Indina Potter's Story

Chapter 3: Getting To Know The Famiyl

I sat at the table in the Leaky Cauldron, opposite my mum, who was sat next to my dad, who was opposite Harry. We had just arrived here for our family lunch. Hopefully we can try and be normal, I really wanted to get to know everyone.

"Okay what does everyone want to drink?" Dad asked.

"A butterbeer please. Indina you have to get one they are to die for." Harry told me.

"Okay then, I'll have one too. How are you buying this guys?" I asked.

"I have a volt in Gringotts, I went there this morning, that's where I went. Boy did I attract some attention, I guess not everyone is used to seeing a dead person alive." Dad laughed.

"James." Lily scolded.

"Calm down I'm only joking." He laughed again.

Well something I knew about my dad was that he was a joker, and with my mum she was the serious parent. They were the perfect combination of parents, you always have to have the fun and playful one and then the serious one who takes no shit. I really do love my parents though.

"So that is 4 butterbeers then." Dad said.

"You haven't taken everyone's orders." I pointed out.

"I don't need to. I went to school with your mum since we were 11, I know everything about your mum." Dad said, looking at me then at mum towards the end of the sentence.

"This is true." Mum said.

Dad went up to the bar to order our drinks whiles I look at mum and Harry. I didn't really know what to say. Do I even call my mum, mum? Or do I call her Lily? It is like talking to a stranger really. I decided to go with neither.

"So, what was Hogwarts like when you were there?" I asked, looking at mum.

"It was incredible. I was obviously muggle born so I had no idea that I was a witch until the middle of July when my letter came. But to say I had no idea I caught on pretty quick, I was top of my class." Mum said proudly.

"Just like Hermione, she had no idea either." Harry said.

"She seems like a nice girl that Hermione. She seems like a lovely girl." Mum said.

"She is, she is really nice. What was dad like in school?" Harry asked.

"Well your Dad was very much like Fred and George. There was himself, and Sirius, Remus and this other guy called Peter. They were the best of friends. They used to go by the Marauders. They're nicknames were Prongs, who was your dad, Padfoot was Sirius, Moony was Remus and then Peter was Wormtail."

"Peter is a dick though." Harry said.

"Harry is right though. He was the one who betrayed us to that monster. That is how he found out our address, we trusted Peter to be our secret keeper and he betrayed us, but he died years ago now from what I have heard." Mum said.

"I'm glad he's dead then if that is what he was like." I said.

"Yeah. But Dad and his friends made this map called the Marauders Map. It shows the whole of Hogwarts Castle and it shows footprints of the individual people that walk through it. I had it in third year and still have it now, but I have finished school now so I'll give it probably to my kids when I have them." Harry said.

"No way that's awesome. Dad seems really cool when he was in school."

"That's because I was." Dad walked over and sat back down in his seat.

We all laughed at him as he carried on talking.

"School was the best years of my life, I will never forget them. If it weren't for Peter Pettigrew everything about school would have been perfect. Even the fact that your mum hated me in school made waking up worth it to get her to love me." Dad said.

"You hated dad in school?" Harry and I said simultaneously.

Mum laughed and then replied. "I didn't hate him but his childish behaviour and pranks used to really get under my skin, and with Sirius dating my best friend Marley he was always with her and your dad used that as excuse to spend time with me. Then I was appointed Head Girl and your dad was appointed Head Boy and then we had to share a common room and eventually we got together." Mum said.

"I can't believe that dad." I said.

"Me neither." Harry said.

"Okay but enough of me when I was in school. Harry, what were you like in school?" Dad asked.

"I was just the usual kid, sort of. School was a good experience but something happened every year which didn't make it the best. But Voldemort is dead now so he can't hurt any of us anymore."

"Okay and what about Ginny? What is going on with her?" Dad asked.

I looked at Harry and I could see the embarrassment on his face. Something has definitely happened with them two, they seem really adorable together though, but as long as Harry is happy I don't mind what happens.

"Well we used to date a year ago for a few months but it was a secret, no one knew, but we talked about getting back together after the war had ended but I don't really know how to mention it." Harry said.

"I guess there is no certain way to bring it up, if it is meant to be it will happen. But you should definitely make a move, you would be completely adorable together." I said.

He laughed a little and then replied, "I do want to be with her it's just getting the courage to make the move."

"Yeah I know. But how about we order some food because I am starving."

"Definitely." Mum passed the menus around the table.

I looked at my menu and decided on hunters chicken which was chicken, bacon and cheese with a side of chips and beans. As everyone ordered I wondered if things were going to stay this good, if I would be this happy forever. I hope so. Once everyone had finished their meals and another round of drinks was finished we all headed back to Grimmauld Place, going through the floo network. It was 4pm once we arrived back all the kids were in the garden. Molly was in the kitchen preparing dinner and Arthur was no where to be seen. They were all sat on the grass, the sun beaming down on them. There was Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George. Harry and I joined them in their conversation about Hogwarts.

"They said it should be re-built by September in time for everyone to go off to Hogwarts again. They also said that everyone that was in seventh year last year gets to resit their year since it was so awful since death eaters were practically running the castle. So Harry, Ron, Hermione you all get the opportunity to go back to school for another year." Fred said.

"No thanks, I don't want to have to resit another year." Ron said.

"Yeah me either, I just want to become an Auror already." Harry added.

"What and you think that you can become an Auror without your N.E.W.T.S, no chance Harry you need to return to get the grades you need." Ginny said.

"Yeah come on boys it will be nice to have one sane year without anything out of the ordinary happening." Hermione said.

"Well I'll consider it." Harry said.

"I wont. I dont need any more grades than what I have, I don't know what I want to be yet so I'll spend the year figuring it out." Ron said.

Fred and George then starting laughing their heads off. What was so funny? I looked at them curiously as the carried on cracking up. Once they composed themselves they looked at us and George started talking. I know the difference between them since George has part of his ear chopped off.

"You really think mum is going to let you relax for the year. Let me tell you know when she finds out, if she doesn't already know about this new thing about you getting to resit she will make you go to Hogwarts. When we left she made us go out and get jobs but that is only because we couldn't go back. But we had the money from Harry after the triwizard tournament so we opened up our joke shop." George said.

"Yeah good luck on thinking you can stay home." Fred added.

"Trust me, she will let me stay home, I am not resitting my year at Hogwarts." Ron said.

"You didn't even slightly sit it Ron, we were searching for and destroying horcruxes, you didn't even get on the Hogwarts Express. So your just going to your last year at Hogwarts." Hermione said.

Ron rolled his eyes at her and just started another conversation about quidditch but I just tuned out, staring at Fred as he smiled and joked around with his family. He really was gorgeous with his darker ginger hair than he had years ago, I knew this through pictures, and his bright blue eyes. I got up and walked into the kitchen for a drink, had a glass of water out of the tap but as soon as I was about to walk outside I was yanked into the hallway, the door closed behind me. I straightened myself up and stared into the eyes of Fred Weasley.

"What the hell Fred?" I asked.

"Hey, you said to get you when I wanted to talk, and I saw you were free so I thought hey, perfect time to talk. Let's go into my bedroom." Fred said.

I followed him up the stairs and walked into a bedroom with 2 double beds in it. I flopped down onto the bed that Fred sat on and looked up at him, waiting for him to talk.

"So tell me a bit about you." Fred said.

"Well there isn't much to tell, I was dead for 17 years and I don't remember anything from when I was a baby. So you talk." I said.

"Well I have 1 sister and 5 brothers, Bill is the oldest, then Charlie, Percy, George, Ron and then Ginny. We grew up in the Burrow, we never really had much money growing up, but now I own Weasley's Wizard Wheezes with George, have done for a year now. Then I died and woke up to a really pretty girl who knew me but I didn't know her."

"Well your very sweet, and I did know you, sort of. In my trance I knew you. But in there you didn't own your joke shop or anything like that."

"That was a very messed up world then. So Indina, let's start from the bottom. What's your favourite colour?"

"Red. Yours?"

"Green. Like a bright neon green. What's your favourite film?"

"I don't know. I haven't watched a film before. That sounds so silly, but I like romance and all of that so I picture I would like a romance type film, or a comedy. What's yours?" I asked.

"Mine is Blended. It is some muggle film, I watched it with Harry before, he brought a DVD player round, it is still here now and we have a bunch of DVD's. Maybe we can watch one some time."

"I'd like that. When I was growing up until obviously when I was 3 I remember the muggle things around our house, my mum was muggle born so she is big on televisions and stuff." I said.

"Yeah we have a television, thanks to Harry, before if we wanted to watch one of them film things mum or dad would cast a spell with the film in their mind and a big screen would appear, like a bubble type thing. It was so cool."

"Can you show me?" I asked.

"Sure." He said, grabbing his wand off his bedside table. "televario." He muttered and then a screen came on and a film started. At the start it said blended.

"Oh blended. Wanna watch it?" I asked him.

"Of course, you are going to love it."

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