Princess of Darkness

He Loves You

Hermione and Draco walked down the stairs towards The Great Hall to eat breakfast. Their arms linked as they walked down the corridors. People gasped as they walked by them. Everyone knows they're heads but they didn't think they would get along well. Every first year even knew that they didn't get along, hearing it from the second years. It was shocking to see it. The Heads were supposed to be prepared for anything though and they were… they were ready. They walked up to the large oak doors and stopped. They looked at each other.

"Ready?" asked Draco as he placed a hand on the door's handle.

Hermione nodded, a little nervous. "Let's do this"

Draco opened the doors and they walked in, arms still linked.

People gasped. Hermione and Draco weren't shocked at their reaction though.

They could see Professor Dumbledore smiling up at the Heads Table. The others teachers were shocked… except Snape since he attended the entwining of the two.

Hermione and Draco looked at each other. Hermione smirked and Draco winked as they went to their tables for breakfast.

Hermione sat next to Ginny as Harry and Ron sat across.

"You two looked so cute up there!" Ginny whispered to Hermione

I'm glad she's happy that him and I are together she thought

.: With Draco :.

Draco watched Hermione from where he sat. Blaise and Pansy were watching him closely as he started to doze off and look like he was daydreaming.

"Draco?" Blaise asked.

Draco snapped out of it. "Huh?"

"What were you doing with the mudblood?" Blaise questioned.

"What?" he looked puzzled. He didn't recognize the name mudblood since all he's called her now and days was Hermione.

"You heard him!" snapped Pansy "What were you doing with the mudblood!" she asked, aggravated.

"Whats it to you?" he asked simply.

Pansy's mouth dropped open.

"Have you been snogging with Mudblood Granger?" she asked shocked.

"What if I have?"

"You have?" she couldn't believe this. Usually her Drakie would deny such an accusation.

He didn't say anything. He sat there and ate his food while staring at Hermione from across the room.

She saw him and winked. He smiled and waved. Pansy looked and saw the two's faces.

"Oh my god!" she said and she flicked Granger off, getting Malfoys attention from doing so.

"What the he-" he was cut off by Pansy's lips. She kissed him right in the middle of his sentence.

Hermione saw this and her smile faded. She grabbed her muffin and ran out of the Great Hall, tears on the brim of falling by the time she got to the door.

"Hermione!" Ginny, Ron, and Harry called after her.

Draco pushed Pansy away. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" he asked, angry at her action.

"Revenge" she said.

He looked questionably at her "For what?" he asked "She didn't do anything to you"

"She took you away from me," she said smugly "your supposed to be mine. Father said that I was meant to marry you and I will follow it through!"

"No… Im supposed to marry The Princess of Darkness. Your supposed to marry Blaise" Blaise chocked on hiseggs at this statement. "I found The Princess of Darkness, the Lords granddaughter," he raised his left hand and showed her the permanent ivy ring "my wife. She's Hermione… and I love her"

Pansy looked stunned "But she's Mudblood Granger… how can that be?"

"Simple… she's a pureblood that got adopted" he got up and stormed out of the room, going for Hermione.

He exited the Great Hall but was stopped short.

"Hey Malfoy!" yelled a voice behind him.

He turned around to find Harry, Ron and Ginny. Ron and Harry were standing in front of a nervous Ginny with their wands at hand.

"Do you mind? Im kind of in a hurry" Draco said slyly. He wanted to get away and get to Hermione as soon as he could.

"Why?" Ron asked, "So you can go and hurt Hermione again. Fat chance!"

"Ron…" Ginny trailed off. She knew exactly what Draco was going to do. She saw the whole thing. She knew what happened, from top to bottom.

"Not now Ginny" Ron said over his shoulder.

"Listen to her Weasley… you might just learn something" Malfoy said.

He turned around and started walking away until he felt a huge force turn him around and punch him straight in the jaw. He collapsed to the floor from the impact.

It was Ron. His ears red with fury. Harry stood behind him, a look of loathing on his face. Ginnys eye were wide open with shock.

Draco looked up to see Ron throw himself towards him. Ron started throwing punches out of nowhere, all trying to hit Draco but not doing much of any damage. He kicked and threw aggravated bashings at Draco. His stomach, his face, but nothing seemed to work.

Ron stopped for a second to breathe once he noticed he was going nowhere.

Draco opened his eyes to look straight at Ron. They were glowing green mysteriously.

"Finished yet?" he asked Ron.

Ron gasped. Ive seen those before... but where he thought.

Ron was lifted off of Draco by an invisible force and set a couple of feet away from Malfoy.

Malfoy shot a ray, like the ones Hermione used for practice, at Ron but it never seemed to hit him.

Malfoy looked closely and saw what looked like a flat, invisible shield blocking his attack from reaching Ron.

"Don't hurt them!" he heard a voice scream from behind.

.: With Hermione (Durng the time of Draco and Rons fight)

Hermione ran as fast as she could to the one place she wanted to go to. The North Tower. She ran up the spiraled stairs, ending up at a circular room with a window overseeing the lake. She stood there, looking outside thinking... Then it finally hit her.

"It wasnt his fault" she thought aloud.

"It wasnt" said a voice from behind.

Hermione turned around to see Zabini leaning against the wall.

"When did you get here?" asked Hermione.

Blaise shrugged. "Just a few seconds after you"

Hermione still stared at him "How'd you know about this place?"

"I didnt... I followed you." he said simply. "Look... I know you think Draco did that on purpose but he didnt. It was Pansy. If you were at the the table with us, you could have heard what he said about you. He really loves you."

He told Hermione everything that Draco said to Pansy and the stunned look on her, Pansy's,face. Hermione smiled at the thought.

"I think you need to go and talk to him" Zabani said.

She nodded "Good luck marrying her"

Blaise shrugged "She's ok... I can handle it. Now go get Draco before he tears your friends apart.

Hermione nodded again and ran out of the tower.

"Lucky man that Draco is" Blaise said once Hermione was out of earshot

: Back to the Others (normal time)

He turned around and saw Hermione staring them from the staircase, tear stained face, eyes glowing green like Draco's,

Her hand was raised out in front of her glowing black.

Draco's eyes went back to normal. He couldn't hurt his wife's friends nor could he stand seeing his wife cry.

"I wont" he said as his hand dropped to his side.

Hermione lowered her hand and walked down the stairs, eyes still glowing. She walked up to Harry, Ron and Ginny.

They stared at her in fear.

"What's going on, Hermione?" Ginny asked as she looked at her friend.

"It's nothing" said Hermione shaking her head "Go back to breakfast… Malfoy and I need to talk"

"But what if-" Ron started

"But nothing Ron… go" she said again. She snapped her fingers and the large doors opened.

Harry and Ron walked in as Ginny walked over to Hermione. "Listen to him" she whispered in her ear. Hermione nodded and Ginny ran through the doors just before they closed.

Hermione faced Draco… he shivered under he stare.

She's scary when she's mad he thought

"Hermione… let me explain. It was all Pansy" he said to her but she shook her head.

"Not here… come on, let's go where no one can hear us"

She went to the wall opposite of The Tapestry of Branabas the Barmy's; where he foolishly attempted to train trolls for the ballet. She walked past the wall about three times, concentrating hard on what she needed.

Draco recognized this place. It was the Room of Requirements.

Hermione opened the door and revealed a room with overstuffed armchairs. On the back wall, there was 4 bookshelves, as tall as the wall, all filled with books. The candles lit the room dimly.

"Sit" Hermione commanded as she went to the books.

"Hermione," Draco said. Hermione looked at him, a blank face of no emotion (eyes not glowing). "I can explain"

Hermione nodded. "Pansy did it on purpose" she said simply.

He nodded as well. "She wanted you to get mad at me"

"Obviously… she wanted to marry you instead of Blaise" Hermione said and returned to looking at the books.

She picked one out and looked at the cover.

"You know, the whole legilimency is getting old. I don't even bother using occlumency."

Hermione smirked. "I didnt use legilimency... more like a little bird told me" She threw the book in the air and it levitated easily. She pointed to Draco while still looking at the books. He grabbed it and looked at the cover and read aloud.

"How To Curse Your So Called Friend When They Tried To Make You Look Like You Cheated On Your Wife" he looked at her.

"I think you should read that" she said now looking at him while smiling.

Draco placed his hand on the book. His eyes began glowing green. A smirk came a few times as Hermione could see and tell that he was reading the book by using magic's magic.

He came out of his trance. "I don't think my father would approve of any of the curses… too nice for Parkinson"

Hermione smiled and walked over to him. She bent down and gave him a passionate kiss, as he moved his hand to her cheek, caressing it, deepening the kiss. (a few seconds later) She broke it.

"Can Pansy top that?" she asked, smirking, while gasping for air

Their forheads were leaning against each other as they're breathing eased down to a normal rate.

He smiled "Not a chance"

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