Five Nights At Freddys 1 Fanfiction

Chapter 3- Night 2

July 22, 1983,

Yesterday was a horrible day for me, I almost died! I had to come back to work for a second night. It was 11:40 PM and I had to leave. I jumped into my blue car and left. I got there by 11:56 PM and I ran into the pizzeria. Jonathan, was not there so I passed the dining tables and ran into the east hall. I stopped to a poster on the wall:

" Two children went missing and theyre bodies are nowhere to be found. On the day of the incident a man with a golden freddy costume lured the kids into the employees only room and murdered them. It is a tragedy. The man was arrested at the scene of the crime. The people described him as the purple guy.”

I was shocked that a murder happened, and I needed to ask Jonathan about what happened.

The clock struck 12 and I had to run into the office. The phone rang, It was Jonathan,

" Hello and welcome back to your second night. You may have heard some rumors going around, but do not worry about it! I want to tell you a little bit about our policy, if anyone goes missing a missing person will go out within 90 days after the incident, in order to get the carpets bleached and clean up the scene. Freddy Fazbears Pizza is not responsible for death or dismemberment of anyone. Now, the animatronics tend to get more active as the nights go on. Just so you know Freddy does not move around that much, unless the power is out. Thats one more reason to have power right? There is one animatronic named Foxy the Pirate he is located in the Pirates Cove. Make sure to check on the cameras from time to time to make sure that he is in his proper place. He will run to the office door and kill you if the door is not closed. Anyways, thats all I have for today see you soon!”

12 AM: I flipped the monitor on and looked at the show stage, Bonnie was already gone. I checked the west door lights and he was right outside of the door! I shut the door and he was gone. Battery: 83%

1 AM: Bonnie went back to the party tables and Chica was in the kitchen making noise, she was probably making pizza. Freddy was the only one on stage. Foxy was still in his cove. Battery: 70%

2 AM: Bonnie came back to the closet in the west hall. Then he rushed to my door, I closed the door and the 5 seconds later he left. He went back into the closet. Chica was still in the kitchen. Foxy was still in his cove. Battery: 51%

3 AM: Chica came to the east hall and Bonnie came back to the west hall. Foxy started peeking out of his cove. Battery: 40%

4 AM: They are both still in the hall. Foxy is still peeking out and Freddy has not even moved yet. I was eating power like crazy. Battery: 30%

5 AM: Foxy was just about to come out of his cove. Bonnie is right outside my door, so I close my door. Chica moved to the kitchen and started cooking again. SHE MAKES SO MUCH DAMN NOISE. Battery: 20%

6 AM: Finally the night was over and I thought to myself that I need to go into the employees room and investigate the murder. I crept down the west hall, and passed the pirates cove. I reach the employees only room and as I open the door someone taps my shoulder. It was Jonathan!

I said, “How did you find me?”

Jonathan said, ” What are you doing here? You shouldnt be going in there.”

I said, ” Can you explain the murders that happened?”

Jonathan said, ” Nothing happened, please do not go into that room. Go home, see you tomorrow.”

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for chapter 4 coming next Friday! Sorry about the delay, but I will be back on schedule next week. What do you think will happen next? Make sure to vote and comment.

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