The Raven

Chapter: 3

Four lead us to a dark hole in the wall and we walked through it and found that it lead to a dark hallway. We continued following him until we entered a large room where there were tons of tables that people were all eating at. Four lead us over to an empty table and we all sat down and started eating. I sat across from Four who was sitting next to Tris, Chrisina and a few other people that I didn't know and next to me was the boy from Erudite.

"What have you never heard of a hamburger before?" Christina asks Tris because Tris is looking at it confused and I laugh a little while taking a one for myself and taking a bit of it before starting on my salad.

"No I haven't." Tris replies and Christina looks at her shocked.

"How?" Is all Christina asks.

"Because Abnegation don't indulge themselves in food with seasonings." Says the Erudite boy next to me. "Hi I am Will." He says and sticks out his hand and Tris, then Christina then I shake it.

"Nice to meet you, I am Nevara." I reply and he nods, smiling at me. "And you are?" I ask the boy sitting next to Will.

"Oh, I am Al it is nice to meet you." The boy replies and I give a small smile before heading back to my salad, not really liking the hamburger. We were all sitting and eating when Eric made his way over to the table and leaned down to talk to Four, but even when he did so he still kept his eyes on my only glancing at Four to make sure that he was paying attention.

"Ah Four, what have you been doing lately?" Eric finally asks.

"Nothing really." Is all Four replies before taking a small sip of water.

"Max tells me he keeps trying to meet with you, and you don't show up," Eric says before continuing "he requested that I find out what's going on with you."

"Then tell him that I am happy with the position that I am in right now, and I don't want what he offers." Four replies and Eric nods before turning away and looking at me, Tris and Christina.

"Well then, introduce me to these newbes." Eric says still not taking his eyes off of me.

"I am Nevara." I say and he holds out his hand and I extend mine and shake his.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, I am glad that you decided to unstiff yourself." He says before letting go of my hand and looking at Tris and Christina. "And you both are?"

"I am Tris,"

"and I am Christina."

"Twin stiffs, how rare. Lets see how long you last." Eric says looking at Tris before looking at me with a small smile before walking away.

"Are you to.... friends?" Tris asks and at this I can't help roll my eyes because I know that they definitely aren't friends.

"We were in the same initiate class," Four says before looking at Tris, "he is a Erudite transfer."

"You were a transfer?" Tris asks and Fours sends a small glare at her.

"I thought that I would only have a problem with Candor's asking questions, now I got an Stiff asking also?" He asks and I smirk.

"Well at least it is only if you were a transfer and not anything else." I reply and they all look at me a little shocked. "What?"

"I was just going to say that you must be really approachable." Tris says, taking the attention from me and I smirk at her.

"Be careful you two." Is all he says before turning back to him dinner.

"I think that you both have a death wish, don't you?" Christina asks both of us and I smile at her.

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't." Is all I reply before heading back to my dinner. When we are done eating Eric heads over to our table and we all get up and head out of the room right behind Four and Eric. We walk for a couple of minutes down a long hallway then we stop and see a door.

"Now each morning you are to be in the training room at 8 o'clock sharp, training will go until 6 every evening and we will break for lunch mid day. Now what you do after 6 o'clock is your choice so use it wisely. There will be 3 stages before you become a member and each round you will be ranked, by the end of initiation there will only be 11 of you left that that is including the Dauntless born. There is 11 Dauntless born and 10 of you so buck up. Do your best and that will help you move on to the next level. So I will see you in the morning. " Eric says before walking away and Four leads us into our new sleeping arrangements. When we walk into the room we see 2 rows of beds with 5 on one side and 5 on the other, there is a stack of clothes on our bed but nobody was really paying attention to that because we see that in front of us the bathroom is open to everybody. There is no hiding anything here, not even when you are using the restroom. Oh well this is my new home and I plan on making it that, no matter how uncomfortable I am right now.

I walk over to my bed at the far corner and Tris joins right next to me followed by Christina then Will then finally Al in our row. I look down at the clothes and smile slightly, the black jeans and t-shirt with black gym shoes and a black leather jacket. It is so different then what the Abnegation wear, while they are all the same color which is like Abnegation these clothes are meant to be skin tight and not baggy like in Abnegation.

"I will be here at 7 am to get you up, now go to sleep." Four says before walking out of the room and I start changing into the sleeping clothes that are provided for us which are a loose t-shirt and sweat pants. I figure that the quicker I change the quickly people wouldn't see me so I quickly change and lay down on my bed while the others continue changing. Once we are all done somebody goes and turns off the lights and we all go to bed.

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