Princess of Darkness

Match Maker, Match Maker Find Me A Match

Tell me if there is any mistakes... i didnt have time 2 reread it here but i did b4 i submited it...Hermione and Draco spent the whole day together, trying to get to know each other a little more. But there was a plan they brewed up in the process. Draco brought Blaise and Hermione brought Ginny. Hermione and Draco were playing a little game called Match Making. They thought they made a good couple and who doesn't… they would be perfect together.

Draco and Blaise were walking toward the North Tower, the one place Hermione had insisted on.

"I know this place" Zabani said as they approached a painting of a witch who seemed to be bored. She was transfiguring her cat into a bowl and then back again. That was when she finally got up and started moving to another painting. They walked up the spiral staircase hidden behind it.

"How do you know of this place? I didn't even know until now" Draco replied.

"Granger toke you here?" Blaise asked.

"Do you mean Malfoy?" he said with a smirk "No she didn't"

"Oh… I followed her up here this morning. That's when I found out about it"

"So you're the little bird" Draco said dumbstruck. If it weren't for Zabani, Hermione and him wouldn't exist at the moment. "Thanks"

Blaise's mouth dropped. Draco Malfoy does not thank people. "Ummm… you're welcome. So why are we coming here?" Zabani asked as they approached the room.

"Incindio" (A/n: is that it?) Draco lit a fire in the fireplace.

Then he conjured a couple of chairs. The room was dimly lit now, and he walked over to the window. There he saw Hermione, escorting Ginny up the steps. He smiled.

.: Meanwhile With Ginny and Hermione :.

"You two are so cute together… I cant stop obsessing with the fact that The Slytherin Prince and The Gryffindor Princess have gotten married" Ginny said, smiling a toothy smile. (A/n: Harry's Prince, Hermione's Princess (as in brother and sisterly love) and Ron's Duke of Gryffindor… XD)

"Its more like Prince of Death Eaters and Princess of Darkness" Hermione said smiling as well.

"Same difference" Ginny said shrugging. "So, where are we going?"

"The North Tower" Hermione said simply, not bothering to look at Ginny.

"Isn't that the place you were always at…" Ginny thought about it for a second. All the times when someone pissed off Hermione, like Draco before they were married, she would go to the North Tower to discuss the problem to herself. She once followed Hermione just to make sure the cut on her arm was really from her cat and not her making up an excuse. But it was true; the cut came from her cat.

Hermione nodded. "Lots of memorize there"

They came up to a blank portrait, not even caring that the woman wasn't in her painting.

Hermione checked to see if the coast was clear, then tapped her wand twice on the frame of the painting. It opened up and they walked up the spiral staircase.

Ginny was realizing that it was rather warm as they got up there. It was the middle of fall so it was a little chilly outside.

Once they got to the top, they found Blaise staring into the fire and Draco was staring out the window.

Draco heard a rustling at the doorway and turned to find Hermione and Ginny standing there. He smiled.

Hermione walked over to Draco as they embraced in a half hug half kiss.

Ginny smiled at site, as did Blaise. Even he liked the fact that they were together.

That's when they really noticed each other. Not exactly love at first site… more like second.

Ginny smiled at him and Blaise smirked.

She walked over to him and sat in the other seat. "Hi Blaise" she said cheery.

"Hey Ginny" he smiled.

"I didn't know you knew about this place" she said, eyes squinted.

"I didn't know until today… why are you guys here?"

"Hermione brought me up here… you?"

"Draco dragged me up here"

Ginny chuckled "They seemed to know that each other were up here"

"Then why did they bring us along?" Zabani looked over to Hermione and Draco

Draco had his arm around Hermione's shoulder as they stared at Blaise and Ginny. They had the there's-a-plan-going-on-but-you-don't-know-about-it look on.

"No you didn't Hermione Isabel Granger!" Ginny said getting up and stomping towards her.

Draco put a hand in front of Ginny, shaking his hand like saying 'no, no'

"That's Hermione Isabel Malfoy now" he corrected the second person of the day.

Ginny nodded and pushed his finger away. "Resuming: No you didn't"

Hermione nodded with an evil look on her face.

"What did she do?" Blaise asked.

"It was more like we planned this" Draco corrected… again.

"Okay… what did they do?"

"They're playing Match Maker" Ginny said as she turned to Blaise.

Blaise looked at the fire and then back at Ginny with a smirk on "Is it working?"

Ginny smiled. "What if I say yes?"

Draco and Hermione looked at each other and gave a high five.

Blaise smiled even wider. "Then I would have to say yes as well" he winked at Ginny.

She giggled.

"Grange… er, I mean Malfoy!" they were interrupted by a voice calling Hermione from outside.

Hermione looked outside the window, along with Draco, where they saw the end of someone's cloak going through the doors beneath them.

"Im gonna go check that out" Hermione said, gave Draco a kiss on the cheek and then walked out.

Hermione walked out of the portrait. She walked down the staircases toward the front hall. She was walking down the stairs that were in front of the Great Hall's doors.

"Malfoy!" she heard the same person call.

"Someone calling me?" Hermione asked as she stopped on the steps.

Pansy came into view. "I did" she said flatly.

"And what do you want, Miss Parkinson?" Hermione asked, raising an eyebrow.

Pansy raised her wand. "I want Drakie back" she announced. "Even if I means I have to kill you!"

"Not a smart idea" Hermione said.

"And why not?"

"Because if I die, so will you." Pansy looked puzzled. Hermione continued down the stairs. "You see, grandfather doesn't like it when people mess with his family. Why do you think he killed my parents? (A/n: they both betrayed him so it was reasonable to him) I'm his last chance for an heir and if you ruin it, then I don't think he'll be too pleased with you"

"I don't care. As long as you're dead, then I'm good. Killing you would be worth my death." She took a breath. "Then my Drakie can't have either of us"

Pansy raised her wand at Hermione.

Hermione smirked.

"Avada Kedavra!" Pansy bellowed.

The Killing Curse never made it to Hermione. It was stopped about an inch in front of Hermione's face.

.: With Draco :.

"Im gonna go see whats up" Draco said a followed his wife about 10 minutes after she left.

He was just about to walk onto the staircase that's faced the Great Hall, (A/n: the one Hermione is standing on) when he saw Pansy Avada-ing Hermione, he gasped and stepped back.

He saw it stop right in front of her and she didn't even flinch.

I didn't know you could do that… wait a second, He thought

He knew you cant stop a killing curse even with powers that he and Hermione have. Or… from what he heard.

.: Flashback :.

Draco was a little boy of the age of nine. He knew very darn well what he was and what he had in store for in the future to come. He knew he was a wizard and he had something no other witch or wizard had but the only person left, that he was aware of, was his grandfather, now deceased, and Lord Voldemort.

"Now Draco," Lucius said as he watched his son practice. He didn't know exactly what he was doing but his father told him before he died that whatever it was, he was getting better at it and just leave him to his practicing. "You must know something about this gift of yours"

"Yes father" Draco stopped practicing and looked at his dad.

"There are some things your grandfather has told me about your gift."

Draco nodded. "Like what?'

"1. You can't change things that happened in the past.

You can't make someone fall in love with you and

You can't stop a killing curse from hitting you or any other target."

Draco nodded. "I didn't expect anything less" he replied.

Lucius waved a goodbye and left the room.

Draco continued practicing.

.: End Flashback :.

That's where it came from. But how it she doing that? Maybe he missed something.

He walked from around the corner and walked down the steps and stood next to Hermione.

She looked over to him and smiled. Hermione stared at the green stream of light floating in front of her. She took her finger and tapped it… it vanished.

Pansy stood dumbstruck, staring at the couple.

"How is that possible? I know the Princess has a power like no other but I know for a fact that it cant stop a killing curse" Pansy shook her head. "I've read about it so many times… only the purest of the purees have it. But… Voldemorts half, and your full. So your part half and part full… oh my word, this is so confusing."

Draco looked at her, just as confused.

Hermione began. "My family's origins are unknown to me and I don't know how it is possible for me to be purer than you but it just seems that way." Hermione looked like she was thinking and then smiled. "If you don't mind, I have to go somewhere… Draco? You coming?"

Draco nodded and then looked to Pansy. "I'm warning you Parkinson… don't mess with a Malfoy"

Draco put his arm around Hermione's shoulder as she lead him back to the heads common room. She entered the room first and ran straight for the bookshelf.

"What are you doing?" Draco asked.

"Pansy said she was reading about this so I'm looking for books on this. I'm also looking for this one book I read in the 2nd year. It was about a potion that turns you from half blooded, muggleborn, any type of mix (except pureblood) turn pure. So basically you become pureblooded by this potion because it takes the blood that is most pure and makes it the dominant blood in your body. Simple to make, horrible to taste from what I read"

"And what does this potion have anything to do with you?" Draco said as he sat on the couch in front of the blazing fire.

"It means that I don't think grandfather is half blooded anymore. He might have taken this potion but there is only one way to find out if it's running through my veins. There's another potion that tells you whether or not a part of your blood had been changed from relatives."

"Oh" Draco shrugged and stared at the fire.

"Here it is" Hermione said and took out a book that read "Potions from Our Past, Good for the Future" Hermione flipped through it and found the page. "Ok, now I need the others" she went back to the bookshelf.

"I think Pansy's scared of you" Draco broke the silence

"And why would you say that?"

"You're the first to have stopped a killing curse. We had Potter but he just survived it, not stopped it like you did" Draco continued "I didn't even know it could stop Avada… I was always taught that it couldn't. That's what its been like for the past 17 years. You're new at this but you show great talent with it. I couldn't even do that in this situation. How did you do it?"

Hermione shrugged. "I just thought about it and… it stopped"

"Maybe I underestimated it when I told you it gets powerful when two people with the same thing get married. Like our situation"

Hermione shrugged again. "I don't know" she looked out the window "I don't even think grandfather could do that"

She went back to the bookcase and took out a couple of books with titles like "Mysterious Powers" and "Unknown to Them but Not to You".

"I wonder if Blaise knows anything about this. He had someone in his family like this but they died out along time ago he told me" Draco said staring at his wife. "Your grandfather, me and you are the only ones left"

"Oh My God! We forgot about Ginny and Blaise" Hermione got up and went to the portrait but stopped and looked back at Draco "Come On"

"Oh… right" Draco jumped off the couch and after his wife as she led the way to the North Tower.

Hermione tapped the frame 2 times with the tip of her wand and they began climbing the steps.

When they got to the type… boy was it a site to see.

Blaise was sitting in one of the chairs with Ginny sitting in his lap as they were making out.

"Ummm… knock, knock?" Draco said and the couple broke their session.

They gasped for air. "How long have you guys been there?" Blaise asked.

"Long enough" Hermione said with a smirk on her face, as on Draco's.

"Hermione, you're not going to tell Ron, are you?" Ginny asked, getting off of Blaise and walked towards her.

Hermione shook her head "No… but I do have an idea of avoiding them." She looked to Draco. "You don't mind if me and Ginny sit with you guys at the Slytherin Table, do you?"

Draco shook his head "I'd call it an honor"

Blaise nodded "Me too"

Longest chapter... 7 pages and one line on page 8... 2345 words XD im so proud
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