X-Over Multiverse ZX

Chapter 5: Classic and Modern?

X-Over Multiverse Chapter 5:What's with Classic and Modern?

In the Previous Chapter:

"Multiverse Essence?"

"It's because I'm the Shop-Mistress, silly~"

"The next worlds are affected are the worlds of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty Black Ops, Call of Duty World at War, Sonic Generations, Time Crisis 4, Regular Show, Lollipop Chainsaw, Star Fox Assault, Metroid Fusion,Super Mario Galaxy, Metal Gear Revengeance, and Pokemon Black/White."

"Where am I..?"

Opening 1: Fighting Stars

Featured scenes: Sonic perfectly homing-attacking a bunch of Darkness Badniks, Gus firing pillars of fires on the Darkness crowd, and Tails using his Tornado II Mech to fight.

The five heroes went through the Sonic Generations door, and ended up on the Green Hills (Modern).

"Let's find Sonic first." Richard said. "We can find a way to follow him, so that we can follow the plot, and help Sonic when it gets hairy for him."

"What plot?" Link said.

"This- Never mind." Richard moaned, just remembering that game characters are oblivious to the plots of games, excluding Kid Icarus Uprising, a game that almost broke the 4th wall of reality.

The five heroes met Sonic on his way to the party.

"Hey Link. I think that you should talk to him first." Richard whispered to Link, while Sonic was running his way.

Link just nodded, and then walked out, before putting his hand up as a stop sign.

Sonic saw Link, and then screeched to a halt.

"What's the problem, buddy Link?" Sonic asked. "Why are you here?"

Richard then walked out of the bush, surprising Sonic, who jumped and fell backwards.

"I brought him here." Richard politely said.

"Whoah!" Sonic exclaimed. "Who the hell are you, kid?"

"Kid?" Richard calmly replied, despite the comment burning him with hatred in his inner heart. "No, I'm a teen, and a human. Know Christopher?"

"Uh..." Sonic stammered, confused. "Who's he?"

"Never mind..." Richard muttered in disappointment.

Suddenly, Vai banged around in Richard's pocket, and Richard did the usual routine of releasing Vai.

"The Creator also gave you a new skill. It's called "Log V", which acts like a video game menu." Vai explained.

"Huh..." Richard sighed, annoyed that he had the skill and he was unaware. "Guess you just told me that to male me progress like a *REDACTED*, right?'

"Yep!" Vai cheerfully responded. "Bye!"

New Skill: Log V

A skill that allows a person to use a menu from any game. Unlike other game HUD skills, this can be used on worlds not from games.

Current Music: Dearly Beloved Remashed (Retrospecter: THE RETRO REMIX COMPILATION)

Richard then put out his right hand, and then time paused around him, with everything turning greyscale as his vision was suddenly consumed by a Kingdom Hearts 2 menu. There are changes however, as all the party members are indicated on the right side, in Kingdom Heart 1 life bars, with indication of their life points, including the MP bars, and to his own surprise, a Drive Gauge on his own life bar. On the left side, every option is there, excluding the Journal option, and it even has the white hand pointing at a selection. The Munny sign is changed to Multiverse Essence, and his Time was 28:41, and the Menu sign was written in white fancy handwriting letters, and both panels at the top and bottom of the screen, are white with golden chi letters dispersed everywhere.

"Interesting..." Richard commented, before waving his right hand at the screen, and a glowing circle of sparkles indicated his hand on the screen. Richard then moved around his right hand as he got used to it. He then selected the "Abilities" option by tapping it with a finger, and it opened to a screen identical to the Ability menu of the same game, with the exception that there is no limit. The Growth abilities he has is "Adept Swordsman", and all his attacks are called Action abilities, including the newly obtained Zantetsuken, and his only Support ability was "Light Gain+". Richard's right eyebrow rose in curiosity of the new skill, and tapped it. What he got was this:

Light Gain+: Gives all skills and weapons purely of, or containing the Light affinity a boost in proficiency (Weapon Level) or Skill (Magic Level)gain by 300%

"I like." Richard simply said while grinning.

Richard then clicked the off button, signified by a huge red X button on the top-right corner of the screen, and time returned to normal.

Current Music: Sonic's

Richard's group went out of the bushes one by one.

"Sorry, Sonic." Gus said. "We didn't mean to surprise you."

"No problems!" Sonic smirked. "If you're good, I have nothing against you "Humans". By the way, I'm looking for my friends. Do you know where they went? There's a yellow two-tail fox named Tails, and the red knuckle-head echidna, Knuckles, and there's the...girl hedgehog named Amy Rose."

"I do." Richard replied. "Follow me!"

Richard ran off to where the surprise party was held, and the others followed, with Sonic blazing in front.

Meanwhile, at the party, Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit with Cheese the Chaos, was finishing up stringing the balloons on the bench, while Rouge the Bat and Blaze the Cat were placing the food on the park bench. Espio the Chameleon, Vector the Crocodile and Charmy the Bee were preparing the party poppers, and Knuckles the Echidna was just preparing the plates on the table. Tails the Fox returned while huffing.

"He'll be here any second! Everyone to their positions!" Tails huffed, before sprinting back into position with the others.

Soon after, Richard's group arrived, with Sonic sliding sideways to slow down.

"Hey guys, what's going on? You having a party or something?" Sonic asked.

Just then, the eight anthros separated to show a cake with the classic Sonic icon on it, and chilli dogs on the left of it, and cupcakes and drinks on its right.

"SURPRISE!" The entire group shouted.

The party poppers went off just after, raining confetti.

"Awww... You guys..." Sonic said.

"Like to give you directions to the surprise party, Sonic." Richard commented, whule grinning at the scene. "You DID ask where they were."

"Now hold it right there. Who are you?" Tails asked, with a mix between anger and fear.

"I'm just a innocent boy." Richard responded calmly with a smile, while putting his hands in a"Meh" pose. "Besides, you should enjoy the party, like my friends are."

Tails looked back, and saw that Blaze and Impa glared at each other intensely.

"So you wield the power of fire, cat creature... Interesting." Impa stoically stated.

"Same to you, you seem to know how to use water magic well." Blaze replied in the same tone.

Link and Knuckles were doing a arm wrestle, with both of them showing stress on their face, until Link used a boost of power to overcome Knuckles, and bring his arm down.

While the party went on, Vector grabbed a bunch of chilli dogs, and threw them up to chomp them down, only to shortly after to begin to choke, coughing hardly, with Charmy the Bee trying to pat his back to make him gag whatever is choking him.

"Three secs." Richard said, while turning around and then walking in front of Vector, and pulling out of his backpack the shield of Heaven's Will.

"Excuse me, but can you please stand up straight? I know how to fix you up, but you need to stand straight and keep your mouth open, okay?" Richard calmly asked Vector.

Vector just nodded with stinging eyes, and then did what Richard said.

"This may be a bit... winding." Richard warned, while drawing his right arm, and then landing a strong charge into Vector's stomach, which caused Vector to gag out a soggy piece of chilli dog.

"Thanks, mate." Vector cheerfully complimented Richard. "What's your name, boy?"

"It's Richard." Richard replied. "What's yours?"

"It's Vector!" Vector cheerfully stated, while reaching out his hand"Nice to meet ya, Richard!"

"Same to you, Vector." Richard said, gripping the hand and shaking it lightly.

'I already know their names, but to play it safe and not crack the timeline in two, I'll pretend that I don't know them fully.' Richard thought.

Tails went up to Sonic, while Vector and Richard were shaking hands.

"It's kinda impossible to surprise you, Sonic." Tails admitted. "You're so fast that you would've found us before we even finished the preparations."

"Well... If it wasn't for that kid, I would have been taken by surprise." Sonic responded.

"Anyway, Happy Birthday Sonic! Hope you like this!" Tails said, while picking up a plate with a chilli dog that bears a red and white striped ribbon tied into a perfect bow.

Sonic just snatched the chilli dog off the plate with fast speeds, and then took a bite off it.

"Like it?" Sonic muttered with food in his mouth, before flipping over to Tails, and doing a thumbs-up "I love it!"

The party continued, as Richard got his group under the tree.

"Whatever happens next, don't panic everyone." Richard assured the other members of his party. "What will happen may be frightening, but it won't be dangerous for you."

"What do you mean, Richard?" Gus asked confused.

"Turn around." Richard ordered.

The entire group turned around, only to see in the sky, a orb of darkness was forming, and then exploded in a loud shockwave.

"Oh. That's what you-WHOAH!" Gus tried to say, only to be blown by a ferocious wind, and trying to keep his balance like the other people.

Anything on the table or near it however, was blown away far into the air, including the birthday chilli dog that Sonic had in his hands.

The wind settled down after a while, but only just before Tails pointing towards the sky.

"Sonic! What's that?" Tails asked.

The darkness orb has become a purple portal that is fuming magenta smoke around the edges, as a hand made of black darkness came out to latch the edge of the portal, only for another to appear, only for a humanoid monster made out of darkness, with cogs and gears embedded in his back, also made of darkness, and its face resembled a distorted psycho mask, with blue light shining through the eyes and its mouth.

"What's it doing?" Tails asked again.

"Everyone, grab something, NOW!" Richard ordered with a harsh and loud voice.

The unknown monstrosity crossed its arms, before letting out a distorted roar and pushing the arms out, as smaller portals began to appear around it, each bearing place within the Sonic Universe, and a suction sound can be heard as the air suddenly began to vacuum around the portals.

The first to go were Espio, Charmy and Vector, which were taken by surprise and were instantly sucked into separate portals. Next were Knuckles, Rouge and Amy Rose, who managed to heed the warning and grabbed onto the bench, only to be sucked in as well.

"Hey! Not cool!" Sonic exclaimed, before running up to it.

"Sonic! Don't! The Time Eater can't be hurt now!" Richard shouted, while holding for his dear life on the trunk of the tree.

Sonic jumped up, and did a Homing Attack, only for the Time Eater to swat him away, sending Sonic rolling backwards.

Blaze the Cat went in soon after, and Tails was losing his grip.

"Help us, Sonic!" Tails cried, before his grip was lost, and he was sucked in as well.

But the vacuum hasn't subsided yet, as Link and Impa, each grabbing a branch were sucked into different portals, as they each cried out as they were sucked in, and Zelda was sucked in soon after, when she couldn't hold the trunk any further.

"Grab my hand, Gus!" Richard yelled, while stretching his hand out, while his other hand was now placed on the thickest branch of the tree.

Gus tried to grab Richard's hand, only to lose the grip on his other hand.

"RICHARDDDDDDDDDD!" Gus cried, before he was sucked in as well.

Finally, the vacuum subsided, and Richard fell to the ground with a loud THUMP!, and then got up, before dusting himself.

"Great... Looks like the plot also decided to suck my team as well." Richard moaned. "Fuck..."

Richard heard Sonic groan, before he rushed over and lent his hand to Sonic, who got up with his help.

"What the hell happened?" Sonic asked.

"Time Eater happened." Richard replied. "Come, we need to find a way out of here."

Just when the two of them began to run, a white light suddenly began to grow over their surrounding.

"What the he-" Richard swore just before the light enveloped the both of them, blinding them.

When the light subsided, they found themselves in a vast white space.

"Where am I?" Sonic asked.

"I don't know..." Richard muttered with uncertainty.

The two of them walked for a while, before they walked up to a sculpture of the Green Hill Zone, all white, and having a passage that leads inside the sculpture's cave. Beside the sculpture, however, was a frozen version of Tails, who was completely white, and Impa, who is in the same condition. Tails was reaching out with his right hand to the sky, while Impa was still expressionless, even frozen.

"That sculpture..." Richard murmured, while reminiscing something. "Could it be!?"

Sonic just simply tapped his foot, before rushing inside the cave, and disappear within the shadows.

"Hey!" Richard yelled. "Wait for me!"

Richard ran inside the cave, before also disappearing.

? Act 2 (Green Hill Zone Modern)

The two of them landed again inside Green Hill Zone, except they are at a different location.

"What the!?" Sonic stuttered. " We were here just a moment ago!"

"Yeah..." Richard huffed, while double-taking to catch his breath.

Richard then heard a pip sound in his head, and he turned around to find the source of the sound, only to find it was IN his head.

Richard then activated Log V, and a blue notification, sticking truly to the notifications in Kingdom Hearts, that stated that he got a temporary skill that is called Run Like Sonic. With curiosity, he clicked the notification with his finger, and a description appeared in place of the notification.

Run Like Sonic!

Since you are in a Sonic franchise game, and you do not possess most of the skills that Sonic has, this skill will allow to use the same skills as Sonic's, such as the usage of Colour Wisps, a variation of the Homing Attack, and many more. You can still use your own skills with this.

"WHAT THE DOUBLE FUCK!?" Richard yelled loudly inside his head, as the menu mutes all sounds outside the world as time stops. "Then again, I would've needed this later..."

Richard just pressed the exit button, and his surroundings returned to normal.

"Well, let's get that goal ring, shall we?" Richard said with confidence and a smile, while he positioned himself in a runner's starting position.

"What goal ring?" Sonic asked, confused.

"Never mind..." Richard muttered with disappointment.

A brief tutorial, and many different cusses and swears from Richard, and a S rank result later...

Richard and Sonic slowly walked out of the teleporter sculpture, with Richard having a face that looks like that he is at his limit of anger.

"That stupid motherfuzzing, doping robo-crap..." Richard angrily hissed through his teeth.

"For the 213th time, Richard..." Sonic asked in a annoyed tone. "Where did you get those powers?"

Richard instantly took a deep breath, and began to look at Sonic calmly.

"I basically got a skill that makes me able to use your skills for now. So can you please just let me calm?" Richard calmly replied.

"Okay." Sonic said.

Just then, ciricles of shining sparkles appeared around the feet of Impa and Tails, and then began to rise up to cover the entire body with sparkles, which slowly brought colour back to the two people, and they suddenly unfroze. Tails blinked a while, before moving his body, while Impa just walked over to Richard as soon as she was free.

Tails turned over to Sonic, before giving him a warm smile.

"Thanks Sonic!" Tails cheerfully complimented. "I thought I was dead! Floating without a body in a black limbo really sucks..."

"Black limbo? Frozen people!?" Richard gasped. "That can only one thing! This must be-"

"Allow me to interrupt. This is White Space." A calm voice similar to his stated.

Richard then swilled around, only to see a identical copy of him, except that the copy's hair is light blue, and his eye colour is dark blue, and he bears a knowing expression, and he was dressed in a blue version of the White Mage Robe from Final Fantasy IV, and the spikes on the clothes are still red, and he wears leather boots.

"You seem... like a Persona..." Richard quietly stuttered.

"Exactly." The unknown boy replied. "I'm your Embodiment of Wisdom and Magic, Mimir. In the ancient Earth mythology, they say that I was a Great Sage, and that I was beheaded for Odin, and used as something to tell the future and prophecies. It is nonsense. As the true Mimir of the Multiverse, even Odin would bow down to me."

"Hmm... I read about it..." Richard replied. "Not a good way to go as a great mortal, right?"

"Absolutely not!" Mimir responded, his tone raised to show his annoyance.

"Well, can you stay within me for now?" Richard asked.

"Only if you show me that you can summon Ares." Mimir intoned.

"Okay..." Richard muttered, before he closed his eyes, and touched his head with his second finger of his right hand, before a red aura began to emanate around Richard, before it was focused at one point, and then launched off as a beam of light, which caused a pillar of light of the same colour to rise, and Ares, now dressed in his original armour, wearing the Crimson Fatalis from Monster Hunter, which the change that there is no horns on his helmet, and the wings on the back of the armour are fully black. He also bears a look-alike of the Grim Reaper's scythe, except the pole is made out of titanium, and flame decals are printed around the pole, and the blade of the scythe is white-hot, with white and red flames dancing all over it. Impa smiled at Are's attire.

"Long time no see, Mimir." Ares softly growled, as if to acknowledge a person.

"Indeed." Mimir replied.

Sonic looked with awe at both Ares and Mimir.

"W-what are you!?" Sonic stuttered, frightened that there is not one, but three Richards in front of him.

"Relax, Sonic." Richard assured, while putting his right hand on Sonic's right shoulder. "They're just copies of me, except they are... How should I say this... Gods?"

"Oh... But still, it frightens me that you can duplicate yourself like this..." Sonic replied, with slight worry in his voice.

"Anyway... Since we found the goal ring for this act, the world represented by this sculpture is returning back to normal slowly." Richard said, then pointing at the sculpture. "Look!"

Sonic turned around, to see that the passage in the sculpture has returned its green and brown colour, although the rest of it is still white.

"This represents that a part of this world is restored, and being rightfully placed back in its original timeline. That should explain why it is familiar to you." Mimir explained slowly. "Anyway, Richard. To make us return to your mindscape, you just have to mentally do the command, like you did to summon Ares. It seems that you have good control over the summoning of your own Personas."

"But why then is the rest of it white?" Sonic asked.

"Because the "other you" hasn't found this place and cleared it like we did. Only when the two versions of us have each cleared it, that this world will fully restore itself." Richard responded to Sonic's question.

"Other me?" Sonic questioned, not knowing that there is also a copy of him somewhere here.

"Yeah, but I doubt that you will see him for a while." Richard answered.

"Man, this is as strange as rescuing genies in magic books,, or saving aliens in a interstellar amusement park." Sonic groaned. "I'm worried about my friends."

"Speaking of which, I saw some buildings over there..." Tails added, pointing at the white Chemical Plant Zone sculpture. "But they look weird..."

"That's a good place to look, Sonic." Richard stated. "Let's go."

"Right, Richard." Sonic replied. "We'll be back, Tails."

The two of them left, with Richard summoning both Mimir and Ares back to his mindscape, and Tails watching them from a distance. Suddenly, the Classic Sonic, having shorter but thicker quills, and being shorter than the Modern Sonic, ran up to Tails, and a purple portal appeared just above the ground, and a 12 year-old boy falls out screaming, before landing with a THUD!. He dusts himself, wearing almost the same clothes as Richard, except he is now wearing a black vest over his He n looks around, confused about the surroundings, and then saw Tails and walked up to him.

Tails turned around, and saw the Classic Sonic and the boy.

"Wow, you weren't kidding when you two were going to be back soon!" Tails gasped. "I thought you left!"

"Excuse me?" The boy said. "I know who you are, Tails, but frankly, I never meet you."

Classic Sonic also nodded to approve the boy's statement, and then when the boy turned around to see Classic Sonic, he surprised himself.

"What in the world of!?" The boy exclaimed. "i know that this is something in the Sonic franchise, but this really bites the biscuit! I know every game in the franchise, and none of them look like this!"

Classic Sonic just scratched his head, wondering what he was saying.

"Oy... Never mind." The boy groaned. "Anyway, I'll follow you, Sonic..."

Classic Sonic jumped, and then sprinted away, and the boy took off with the same speed, to his own surprise, and the Green Hill Zone sculpture began to return to its full colour, with nothing white.

After Both Sonics clear both versions of Chemical Plant Zone...

Current music: Green Hill Zone Remix (Sonic Generations)

Richard and Sonic walked down the area, and then Tails appeared in front of them.

"Sonic, Richard!" Tails called out.

"Tails!" Sonic exclaimed.

Tails landed, before pointing to the pink water.

"This Chemical Plant seems familiar..." Tails stated. "The smell is something i can't forget, and that pink water makes me cringe and shiver for some reason..."

"If you can recall, Richard. This area is the Chemical Plant Zone of the first Sonic game." Mimir mentally explained. "Back then, Sonic and Tails had issues with water, especially this kind of water."

"I know..." Richard mentally replied. " It's sad that the fastest being alive would drown in just seconds in water..."

"Yeah... This place is giving me deja vu again..." Sonic groaned, before the three of them entered through a Time Portal, which returned them to White Space.

Meanwhile, both the Chemical Zone sculpture and Amy were being returned back into its full colour, and as soon as Amy could move, she twirled around, and struck her famous pose.

"You saved me, Sonic! I was afraid that I'd never be able to flirt with you again!" Amy cheerfully cried.

Sonic just facepalmed, and Richard just flustered and pointing towards himself.

"But what about me!? I saved you as well!" Richard exclaimed, annoyed.

"You're not as handsome as my love, Sonic." Amy replied coldly.

Richard just froze up, while sucking through his teeth.

"Ooo... That's brutal like hell!" Are mentally blurted. "I like it. I really, really do!"

"Just no, Ares, Just... no." Richard mentally replied to Ares.

After the completion of both acts in Sky Sanctuary Zone

Classic Sonic and the boy walk out of the area.

"Well, that was fun, I think this game might be a game where stages all over the games are played in HD!" The boy exclaimed. "Too bad its only 2D platforming..."

Classic Sonic looked back at the Sky Sanctuary Zone, and saw that it has returned back to colour, and so did Knuckles, who did a few punches in the air after being unfrozen.

"Thanks, Sonic You did a good job back there." Knuckles complimented. "But did you gain weight?"

Classic Sonic looked at his body, and frowned while rubbing his beige belly.

After beating Metal Sonic for the Chaos Emerald, and getting both keys for the Boss Gate

Modern Sonic and Richard were grinning, while Sonic was flipping the Purple Chaos Emerald in his right hand.

"Metal Sonic 2 easy for me." Richard smirked, trying to use a meme. "Get rekt, robot!"

"Man... You have a weird language..." Sonic muttered.

"What? It's called a meme." Richard replied, hearing Sonic muttering. "It's supposed to be weird for fun."

The two of them went up to the Boss Gate, which was a circular mechanic contraption with three purple key slots, and a purple round gate blocking it. On the right was a wall of darkness, which halted their advance.

"Here goes." Richard said, before he pulled out the three keys that he got from the challenges, and they moved as if being controlled, and went into the locks and a unlocking sound was heard, followed by a rumble as the round gate began to roll upwards, showing a purple portal inside it, adn they entered the portal wthout a second thought, as the surroundings distorted into darkness.

When the darkness cleared, they found themselves in a lonely Victorian ballroom, with a chandelier, and on their left was a row of mirrors. Sonic went over to have a look at his reflection, only to see it is distorted, and Richard came over to see that there was the Classic Sonic and... a younger Richard!?

Richard was shocked beyond words, as he saw his younger self, cocking his head to the side, getting close to the glass window, and inspecting him.

"No..." Richard muttered with shock. "This isn't right... It's only Sonic that should have been split in his Modern and Classic halves..."

The younger Richard then gasped when he realized when he saw his older self, and the Sonics knocked the same spot on the glass window.

"Hello?" Richard asked. "Hello!?"

The younger Richard just did the "I can't hear you" sign, which involves tapping his right ear, with the second finger of the right hand, and Richard then rammed into the window, getting his hands on the window.

"You need to get out of here." Richard said to his younger self. "It's not safe for you here! Can you hear me!? You have to find a way out!"

The younger Richard just wore a confused expression.

"GODDAMNIT!" Richard bellowed, before drawing out Heaven's Will, and hacking at the window with all his fury, leaving a few scratches, which eventually healed like it was made out of regenerative mould.

"Whoah!" Sonic said, surprised by Richard's outburst. 'What now!?"

"Sonic, this IS you. Except its a younger version of you." Richard explained, while huffing. "But what caused me to go berserk... IS THAT MY YOUNGER SELF ENDED UP HERE AS WELL!"

The younger Richard and Classic Sonic looked at Modern Sonic and Richard talking, and then at themselves with confused expressions.

"Take a good look at yourselves, you two!" Eggman's voice bellowed through the entire room.

"Dr Eggman!?" Sonic exclaimed.

Suddenly, a door begins to appear on the other end of the room, and is open with white light shining through it.

"It's the last look you'll get before I close your eyes forever! Hoo Hoo Hoo!" Eggman hooted.

Classic Sonic took off after the door, and the younger Richard said something to him, before running off as well, which Richard perceived from his lips, is "I'm going as well!"

"After them, Sonic!" Richard shouted. "If Eggman kills them, neither of us will exist!"

The two of them run to the door, and jump, only for the door to close on them suddenly, and they planted onto the door, before they fell back on the ground.

"Shit..." Richard hissed, while rubbing his nose with a hand. "Let's hope that the younger me can use those powers well..."

Younger Richard and Classic Sonic landed right in a section of the Death Egg.

"I remember this place!" Younger Richard said. "This is the hallway of the Death Egg from Sonic 2!"

Both of them run along the hallway, and then almost fall over a hole, before they regained balance.

Suddenly, a mechanical whir can be heard, as the Death Egg Robot appears on a service elevator, before it activates with the red lights in the eyes turning on, before whirling its body, and shifting to its battle position. The elevator that they were on activated almost instantly and went up.

"Come on powers... Don't fail me now!" Younger Richard exclaimed.

The Death Egg Robot began to rear its right arm to attack, before striking it into the ground where Classic Sonic and Younger Richard stood. Both of them dodge to the other side, and the arm gets stuck in the ground.

"Sonic!" Younger Richard yelled. "His weak-point is the backside! Get behind him!"

Classic Sonic just nodded at Richard, and then ran up the arm, before jumping behind the Death Egg Robot, and then using a homing attack to attack its green glowing backside core. The Death Egg Robot flew forward, and Richard slid under the robot, and then jumped up to punch it with a hard uppercut, dealing more damage. This process repeated for a few times, with a few close calls for Classic Sonic and Younger Richard.

After a while, they landed in a area where there were platforms in all four directions. The Death Egg Robot proceeded to attack them with its retractable arms again, but Classic Sonic saw the switches on certain platforms that released bombs, and lured the attack to a bomb, immobilizing the robot. Both heroes went across the arm, and Classic Sonic did a Homing attack, while Richard kicked the robot with a hard downwards kick. After a few repeats of bombing the arm and attacking the head, Richard jumped up high, and performed a parody of a certain taijutsu.

"HEAVEN KICK OF PAIN!" Younger Richard yelled, before lifting his leg up in the air, and using the falling momentum to do a devastating kick, which caused a huge shock-wave to appear. When Richard jumped off the head, the entire robot exploded with one big huge explosion, leaving a husk of the robot on the ground. When Classic Sonic went up to the husk, it was forced apart by a shockwave, and the Time Eater appears again, holding a orb burning with purple fire.

"What? No! No! Sonic, save me!" Eggman's voice said inside the orb, before the Time Eater went back inside the portal holding the orb, and the portal closed. A smaller portal appeared beside Younger Richard and Classic Sonic, and they went through it.

When they went back to White Space, Modern Sonic was inspecting Classic Sonic, and Richard ran up to Younger Richard, and gave him a relieved hug.

"Jesus..." Richard cried. "Why did they bring you here? I thought only Sonic would be split."

"I don't know... older me..." Younger Richard stuttered, unsure of what happened. "I was at school, and suddenly a purple portal sucks me in and spits me here..."

"Thank god that you were given Sonic's powers..." Richard said. " If you didn't... I dread to think it..."

"Sonic's power?" Younger Richard questioned. "That's good for me... I guess..."

"I can't believe that there's two of me..." Sonic moaned.

Suddenly, A classic version of Tails appears.

"I think I figured it out!" Classic Tails stated.

"Yeah, me too." Tails responded to his classic counterpart.

"Doubles of us..." Classic Tails said.

"Places and enemies of our past..." Tails added.

"We're travelling through tine and space!" Both Tails finished simultaneously.

"Well, no shit, Sherlock!" Richard groaned, annoyed. "What was your first clue!?"

Sonic just scratched his hand with his finger, and then asked, "How did this happen?"

"I think that the big thing that took Eggman was a big part of it." Tails answered.

"It's Time Eater." Richard intoned. "He's a invention of Eggman, I mean Eggmans, including the past and future Eggman. Eggman wasn't really kidnapped, but that thing is due to go berserk sooner or later..."

Suddenly, the Time Eater appears through his portal, whooshing around the place, as everyone ducks down, and it exits through another portal.

"We need to find that thing, and fast!" Sonic exclaimed.

Classic Sonic nodded, and the two of them took off, just before Richard and his younger version follows them.

A/N: To be honest, I was planning to debut Young Richard later in the arc, but since I have the habit of doing one section at a time, including the Boss, I had to make Richard and Young Richard meet. Anyway, I also shortened the story, by cutting out non-dialogue gameplay, excluding the bosses, or any special events. I might add a few stages of gameplay dialogue if I'm lucky. Also the poll is reopened, as I do wish to get more votes this time around, so please vote in the poll at my profile. Thanks!

Preview of Next Chapter: Another Sonic!? And Another Otherworld Being!?

Hello all! It is shocking to find that my younger self have landed in this world, and I think that he's trapped here with us until I clear the world. Crazy, right? Well, he got Sonic's powers, like me, but somehow, I have a sense of worry for him... And that's not the only otherworldly encounter that will happen in this world...

The group of four walk out of the City Escape Zone, having cleared both acts, and returning the zone back to normal.

Rouge, who is beside the sculpture was being unfrozen, and then did a sexy wink at Modern Sonic.

"Thanks, Big Blue! That's the first time I ever got stolen." Rouge drawled.

Modern Sonic just smiled.

"Hold it right there!" A voice like Sonic said.

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