X-Over Multiverse ZX

Chapter 6: Another Sonic?

X-Over Multiverse Chapter 6: Another Sonic!? And Another Otherworld Being!?

In the Previous Chapter:

"Guess you just told me that to make me progress like a *REDACTED*, right?"



"Because the "other you" hasn't found this place and cleared it like we did. Only when the two versions of us have each cleared it, that this world will fully restore itself."


Opening 1: Fighting Stars

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While they four heroes went off Richard took a moment to head back, and grab the blue Chaos Emerald that appeared in front of the Richard snuck behind Richard.

"All in a day's work of a hero. Two down, five to go." Richard said, while smiling and pocketing the Emerald

"Is that a Chaos Emerald!?" Younger Richard shouted.

"What in the-" Richard asked, while turning around, seeing Younger Richard, which surprised him, and made him tumble backwards."AH!"

"Can I have the Chaos Emerald pleaseeee?" Younger Richard pleaded with his best impression of puppy eyes.

Richard was disturbed by the look on Younger Richard's face, and reluctantly gave the Chaos Emerald, while sighing. It proved to be his biggest mistake, as what happened later caused to regret it.

"YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Younger Richard screamed with a voice so loud that everyone including the Sonics that are waiting by Speed Highway Zone, block their ears from the ear-piercing voice, and he then proceeded.

"I got a emerald~! I got a emerald~! I got a-" was all Younger Richard could chime, before Richard clasped a firm hand over his mouth.

"Will you shut it!?" Richard scolded. "I don't want Egg-fucking-man after us if he hears you wailing about having Chaos Emeralds! Do you know the reason why I had to deal with Metal Sonic before!?"

"Mmph! Umph Eumph Munph! Fumph Mmph Rmph!? Amph Dfh Rffth!?" Younger Richard mumbled with the hand over his mouth (Hey! I was just excited in having a Chaos Emerald! Do you know how much power they contain!? And what that do to the Sonics if all 7 of them are collected!?)

"No shit!" Richard retorted, understanding what Younger Richard was saying. "That's exactly why you need to shut it big-time before he finds out!"

Richard then proceeded to get his hand off Younger Richard's mouth, while Younger Richard just rubbed his mouth to comfort it.

"Sheesh..." Younger Richard muttered. "Take a chill pill, will ya?"

The two of them went back to the Sonics who were waiting by the statue of Speed Highway Zone.

"See you outside!" Richard cheerfully exclaimed, before he went in with Modern Sonic.

Classic Sonic just simply looked at Younger Richard with eagerness, and had a pleading face on.

"Aw..." Younger Richard drooled with adoration to Classic Sonic's look, and then rubbed him gently on the head. "You're so cute~"

Classic Sonic clearly liked how Younger Richard was petting him, so he just smiled, and rushed into the sculpture with Younger Richard.

Speed Highway Zone Act 2 (Modern)

Current Music: Speed Highway Modern (Sonic Generations)

Richard and Sonic were preparing to run down the first slope to begin this chaotic highway of speed.

"Well..." Richard said while stretching his body with various stretches and gazing upon the road in front of them. "This SURE is going to fast as hell... Like a roller-coaster!"

"Kid..." Sonic sighed. "This is not a roller-coaster at all."

"Hey!" Richard exclaimed, while turning to Sonic with a annoyed look. "It was a metaphor! And I'm 16, for god's sake!"

"You humans sure are weird..." Sonic muttered.

Richard's expression softened for a bit, and he stopped stretching.

"Time to go!" Richard chimed, before running down the ramp.

"Alright!" Sonic added, before following Richard.

The two of them ran down the ramp at high speeds, before going through a loop-de-loop, something that Richard detests, but had to go through as he went through the stages.

"Sonic!" Richard shouted, which the voice was muffled due to the wind blazing around them. "I dare you to get more rings than me!"

"Sure thing, pal!" Sonic replied. "Don't go crying if you lose."

"We'll see!" Richard yelled back, while smirking.

The two of them then ran across a skyscraper as blue and yellow streaks, cracking the window glass under their feet, but they are too fast to fall into it, and even dodged the mines placed in front of them. They soon get back on the concrete highway, and soon bump into a crane, which rotated to bring them up to continue their rush down the highway. After running a while, they jump off a ramp, where they performed various tricks, with Richard doing a star jump formation ,before shifting to a cannonball position, and finishing off with a landing position to continue the run, and they went into a skyscraper, and smashed through a wall, before falling down to the bottom, with Richard collecting the 10 rings put under a Badnik, which he Homing-attacked, with him flying towards the enemy and slashing with Heaven's will.

"You going to lose~" Richard teased, while pocketing the 10 rings.

"Just you wait!" Sonic angrily replied.

They proceeded to do a Lightspeed Dash on the line of Rings in front of them, leading them across a gap between the buildings, and head down one floor thanks to the crane at the end of the hallway. They took a sharp right turn, and crashed through the window and went across a glass passage before landing into a construction site, which they traversed up to the top, where they passed a Jump Ring, and they performed various tricks through the air, before using Lightspeed Dash on the rings to get them across to another jump, where they jumped right off the building into the great open air, before both of them grabbed a helicopter by the rails, and landed on a heli pad, and collecting the 10 rings placed there, and ran through the path right until they reached the top of the skyscraper, and they boosted right down the side of the skyscraper, with futuristic police drones drowning the serene atmosphere with their sirens and pursuing them

Richard began to feel nauseous from running at a almost super-sonic speed, and was about to vomit, but he clasped his right hand to his mouth to hold it back, and clenched his stomach. The two of them went right through the glass ceiling of a building that was connected to the skyscraper, and they weaved through the pilliars, although Sonic slammed harshly into one of them, causing some of his collected Rings to drop, but Richard managed to use his reflexes to avoid getting squished onto those pillars. They landed on the floor unscathed from the fall, unlike the drones that continued flying down until they all crashed onto the floor and exploded in a series of small explosions.

They ran back onto the concrete highway, even doing a U-turn to the right, where Sonic was in his spin-form and was veering right leaving sparks along the road, and Richard did the same, except he shifted his feet like he was grinding a rail, leaving the same sparks along his path. They boosted across a section of the highway, before falling into the platforms under it, and proceeded their way across the moving platforms, and jumped to the top, where they went through a Boost Ring, which led them across a section of the highway, before a Jump Pad pushed them to the air again, this time, a missile appeared, and Sonic and Richard grabbed onto the rungs placed on it. The missile crashed through another skyscraper, before exploding and sending the two of them down back to the highway, where they proceeded to drift through many turns on a section of the highway, even passing by a green car on the way. They then ran onto a skyscraper, and ran across to the right on the windows, where they reached a series of rooftop, jumping across them and attacking the police drones patrolling on top, and grabbing onto a pulley that pulled them up to the road, and they ran through it, and were sent to another section by a Jump pad, and they proceeded to do another 360 spiral before reaching the Goal Ring.

By then, Richard was sweating profusely, but he didn't fall down from being fatigued. Instead, he just grabbed the rings he got, and dumped them onto the road, making a chorus of klunks and klings from the rings resounding on the ground, leaving a large pile. Sonic took a good look at the pile, and his eyes suddenly widened in awe...

"That's 120 rings off my bat. Yours, Sonic?" Richard asked, wearing a sly grin, knowing that he won.

Sonic proceeded to dump his rings out, and they left a slightly smaller pile. Richard simply counted silently, and then gave Sonic a pat on the back.

"Never thought that you would got 115 rings. That cut it close, but looks like I win this round, bud!" Richard boasted.

Sonic deflated when he lost to some human, but then he proceeded to put his right hand out, covered by his trademark white glove. Richard took the hand eagerly, and gently shaked it, showing sportmanship.

"Come on. Let's head back. Cream's waiting for us." Richard stated.

"How do you know Cream?" Sonic asked, suspicious about the last sentence.

"I have my ways. I'll tell you in the future." Richard replied, and then shrugging, and heading through the portal.

Current Music: White Space Medley (Sonic Generations)

When the two of them returned to the White Space, Richard saw Younger Richard sitting on the rails of the sculpture.

"What's up, future me?" Younger Richard said, getting off and walking to Richard.

"Nothing much. Just conquered being scared of being upside-down. You?" Richard replied calmly.

"Just felt like that I can jump few metres higher than before." Younger Richard admitted.

"Such is the power of fate... It gave us abilities to make us as strong as Sonic himself..." Richard muttered.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Classic Sonic watched as Cream and her Chao, Cheese, restore back to life. Cream ten looked aroung, before jumping in joy in bring rescued, with Cheese showing a excited face, before the two of them high-fived each other, and then noticed the two Sonics.

"Oh my... Why are there two Mr Sonics?" Cream asked, frightened at what she was seeing, with Cheese also feeling the same way.

Classic Sonic just frowned, and Modern Sonic explained the situation to her word-by-word.

"Oh!" Cream exclaimed. "So Mr Sonic has been like this in the past, and he came here along with the older Mr Sonic."

"What's going on here? Richard asked coming over to Modern Sonic's side.

"EEK!" Cream screamed in fear, before quivering. "Scary man!"

Cheese was shocked for a moment, before he hid behind Cream's ears, peeking out of it with a worried face before quickly hiding back behind Cream.

"It's okay. I'm a good man. I'm not that scary if you know me for enough time. I'm Richard." Richard replied, while doing the "I'll back off" sign.

"Really?" Cream asked, before deflating. "I'm sorry. It's just that there are so many scary men out there, including that big bad purple monster. I'm Cream the Rabbit."

Richard just crouched down, and gently hugged the young rabbit.

"Don't worry. I'll help you and Mr Sonic get out of here." Richard assured Cream.

Cream was surprised by the hug, and returned with kindness. Cheese just watched them, and then smiled at how his owner got one more friend.

"Thank you. I'm sure that you'll be a good friend." Cream replied.

The two of them seperated, and both Sonics, including Younger Richard who just arrived to the scene in time to see them hug, were trying to process what happened.

"Uh, what the he-" Younger Richard tried to say, before Richard covered his mouth, to stop the sentence.

"Don't say the forbidden words, or she'll hate both you and me." Richard sternly hissed.

Younger Richard just nodded quickly with a fearful expression, and Richard withdrew his hand.

"Huuhhhhhhhhhhhhh?" Cream squealed in surprise. "Why are there are now two Mr Richards?"

"Oh right!" Younger Richard said, before positioning his right hand to cup his chin with the thumb and right finger, and smiling handsomely. "I'm the devilishly handsome Richard Liu."

"Basically, he's me when I was younger." Richard added.

Younger Richard flushed red, and then turned his head to Richard, giving him a very hateful glare.

"Why can't you shut it!?" Younger Richard yelled. "I'm trying to look nice to my favourite female Sonic character!"

"I just did." Richard, crossing his arms in annoyance. "And you're ruining the image that I set for her. Oh, and you're scaring her with that look."

"Grughmmhmmghhhh..." Younger Richard grumbled, before turning around to walk away from the group, with Richard watching his younger self leave with pity.

When Younger Richard was far enough, Richard turned to Cream.

"Sorry. When I was this young, I thought this would've gotten me friendship. I used to be like this." Richard apologized.

"It's okay." Cream replied. "I kinda liked how he looked."

"Hey Richard, aren't you forgetting something?" Sonic said, tapping Richard's right shoulder.

"Oh!" Richard said, while pounding his right hand, scrunched into a fist, into his left hand, which he put out, representing "Just remembered" sign. "Sorry Cream, but Both Mr Sonics and both mes have to go. See ya!"

The group of four ran off, with Younger Richard still muttering hateful words under his breath, although they don't consist of any swears.

"Bye Mr Richard and Mr Sonic!" Cream cheerfully shouted, waving goodbye, with Cheese doing the right thing.

The four of them came to the sculpture of City Escape Zone, where a discoloured Rouge was shielding from something, with her arms forming a L shape. Modern Sonic just examined her, while Richard looks with comtempt.

"City Escape Zone..." Richard muttered. "The only level in Sonic Adventure 2 that I enjoyed. Looks like I'm the better one for this area."

"Come again?" Modern Sonic asked, hearing Richard, and turning around to look at him.

"Definitely will do better at you in this area." Richard boasted with a sly grin.

"You sure are cocky, kid." Sonic replied, smiling at how Richard is being quite a rival to him, although the two of them are helping each other.

"Likewise." Richard retorted about 1/10 of a second after Sonic finished his reply.

The two of them ran up the road of the sculpture and disappeared through the purple portal. Classic Sonic and Younger Richard simply just watched them go, and both of them shrugged simultaneously, as if they don't care.

City Escape Zone Act 2 (Modern)

Current Music: City Escape Modern (Sonic Generations)

Both heroes appear midair in the blue sky, and land perfectly on their slide-boards, causing them to begin their journey down the sloping streets. Sonic's board had a picture of his face, excluding the head, surrounded by a black background,= on top of the board, and is fully white of the other side. Richard's board had golden Kindgom-Heart style Chi letters around the border with a metalic silver background on the top of the board, and the other side was fully grey. However, both boards were letting out golden sparks due to the speed they are going at.

The two of them went down the first section of this zone, and even did a few tricks mid-air thanks to the ramps that were in their way. They did many moves, including but not limiting, a 360 degree spin, a invert, a double forward-flip, and something that Richard did to outdo Sonic, a Superman that was held until just a millisecond before they landed.

"Whoo!" Richard huffed. "Talk about a close call. I would've turned into mince meat if I didn't right myself at that instant."

"Kid..." Sonic muttered, while having a anime sweatdrop on his face. "You are seriously lucky as damn."

The two of them took a right sharp turn, and they went through some G.U.N mechs which were standing in front of a blockade of cars. The two of them just looked at each other and grinned, as they both leaned forward, and gained more speed, crashing into the mechs and the blockade so hard that everything flew away, with the mechs blowing up mid-air, except the two of them, who were still sliding down. The two of them then proceeded to go off a ramp connected by a metal bridge, which sent them high in the air, where a steel cable was, and the two of them landed on the cable, and perfectly rode it down through the short-cut, which led them off the road where a athletics track was, where Richard used the moment to show more moves, before they landed, and then were boosted off a building, falling about 20 metres, causing Richard to buckle heavily on his knees when he landed, before going off the edge again, this time a smaller fall, and therefore didn't result in a painful landing with Richard. They then went down the street and crashed into a tram, where Sonic just jumped over, but Richard crashed into it and lost his board as he flew through the tram, crashing right through the front window, and was doing the Halo fall, and Sonic did a few somersaults while spinning and landed flawlessly, while Richard fell face-first with a sickening thud. Richard slowly got up, and rubbed his nose, which was red, but miraculously not bleeding considering the force of the impact.

"Now do you take back what you said before!?" Richard hissed from the pain.

Sonic felt guilty for what he said earlier, but said nothing. The two of them proceeded their way through the stage, going through a brick half-pipe tunnel which led them to run down the side of a buildin, back onto the street road, and they went up a ramp, and latched onto a pole, and both of them leaped off it, and did Light Speed Dash to head for the higher ground, where the top of the loop-de-loop was a cache of rings. They traversed though a block of building with moving platforms and pillars, and even went through some rails. After they went through the gates, and shot off another ramp, the two of them loooked back, and to their horror, a huge truck was coming right at them, plowing over cars that exploded on contant, and jumping over the ramp, landing right behind them.

"Leg it, buddy!" Sonic shouted. "That truck ain't messing with us!"

"You don't say!" Richard replied.

They ran faster, but the GUN truck was still following them. They went through many streets, and even veering off-course onto some platforms, before they went off another ramp and the truck still behind them. They ran up a metal ramp which led them onto the side of a building, where the GUN truck fired up its rocket engines, and attached itself to the side as well, and the chase continued before the two of them ran through a very narrow gap between he building and another building, where Richard's hair scraped against the other building and caught partially on fire. The truck, however, crashed right into the building and exploded. They landed in a roundabout, where the Goal was. Richard was busy trying to do the roll to get the flames off, and it was not long before it succeeded.

"Man, guess you win this one, Sonic." Richard said, while rubbing his head, which still had most of his hair, save for a few parts being shorter.

"You seemed close as well." Sonic replied, being honourable.

"Thanks!" Richard responded.

The two of them went through the portal back to White Zone.

Current Music: White Space Medley (Sonic Generations)

The group of four walk out of the City Escape Zone, having cleared both acts, and returning the zone back to normal.

Rouge, who is beside the sculpture was being unfrozen, and then did a sexy wink at Modern Sonic.

"Thanks, Big Blue! That's the first time I ever got stolen. Speaking of which, why are there someone that looks like you beside you?" Rouge drawled.

Modern Sonic just smiled.

"He's basically a younger me, Rouge. No need to lose your head over it." Sonic replied.

"Hold it right there!" A voice like Sonic said.

The two Richards then turned around to the source of the voice, which was surprisingly the Adventures Sonic.

"Another me? Was this to be expected, Richard?" Modern Sonic asked.

Richard was gaping at Adventures Sonic, as the game only mentioned only the Classic and Modern Sonic, not a third Sonic, the Adventures version.

"I... This isn't what's supposed to happen!" Richard replied annoyed. "How come there's... another Sonic!?"

"Hellooooo?" Adventures Sonic said, annoyed at being ignored. "Can someone explain what is happening around here? And why is there two people that are dressed like me?"

"Hey!" Modern Sonic exclaimed. "I assure you, you're the fake!"

"What!?" Adventures Sonic cried. "You call me a fake!? Why you!"

The two Sonics began to point fingers at each other, and began to insult each other, with shouts of "Imposter!", "Long-quills!", "Bluey!" and etc being shouted. Unfortunately, Richard was getting annoyed by this and was gritting his teeth in frustration and covering his ears, until he could take it no longer.


The two sonic winced at Richard's short but loud rant, and immediately looked at him. Richard was huffing with anger, but he eventually calmed down, and his breathing became calmer.

"I'm sorry for that..." Richard apologized. "But you two should know better than to bicker at a time like this. The more time we waste, the less time we have to save your friends."

"No probs, Richard, but wow..." Modern Sonic gaped. "You seriously must have a lot of pent-up rage."

"Your friend here must have anger problems." Adventures Sonic quipped.

"Alright, to avoid mistaking you two, I'll call you Adventures Sonic..." Richard said, pointing to Adventures Sonic, then pointing to Modern Sonic. "...And I'll call you Modern Sonic."

"Works fine by me." Modern Sonic replied.

"I don't really care, as long as it's not all that complicated." Adventures Sonic stated.

The three of them, plus a confused Classic Sonic and Younger Richard, with Sonic wondering who the third Sonic is, and Younger Richard also wondering how Adventures Sonic got here as well.

The five of them went to the sculpture of Seaside Hill, where a discoloured Espio stood, standing straight, and Zelda standing regally, even though she was frozen.

"Looks like another of my friends, Sonics." Richard said. "Guess we need to clear this as well. Espio's also here as well, so it's basically a good situation to free both of them."

Modern Sonic looked at Classic Sonic, and they both nodded, before they went in the area, and disappeared.

"Hold on... Where did they go?" Adventures Sonic asked suspiciously.

"In simple context to you, it's a teleporter." Richard said.

"Still, I don't trust this-" Adventures Sonic tried to say, before his right arm was grabbed by Richard, and he dragged him towards the entrance.

"Hey! Let me go now!" Adventures Sonic demanded with annoyance.

"I don't have time to waste with you. We're going whether you like it or not." Richard coldly replied.

The two of them then disappeared, and Younger Richard, watching the whole dilemma, went in as well.

Seaside Hill Zone Act 2 (Modern)

Current Music: Seaside Hill Modern (Sonic Generations)

Modern Sonic, Adventures Sonic and Richard dropped down onto the ground, and they looked forward to see the Ocean Palace ahead, surrounded by a magnificent blue Ocean.

"What was your deal!?" Adventures Sonic yelled. "You can't force people to do things they hesitate against!"

Richard just ran off, and Modern Sonic went after him, and Adventures Sonic, wanting a answer, ran in pursuit.

The three of them traversed the earth path, and ran through a few boost rings and Jump Pads, which led them closer to the Ocean Palace. Richard just simply smiled at the music in the background. It was not long until they reached a platforming section, where they carefully leaped across platforms. Eventually, they reached the top of the section, where a Cannon sat, and Richard leaped into the Cannon, followed by Modern and Adventure Sonic, and the Cannon rotated towards its target and fired, sending the three heroes onto another path, that led to the Ocean Palace. While they went down the ancient pathway, orcas jumped across the passage from the sea that surrounded the very Palace. They even ran across a ramp which sent them soaring over a small beach island, and put them on a pathway so narrow that the three of them had to run single-file. They proceeded to Homing-attack some Badniks to reach another road.

They reached another temple, where a platforming section was, and they went through to find another cannon, which dropped them into the Ocean Palace. They then went through the earthen road to reach a three-way fork, where there were 2 paths leading to a run across water, signified on the signs by a water symbol and a turtle, and a third leading to racing down a path in a kart, signified by a kart and some race tracks. The three of them veered towards the kart path, and they wound through a large loop before leading to a cannon, which fired them towards a large raceway, and they landed right into three different karts, with the Sonics' karts being red, and Richard's being black. The moment they landed, the karts flew off with speed.

The Sonics didn't fare well on the track, bumping into mines and missing the boost gates marked by Boost Pads, but Richard proved to be experienced, as he rarely missed a gate unless he was at back-breaking speeds and never hit a mine. Eventually, the kart raceway ended with a big red barrier, which the karts crashed into sending the three upwards and out of the karts, landing a pavillion. They went up via a jump pad, and landed onto a rail, and then jumped onto three different rails when the one they rode was ending, and they went off, only to be running along the wall at fast speeds, before they landed into a dark area of the Ocean Palace, which had a lot of platforming to do.

At the end was another Cannon, and they were fired off out of the area and into another pathway, which was quite dangerous considering the spiked stone wheels bouncing along the path. Richard was frightened by this, as he remebered them when he played the game with this stage, Sonic Heroes. The three of them took great care to avoid getting squished or skewered by these monstrosities. They managed to make it to the end of the wheel gauntlet and jumped off a ramp, which led them to a stairway to the Goal Ring. By the time the Goal Ring was reached. Richard was panting like crazy from exhaustion. The Sonics however, aren't even shaken. The three of them went through the portal back to White Space.

Current Music: White Space Medley (Sonic Generations)

The three walked out of the portal, only to realize that the sculpture has retuned to full colour, and Classic Sonic and Younger Richard were waiting by the side, with a fully coloured Espio and Zelda.

"Thank you, Sonics and friends. But beware, for I have looked into the soul of the enemy and only saw endless darkness."

Classic Sonic looked like he was going to fight when Espio finished talking, but Richard, however was only interested in replying.

"Indeed. A soul like that makes even the most iron-willed ninja lose sanity. It was a true miracle that you remained sane, Espio." Richard replied calmly. "But I'm not normal, as I seen things worser than the soul you saw."

Espio was taken aback by the fact Richard knows his name, and drew shurikens from his hands, and moved into a throwing posture

"How do you know a person like me?" Espio asked with seriousness. "Speak."

Right when Espio drew his shurikens, Zelda pulled out her Light Bow, and pointed a Light Arrow at Espio.

"If you throw these and kill Richard, I'll end you personally." Zelda coldly threatened.

Richard saw the scene, and put his hands up to prove he wasn't a enemy.

"It would be hard to explain how... but I'll simplify things and say that I observed your life from your first battle." Richard replied, not unnerved by the threat in front of him.

"Hnn..." Espio quietly said, before withdrawing his shurikens. "Very well... I'll trust you, but if you dare threaaten Sonic, i'll end you personally."

"I have no such intentions. My true intention is to save him." Richard replied.

Zelda also withdrew her bow, and Richard then approached her.

"So, what Espio said was true, Zelda?" Richard asked.

"It is." Zelda responded. "When I was frozen or suspended in a different dimension, I saw that the dark beast that sucked us all in had pure darkness. Darkness that can even rival Ganon's."

"I see." Richard said.

At that moment, a hedgehog that had the same fur colour and eye colour as Sonic, save for his boots being like Classic Sonic, except it is mostly black instead of red, save for the white stripe, and his gloves are in a golden colour. He also bears a sword and a ring on his second finger of his right hand that got Modern Sonic curious, as he feels like he saw and used this sword and ring before in his previous adventures. He calmly walked up to the group.

"Hi, dad!" The unknown hedgehog said, while smiling goofily. "It's great to see you as your younger self, and even younger selfs."

The three Sonics looked at the blue hedgehog like he was crazy. Even Richard was bearing a glare while frowning hard. Younger Richard didn't care and just sat down and watched them.

"Father?" Modern Sonic said with some fear, shivering at the fact that if what the hedgehog said was true, then he's looking at his future child. "I.. I don't get what you mean..."

Richard however, was quite angered at the fact, and very suspicious that this hedgehog is not a good thing, considering he knows what sword he has.

"Spare me your words." Richard said, dripping anger from each word. "Who. Are. You?'

The hedgehog was unfazed by Richard's intense glare, and just began to the same pose Sonic does every time he clears a stage.

"Name's Antonio the Hedgehog. Speed's my game, and Sonic's my father! But you can call me Toni." The hedgehog announced cheerfully, now named Toni.

Without a second to ask another question, Toni managed to draw his blade in time to block a blow from Richard, who is now wearing a furious face, and holding the Heaven's Will sword in his hands.

"Don't you DARE play the oblivious!" Richard hissed with pure rage, pushing the blade down with his might, causing sparks to fly from the clashing blades. "I definitely know what those things are. What I don't get is how you even got Caliburn, and even Shahra! The only thing I can get is that you're no friend. I refuse to die here just because I believe in a liar like you!"

"What the-!?" Toni gasped. "What are you saying!? Sonic is my father. I swear it's true."

"SHUT UP!" Richard roared back, louder than before. "Caliburn does not belong to a imposter like you! Neither does Shahra! Tell me! WHERE. DID. YOU. MANAGE. TO. GET. THESE!"

At that moment, Caliburn awakens, and then is surprised that Toni is using him to block Richard.

"What is the meaning of this!?" Caliburn exclaimed. "Whoever you are, I demand you relinquish your blade, or Sir Toni will smite you with my own hand."

"SILENCE!" Richard shouted. "He's not who you think he is, Caliburn! He's not who you think he is! He isn't Sonic's son! Unless you can prove, no matter how much strength you have, I wills strike this imposter down towards the fiery hells!"

Just then, Shahra comes out of the ring on Toni's hand, and he gasps in horror seeing that Toni is in danger. Unfortunately, Richard saw her, and then his face change into a hurt expression.

"You too!?" Richard cried. "Shahra! You can't possibly be easily swayed, right? Don't tell me that he's really your master!?"

Shahra just bowed her head, and then floated over to Richard, and then latched her right hand onto Richard's forehead.

"What is the meaning of th-!?" Richard tried to say, only to be frozen, and convulsing violently on the spot, before he complete froze again.

In Richard's mind, snippets of Toni's life began to play in his mind.

Memory of Toni (10 years old):

Current: His Theme (Undertale)

Richard saw Toni over a yellow spotlight, sitting on a brown wooden park bench alone, with his head bowed down in sadness. Richard began to feel pity for whoever was on the bench, until various voices began to ring out from a unknown source, each bearing a different tone, representing different people.

"He's truly a anomaly in the society of the future..." A gruff male voice.

"My god!? Why is there such a person that exists!" A surprised female voice.

"Go away! We don't accept freaks like you!" A loud teenage boy voice.

Richard heard all these insults, and more began to come, which led to him feeling bad about what he thought of Toni.

'...Maybe I was wrong... I shouldn't have tried to attack him. I was so stupid... Aagh..." Richard thought, before begin to cry slowly, and he saw footsteps from someone apporaching. To his surprise, it was a older Sonic, who looked kinder than his younger counterpart, and he had a few wrinkles and his quills were drooping.

The older Sonic then sat beside Toni, and then comforted him by rubbing Toni's head gently with his right hand.

"Son... There was a time when the whole world hated me..." The older Sonic said, whose voice has began to crack over the years. "I understand that you never wanted these Chaos Powers, but please understand that you are having something that I would never have."

The 10-year old Toni looked at his father with sad eyes.

"But I never wanted these powers, dad." He said calmly, despite him being drowned in sadness inside. "Even Uncle Shadow says that I'm a threat to society."

"Shadow only said that, because he was once a ruthless warrior, exterminating all in his way. He taught you, so that you would become someone like me, even with these destructive powers, a great hero."

Toni then began to tear up, before crying into his father's lap.

Richard watched the scene quietly, and then, the entire area around him began to fade to white, and he was back in the real world.

Current Music: White Space Medley (Sonic Generations)

Modern Sonic was surprised at what he saw, along with Adventures Sonic. Classic Sonic was just scratching his head, wondering what happened. Younger Richard bore no expression, showing neither joy nor sorrow watching the whole situation.

Richard then put a hand up to his face, and felt the tears he cried when he was in the mindscape.

"So it was all real..." Richard whispered to himself.

Toni only watched him, and then put out a hand. Richard saw it, and solemnly shook it, while bearing a grim smile.

"I guess you really said the truth..." Richard said grimly. "...I'm sorry for what happened earlier. I-I just don't want Sonic to die. My name is Richard Zhao, and can you find it in your heart to forgive me for this wicked deed? "

"I do." Toni said, while politely smiling. It's alright. No-one got hurt, so it doesn't really matter."

Toni then opened his arms for a hug, and he was not left hanging as Richard hugged the hedgehog sincerely, while crying softly into his shoulder, and he patted Richard's head to comfort him.

"I'm sorry... I'm so... sorry..." Richard cried, before both of them released.

Suddenly, the two Tails, both Modern and Classic, come rushing over to the group, and Younger Richard gets up so that they can get through.

"So I think we've pieced together more of what's happening and it's not good news, i'm afraid." Modern Tails announced, with some trembling in his voice.

Just a short moment after, the ground shakes, and everyone wobbles on the spot, as the Time Eater once again appears through a purple portal, and runs across them before going through another portal.

"When that thing goes through time, it rips and tears space apart, leaving the places they went empty and dead, which caused them to land in here." Classic Sonic continued.

"But when everyone accelerate through time, time and space for that particular area will be restored, and it will return back to normal, including the characters suspended in a dark limbo, like how your friends returned back to normal after a specific area is cleared." Richard finished.

The two Tails look at him confused.

"You're not the only ones who figured out what is happening around us." Richard said.

"Then I guess we have to run like there's no tomorrow, or there actually will be none!" Modern Sonic said, pounding his fist into his hand in understanding.

"Yes, but we'll need the 7 Chaos Emeralds, if we hope to overpower that beast over there. It's called the Time Eater. It's a term I coined since that beast is munching through space and time like you eating a chilli-dog, Sonic." Richard stated.

Both Adventures Sonic and Modern Sonic blushed at this.

"Hey!" They said simultaneously. "Chilli-dogs are my favourite, so don't go around putting it in embarrassing metaphors."

Richard just shrugged, and then pointed at Modern Sonic, Adventures Sonic and Toni.

"I'll need you three for something. Follow me please." Richard calmly ordered.

The three of them nodded, and then ran off with Richard leading them. They went right to a alcove right above City Escape Zone, where Shadow the Hedgehog was.

"So you finally came, Sonic. And you brought some friends." Shadow stoically said. "I care not where we are or when we are, but this is where I'll finish you. Your friends will be next."

"Uncle Shadow?" Toni asked, hurt that he has to battle his uncle and mentor Shadow.

"I am not your uncle." Shadow coldly replied. "I am the Ultimate Lifeform, and none shall compete for the title."

"We'll see about that, shall we?" Richard boasted, beofre turning to Adventures Sonic and Toni. "Adventures Sonic, and Toni, this is a battle where only Modern Sonic and I can participate. Any more contenders and this portal would go whack. I brought you here, Toni, because I know that you look up to Shadow. But I'm sorry I can't get you to help me set him right. Remember, this isn't the Shadow that taught you. He has whatsoever no memories about you."

"I see..." Toni replied, trying to keep himself together.

Shadow, Richard and Modern Sonic went through the portal, to begin the greatest challenge yet.

A.R.K (Rival Battle)

Current Music: Vs. Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic Generations)

Shadow awaits on top of a electric pipe, waiting for Sonic and Richard, and they arrive, riding along the passage. Shaodw then slides down a rail to them, before the two of them jump of the passage, and Shadow jumps off the rails, and the three of them pose before the moon, with Richard doing a dash posture away from the moon, and Shadow and Sonic cross each other. The three of them land down onto a larger passage, before a purple Power Core floats before them, and the chase for it begins.

"Sonic! That core is something we need to defeat Shadow!" Richard shouted. "I'll find a way to slow him down! You just focus on getting the Power Core!"

Sonic just nodded, and they executed the plan, with Richard running alongside Shadow, and the two of them bump each other in a attempt to shake each other off, while Sonic is slightly ahead. Sometimes, Shadow would try to get to Sonic, but Richard would bump Shadow before he can touch Sonic.

"Get off of me!" Shadow yelled, before boosting into a red stream.

"Sonic!" Richard shouted. "Boost now!"

Sonic took Richard's advice and boosted into a blue streak, and Richard himself also boosted, turning into a yellow wind comet. Sonic took the right side on a fork, and ran through the upper side of the platform before jumping off a ramp and snatching the Core.

"Gotcha!" Sonic exclaimed before landing down, and seeing another Core appear far ahead of them.

"Good one!" Richard said, feeling the power channel towards him and Sonic. "One more, and we'll be able to show Shadow our true power!"

The chase went on, but this time, Richard's boost ran out, and he was left behind as Shadow caught up to Sonic, and they were neck to neck for the Core, until Sonic did a sneaky move by tripping Shadow, which amazingly succeeded, humiliating the Ultimate Lifeform and allowing Sonic to reach the Core.

Current Music: Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle)

The moment Sonic touched the Core, Richard teleported beside Sonic, and they were suspended mid-air, as they began to be enveloped by a purple aura. Shadow got a head-start, but when the duo went back down, they boosted into two separate purple streaks, boosting infinitely. The two of them charged through meteorites and debris, which crashed into Shadow, slowing him down. They constantly barraged Shadow, before they were very close to him, and they got together to form a larger purple streak which constantly burnt Shadow, causing his Rings to fall out bit by bit until Shadow was sent up into the air and fell belly first, and the hero duo charged on its way, and Shadow pounded his fist on the ground. The two of them went through the purple portal ahead of them, which lead to White Space.

"Who's Ultimate now, Shadow!?" Richard taunted just before he went through.

Current Music: White Space Medley (Sonic Generations)

When they were back, all that was left was a anticipating Toni and Adventures Sonic, and the Yellow Chaos Emerald.

Richard grabbed it, and put it into his pants pocket.

"That's 3!" Richard said. "4 to go!"

Toni, however was saddened by the fact that the Shadow he saw wasn't real.

"He's not real..." Toni moaned in despair.

Richard then put a hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

"Cheer up!" Richard said, while showing a toothy smile. "I bet the real Shadow would love to see you!"

Toni instantly cheered up, and smiled back.

The four of them went to the Boss Gate, where Younger Richard and Classic Sonic were waiting."

"This should do the trick..." Richard muttered, pulling out the Boss Keys from his backpack.

Like the last Boss Gate, the keys perfectly went in and turned, causing the gate to rise, leading to the portal.

"It's time to fight another familiar adversary, right?" Modern Sonic asked.

"Indeed." Richard replied. "And this time, you don't need the emeralds for this one."

Adventures Sonic and Modern Sonic looked at each other, confused at the statement Richard gave.

Destroyed City Square (Boss Battle)

Current Music: Perfect Chaos Phase 1/ Open Your Heart (Sonic Generations)

Modern Sonic, Adventures Sonic, Toni and Richard looked around them only to see broken buildings and skyscrapers around them, with a ocean of water flooding the area. Somehow, Adventures Sonic wore a fearful expression, and so did Toni.

"This place... Don't tell me!?" Adventure Sonic said, frightened at where and when he was.

The ground suddenly shook, and they began to see a humanoid water dragon form with water tentacles.

"Perfect Chaos!" Toni shrieked. "He's even more scary than when the Sonic at my era explained it!"

Richard just let out a "tsk" before the four of them prepared to fight this water monstrosity.

The four of them ran down the broken highway, jumping across section to section through ramps until they reached one of Perfect Chaos's tentacles, and they rushed through it into Perfect Chaos's body, until the boosted causing three streaks of cobalt blue and a streak of yellow to bounce around the body, until they each penetrated the membranous brain of the monster, causing it to roar in pain.

The four of them landed safety at another section of the broken highway. They traversed the area, with the additional attacks of Perfect Chaos trying to crush them under its tentacles. They then reached a deserted skyscraper and traversed to the top where a large ramp was, and they launched off it, where they were right above Perfect Chaos's head, and they Homing-attacked the brain one by one, and it caused another roar of pain from the monster. They landed into a section right in front of Perfect Chaos, and Perfect Chaos began to bombard the road with water balls, causing the area be slightly more dangerous, but they rushed through the section and once again went into the body and Boosted into its brain, causing pain for the monster again.

Current Theme: Perfect Chaos Phase 2 (Sonic Generations)

This time, Perfect Chaos, began to wail loudly, and began to cause pillars of water to hold up parts of the road. The four heroes traversed each platform with great ease, until Richard began to stumble on one of them, and when he jumped, he jumped short of the platform, and was screaming as he was falling, until Modern Sonic grabbed his hand. Richard swayed, and looked at Modern Sonic.

"T-thank you..." Richard stuttered.

"It's no biggie. Just do your best, alright?" Modern Sonic said.

The four of them finally managed to reach the closest platform to Perfect Chaos, and they simultaneously jumped and homing-attacked the brain, causing four streaks of light, three of blue colour, one of yellow colour to pierce through, until it began to explode, and Perfect Chaos did its dying cry, swaying its head side to side, before its head drooped, and it sank back into the water. Richard, Toni and the two Sonics watched the beast fall, and then Adventures Sonic and Toni sighed in relief.

"Guess that kid was right, I didn't need Chaos Emeralds to bring this beast down a second time." Adventures Sonic said.

"So that's how my dad beat him... I'm so glad that I beat him alongside my younger dads and my new friend." Toni sighed in a relieved tone.

Richard just grabbed Toni and gave him a gentle noogie.

"Aw, come on... I don't know you enough..." Richard said. "But I too need friends. Say, I might even add you to my team of dimension-travelling heroes. Would you like to bring more honour to your family by getting a chance to not only save this dimension, but the whole multiverse?"

Toni smiled at his. "Of course I do!" He said.

"Great!" Richard exclaimed happily. "When we get back to the Core, I'll tell you all about the multi-verse, and the wonders it contains!"

The four of them saw the purple portal to White Space open beside them, and they went back in without a single word.

Current Music: White Space Medley (Sonic Generations)

When the 4 participants of the boss battle returned, they saw that Modern and Classic Tails were waiting for them, and eager to say what's in their mind. Classic Sonic and Younger Richard were just watching them intently.

"You all have brought back a lot of this world!" Classic Tails exclaimed with happiness. "And you all are great whole doing it!"

Suddenly, the ground shakes again, and it took everyone by surprise, even causing Younger Richard to fall on his bottom this time. The Time Eater appeared from its portal behind them, and it went across them, and everyone ducked down, as the Time Eater turned around to attack them, only for a discoloured Chaos Emerald to repel the monster away, which the monster tried to push past, until it gave up and went back through its portal. Younger Richard got up the moment it was gone, and sighed in relief.

Richard saw all this and knew that this was the very moment where he could justify the reason he was collecting all those Chaos Emeralds.

"See? The Time Eater really hates those Chaos Emeralds, and if we collect them, we can use them to not only access our super forms, but also weaken it!" Richard explained.

"So that's why those emeralds are important..." Modern Sonic muttered.

Suddenly, the discoloured emerald turned into its true colour, being the Blue Chaos Emerald, and it came into Richard's hand, and he put it inside his bag.

"One more!" Richard chirped with happiness.

"So where to next?" Toni asked.

"My guess is that we have to go to the next three areas." Younger Richard replied.

"Okay. But what's your name?" Toni asked. "You seem to look almost alike Richard."

Younger Richard just scoffed at this comment. 'What do you think?" He said. "You just said my name."

"What!?" Toni exclaimed, surprised by this revelation. "There's two Richards!?"

"Yep." Younger Richard simply replied. "Don't know what got into my older self's mind when he tried to kill you. Anyway, time to go!"

Younger Richard just simply walked away from the group.

Preview of Next Chapter: A Modern World Life Is

Hi all! It really sucks that I attacked a friend out of pure fear of getting tricked. Well, at least he forgave me for all the crap I gave him. His name is Antonio the Hedgehog, or Toni as he wants us to call him. Right now, its time to do the final set of zones to fix, until we face the big bad himself, Time Eater!

Richard and Toni are running across the desolate city, trying to avoid trying to get squished by the objects that Silver's telekinesis is throwing at them.

"Impressive. It seems that you got the same prowess as Sonic, without his arrogance." Silver remarked.

"And you're quite handy with that telekinesis of yours." Richard responded. "However, I won't lose this battle."

"Yeah! I can't lose to you, Silver!" Toni shouted back to Silver. "I'm just like my father Sonic!"

"Such a reminder for a great hero at a young age..." Silver muttered. "I known Toni to be a great hero to society a decade a ago, but I never thought that I would have to face off him..."

A/N: To Panther J, I'm sorry I can't do three Tails and Eggmans, but having to juggle between Adventures Sonic, Toni, Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and Richard is already as difficult as it is.

To everyone else, I like to say that I like to show how Richard went through each stage, unlike the last chapter, but I can't do Younger Richard and Classic Sonic, as it would take me ages to write all that. If you really are desperate to know how the Classic Stages goes, looks for walkthroughs of Sonic Generations. Also there is also the problem of trying to keep the personality of the Sonics to their canon versions, but it is hard, so I had to make a few tweaks here and there in their speech.

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