The Raven

Chapter: 9

I was sitting cross legged in the middle of an all white room. I had no idea where the ceiling or the walls on the sides of me were. There were no doors around me, no way out and to say that I wasn’t starting to panic would be a lie.

As my breathing started to shorten I noticed an uncontrollable shaking wash over me. I squeezed my eyes shut and started trying to control my breathing because I know that I would be able to think through things better once I calm down a little. After what seemed like forever I had calm and regulated breathing I felt somebody touch my shoulder and my eyes flew open and I saw Four standing in front of me looking concerned.

“Are you alright Nevara?” He asks in a concerned tone as he sees that I am still panicking a little.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I say while getting up and leaning against the wall, still trying to catch my breath.

“Nevara, are you afraid of being alone?” Four asks while still looking at me in concern but not coming close to me, not knowing how I would react.

“Yes, deadly afraid.” I say and look up at him. “How long was I in there?”

“Two minutes and fifty-three seconds.” He says and takes a slow step towards me. “Maybe you should sit down, you look pale.” Four suggests and I quickly shake my head.

“No I will be fine, I just need to get out of here.” I say and quickly leave the room without another word to Four. I quickly made it to me and Eric’s place above the chasm and sit down on the rock. I know that I need to really calm down before I completely break down, which is something that I really didn’t want to do in front of everybody. I pull my legs up to my chest and lay my head on my knees before closing my eyes, starting to calm my breathing and looking not so pale.

I listened to the water below me, something that always seemed to calm me since I started my time here. I opened my eyes and looked out of the window ceiling and saw that it was starting to get darker out, meaning that it is evening. I knew that it was soon going to be time for dinner but I felt no need or want to go anywhere right now.

“Nevara?” I hear a soothing voice that I love from behind me and I turn my head and see Eric.

“Eric.” I say back and he walks towards me, looking concerned and sits down, taking me into his arms.

“What is the matter my Raven?” He asks while using my nickname that always makes me smile.

“My fear that I faced today, it rattled me a little.” I say while leaning my head against his shoulder and sighing in contentment.

“Why, what was it?” He asks in a concerned tone while tightening his arms around me.

“Being alone.” I mutter, while being just a little embarrassed that my fear is being along.

“You will never be alone, and even then not permanently not if I can help it.” Eric says while leaning down and giving me a chaste kiss on my lips. “I will never leave you alone if I can help it.” He says while laying his forehead against mine.

“I know, thank you.”

“You are my Raven, I will never allow you to have to face your fear alone.” He says and we sit there in a comfortable silence for a couple of minutes. “Are you planning on eating dinner tonight?”

“No, I am not hungry and I am happy here.”

“I know and so am I, but I have to go otherwise people will think something is up.” He mutters sadly into my ear.

“I wish that they wouldn’t be concerned, I mean people should know that you can take care of yourself and that nothing will happen to you.”

“I know but I also have a meeting with the other leaders tonight that I can’t miss. But I will come back and see you after the meeting if you want to wait up for me. I am sorry to say though that it will probably take quite a long time though because we are putting the final touches of our plan into order.”

“What plan?”

“The plan with Erudite. I am also planning on telling them about our relationship since they always ask if there is anybody that should be in our plan. I will tell them about you and when they ask I will say your skills and the fact that we are in a relationship together.” He says while pecking me on the lips.

“That will be great, then we have less people to hide it from.”

“That is what I thought to.”

“Well you should get going then. Don’t want you to be late or anything, and I will be here to while you come back but I might be lower down and in the actual pit just to stretch my legs a little bit.”

“Alright I will look there first since it is on my way up, if you aren’t there then I will come up here.” Eric says and pulls me into a long kiss before pulling away. “I will see you later tonight.”

“I love you, I will see you later.”

“I love you too, my Raven.” He says before leaving and I am again left alone.

It was around midnight when I made my way into the Pit. I was taking a calming stroll when I heard scream, screaming that I recognized…. Tris’s. I ran quietly further into the Pit and I saw three people holding the small frame of my sister on the other side of the chasm rail.

I ran up to all of them and ripped them away from my sister before kicking them until they fell to the ground. I turned back to Tris while they were down and quickly but lightly pulled her back to the other side of the railing before placing her down and turning back to the three people. To my shock one of the people had their mask off and I saw that it was Al, one of my friends and more importantly one of Tris’s.

“What the hell are you doing bitch, we weren’t doing anything to you.” I hear the familiar sneer of Peter and that is when I knew the broot next to him must be Drew.

“That is my sister messing with her is messing with me.” I say before losing my patience and I let myself loose, allowing myself to just beat the crap out of them for what they did to Tris. When I am done with them and know that they can’t do anything to me or Tris I turn back as they start scrambling away and see that Tris is now sitting up and Four was kneeling next to her.

“Good Evening Four.” I say while walking up to him and squatting down next to Tris and start examining her head. “You should take her and look after her tonight, she isn’t safe in the dorms for tonight.”

“Alright, Tris I am going to pick you up now.” Four says in a slow and calming voice as he picks her up before leaving the chasm. When they are gone I look down at my hands and see that they are a bloody from where my skin had ripped from hitting those idiots. I sighed before sitting down and looking down and examining my hands, seeing how bad they were injured.

“What happened to your hands?” I voice from behind me asks, full of concern and when I look I see that it is Eric and fear is also written on his face.

“Peter, Drew and Al attacked my sister and I saved her, I kind of over did it and the skin of my knuckles ripped open.” I say with a small shrug but he pulls me up and starts walking to out of the Pit. “Where are we going?”

“I am first- aid items in my room, I will fix you up then if you want you can go back to the dorm.” He says but I know that for the seconds part he wants me to stay with him and not go back to the dorm.

“Can I stay with you tonight? I don’t want to make my way back to the dorm and wake everybody.” I say and he turns to me and smiles brightly before kissing me lightly on the lips.

“Of course you can stay with me.” He says while wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me close. We kept walking in a quiet silence and after ten minutes we reach a door, he opens it and flips on the light and I see a large industrial room. Two of the four walls were covered in windows, there were two sets of drawers and a door that probably leads to a bathroom. There was a large bed in the middle that had a night stand on the side. “Welcome to my home.” Eric says while leading me into the room and closing the door before leading me to the bed.

“I like it.” I say and kiss him on the lips before sitting down on the bed.

“I am happy that you do.” He says before making his way to the door and opens it and indeed it is a bathroom. Eric comes back out with a box in hand and comes over and sits next to me before lightly taking my left hand and starts cleaning it.

“How was the meeting?”

“Good, I told them about you and they are glad to meet you for your skill and the person that stole my heart. They can’t wait to meet you, they are planning a meeting tomorrow since the final test for initiation is the day after and that is when all passing initiates will be choosing a career.” Eric says before starting to clean my other hand after he had bandaged up my other hand.

“I can’t wait to formally meet them and hear the rest of the plan.”

“What are you thinking about choosing to do after the test? You are the first person that will get to choose.”

“I am going to choose Dauntless leader.” I say with a smile and I turn and look directly at him and see that he is smiling to.

“I was hoping that you would choose that.”

“They chance to rule Dauntless and work with you everyday would be great.” I say as Eric places the first-aid stuff on the nightstand before wrapping his arms around me and we lay down.

“Is this alright?” He asks in an unsure voice as I shift a little so my head is laying on his chest and I am comfortable.

“This is the most comfortable I have been in a long time.” I say while moving my head and looking up at him and smiling at him. “I love being in your arms and with you.”

“I am glad.” He says and leans down and kisses me. “Thank you for loving and being with me.” Eric says after we pull away for a couple of minutes.

“Thank you for putting up with me.”

“It is my honor to put up with you, my Raven.” He says before kissing me again and we spend the night together.
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