Five Nights At Freddys 1 Fanfiction

Chapter 6- Night 5 (The Maintanance)

I had this deep worrying feeling deep in my gut telling me something was bound to happen leaving my palms sweaty and making the back of my head itch like mad. Knowing I had to work the night once again, I attempted to take a nap. The sleep I managed to get wasn’t very helpful, and still left me tired and nervous. Disgusting thoughts took over my body and I found myself staring off into my ceiling for hours. My face and body were that of the living dead, and coffee was the only thing that seemed to bring any touch of life into my soul. When I was ready to leave the safety of my bed, I slid on my khaki pants and polo work shirt. Making sure to take my time in order to look presentable for work.
I shuffled over to my blue car with the jingling keys swinging in my hand. The entire neighborhood was sleeping peacefully, so I had to be quiet, but the screaming thoughts in my head were something else.
Few cars were on the road, all was quite calm on the drive there. Once I got to the parking lot of the pizzeria, I noticed that the place looked dark. It seemed like it had been abandoned for years already but it hasn’t even been a day. I got out of the car and opened the door of the pizzeria. Was I at the right place? How was it possible that a popular pizza place could look this old and abandoned in the span of not even a proper day? Everything was all worn down, and caution taped was littered in every corner of every room.

All of a sudden, something tapped softly at my right shoulder. A wave of fear sent a chill through my body before I turned swiftly just to face Jonathan who was looking at me bearing a sleepy smile.
“Hey Mike, so for today’s work you are going to detach the animatronics and do some maintenance work. I will see you at 6AM.” He whispered quietly with a raspy voice.

“Ok.” I responded with a sigh of relief. Thank god it was Jonathan.

“Text me if you need anything” Jonathan said before waving his hand slightly and awkwardly waddling back to his car and driving away.

As soon as Jonathan was out of sight, I found myself lost in thought again. My train mainly surfaced around why the victims were stuffed into the bodies of the animatronics , and not taken away to be buried or frozen or something. Wouldn’t that be more reasonable? To hide the bodies better, instead of somewhere that would be checked fairly often? This person was sick. I realized that I was still outside and hadn’t even gone inside, I shook myself out of space, and stepped into the building, locking the door tightly behind me.
Work was my main priority at the moment, so I began the procedure and walked up to the stage. The floor was half washed and covered in yellow caution tape. Freddy was the closest animatronic to me, so I began to dismantle him. His head was twisted, and on backwards. I reached my arms to pull it off, grabbing the fuzzy sides and slowly bringing it towards my body. A chill like an icy snake slid down my spine and my sweat beaded hands started shaking violently while holding the head of the animatronic. My body launched itself backwards and away from the scene I witnessed leaving me on my butt just staring into the inside of the beheaded animatronic. There was something inside. It was a child. A child was in the suit. The body almost looked fresh, like it was stuffed not too long ago. Maybe a couple hours or so. Why didn’t the police take care of the bodies? Or did the psycho come back later. I was confused, are there children in these other suits? I wondered.
Each animatronic emitted a foul odor, some stronger than others, but it was for sure the smell of rotting bodies and death. I rushed to dismantle the bodies of Bonnie and Chica and found more of those poor lifeless children, stuffed. What was happening, why were there still bodies in the suits after the police took away the bodies earlier? This was far too much for me alone to handle, so I texted Jonathan.

1 AM- Me: Hello Jonathan, why are there children inside of these suits? Did you even notice??

Jonathan read the text at 1:05 AM but did not answer until 2:30 AM

2:30- Jonathan: Hi, sorry, I was busy.What do you mean by children in the suits?!

2:33- Me: I mean, THERE ARE CHILDREN IN THE SUITS! What do I do?

Jonathan read the text at 2:36 but did not answer.

2:37- Me: you there?

Jonathan read the text at 2:40 but still ignored me.

The need to know was strangling me. I reluctantly finished my job of fixing the animatronics, but I left them all decapitated.

Time passed as I re-wired and slowly set up each animatronic, being careful not to touch anything inside. At 3 AM I heard a *BANG* which stopped my heart for a moment. It sounded like it was coming from the Employees room.. I opened the door, there was nothing there, but I continued to hear the sound of banging form somewhere. That’s when I took notice of another door in the room. I opened the secret door and it led to some stairs. I could still hear banging coming from down below, so I tiptoed down staying close to the walls and making sure I didn’t make a single creak. What I saw was unbelievable. JONATHAN WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES, STUFFING CHILDREN INTO SUITS.

JONATHAN, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?! I screamed, causing him to jump and look at me surprised.
“I-I-I can explain, Mike... I-I-” Jonathan stuttered removing his hands from the shoulders of a young boy who was barely halfway into the suit.
“HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO EXPLAIN THIS SIGHT?! IS THIS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING WHILE YOU LEFT ME ON READ?!” My voice shook, but I showed no fear in my stare. This was pure rage.

Jonathan shifted a bit in his place before meeting my stare with one of a mad man, “Want to know a secret,” He giggled, licking his lips, “I did it. All of them. That purple guy you speak of, the one who did this to all those kids, that’s me!”
" What?? You did all of this? You are the purple guy??” I asked, taking a step back away from the murderer who I thought to be my friend as well as my boss.
Jonathan giggled some more before putting his hand to his lips and whispering a raspy “Yes” in my direction. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he giggled like a maniac again.
“W-why would you do this?” I stuttered. Breath hitching as he took a step towards me reaching into the back pocket of his blood
in stained jeans.
“Oh, wouldn’t you like to know?” He hissed. His body straightened, and his glare burned through me like a laser.
“I’m calling the cops you psychopath.” I spat while slowly making my way to the stairs where I could turn and run, but he stepped forward once more and said,
“I don’t really think you can get away knowing all this, can you?” He then gestured to a box in the corner of a room labeled, ‘Adults’. He pulled his hand away from his back pocket beholding a knife, “and I was just starting to like you, oh what a shame, oh what a shame.” Jonathan giggled again and settled into a stern look.
“I called the cops when I discovered the children, they will be here any moment.” I shouted, causing an eyebrow raise from Jonathan and an angry scoff.
I moved far enough away from him, and bolted up the stairs, Jonathan following closely behind me. Blue and Red lights could be seen from the windows.
The cops took notice of Jonathan chasing after me bearing a knife with a crazed look, and tackled him the moment he came outside. He was put in handcuffs, and six policemen surrounded him as he shouted gruesome things at me and all the cops while making his way to a police car. I am safe.
I confessed to the police everything that Jonathan said to me in the basement, and then they asked a few more questions,
“So who are you, and why are you here? From what I know, he never went for adults” The policeman asked.
“I worked here as a nightguard, and Jonathan asked me to come and fix the animatronics..” I replied.
" I’m so sorry you had to witness all of that, we will make sure you get to a therapist because I am sure this has been traumatising. And also thank you for helping us catch that monster. He will be locked up for good, and it’s all thanks to you.” The policeman comforted me.
“Great, But what will happen to this place?” I asked, relieved.
“It was under investigation, but now that we have our culprit It will be shut down.” He replied.
“Thank God.” I sighed, “It’s finally over.”

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