Five Nights At Freddys 1 Fanfiction

Chapter 4- Night 3 (Curiosity Kills the Cat)

The previous night was the strangest experience I’ve ever been through. When asked about the murders that happened at the pizzeria, Jonathan’s body tensed and he awkwardly responded, almost as if he abhorred speaking about it. Tonight I was not planning on staying in the office, curiosity was getting the best of me. I tossed and turned in my sheets attempting to get some sleep before yet another terrifying night of shutting doors and praying for my life, but the only thing on my mind was figuring out the murders at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria.

- - - - - - - - - -

The car ride was silent apart from the flooding thoughts that were screaming in my head, “what happened? Why was this happening? Why was Jonathan being like that?“. When I finally snapped back to reality, it was 10 minutes before midnight. The car screeched to a stop in the parking lot out back, and I reluctantly headed inside. The pizzeria was empty, nobody was there, not even Jonathan. I crept through the kitchen, where I was hit with the pungent smell of old Kleenex wipes. Making a sharp left turn, I headed into the east hall. I was fucking shocked, there it was, another poster talking about the murders.

′ 3 more kids were linked to the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza murder. A total of five people were lured to the backroom and went missing. The suspect is still on the loose and not found. If you notice anything suspicious, please call this number: (240)-***-***′

I scanned the poster over fifty times. Although my eyes were seeing it, my mind could not believe it. Five people.. Children at that.. What kind of sicko could possibly do this disgusting thing? My mind was racing with thoughts and theories of this incident, but nothing made any sense.

*DING* the clock... It was midnight. My breath hitched and my feet pounded against the slippery tiles as I frantically made my way to the backroom.

Realizing I never truly explored the place besides the security room I was cooped up in the past few nights, I mustered up all the courage in my body and took a look around the employee’s room. It was insane! Everywhere I turned there were animatronic parts and wires. It looked more like a workshop than an employee’s room.

I shut the door and turned on the lights.. This was a terrible idea that will surely get me fired, but the need to know was tugging at me harder than a bull. The animatronics that were there sent a shiver down my spine and goosebumps appeared like tiny mountains all over my body. Just in case, I checked inside each one.. my gut was telling me something was wrong and I cautiously listened. There was an animatronic laying on the table. Part of me was begging me to run, but another part was edging me to keep going. I slowly inched to check the animatronic on the table, holding my breath.... ALL OF A SUDDEN THE DOOR OPENED AND IT WAS BONNIE. I WENT UNDER THE TABLE AND HID. Fear swallowed me like a whale and I clenched my chest trying to muffle the sound of my heartbeat that was booming like thunder. Badum Badum Badum. I felt my warm breath shaking when it hit my legs as I was in the fetal position to fit under the table without anything noticing me. “Shit” I thought, “the animatronics are active and BONNIE IS IN THE FUCKING ROOM,“. Upon entering, the purple rabbit with the red bowtie turned to face the camera and just stared. It’s beady eyes not moving a centimeter away for what seemed like years.

- - - - - - - - - -

I quickly glanced at the clock, and it was 3 in the morning. I was in there for 3 HOURS. Knowing Bonnie will most likely stay in that position, I silently stretched my cramped legs in hope I could somehow take a peek at that last animatronic on the table. I took a deep inhale and moved my body out from under the table and looked inside the animatronic..... THERE WAS FUCKING BLOOD AND A BODY IN THERE. IT LOOKED LIKE SOMEONE GOT STUFFED IN THE SUIT. No wonder there was a rotten stench that kept getting worse as the time passed. Gagging a little in my throat, I suddenly had the urge to pee... shit.

It was mission impossible at that point. My ninja powers took over and I managed to sneak out of the employees room unnoticed and into the hallway. There was a clear shot to the bathroom but if anything saw me, I knew I would end up like the poor soul stuffed inside of an animatronic in the employee’s room. Peeking around the corner into the stage room, a sigh of relief escaped my trembling lips, there was nothing in there. Never in my life have I been excited over an empty room, yet here I was almost crying out of happiness that I was alone. Once again, I collected all the courage I had left and bolted past the show stage and into the bathroom faster than the Flash on a sugar high. After locking up the stall I settled into, I began relieving myself. All was well until I heard footsteps near the ladies bathroom. Just barely sticking my head out, there she was, that darn yellow Bonnie, she was staring at the camera. Right in front of me, Chica was staring into the camera!!!

For the next 2 hours, I sat in the same stall not knowing how I’m supposed to escape from this. But lucky for me, I HEARD CHICA LEAVING AND I REALIZED IT WAS 5:58 AM! OMFG. I checked if the coast was clear, and sprinted to the backroom. Phew. I seemed to have forgotten about the stench which made me feel light headed and nauseous when my phone buzzes in my now pee-stained khaki pants. It was Jonathan.

Jonathan: Hey, I am in the pizzeria heading into the office.

Me: ok.

Jonathan: Mike, where are you? Why aren’t you in the office?

Me: um... i went for a bathroom break?

Jonathan: I was in the bathroom earlier you weren’t there. WHERE ARE YOU?

Me: i um um

Jonathan: You better not be where I think you are!

FUCK! I ran out of the backroom and headed for the nearest exit. My car was waiting for me in the parking lot, I jumped in, revved up the engine, and zoomed out of there at the speed of light. When I could no longer see the pizzeria in my view, I pulled over and turned my emergency lights on. Bzzt bzzt. My phone buzzed again, it was Jonathan.

Jonathan: Why is the backroom door open?

Me: idk

Jonathan: Where did you go?

Me: home

Jonathan: You are up to something and I think I know what. We will talk tomorrow, when I see you.

I didn’t respond.


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