Five Nights At Freddys 1 Fanfiction

Chapter 2- Night 1

Animatronic Characters:

Bonnie the Bunny

Chica the Chicken

Foxy the Pirate

The boss- Freddy Fazbear

July 21, 1983

The manager Jonathan told me to come back the next night, and so I did. The next night I drove down to the pizzeria at 11:40 PM. When I got in , I went down into the east hallway and saw these posters but I couldn’t read what they said. I went into the office and sat down on the chair. The office had 2 doors and a desk with a monitor and a fan. This is what the office looked like:

I honestly thought that this job was going to be easy , but I was wrong. At 12 AM the bell rang and I got a voicemail and it said, ” Hello, hello, welcome to your job at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Tonight will be a crazy for you because the animatronics tend to move at night and if they come into your office, you can close the doors, but make sure that you don’t stay on your monitor to long or keep the doors shut, because your battery will run out causing the whole place to shut off. If the whole place shuts off then the animatronics could get you! Watch the monitors to see where the animatronics are and stay safe!”

I realized I was in danger, I had to make sure that the animatronics don’t get into the office and murder me. I cant believe that I signed up for this crap.

1 AM:I looked at the monitor and saw that Chica was gone from the stage and went into the bathrooms. I saw that Bonnie was also gone.

2 AM:Bonnie was right at the west door and I screamed and closed the door. I realized that I was at 80% battery. I opened the door and looked out and Bonnie was gone. I checked the monitor and saw that Chica was even closer to me, she was in the East hall.

This is what the blueprint of Freddy Fazbears Pizza looks like:

Anyways Chica was in the EAST HALL which is near the office.

3 AM:Chica was right outside the east door and I closed that damn door. This job is so scary and so fucking exhausting. My life is on the line, and I never knew that I would get myself into this mess. I opened the door and Chica was gone. I looked back at the monitors and everyone was back at the stage.

4 AM:I check the monitors and Chica is in the dining area. I was like shit she coming. Then I checked the west hall and Bonnie is standing right in the hall. I check the monitors and Chica is in the restrooms. Then I hear footsteps and I peer out of the west hall door and Bonnie is right next to the door, I shut that damn door like it was the end of my life. My battery was at 20% and the place was going run out of power and I was gonna die.

5 AM:I end up falling asleep not even knowing that the place was gonna run out of battery. I wake up and realize that the west door was closed the whole time. I opened the door and saw that nobody was there. I turned to see that Chica was literally right outside of the east door. I shut the door and promised myself not to fall asleep. My battery was at 10% I am screwed.

6 AM:The bell rings and all the animatronics are back at their places. Jonathan comes in and I say,

” Thank god you’re here, I was almost killed. I can’t believe that I signed up for this.”

Jonathan says,

" Yeah, I am sorry everynight will get more challenging.”

I say,

" Why did you not tell me that this would happen when I was signing up?”

Jonathan says,

" Because I was afraid that you weren’t going to do it. Will you still be coming?”

I say,

“Yes. For the money.”

Jonathan says,

" Well, get out of here. See you tomorrow!”

Damn this was a hard night. I am not ready for tomorrow.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for chapter 3. Something will happen that will make Mike super confused. Make sure to vote and comment. Make sure to follow, I will follow you back!

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