The Raven

Chapter: 4

I woke up at 7 am to the light coming on in the sleeping quarters. I hear everybody growl but I just sit up, running my hand through my hair before rubbing my eyes to get the sleep out.

"Everybody UP and get dressed, I will give you 10 minutes when you are done come out to the hall. If you aren't there by then then we are leaving you." Four yells and everybody slowly get out of bed but you see I am a morning person so I for me it wasn't that bad to be up this early. I quickly get up and into the bathroom and use it quickly before anybody else comes in, after washing my hands I walked back to my bed and started changing into the clothes that I would be wearing that day. After I got dressed I put my hair into a high pony tail before looking at Tris and see that she is slowly changing and only had her pants on so far.

"Tris hurry up. I will be waiting outside for you but you need to get use to this." I say before walking out of the room and see Four leaning against the wall with nobody else out yet. "Morning Four." I say while standing against the wall opposite of him.

"Hello." Is all he says and I smile a little.

"I am guessing that you are not a morning person?"

"What made you guess that? And you must be a morning person."

"That would be me and I figured because your attitude and like not talking." I say with a smirk and he just stares at me for a minute before looking away.

"You are not like your sister are you?"

"Nope, not really but I like being not her." I say as the door open and Peter, Molly and Drew come out followed by Edward and Myra.

"Tell them that they have five minutes to get out here before I am leaving." Four says to Myra who nods and heads back into the room, and she soon comes back and nods showing that she told them. "Well today we will be starting our physical training, if I know Eric we will be practicing most of the day before the last two hours when we will be actually fighting." He says after a few minutes of silence which is only continued by more silence until the door opens and Tris comes out followed by Christina, Will and Al. "Lets go." He says before starting to walk away and we all follow him down the hall to the dining room. We walk to the table that we sat at yesterday night and sat down, starting to eat our breakfast.

When we were all done it was 7:50 and Four stood up, followed by all of us and we walked out of the room and to the training room. The training room was huge hand had many different sections in it like a place to shoot, a place where mats were set up to fight, a place where punching bags where and a place to practice you knife skills. We all gathered around a mat there Eric was standing and Four took a spot to standing next to him.

"The first thing that you will be learning in your training will be how to fight in hand-to-hand combat." Eric says looking around at all of us with a smile on his face. "You will be practicing for most of the day but at the end of the day you will each fight somebody, this will be ranked and will count. So make it count." He says before he goes into a long spiel about fighting techniques.

It was not about 4 o'clock when Eric finally yells for all of us to stop practicing and we all gather around him, waiting for him to say something.

"Now we are going to actually fight, you will fight until you can't fight any longer. Nevara and Molly your first." Eric says before stepping away as Molly and I set up into the mat.

"Lets see how well a Stiff can fight." Molly growls and being as impatient as she is she charges first but I duck under her are and before she can reset herself I hit her hard in the side, making her cry out in pain.

"Don't call me that." I growl in barely above a whisper so only she can hear me before hitting her in the face before kicking her hard in the gut. She falls to the ground and tries to curl up into a ball but her ribs are hurting her to much to do so, so she just cries out in pain. I look up at Eric and see him nod, telling me to finish it and I quietly sigh before bring my foot down on her face, making her black out. When I am done I look around at everybody and they are looking at me a little shocked.

"That was excellent Nevara." Eric praises while Peter and Drew pick Molly up off the mat and send a glare my way before walking away. "That is how you fight and that was only about a minute fight and you didn't get hurt at all, she didn't even get one hit in. Good job. Now Edward and Peter go." He says and I get off the mat as they both get on and start fighting as I go and stand next to Tris, Christina, Al and Will.

"That was great Nevara, scary but great. Remind me never to get you angry." Christina says with a chuckle.

"If I have to remind you then it is already to late Christina." I say and we all laugh a little.

"How did you know how to do that?" Tris asks in a confused voice, because before I choose Dauntless I had never in my life ever done anything violent.

"It is instinct Tris, while I was training I would watch people and see how they acted while they were fighting. Like if they stepped before they punched, where they left open to hit and where their weak spots were."

"And for that you are brilliant, you were paying attention when I said to mind your enemies before they attack." Eric says from behind me and I turn my head to look at him and smile at him as I see him smiling.

"Thank you Eric."

"I was just giving praise where it is deserved." He says with a small nod and another smile.

"Well either way it is greatly appreciated."

"Well then, your welcome." He says before turning away back to the fight between Edward and Peter.

By the end of the day the board showing our rankings was up and when I looked I saw that I was in 1st place, probably because of my time and not getting hit at all. When we all saw our rankings we all went to dinner and ate our dinner while making small talk with each other.

"Can you believe that you are ranked first Nevara, I mean I knew that your time and everything was amazing but even above the Dauntless born that is amazing." Will says with a smile on his face.

"It doesn't matter if you are Dauntless born all that matters is your skill level. There could be Dauntless born that can't fight at all but they choose here anyways, we will just have to look at the results at the end." I say before taking a bite of the salad that I had put on my plate.

"She is right, just think that the Dauntless born are a class of students that you want to beat. Don't think that they are better then you are because there are some Dauntless born that are not as good as some of you." Four says, coming into the conversation for a minute before looking down at his food and starting to eat again. "But some of you need to improve or you won't make it mast the first stage." He says looking at Tris and I see a mixture or pity, scared and.... attraction, hmm I will have to ask Tris about it later. "When you are all done eating you can do what ever but make sure that you are in the dorms by 9." He says before getting up and leaving us at the table.

"Guys I think I want to get a tattoo tonight." Christina says after a few minutes and we all look at each other before nodding. We all get up and walk to where we can get tattoos and we start looking around. I saw Tori cleaning her tools and Tris trying to talk to her and I roll my eyes and grab the tattoo that I wanted before heading over to where Tori and Tris are standing.

"Tori can you put this on my back?" I ask and Tori turns and gives me a small grateful look before taking the tattoo from me. "Then if you don't mind I want to get a piercing or two." I say with a smile and she nods away and leads me to the back room.

"Take your shirt off and I will be around the curtain, when you are done lay down on the chair back up then call me back in." She says before leaving and I do what she says and she comes back in. "I am surprised that you are getting this one for your first tattoo."

"Well the flames are for Dauntless and the ravens is for my name since my name is a raven backwards." I explain.

"Smart and it is something that you will never get tired of, if you could see it."

"Exactly." I say with a smile as she puts a large patch over my back that had the pattern of tattoo that I wanted.

"This tattoo will take about 20 minutes to finish, then we can do the piercing if you want?"

"That would be great thanks." I say and we spend the next 20 minutes making small talk before I felt the pressure of the patch coming off my back.

"It is done, do you want to look at it now of after you get the piercings?" Tori asks.

"I will look now so I can get dressed before the piercings." I say and she nods and stands up.

"There is the mirror take your time to get ready then call me back in." She says before leaving the room and I slowly get up before looking in the mirror. When I look in the mirror I give off a huge smile because it came out better then I expected, after looking in the mirror for a minute I get dressed again before calling in Tori. "Alright now what piercings do you want?" She asks and we do the piercings and they look great when I am done. "Now I am going to go and give your sister a tattoo. Are you going to wait with her? The rest of your friends just decided on their tattoos so you are going to have to wait for all of them."

"Yeah I will wait with Tris." I say, getting up from the chair and following Tori out to where Tris was sitting. "Tris what did you decide?" I ask and she holds up a drawing with 4 ravens on the front. "What does it mean?"

"It represents a member of each of the Prior family and they are ravens because my raven sister was the one to stay with me." Tris says with a smile and I smile back.

"What can I say? I fit in best here." I say with a shrug while sitting down next to Tris.

"Yeah that is what I heard. I heard that you beat somebody in less then a minute, that true?" Tori asks while putting a small patch on Tris's collarbone.

"Yeah, I beat Molly who is the toughest girl transfer."

"Well she was until you beat her." Tris says and I roll my eyes.

"I may physically now be the toughest but her attitude is the darkest and toughest." I explain and Tris nods in agreement.

"So what is your tattoo Nevara?"

"I will show you later, to get the full affect you need to see the whole thing and once and it takes up my whole back."

"Alright, well your tattoo is done Tris." Tori says while taking off the patch and handing Tris a small mirror so she can see the tattoo. "I think that it looks great, it is small and simple unlike your sisters who's is large yet simple." She says with a laugh that I join in on.

"You got that right, come on Tris everybody else should be done by now." I say and help her up before thanking Tori and walking to through the rest of the shop to the front where Christina, Will and Al are all waiting for us. "Hey guys, how did it go?"

"It went great I got a small one on the bottom of my back." Will says with a smile.

"I got one on the top of my shoulder blade." Christina says.

"I got a spider on my arm." Al says while holding it up.

"What did you get Tris, Nevara?" Christina asks as we walk out of the shop and into the Pit.

"I got 4 flying birds on my collar bone." Tris explains and everybody looks at me expectantly next.

"I will show you later tonight but it is on my spine." I say and they all nod.

"Well it is time to go back to the dorms anyways, you can show us then." Christina says as we continue walking "Oh and Nevara I like the piercings."

"Thanks Christina.' I say as we continue walking through the halls and into the dorm room where mostly everybody is already there besides Peter, Molly and Drew.

"You can show us now, won't you?" Christina asks excitedly and I nod my head and walk over to my bed and take off my shirt and turn around, hearing them all gasp. "That is beautiful Nevara." She says while walking over and lightly touching the ravens. "Why ravens? I get the flame though."

"My name is a raven backwards." I explain and they all make an 'oh' noise.

"Well that is beautiful." Will says as I put on my night shirt and turn around to see Al nodding and Tris gaping with an open mouth.

"You ok Tris?" I ask in a somewhat worried tone.

"What- Oh yeah I am fine I just didn't expect you to have such a large tattoo." She explain and I smile.

"It just caught my eye." I explain and they nod. "Well lets get ready for bed we will probably have to get up early tomorrow anyways." I say and they all turn away and start changing as I climb into bed and soon fall asleep.

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