Five Nights At Freddys 1 Fanfiction

Chapter 5- Night 4 (The Day Shift)

Ever since the traumatizing events of the night before, I decided that I was going to quit the night shift and partake in the day shift.

I texted Jonathan:

Me: hey, the night shift has been extremely tiring. I would like to switch to the day shift if that is possible. Let me know quickly!

Jonathan: Sure, that sounds great! But I still need to talk to you in person. If you have the time, please come to the pizzeria at the time of the night shift so we can talk face to face. I will not be available during the day shift to speak. From now on, please come to work at 9 AM. The other employees will tell you all you need to know.

Me: ok, thank you very much!

I was still in shock over everything, and was confused as to why he needed to see me so urgently. At 8AM,I went into my closet and put on my freshly cleaned khaki pants and Freddy shirt and marched out the door. My step was fifty-thousand times lighter knowing I never have to face those horrors anymore! The old blue ford I drove seemed different now that I see it during the day. When I worked the night, I had the sleep schedule of a vampire and barely got out during daylight hours. I drove with music on this time and got to the parking lot by 8:57. I got out of my car and entered the pizzeria.

After a brief explanation of the job from one of the servers, I plopped down in a chair in the far corner of Pirates Cove. There were children playing all over. Any empty space in the area was eventually filled with a child. Parents were sitting at tables either yelling at their sobbing children to finish the greasy slice of pizza, or tapping away with their phones in front of their faces, oblivious to anything around them. Children’s nursery rhymes were playing from the speakers, but the screams of happy children blocked it out. Even though my head pounded from the constant yelling, and random pokes in the side from boogery kids, I was ecstatic. I much enjoyed being annoyed all the time rather than fearing for my life in a bathroom stall.

All seemed to be going quite smoothly, until I noticed someone in a Golden Bonnie suit lead 3 small children into the backroom. My mind began to race. Thoughts of the previous night flooded my head.. I HAD TO INVESTIGATE. After double checking if anything else was going on, and notifying another worker that I was going for a bathroom break, I crept over to the room. I opened the door very slightly and could see the entire scene. The man took off his golden bonnie mask and pulled a knife out of his pocket. Those poor children were blindfolded thinking it was some surprise, but the sick man just calmly walked over to them and stabbed each one multiple times. Their screams were muffled from the outside noise, but the noises that came out of their mouths were inhuman. The man made an animalistic growl of pleasure each time he sunk his knife into the soft flesh of the young humans in front of him.. The bodies fell to the ground barely whimpering as their lives slowly drifted away. My eyes were blurry from tears but I managed to glance at the monster who created this mess, and from the corner of his bloodied mouth, a small smile made its way on his disgusting face.

Fear and disgust crawled over my body like a million tiny centipedes. Poking each little leg into my skin and sending an icy shiver down my sweat covered back. The ham and egg sandwich in my stomach launched itself into my mouth and almost made its way out before I contained it with a swallow. Fight or flight response seemed to have shut down, because I was frozen on the floor staring off into space barely holding myself together before fainting. I watched 3 people who were barely into the world tear their throats out as they were stripped of their lives from a psychopath who found pleasure in their suffering. I shut the door and ran all the way outside to my car and frantically dialed 911 with my trembling fingers. I mustered out a small whisper just barely audible enough to tell the cops that someone murdered three children in the backroom and that the guy was most likely the person who killed the other 5 missing children.

When the cops arrived I told them everything that I witnessed, but my eyes were so blurry that I didn’t have a clear shot of his face. They ordered everyone to get out of the pizzeria. When they opened the door to the backroom where the scene went down, the guy was gone, but the children were still there. They closed down the pizzeria and they said that there is going to be an investigation for a couple of weeks.

After some more questioning from the police and a quick checkup with a doctor I shuffled to my car. As I reached the handle, I realized my knuckles were completely white from clenching my fists. I peeled my fingers apart and there were 4 bloody lines from where my nails dug into my skin. I soon realized that I did not see where the man went, he could be anywhere, so I checked behind my seat as well as the trunk of my car before I went in. My car never felt so safe and comfortable. As soon as I slid in my seat and locked myself in, I just cried. Today was yet another terrible day. 13 minutes passed, and I finally wiped my eyes enough so I could see. My phone had 52 notifications from my family, friends, and even some coworkers who heard everything on the news. I made sure everyone knew that I was safe and then texted Jonathan:

Me: hey, someone just killed 3 children in the pizzeria and they are shutting down the place.

Jonathan: Yeah I saw that on the t.v. I just can’t believe it. I know that it is closed for a couple of weeks because of the investigation, but please come down tonight by 11 PM because we need to talk.

Me: I will be there.

At 11PM I came down and entered the building, it was covered in caution tape and it was like a haunted party place. Jonathan called my name and said,

" Hey, so why was the backroom open last night?”

" I don’t know, why?” I responded with a hint of guilt buried in the back of my throat. I just keep lying to him. But he refuses to tell me anything causing me to do these stunts.

Jonathan shifted a little in his spot, clearly irritated, but he cleared his throat and spoke again in an authoritative tone,

" Did you go into it?”

“No jonathan, I did not”

My voice was getting higher and higher as I continued this lie.

" Are you sure?” He spit.

“Fine, I did” I bravely accepted, moving my eyes so I can glare right into his, “I was curious”

This confession obviously made Jonathan more triggered than he originally was.

" I specifically told you not to. But I’ll let this slide once and give you a warning. The next time this happens you’re fired.” he spoke through his gritted teeth.

“Can you tell me about the murders?” I spat. If he won’t tell me answers on his own, I’m going to have to ask him myself. This created more tension in the air. It was suffocating.

" There were no murders. You have no reason to stick your nose into places it shouldn’t be” Jonathan blurted out making me want to strangle him and demand answers.


" THEY ARE NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” Jonathan retorted ” Mike, please stop asking me about the murders. Come back here at 12 AM tomorrow because I have a job for you until 6 AM. It is going to be maintenance.” He changed the topic again.

" Even if it’s closed?” I asked, defeated.

" Yes it is your last day of the week.”


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