The Raven

Chapter: 2

I straightened my outfit after I stood up from my seat on the bus. We were on our way to the choosing ceremony and to say that I was now nervous would be right. The test I knew would come out the way that they did, I just didn't know the significance until after my test when I found out I fit into all of the factions. That night it would be safe to say that I got next to no sleep because I was tossing and turning all night.

I got off the bus with everybody else and we starting walking into the school, where the choosing ceremony is always held. As we walked up to the building there were people from all the different fractions walking in. As usual we waiting for the people in front and in back of us to go in before we entered the building and the same went for when we walked into the room where the choosing ceremony took place. The room was large with each faction sitting in it's usual spot from Abnegation to Amity to Erudite to Candor then lastly Dauntless that was closest to the entrance. We slowly started walking to our seats when we were stopped by the Erudite leader.

"Hello Andrew, I didn't realize that all of your children were choosing today." Jeanine says before shaking Father's hand. "It is nice to see you again also Natalie." she says and shakes Mothers hand before turning to us. "and what your all of your names?" She asks and I lightly smile.

"I am Nevara and this is my older bother Caleb and my twin sister Beatrice." I reply first before anybody else can say anything and I shake her hand with a firm hold.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Nevara, Caleb, Beatrice you are making a difficult decision today but trust yourself, you know yourself better then anybody else does." Jeanine replies.

"It shouldn't be hard I mean the test told us where we would fit best, so it isn't a hard decision." Beatrice speaks up and I quietly sigh and Jeanine sends a small glare at Beatrice before putting on a fake smile.

"It is ultimately your decision where you want to be, the test tells you what faction you should be in not the faction you have to be in." Jeanine replies.


"Beatrice she is right, choose where you would feel most comfortable and not what anybody else says." I cut in, not wanting to hear her argue with Jeanine about something so stupid.

"Thank you Nevara, now I have to start the ceremony if any of you ever need anything you know where I will be." She says before walking away.

"Come on, lets go and take our seats." Father says before leading us to our seat and we sit Father first then Mother, me, Beatrice then Caleb.

The ceremony soon starts and the names slowly start being called and people choose there faction that they will be spending the rest of their lives in. Soon it is Caleb's turn to go and he slowly stands up and makes his way to the platform where five bowls are each with something that represents each faction. In Abnegation's bowl there are small grey stones, in Erudite there is crystal clear water, Amity has earth, there is glass in the Candor bowl and in the Dauntless bowl there is lit coals. Caleb steps up and takes the knife into his hand and slowly cuts his palm and allows a single drop of blood to fall into the bowl that belonged to Erudite. There was loud clapping and I turn to see Mother and Father looking really sad.

"Beatrice Prior." Marcus calls and Beatrice slowly gets up from her seat and walks up to the platform. She slits her hand and holds it in front of the Abnegation bowl but at the last moment before the blood drops moves it into the Dauntless bowl. There was a slight sizzle as the blood hit and that is when the Dauntless erupted into loud applause. Once Beatrice had taken her new seat my name was called and I walked up the bowl.

When I stood up there I knew where I wanted to go, I knew which place would fit me more. It wasn't with my parents, it wasn't with my brother, it wasn't with the famers, it wasn't with the truth tellers, no it was with my sister in Dauntless. I slowly slit my palm and allowed a drop to flow into the Dauntless bowl. As soon as this happened the Dauntless exploded again and I walked off the platform and sat next to my sister, I looked at my parents and saw that they looked completely heart broken but I know that I made the right choice even if I did fit in all the factions.

As soon as the whole ceremony was done the Dauntless left, we started running in thei- our normal fashion and we soon got to the train tracks but we had to climb to get up to them. As everybody else started climbing I joined in and I looked down to see Beatrice slowly following me. When we reached the top we saw the train racing towards us and we started running to get up to speed with the train, I easily got on and pulled Beatrice with me so she wouldn't fall but she fell onto a ex-Candor.

"Sorry." Beatrice mutters while looking down.

"It is fine, I am Christina and you both are?" She asks with a smile on her face.

"I am Nevara and this is my twin Beatrice." I introduce for the second time today.

"Well it is nice to meet you both, I am sure that we will be great friends." She says and I nod in agreement knowing that it is best to make friends in a new place then to be alone. "I have to say that it is surprising that a set of twins from Abnegation choose Dauntless."

"Yeah, I am sure that everybody was surprised by this." Beatrice says and we spend the next 10 or so minutes talking before we heard somebody give orders.

"Get ready!" She calls and we all look at each other before standing up and watching as they all jump off of the train and onto a roof top. I jumped off before Beatrice and Christina but I was still one of the last. I landed on the roof with a small bounce before balancing myself again as I watched Christina and Beatrice jump then tumble onto the roof. Once they got up from the ground we walked over to where the rest of the group were all standing by the edge of the roof.

"I am Eric" A man says with a couple of piercings and tattoos that are from the neck up since that is the only part of him that we can see, he looks around at all of us and his eyes hesitate on mine for a few moments before moving on. "Now to get into the Dauntless compound you will have to jump off the roof-"

"What is there water under there or something?" A boy asks who is figure is from Erudite because of his blue clothing.

"I guess that you will find out, won't you?" He asks with a smirk on his face. "If you then if proves that you are not Dauntless and you shouldn't be here." Eric continues. 'Now who is first?" He asks and looks at everybody and nobody says anything for a couple of seconds.

"I will." I say, knowing that it would be a good time to start proving myself.

"Alright Stiff, lets go." Eric says while stepping away from the edge as I walk up and quickly go to the edge. I climb up on the side and look down, smiling before looking back at Beatrice and winking before jumping off head first. Once I am in mid air I start doing a few summersaults until I was about 8 feet from the net that I now see and stay down on my back until I land. I smile brightly as I roll off the net after somebody holds it down for me and I roll off.

"Wow a Stiff first and how you entered was amazing." Says a women and I smile.


"What were you pushed to go first?" The women continues.

"Lauren shut up. Now what is your name?" I man asks that looks no older then 19.

"Nevara." I reply with a small smile.

"Announce it Four." Lauren says and Four nods.

"FIRST JUMPER NEVARA!!" Four yells and everybody starts clapping and cheering loudly and I was lead to the group of Dauntless that were waiting to congratulate me.

"Welcome to Dauntless." Some of them say just as I hear the net move as somebody else lands on it, I turn my head and see that it was Beatrice.

"SECOND JUMPER TRIS!" Four yells and every -including me- starts clapping as Bea- Tris walks over to me.

"That was amazing Nevara how did you know how to do that?" She asks as she comes over to stand next to me.

"I don't know, it just came naturally." I say with a shrug and we make small talk with a few Dauntless people until they are all dismissed when all the newbes have jumped.

"Now Dauntless born follow me, the rest of you stay here." Eric says and about 1/2 or the people leave and the rest of us stay with Four.

"I am Four and I will be your instructor for the rest of your training." Four says with a straight face. "Now come along I will show you everywhere." He says before walking away and we all follow him. "Now first we are going to be going to the Pit, it is a place that you will learn to love." When we reached the Pit we realized why it was called what it was called, that area itself was so large that you couldn't see form one end to the other, the walls were made of all uneven rocks but every so often there would be a place where people could sit in the spaces which you could get to by taking narrow paths and steps. The only light that was on were lanterns that hung almost everywhere. "Now I will show you the chasm." He says walking away to the right side of the Pit, which has no lighting around it.

The chasm turned out to be a large hole the size of a large pond with about a 70 feet until you reached the bottom which was flowing with roaring waters. The only thing that made it so you didn't plummet to your death was an iron barrier that only went up to my waist and I was only 5'9" so that was not really saying anything when most of the people that I saw were like 6 feet tall.

"The chasm reminds us that there is a fine line between bravery and idiocy. The balance is something for you to figure out of your own." Four yells over the roaring waters before continuing. "Come on lets go." He says and starts leading us away form the chasm.

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