The Raven

Chapter: 7

"I will go with you anywhere Eric, and I agree that Divergents shouldn't exist in out world they go against our norms." I say a complete lie but I know that if they ever find me out then I am really dead because I am a five way Divergent.

"I am so glad that you agree, I don't know what I would have done if you had said no." Eric sighs in relief while bringing me into a side hug from where we were sitting on the rock.

"Eric, I should probably go before people start noticing that I am gone." I say and I hear him sigh.

"I know, Jeanine and some of the other Erudites are coming tomorrow afternoon to continue setting up the items for the simulation. I want you to come so I can introduce you to her and tell her about us and how you are on our side." Eric says while standing up and bringing me into his arms so we are in a loving embrace.

"I have already met her but I would love to get to know her more, I was only able to talk to her for a couple of minutes with the rest of my family present at the choosing ceremony."

"Then I am sure she will be happy to see you again." He says before bringing his lips towards mine and we share a long kiss before I end up pulling away first.

"As much as I would like to stay like this forever I need to get back, if Tris or anybody notices me gone it could bring huge trouble for us." I say and he nods and brings me into another kiss before backing away from me.

"I will see you in the morning, and just so you know tomorrow we will be learning knife throwing. I am sure you will not have a problem with that."

"Certainly not." I say with a smirk. "Good night Eric."

"Good night, My Raven." He say before shooing me off and I head back to the dorms where I find everybody getting ready for bed. When I walk in everybody turns to me and the people on the winning team smile while everybody else looks at me confused.

"Where were you Nevara, do you know how worried I was about you?" Tris asks once I reach my bed and start changing as she does the same.

"You don't have to worry about me Tris, I can handle myself around here." I say before pulling my night shirt on then climb into bed and look back at her and see that she has only changed her shirt so far. "You do know that at this rate you will still be changing in the morning when we are all getting up." I say in a playful tone that makes some people laugh while she just glares at me.

"Where were you Nevara?" She asks again and I shrug.

"I went to the chasm to get some time alone before coming back here, do you have a problem with that?"

"What happens if somebody came and pushed you off and into the chasm because you were all alone, what would you have done then?" She scolds me and I decide to have a little fun with her.

"Well if I was falling into the chasm because somebody did push me off then I would probably be screaming for my life. I am not a big fan of falling after all, I am ok with heights just not falling." (It is possible, I have it so don't look at the screen funny)

"I am serious Nevara, what if somebody snuck up on you and they were pushing you over to the chasm where they were going to push you off."

"Then I would fight as much as I can, at least I know that if it is one of the initiates then I can take them." I say before climbing under the covers.

"That isn't the point Nevara, what if they ganged up on you?"

"I am not having this discussion with you Tris, Good night." I say before turning over and falling asleep.

I was in the middle of a peaceful night sleep when I woke up the screaming. I shot up form my bed and looked around and saw everybody crowded around Edward's bed but nobody was doing anything. I quickly got up and made my way over to Edward and saw that he had a fork sticking out of his eye.

"Don't just stand there like idiots, go and get FOUR OR SOMEONE!" I yell and Al quickly runs out of the room as I turn my attention back to Edward. "Edward everything is going to be fine, it will only get worse if you keep raising your blood pressure." I say and he looks at me like I am crazy.

"HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO CALM DOWN?!" Edward yells, only getting more upset and the blood starts pouring out of his eye even more.

"If you don't calm down Edward then you will bleed out form the wounds on your eyes and you will die. You don't want that do you, leaving Myra all alone?" I say, still in a calm and collected tone and when I say this he does seem to calm a little. "Myra come here." I say not turning to her and she kneels down next to Edward on the bed. "Stay here, you being here will help calm him more." I explain and she nods, taking Edward's hand in hers and holding it while tears pour out of her eyes. "But try not to upset him it will only make matters worse." I continue just as Four runs in with Al right behind him.

"What happened here?" Four yells while walking over to where I was with Edward and Myra.

"I don't know, I just woke up to screaming and saw that Edward had a fork in his eye." I say and Four nods, turning to Edward.

"What happened Edward?"

"Peter stabbed me in the eye with a fork, I woke up and saw him standing over me before stabbing me in the eye." Edward says almost yelling but trying not to so his blood pressure wouldn't rise anymore.

"Alright, well lets get you to the hospital ward you can come along Myra. The rest of you go back to bed." Four says before helping Edward up with Myra's help and they walk out of the room. Once they leave the room is silent and after a minute of nobody else moving I get up from my kneeling position and make my way back over to my bed before falling back asleep again. Knowing that I will need my energy for throwing and concentrating on throwing knifes at a target.

The next morning I woke up to the lights being turned on and I quickly got up and saw everybody starting to get dressed. I get up and make my way to the bathroom before walking back to my bed and change into my usual clothes of a black tank top, black jeans, leather jacket and black shoes before throwing my hair into a pony tail. I sit on my bed and wait for Christina, Tris, Al and Will to all get ready before we walk out of the dorm and to the dining hall.

"That was so scary last night." Christina says after we have sat down and we started eating.

"Yeah, Nevara imagine if that was you? You would have been in Edward's position and not in the one that you are in now." Tris says before taking a drink of her water.

"I would have never let it get that far, if I saw somebody standing over me then I wouldn't give them a chance to stab me." I say before continuing to eat my breakfast.

"So do you think that he will be back?" Will asks after a couple of minutes.

"No probably not, from where the fork stabbed him he would have lost his whole eye. Dauntless would never allow an eyeless person in their ranks." I say, not looking up from my food.

"What about Myra?"

"Al, Myra and Edward never go anywhere without each other do you really think that Myra would stay if it meant giving up Edward? Now a chance, they are now probably both fractionless now."

"And you would be right Nevara." I hear a voice from behind me and I turn and see that it is Four. "Myra wouldn't have been able to stay anyways, her ranking was to low." He says before sitting down and starting to eat. "It is a pity that they couldn't save his eye though." He continues before taking a bite of breakfast.

We had all just finished training and after Al getting in trouble, Tris standing in for Al and Four throwing knifes at her the first stage was over. Eric called us all to the board and we saw that since Edward and Myra left then only one person had to leave that that was one of the Dauntless born. When we were done seeing our scores Eric and Four allowed us to leave but as I walked out of the room Four lightly took my arm and dragged me into an empty room before speaking.

"Jeanine and the other Erudites will be here in 10 minutes, lets go and get them." Eric says before walking out of the room with me in tow and we soon reach the entrance to Dauntless where Jeanine was waiting with about 6 other people. "Jeanine it is good to see you again, I assume things are going well?" He asks as he shakes Jeanine's hand.

"Of course they are going well. And what do we have here? Nevara Prior if I am correct?" Jeanine says while stepping towards me with her hand out and I shake it.

"That would be right, it is nice to see you again Jeanine." I say with a smile that she returned.

"I figure Eric here trusts you enough for you to know our plan and what we are doing?" Jeanine asks me but before I can reply Eric starts talking.

"Yes I trust her, we are in a... relationship and I would trust her with anything." Eric says and Jeanine gets a shocked look on her face while looking in between me and Eric.

"Well the Nevara welcome to the team, should we get going?" She asks Eric who nods and we start heading off to the control room where I find out everything about the program and what was going to happen when it was put to use.

About 2 hours Jeanine leaves with her group and I turn to Eric who is smiling widely.

"She seemed to like you a lot." Eric says while taking my hand into his and he kisses the top of it.

"First impressions are very important." I say and he smiles.

"I know that they are, now come along it is time for dinner. You also need a good night sleep because the 2nd stage starts tomorrow and you will be mentally tired by the end of tomorrow." Eric says and kisses my lips before we head to the dining hall. "You head in first, I will come in a few minutes after." He says and I nod before heading into the dinning hall and take my normal seat across from Four.

"Where were you Nevara, I was looking for you everywhere." Tris says while sighing in relief.

"I was around, I wanted to be alone." I reply and she looks like she is about to question me more but I give her 'the look' and she doesn't ask any questions, while I am happy about. When I was done eating I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 9 and from what Eric had told me I knew that I would need all my mental energy from tomorrow so I went back to the dorms and went to bed.

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