Princess of Darkness

Potion Results

Draco kicked the entrance doors open, causing people to stare, and ran to the Hospital Wing.

Ginny and Blaise closed the doors and followed Draco.

"Madam Pomfrey!" he hollered.

She ran from her office saying "What is it child?" but then she realized Hermione being held tightly in his arms "Oh! Good heavens… put her on that bed" she pointed.

He set her down softly and kept his cloak on top of her.

"What happened?" Madam Pomfrey asked.

"It was… Pansy Parkinson" Ginny cried. "She knocked her over… and Hermione… hit her head… on a rock"

Draco looked at Ginny and then to Hermione, anger written on his face. "Parkinson" he growled.

Madam Pomfrey touched Hermione's cheek. "She's freezing"

"She was lying in the snow" Blaise said simply.

Madam Pomfrey went to her potions cabinet and grabbed a few potions.

She poured a orange potion in Hermione's mouth and the ting of blue in her lips went away and she was turning back to her normal color, out of her death looking state.

Then she took a yellow colored potion and poured that one in her mouth too.

"She should wake up in about an hour" Madam Pomfrey said, sighing.

She moved her hand behind Hermione's head, checking for blood or any sign of injury.

"She's a lucky girl. Nothing serious" Madam Pomfrey said and went to another patient.

Draco conjured up a chair, sat down, and grabbed Hermione's hand.

"I'll go put this stuff in your common room" Blaise said.

"I'll go with him" Ginny said as she whipped the tears away and then they left.

Draco just stared. He sighed "This is going to be a long hour"

Draco stared at his wife lying on the bed in front of him. She looked so helpless, defenseless, weak, and powerless. He couldn't help but feel upset at the moment. His wife was lying unconscious on one of the Hospital Wings beds, not a sound coming from her.

Ten minutes have passed and he still just sits and stares at his wife. She may have been in a deep sleep at the moment but she still looked like an angel to him. Her now straight hair was lying on the soft pillow, and some was hanging off her shoulders. The site was pure bliss for Draco.

Thirty minutes passed and still no sign of life in her. The only thing that let Draco know she was still alive was her full chest rising and falling as she breathe even breaths. Her chocolate orbs enclosed by her eyelids, not even a twitch came.

Fifty minutes have passed and still nothing. Just ten more minutes and she should wake up. In ten minutes, her body should move, making Draco's tensed muscles relax, but, now, she wasn't moving. Not for another ten minutes.

The hour was gone and Hermione was starting to stir. She gripped Draco's hand and then he saw her awakening.

She opened her eyes and looked around. "How did I get here?" she asked as she examined the Hospital Wing.

"I carried you" Draco said.

Hermione smiled. "Thanks"

Draco leaned in and kissed Hermione's forehead. "I'm glad to see you're awake" he stroked her hair.

"Glad to be awake"

"Oh!" Madam Pomfrey said and came toward the happy couple "Child… you're awake!"

Hermione nodded. She sat up and looked at Madam Pomfrey, who was holding a green potion.

She handed it to Hermione. "Drink up"

Hermione did so. "This taste like watermelon. Is this the Dalia Potion?"

Madam Pomfrey nodded. "Its to help with any pain that might come later on from the accident like headaches"

(A/n: don't ask about the potion… just thought of it now… pronounced: duh-lie-uh)

Hermione nodded. "You're free to go" Madam Pomfrey said and then walked to her office.

Hermione took Draco's cloak and got up. She handed him his cloak. He took in generously, and put it back on. (A/n: its rude to take something that's not yours)

"Come on… I have to take care of something" Draco said and wrapped his arm around Hermione's waist, just incase if she falls.

They walked towards the Great Hall and took a turn that led them to Slytherin Common Room.

"Pureblood" he said to a portrait of Salazar Slytherin. (A/n: I forgot what the portrait was of… spare me)

It opened and they entered.

Hermione had never been in there before. She had a chance but she accidentally turned into "cat girl," so she couldn't.

She stared in awe at all the green and silver the room held.

Draco continued walking and stopped in front of someone. Hermione noticed it was Pansy.

"What?" she shrieked as she saw Hermione. "That's impossible, I left you unconscious."

"You get to realize Pansy that a lot of the impossible happens to me" Hermione said, with a smirk.

Pansy glared.

Draco smiled at his wife's comment.

"I warned you Parkinson" Draco said as he walked closer to Pansy, Hermione, a little bit behind, was staring. "You'll regret messing with a Malfoy"

Draco lifted his hand in an attempt to do something rational but was stopped by Hermione, who grabbed his hand.

"No" she said, "You'll be going as far down as she did"

He looked at her and then to Pansy, comprehending on what he should do, and put his hand down.

He put Hermione behind him in a protective way.

"I don't want you to do anything to Hermione or your father will hear about this… and I don't think 'daddy dearest' will like what he hears"

He grabbed Hermione's hand and led her out of the common room.

Hermione waved bye to Pansy with a smirk, as she was playing with her, Pansy's, head.

As they walked back out, a question popped into Hermione's head. "Draco?"


"What happened to my potion ingredients?"

"They're in the common room with Ginny and Blaise"

She nodded and gripped his hand tighter. "Thank you"

He stopped and looked at her. He smiled and leaned in and gave her a quick kiss.

Draco broke the silence "Come on… lets go finish that potion of yours." He said

.: In the Heads Common Room :.

Hermione and Draco walked through the tapestry and saw Blaise and Ginny sitting on the couch staring at the fire, upset.

"I'm impressed you guys aren't snogging each other!" Hermione said.

"Me too" Draco added, just as surprised.

They looked at them and Ginny smiled "Hermione!"

She jumped off the couch and ran to Hermione, giving her a lung-crushing, heart-stopping, hug.

Draco walked over to the bag of ingredients they needed. He conjured a small cauldron for Hermione to use.

Once Ginny let Hermione breathe, they walked over to the table and Hermione began making the potion.

.: Half Hour Later :.

The potion was almost done.

"Now… all I need to do is put 3 drops of my blood in it, wait 3 minutes, and it will tell me whether or not if grandfather took that potion or not. If it's blue than it means that he did and red means he didn't"

Ginny and Blaise looked puzzled but shrugged it off.

Hermione took her wand and made a cut on her palm. Three drops of her blood fell into the potion, slowly, and Hermione waved her wand and soon the cut was just a mere scar.

They waited for the 3 long minutes to past. It felt like forever. Then suddenly the potion turned blue.

"You really are the brightest witch of our time" Draco said as he stared at the potion, in disbelief.

"Wait a second… Hermione, you said you were going to tell me about the whole Christmas break situation. Something about your grandfather's idea" Ginny said.

"Oh" Draco said as he recalled it.

"I'm going to the Malfoy Manor" Hermione said.

Draco nodded.

"Hmm… I guess it would make sense. Then she can get to know everyone and everything about the Malfoys"

Then there was a tapping. Hermione looked towards the window and saw her raven on the windowsill. She walked over and opened the window. The raven landed on her shoulder and stuck out its leg.

Hermione took the note and read.

"Im sorry but Ginny, Blaise, you have to go" she said without looking up. "Me and Draco now have plans"

Ginny and Blaise nodded and walked out of the common room.

"What is it?" Draco asked, walking toward Hermione to read the note over her shoulder.


It is time for your next lesson. I hope you have learned Occlumency and Legilimency like I said before. We have a lot to do tonight. You will learn from Draco like you have done before. There is also the discussion of a new prophecy.

Your Grandfather,

Lord Voldermort

Hermione's finger began to burn with pain as it was calling for her to go to him. She ignored as much as she could of it.

She tapped her wand on her arm and her dark cloths appeared.

Draco did the same and his Death Eater cloak and mask appeared.

"Ready?" he asked.

She nodded and looked at her ring. It had changed. It used to be silver like the others, but now it was a black ring that she recalled Harry telling her about.

"It's Salazar Slytherin's ring"

From what she knew, the ring had been destroyed. She ignored the fact and admired it as she touched it and was port key-ed to the graveyard.

I had started this story just before I finished the 6th Harry Potter book and this story is now starting to go into an AU scenario. Because:

1.) Dumbledore is still alive.

2.) Salazar Slytherin's ring was destroyed and

3.) I just happen to put things in here that happened in all the books that are out so far, with some not true facts…

its really possessing the traits of a fanfic now


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