Five Nights At Freddys 1 Fanfiction

Chapter 8- The Secrets of FNAF 1 Fanfiction

(This chapter has nothing to do with the plot of the book). The next chapter, which is the final chapter, will be the end of the plot line. We are deciding to take a break this week by revealing secrets!

Everyone knows that the purple guy is JONATHAN SMITH. However, that was no surprise, so let’s talk about his back story.

As a kid Jonathan Smith went through a lot of traumatic instances. His parents divorced when he was eight, and he suffered from bullying due to that. He has several mental conditions such as Depression, Schizoaffective disorder, PTSD, and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Due to the amount of harassment from his classmates as a child, Jonathan developed a strong hatred towards young children. At the age of eighteen he was so fed up with life that he attempted suicide but failed and layed in a hospital bed for 2 months. The time he sat in his white gown in the hospital he decided to dedicate his life to revenge. Because those snotty brats ruined his life, he’ll just have to ruin theirs. His Schizoaffective disorder made him kill many children. He worked at Freddy Fazbears Pizza as a manager because his father was the owner, but then gave Jonathan the responsibility when he was 30. He killed the 5 children out of anger and rage for all of the abuse he dealt with during his childhood. Jonathan lost complete control of his mind, and murdered 10 kids in total.

Here are some questions that people wonder.

Where do all the children go?

Jonathan stuffs them into the suits to hide the body. That is why the animatronics are haunted and move around during the night. The children’s souls are in the animatronics.

After Jonathan’s dad left the establishment the place went downhill.

Does the purple guy kill for pleasure?

No, he kills because he can’t control himself. Jonathan smith will most likely be in a mental hospital.

Is the food trustable?

No, the food is not trustable. The pizza is very cheap and a couple of customers reported that they had food poisoning.

Why is there such a thing as a night guard?

They need people to watch the pizzeria because the animatronics could go crazy.

What is the status of the pizzeria?

The pizzeria is permanently closed, the animatronics will be scrapped. Jonathan will be sent to jail for a very long time. The pizzeria will end up being a clothing store.

What happens to Jonathan now?

He gets sentenced to prison for the homicide of 10 people, and becomes known as the Fazbear serial killer. While in prison his disorders worsen, and he gets locked in a special cell to keep him from harming other inmates or guards.

If the children are in the animatronics, why are they evil?

Like many ghosts, they may not have been evil during life, but they died wrongly and hold a grudge against any adult they meet alone.

Why would Mike come back to the pizza place ever again after the first horror?

There was something that just felt off to Mike, and he needed the courage to go back and find out what that was. Each night brought him closer and closer to what he needed to know, but the only way to solve it was to come back and just barely survive another dreadful night.

The next chapter will be the last chapter of the book, it will reveal Mike’s other mental disorder. Chapter 9 the Finale will be posted on 5/29 Friday. I am so sad to end the book :(

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for chapter 9 coming next Friday! The next chapter will be the last chapter of the book, it will reveal Mike’s other mental disorder. Chapter 9 the Finale will be posted on 5/29 Friday. I am so sad to end the book :( Make sure to vote and comment.



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