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Mark Schimdt is looking for a summer job, and saw that Freddy Fazbears Pizza is hiring night shift as a night guard. Mike decides to take it and he expierences hell for the next week. Hello Everyone! I have finally Published FNAF 1 Fanfiction! Read away! Uploading Schedule: Once a week or once every 2 weeks. Uploading Dates: Chapter 1- Getting a job ( 3/22) Chapter 2- Night 1 (3/27) Chapter 3- Night 2 (4/12) Chapter 4- Night 3 (4/17) Chapter 5- Night 4 (4/24) Chapter 6- Night 5 (5/3) Chapter 7- The shutdown (5/15) Chapter 8- The secrets of FNAF 1 (5/22) Chapter 9- The Finale (5/29)

Horror / Fantasy
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Chapter 1- Getting a job

Characters In this book:

Mike Schmidt, Jonathan, Chica, Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy.

July 20th 1983

Hi my name is Mike Schmidt and I have experienced hell in the last week. I was very broke and needed some cash in my bank account. By the way I am 25 years old and I needed a summer job. I looked at the local news paper and looked for places that were hiring. I noticed that there was a pizza place down the street called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza that had a position as a night guard. I remembered going to Freddy Fazbear’s pizza as a child and I stopped going there because of incidents that took place there that I will not get into. I applied for the job and drove down to the pizza place. When I got there I saw that the place was run down and barely anyone was there. Once I got in the manager greeted me, his name was Jonathan. He told me all about the job and that I would get paid $4 an hour, and I would have to work there from Monday-Friday. He told me that my shift started at 12 AM and would end at 6 AM, and that he would send me voice messages telling me more about the job every night. He made me sign this agreement:

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza

Employer: Mike Schmidt

Shift: 12 AM- 6 AM

Reward: 4/hr , 120/wk

Freddy Fazbears Pizza is not responsible for injury or death associated to this job.

_____________Mike Schimdt________________________________

When I signed the agreement, I was confused that I had to worry about injury or death. I did not think that signing up for this job would be risky......

Thank you for reading! Make sure to vote and comment. More coming soon :) I promise that the chapters will be longer!

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