finished talking.

Richard pocketed the gem, and walked towards the Hyrule Warriors group and the Creator, who are together.

"So where do I go next, Miss Creator?" Richard asked.

"The next worlds are affected are the worlds of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty Black Ops, Call of Duty World at War, Sonic Generations, Time Crisis 4, Regular Show, Lollipop Chainsaw, Star Fox Assault, Metroid Fusion,Super Mario Galaxy, Metal Gear Revengeance, and Pokemon Black/White." The Creator responded.

"Really!?" Richard said in surprise due to the vast variety of world that he has to clear. "And I have to do all that how!?"

"Don't worry." The Creator calmly said. "You don't have to split to do the worlds. It's like Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. You have a set of worlds to clear one by one, before you get the next set of worlds, as it'll take me a while to find other worlds affected by the Darkness."

"Ah. I see." Richard said stoically.

Richard then proceeded to pace about the Core, thinking about which world to head to first. He loved to go to Metal Gear Revengeance, as he wished to get some skills off Raiden, and/or get him to become his ally, but he began to shudder when he remembered how the non-cyborgs got decimated by cyborg grunts. He may have a good sword, but he'll need to get loads of experience with any blade before he goes there. He thought of Time Crisis 4, which luckily he could do, due to him having wielded guns before, whether they were live or not. Pokemon seemed like a good option, as he could tame the legendaries as his allies, but he dismissed it, as it would take ages and ages to get to a level that can defeat them.

Lollipop Chainsaw had no worries, as he recently learned how to use a chainsaw on wood, so using it on zombies would be no problem for him, but if Link, Impa and Zelda enter with him, they'll be unable to use the chainsaws well, and could end up getting killed or infected. Super Mario Galaxy was the thought that made Richard dread the most, as he was so scared of black holes, that he would want nothing to do with anything that has even a minuscule black hole around them. Regular Show seemed good, but he decided that he will only get essence from it, due to having no strong allies in that dimension. Metroid Fusion was acceptable, as he could learn the Chozo Arts off Samus, and get her as a ally. Each of the Call of Duty dimensions make him interested in them, as he could alter history, and recruit each of the heroes to join his cause.

However there was only one thing that burned his mind with curiosity.

Sonic Generations.

In this world, he could recruit the fastest thing alive, Sonic, and he is the most beneficial ally for his cause, as Sonic has many abilities that will be useful in the uture, plus, considering that there was a Hyrule DLC for Sonic Lost World, the Hyrule Warriors crew might be very familiar with his world, so they would work best in this dimension than in others.

Richard then made his decision, and turned to the Creator.

"Creator, i made my decision. We're off to-" Richard tried to say, before a bright flash of light engulfed his vision, causing his to cover his eyes with his right hand.

Music cuts

When the light subsided, there stood a boy that had brown hair, and his face colour was a in-between of tan and pink, blue eyes, wearing a black and red flannel shirt with black jeans and black Nike shoes, and has brown straight hair. He was about the same height as Richard, but his frame was slightly more buff than Richard, although it was clear that the newcomer looked slightly slim. He was wearing a confused look, and was looking around the entire area with confused glances.

"Where am I..?" The newcomer said in a slight Australian accent, although he sounded more American than Australian.

"What the hell!?" Richard cussed, knowing who the newcomer was. "Gus!?"

Gus turned to Richard, and bore a surprised look.

"Richard!" Gus exclaimed, running to Richard, and giving him a hug, before letting go a while later. "I don't know how I got here. I was in my home, and suddenly, a purple portal appears from under me, which made me appear in this place!"

Richard then gave a hard glare to the Creator, who was putting her hands behind her back, and innocently whistling.

"Did you do this?" Richard sternly asked the Creator.

"No. I was actually planning to get him way later, but somehow, some force made him fall into here..." The Creator replied, not even affected by the stern tone.

Music returns

"Let me guess, the Darkness fucked it up?" Richard questioned.

"Yes." The Creator answered.

Richard then turned back Gus, who was looking at Richard with curiosity.

"Come with me, Gus." Richard said kindly. "I got something that'll help."

Gus just nodded, and then followed Richard to the Essence Shop.

"So..." The Shop-Mistress drawled. "A new customer?"

"Yep." Richard replied, pointing his thumb back at Gus. "And I'm vouching for the Apprentice Pyromancer perk for him."

"Well now." The Shop-Mistress said. "Aren't you a gentleman~"

Gus then faintly glowed with blue, before it faded.

"What was that?" Gus asked, noticing the aura.

"Your ability." Richard replied with a smile. "It's a perk that allows you to use fire magic, but only basic ones. Try putting your hand out, and try to make a fireball."

Gus looked at his hands, then pushed his right hand, before he closed his eyes to concentrate, which resulted in a small fireball to form at his palm and fire forward for some time, before it faded away.

"Not bad." Richard commented. "Practice will make perfect. Maybe this perk will give you some more spells to use."

"Wow..." Gus muttered in awe, looking at his hands, and his new ability. He then smiled, and fired a few fireballs, before he stopped.

"Guess this is useful." Gus said. "Thanks, Richard."

"No worries." Richard replied. "Anything for a friend, Gus, anything for a friend."

The two of them walked back to the centre, where the group was.

"Gus, meet the LoZ heroes, Link, Impa, and Zelda." Richard announced with a loud voice.

Impa then put out her hand.

"I'm Impa. Richard may have not told me about you, but you seem to be friendly." Impa said.

"Likewise." Gus replied kindly, before he grabbed the hand and shaked it softly.

"As I was saying, we're going to Sonic Generations." Richard said. "Familiar to you, Link?"

"Yeah..." Link answered. "I remembered that Sonic was found in the Hyrule Fields, before he disappeared through a portal..."

"Well, it's the opposite." Richard admitted. "You're going to his world."

"Cool!" Link exclaimed happily.

"I'm going if Link goes." Zelda said.

"Me too." Impa added.

"Me three." Gus added as well.

"Then off we go!' Richard cheerfully exclaimed.

The five heroes go through the door to Sonic Generations, ready to save another dimension from nothingness.

Preview of Next Chapter: What's with Classic and Modern?

Hiya all! It's been a while. I found a friend in the Core, and I got him new powers to fight alongside me. Guess he was hyped to save the multi-verse with me. Anyway, we just entered Sonic Generations, and we have landed in the grassy plains. But if I know my games well, there is also a twist to this game...

The five heroes met Sonic on his way to the party.

"Hey Link. I think that you should talk to him first." Richard whispered to Link, while Sonic was running his way.

Link just nodded, and then walked out, before putting his hand up as a stop sign.

Sonic saw Link, and then screeched to a halt.

"What's the problem, buddy Link?" Sonic asked. "Why are you here?"

Richard then walked out of the bush, surprising Sonic, who jumped and fell backwards.

"I brought him here." Richard politely said.

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