The Raven

Chapter: 5

It had been about a week since the first stage of initiation started and everything has been going great, especially if you count that I am still in first place for becoming a Dauntless. We had started working with shooting guns and that was more fun then beating people at hand-to-hand combat.

Right now I was sitting in one of the alcoves overlooking the chasm, I sat criss-cross and had my hair pulled over my left shoulder. I sat with my eyes closed listening to the loud water of the chasm below me when I heard stomping footsteps slowly making there way towards me and I recognized the steps...

"Hello Eric." I say, not turning around or even opening my eyes to look at him.

"How did you know that it was me?" He asks, slowly walking towards me and taking a seat next to me on the rock that I was sitting on.

"Your footsteps are very distinctive, everybody that is a initiate or you or Four I know." I reply, still not opening my eyes.

"Something that I find amazing Nevara, now why are you up here all alone. You can never know what people would do if they found you here all alone." Eric says in a concerned voice.

"I was sitting and thinking about everything that has happened lately and what is going to come. When is the next stage starting, and this stage finishing?" I ask still not looking at him, but now having my eyes open.

"The next stage begins in two days, the last day for this stage is done tomorrow." He says with a smile that I can't help but think is hiding something.

"What are you planning for tonight, I know that you are hiding something like a 'field trip'." I say while putting air quotes around the field trip.

"You are right, we are going to go and play capture the flag tonight." Eric says without even skipping a beat after I asked the question.

"Why are you trusting me with that information, I could just go and tell everybody right now and it wouldn't be a surprise any more." I say, now completely turning to look at him and see that his eyes are staring at me, and that they are softer then they are when he is around everybody else.

"Because I trust you, why... I have no idea but I feel that I need to trust you and that it is the right thing to do. Plus I know that you won't tell anybody that would rein the fun for you of knowing ahead of time."

"True, though I still find it surprising that you are trusting me and that you are sitting here and being nice." I say, sending a small smile his way that he seems to almost return.

"Why wouldn't I be nice to you?"

"Well you are not really nice to all the other initiates, especially my sister who you kicked out as soon as she hit the ground yesterday." I reminded him with a frown on my face that he returns.

"Well I know that she isn't going to make it past the first round, so why make her try anymore?" He asks in a somewhat confused tone.

"If I know my sister, which I do. I would say that she will wake up tonight and come to play capture the flag with us, she is going to prove herself tonight." I say in a confident tone.

"Why do you say that?" He asks, still looking at me confused.

"Because fear wakes her up, it doesn't shut her down like most people Eric. If she has a fear of being kicked out of Dauntless she will do anything she can to be able to stay. If she comes tonight, will you allow her to play so she can prove herself?" I ask while looking at him with almost pleading eyes and he smiles a little.

"Fine, but I am not changing her position in rankings just because you want her to stay."

"I would never ask that, she has to earn what spot she is getting and you have to admit that she is getting better at fighting."

"Not as good as you."

"Come no Eric, nobody is as good as me, at least out of all the initiates." I say with a small laugh that comes with his chuckling.

"I guess that you are right. Nevara if you don't mind me asking, what tattoo do you have?" He asks and I know that he saw the top of the tattoo and that is why he is asking.

"It is a raven flying out of a fire, see" I say bringing up the bottom of my shirt to show him the bottom of the tattoo before pulling it back down again. " the rest is the raven circling the fire and slowly getting smaller." I explain while turning around so I am facing him again and he looks a little shocked and confused.

"I never thought that a former Stiff would get a tattoo, none the less that big of one. Also why the raven?"

"Well I use to be a stiff I am not one now and to be honest I never was one, and as for the raven my name is a raven spelled backwards." I say and realization hits his face.

"Well you are my raven." Eric says and think that it is before he can stop himself because he looks shocked once that comment comes out.

"I am sorry, what did you say?" I ask, wanting to know if he would be brave enough to say it again.

"Nothing." Is all he says but I smile, knowing that being physically and mentally brave is different then being brave with love.

"Yes you did, you said that I was your raven." I say with a smile and he looks at me again, a little shocked that I sound so happy and not angry about it.

"You don't mind that I said that?"

"No I think that it is sweet, I have never been anybody's before." I reply and a smile spreads across his face.

"So you are accepting to be my raven?" He asks in a hopeful voice and I might now know my feelings for Eric right now but I know that it is a positive feeling, and one that isn't just teacher-to-student or friend-to-friend.

"Yes Eric, I will be your raven." I say with a smile as he lights up at my first word and before I can say anything else he leans forward and captures my lips onto his. As my first kiss and me not having anything to compare it to is was amazing, and would probably be the best one that I will ever had since it was my first. After a minute we pull away and smile at each other fondly.

"I am so happy that you agreed." He says after we catch our breath from the kiss.

"I am happy that you asked." I reply.

"Well as you know we need to keep this a secret until after initiation, or at least with the other initiates with the others it doesn't really matter." Eric explains and I nod in agreement.

"Yes I don't think that it would be popular with any other initiate if we came out about our relationship right now."

"I am glad that you understand, at least that you aren't one of those girls that want to come out right away once they make it official." Eric says, sighing in relief.

"Eric I was raised a Stiff, they don't do that in Abnegation."

"Well you have no idea how happy I am that you decided to leave, if you hadn't then I would have never found my raven." He says, taking my hand into his and pulling me closer to him so our shoulders are touching.

"So am I, I also don't think that I could live the rest of my life there." I say even though I know that it is a lie, I know that I could have lived the rest of my life as an Abnegation but I wouldn't have felt as complete as I do right now.

"Yes, wearing grey all the time and being selfless all the time must be hard and a real downer on life." He says and I give a small shrug, seeing that he has a point in what he is saying. Everything that we have in Abnegation is grey from the clothes to the houses to even the furniture that isn't made of wood.

"It was hard living with it for 16 years, it is kind of depressing all grey all the time." I explain before looking up through the windows of the chasm to try and estimate a time. "I should probably go and see Tris before grabbing my jacket so I am not late for our capture the flag game." I say before getting up and he follows my lead.

"I will except your sister to try and rank higher if she comes to the capture the flag game, if she doesn't then she will be out." Eric explains and I nod my head.

"I understand, I will have to see if she is up when I get there if she is then I will tell her." I say and he shakes his head.

"Don't tell her, she has to decide to try again on her own."

"Alright, well I will see you later." I say and he lightly pecks me on the cheek before I walk away from what I think I will now consider to be 'our spot'. I walk to the dorms and grab my jacket along with Tris's and walk to the infirmary, hey he never said that I couldn't hint at the idea. When I walk into the infirmary I see that Tris is up and talking to Will and Christina. "I see that you are finally up Tris." I say with a smile as I put her jacket down on her bed and walk over and give her a small hug and a kiss on the forehead.

"Yeah I just woke up a few minutes ago." Tris says while looking down at her hands. "I heard that Eric kicked me out on initiation, I am not factionless." Tris says in a sad voice while looking back up at all of us.

"Well Will and I should get going, we need to stop and get our jackets before meeting in the pit." Christina says, getting up form where she was sitting and gives Tris a hug before leaving.

"What am I going to do now?" Tris asks in a sad voice.

"You don't have to give up yet." I whisper to her and she looks at me confused so I explain. "Maybe he will lets you back in if you try tonight." I explain and she brightens up at the idea. "If anybody asks you I didn't give you that idea." I say before standing up again and kissing her forehead. "I will see you later tonight, Tris." I say before walking away to the Pit where I see everybody waiting to leave.

"Now that we are all here, lets go." Eric says, his eyes lingering on me for a minute before we start up the stairs to the place to run to get onto the train. We all jump onto the train and once we were all on I notice somebody trying to catch up with the train and Four looks out and the next thing I know he is pulling Tris into the train. 'They are totally in love with each other, even if they don't know it yet.' I sigh in my mind, knowing that they would be happy with each other if only they would admit it.

"What are you doing here? Didn't you get the message that you are kicked out?" Eric asks in his usual cruel tone that I hate in his voice.

"Yes I got the message but I am not accepting the message." Tris says in a brave voice while looking towards me and I smile at her lightly so only she would notice.

"Well alright then." Eric says before turning away from her and giving me a small smile before walking back to the front of the train to get everybody's attention. "We are going out to play a game, well more like a practice. We are going to go and play capture the flag." He says and I know that this game would have many different rules then the usual game of capture the flag.

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