The Raven

Chapter: 6

"You can go first Eric." Four says while looking at me, expecting that Eric will choose me first.

"Nevara." Eric says and I nod, walking over to I am standing next to me.

"Stiff." Four says, looking at Tris now and she blushes a little bit before going over to go and stand next to him.

"Well that isn't nice, putting the twins against each other." Eric says even though we all know that he didn't want Tris on his team anyways and there was no way that he would give me up.

"To bad, just choose your next person." Four says in almost a growl of a tone, probably because Eric is insulting Tris without saying any words against her.

"Fine, Edward." He says and Edward comes over and stands next to me.







"Myra." Four says before turning to Eric.

"Now the Dauntless born." Eric says and Four nods before they start choosing the Dauntless born. Soon all of the Dauntless born are sorted and Eric drops a bag on the ground and a punch of paintball guns spill out of the bag. "Everybody grab a gun, this is how you are going to get people out. When you are hit with a paint ball you are out." He says and we all grab a gun and he turns to Four. "You and your team can get off second."

"No Eric, we don't need your pity."

"Fine then, if you want to get off first you may." He replies, motioning towards the open door of the train.

"Lets go my team." Four says before walking over to the door and jumping out and soon the others follow.

"Where do you think they are going to hide there flag?" Peter asks after they have all left and we continue riding the train.

"How are we suppose to know?" Says one of the Dauntless born which causes me to roll my eyes.

"The only place that is around there is Navy Pier, of course they are going to put it there." I reply, leaning up against the wall of the train and they all turn and look at me, including Eric but I don't know if that is because he always watches me or if he is amazed that I knew that.

"How do you know that?" Molly asks.

"Because there is a lot of places that you can hide a flag at Navy Pier, there are a lot of small places that could easily fit a flag. That is probably why Four wanted to get off there with his team and not where we are getting off." I reply in an off hand tone.

"You seem to know a lot."

"I do know a lot but that is neither here nor there."

"Well lets get ready to jump off the train." Eric says and walks over to the door and jumps off, followed closely by me and the rest of the team. When we all get off we look around and see that we are in a large park that is at the end of the Pier, a large open space to keep the flag I don't agree with this choice. "We can hide the flag here." Eric suggests but doesn't say that we have to but some of the others seem to agree with him.

"We shouldn't hide it here." I reply and again they all look at me. "If we hide it here then we are all fighting on open ground with no place to really hide, and there isn't a safe place to hide the flag. If we go into the buildings over there and hide it there on the roof we will have height on them and there are more places to hide the flag."

"When did a Stiff become so good at strategy?" Asks one of the Dauntless born and I only laugh a little.

"Since I became a Dauntless and became first place out of all the initiates."

"Fine, I agree with the Stiff." Replies the same Dauntless born and I roll my eyes.

"And if you want to continue to agree I suggest that you call me Nevara and not Stiff." I say before turning to Eric who gesture for me to go and I start leading everybody towards the buildings that I thought would be a good place to hide the flag. We all quickly head up the steps of the building and onto the roof where there is a large tower that would give us even more leverage on Four's team. "We can hide the flag up there, half of us can go and hunt for the other teams flag while the rest of us can stay here to protect the flag." I say before taking the flag out of Eric's hand and start towards the tower where I put the flag before climbing back down to see that they were now all in two groups.

"Nevara you will be leading the team to go and get the other teams flag, I will be staying here and keeping the flag safe with the others." Eric says once he sees that I had come back.

"Fine but have at least one person actually up with the flag so just incase the rest of you are down there are still one of two of you left guarding the flag." I say before looking to my team that consisted of mostly Dauntless born along with Al and Molly. "When does the game start?"

"In a minute." Eric says just as the Ferris wheel starts moving on the other end of the Pier.

"Well I guess that we just found where their flag is." I say with a smile on my face while looking at the others and see that they have the same expressions of there faces that I do. "Do we have to bring the flag back to you to end the game or what?"

"Yes bring it back here, you have to bring it back to your teams side." Eric replies and we all nod. "If you find somebody from the other team carrying our flag and they are on our side, shoot them and one of you bring it back with you." He continues and we all nod and he looks at the clock that is hanging from one of the buildings. "The game just started, you can go." He says and I turn to my group and nod at them before running down the stair and start running down the back roads to the Ferris wheel.

"Why are we taking the back ways?" Asks Molly.

"Because there is a less of a chance that the others will see us if we don't take main roads, but that won't work of you keep talking so loudly." I hiss before continuing. "If when we pass alleys see that there is somebody from another team, shoot them before continuing to move with the group. Got it?" I ask and they all whisper there 'yes's' or not there heads. As I finish saying that one of the Dauntless born stop and shoot his gun into the alley and I hear somebody on the other side of the alley curse as they get hit. "Good job.' I say congratulating them before I keep moving, we soon make it to where the carousel and Ferris Wheel and I see the flag and we all run towards it.

"Who is going to take it back?" Al asks as I grab it and look around and see none of the other team around.

"I will, we will split up into two groups again but this time only the flag holder and two other people in one group and the rest in the other. The other group will take the main road to shoot anybody that isn't on our team, while the others will run in the back roads to get it back to Eric." I say and they all seem to agree with me, well besides Molly anyways.

"Why do you get to carry the flag back? You already did everything up into this point." She growls while trying to take the flag of my hands but I hold it out of her reach.

"Because I am fast and can run quicker then you, Eric put all of the more bulky and strong people on our team that can't really run that fast. Now if we are done arguing we have a game to win." I growl and none of them say anything more and we start running back with me being with Al and a Dauntless born. We start running back and we get there in record time only to see that Tris and Christina had just gotten our flag and were on their way back over to their side.

"Do we shoot them?" Al asks.

"Of course we do they are not on our team." The Dauntless born says before holding up his gun and shoots them before and they cry out in shock.

"Lets keep moving." I say, not looking at Tris or Christina because I feel bad about that happening. The Dauntless born nods while taking the flag and we continue running and we soon reach where our flag use to be only to see Four and Eric having it out. "Guys the game is over, we got the flag." I say and they both stop and look our way.

"Great job Nevara." Eric says with a smile on his face as the rest of our team comes over and joins us celebrate a little. "Lets all head back." He says to everybody since now even Four's team was here and we all nod and start heading back.

"Come and meet me at our place after we get back, I need to talk to you and show you something." Eric whispers to me seeing as nobody else was walking with me as we walk back to the train tracks.

"I will be there." I say with a smile that he returns before slowing down his pace so that he is walking behind me. We soon reach the train tracks and we get onto the train before heading back to Dauntless headquarters. When we get back everybody trudges off to the dorms, while I walk to the spot that I had met Eric earlier today. When I got there I sat down on the rock and waited for him to come, but I only had to wait a couple of minutes before he showed up. "What did you need to talk to be about Eric?" I ask in a worried voice.

"First I wanted to congratulate you on the win, you showed real leadership today and I am proud of you also that when you get through all of initiation you should become a Dauntless leader." He says before lightly kissing me on the lips. "Second I want to tell you that the Dauntless leaders have been working with Erudite to come up with a serum that will detect Divergents and I want you to be by my side when we start using the serum, doing so won't make you a mindless drone like the other non-Divergents. What do you say?" He asks and that is when I start considering my options before quickly replying with the best answer for me.

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