Princess of Darkness

Pain Always Means Something

Draco didn't understand what Hermione was talking about.

She's not a traitor. She never has been one He thought

He looked down at the crying girl in his arms. He held her tight and stroked her hair with his hand.

"You're not a traitor Hermione" he said softly to her.

She nodded her head "Yes I am I've betrayed my friends' trust. I'm a traitor to them. Moaning Myrtle just made me realize that" she said, still not looking up at him.

Draco felt a rush of sorrow go through him. Because of me Potter and Weasel hate her because of me

Hermione felt a strike of pain at her hand. She looked at it and her ring's lime green ivy was glowing violently too.

It started to hurt even more and she shut her eyes tightly.

"Hermione?" Draco asked, concerned.

"It hurts" she complained and showed him the glowing ring.

His eyes shot with pain and his head dropped. "Its time" he said simply.

"What?" Hermione asked in between the pain.

"You're going to have your first lesson with the Lord. All you need to do it touch your ring" he explained.

"Im not… going" she said now that the pain was getting worst.

"You have to Hermione… you cant fight it. You'll be fine" he said now looking at her.

Hermione nodded and got up. She ignored the pain and took out her wand.

"Princesa de Oscuridad" she said (A/n: hopefully that's right… if not then correct me)

A long black dress formed on her. It reached the ground and the sleeves were long and bell-like at the end. Silver rings appeared on every finger and her wedding ring turned silver as well. The lime green still engraved. A black veil was placed on her head to cover her face.

She flipped the veil over so Draco could see her face. She had black eyeliner and mascara one with black lipstick.

"Talk about Goth" Draco said to her.

She smiled and wiped away the residue of her tears without messing up her make up.

She walked over to Draco and gave him a hug. "Ill be back" she said and gave him a quick kiss. She put down herveilbefore touching her 'mark' and being sent to a clearing in a forest surrounded by death eaters.

"You have finally realized what that meant" she heard a sly voice say.

She looked up to see her grandfather on his throne staring down at her.

She lifted the veil "What's on the schedule today?" she asked with a smirk on her face.

"It looks like Draco has been rubbing off on you. You have gotten his smirk" Lucius's voice came.

A death eater walked out of the crowd and stood next to the Lord.

"You could say that" she said. She hated Lucius… who didn't?

She gave him a death glare… one that he had never seen before. He quivered under her stare.

"Hermione… stop" the Lord said.

She stopped giving the glare to Malfoy and looked to her grandfather.

"I was told that Iam here to train" she said to him.

He nodded.

"Then what are we doing sitting around here for. I want to know exactly how to work this" she lifted her hand and a black flame engulfed it.

"But you already know how to" he replied to her.

She looked at him puzzled and just thought of something.

She looked over to Lucius, whose hood was down. Rage brew through her and he blackened flamed hand grew with it. She pointed it to Malfoy and a black ray came out of her hand and shot him in the chest. He went flying back and crashed into a tree, still conscious sadly.

Hermione looked stunned, while Voldemort looked proud. "The training shall begin"

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