Princess of Darkness

First Lesson

Hermione stood in afighting pose for battling. She stood in front of a young Death Eater that she knew must have been Draco since he had the same power as her.

Voldemort sat on his throne and watching as the young Death Eater (aka: Draco) moved Hermione's hands in a certain position, explaining what they will do.

"Put some of your force and energy into your hands. They are your great protectors." Draco said to Hermione.

She nodded and did so.

Lucius put up a bull's eye sign up against a tree nearby so she'll aim for that and not him. That didn't work too well. She thought of him as a moving target but she succeeded well.Hit him every time.

She felt courteous this time and shot for the bull's eye. She released all the energy that was building up and what seemed like a ray shot at the target and landed perfectly in the center.

She saw the world spinning around her and her legs felt like they were jell-o. She fell to her knees gripping her head.

"You used to much." Draco said as he knelt down next to her. He pulled down his hood and helped her up.

"Lord" he addressed Voldemort. "I think she has had enough for this evening. May we carry this on some other time?"

Voldemort looked at the fast breathing Hermione and then to Draco's stern eyes. He nodded.

Draco bowed back as Hermione waved before they were port-keyed back to Hermione's room.

Draco lied her down on her bed as she steadied her breathing and tried to focus on getting her vision straight. She managed to do so but the pain in her head was still there.

"I didn't think it was going to hurt so much" she said to him while sitting up.

"Well it gets easier. You did good for your first lesson. I think Lucius is going to have trouble with all that dead skin he has though. The Lord seemed pretty happy. He must be really proud to have you as his granddaughter. Brains… beauty… and the power most others don't. What else could he want?"

Hermione smiled at his comments but it faded as she looked down at her lap. "An heir" she replied.

Draco looked down also. He wasn't sure by what she meant.

'Heir as in a child from me and her or the Heir that will be taking his place, mainly her, to rule the Death Eaters?' He thought, still confused.

"Both" Hermione answered his question.

Draco looked up to see Hermione staring at him, focused.

"Excuse me?" he asked politely.

"Both" she repeated. "He wants an heir from me and you and he wants me to take his place once he finally dies"

Draco understood what just happened. "Legilimency" he says.

She nods. "Books… but I will never go to his side" her face turned to a sneer. She turned her head toward the window. Then, on the windowsill sat her Raven. Hermione snapped her fingers and the window opened and the Raven flew in and landed on Draco's head, sticking its leg out indicating that it has a letter.

Hermione took it and saw the Dark Mark pressed in the corner. She opened the parchment and read aloud, as Draco tried his best to get the bird off of his head.

"Dear Hermione,

You did very well today. Better than what I expected. You will be doing more training in your next lesson. I expect you to learn Legilimency and Occlumency by the end of this month to ensure that no one is catching on to your lesson.

See you soon,


"I told you he was proud" Draco said, now leaning over her left shoulder and looking at the letter, the Raven perched on Hermione's right shoulder.

"I told you he was a nice boy" the woman in the picture said.

Draco smiled at the portrait and Hermione rolled her eyes, yet still smiling.

She looked too Draco. "Yes. He's a nice boy" she gently gave him a quick peck "He's my nice boy"

The woman in the painting covered her eyes and Draco dived in for another kiss. "Please. Please. Not in front of me" she says and then runs out of her portrait. "Honesly… children these days" they here her say in a painting in the hall.

Hermione and Draco looked up sniggered at the event. Then they went back to making out, not having a care in the world.

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