Princess of Darkness

The Unknown Prophecy

Hermione looked up at her grandfather.

"What do mean by a new prophecy?" she asked.

He nodded, knowing she would ask.

"It was discovered yesterday by Lucius, who saw one of your teachers. A Trelawney?"

He snapped his fingers and Wormtail came with a pensieve. Lucius walked over and poured the one long, silvery memory he had into it.

Voldemort stirred it with his wand and Hermione and Draco watched as Professor Trelawney came out of it like a ghost.

"The Dark Lord's Dark Princess

will overcome what she wishes

and remain loyal

to the son of the Dark Lords faithful follower.

The powers within her will not skip

the next generation

like the others.

It will appear in the first child

of the Princess of Darkness

and the faithful followers Prince.

That child will be known

to world as a myth,

a legend,

for being able

to over power

the Boy Who Lived

at such a young age

and doing what no other witch

or wizard could have done

except for his or her parents.

He will be known

to have immense powers

that not even the Dark Lord could overcome "

Then Trelawney vanished into the depths of the pensieve.

"I don't understand, quiet frankly" Hermione said.

Voldemort stared at the pensieve. "It means, my dear granddaughter, that what ever you desire just… happens. You and Draco's first child will have the same power, as you and Draco and it will be more powerful then Potter. That child will do wonderful things that only you and Draco could have accomplished."

Hermione thought for a second. "Are you saying that you want my child to help you kill Harry and do things that you wish?"

"Maybe… maybe not" he responded.

Hermione looked down at the ground still thinking of this.

'doing what no other witch or wizard could have done except for his or her parents'

That means anything that Draco or I would do… and we're not for the dark side, Hermione though, smiling inside. There's a loophole

"What is your greatest desires, Hermione?" he asked.

"I… I don't know" she said. She knew what she wanted… she wanted him dead and for the light to win, but she wouldn't tell him that or let him know, so she began occlumency.

"What are you trying to hide?" Voldemort asked. She knew it was coming though.

She thought clearly of what she wanted or what she thought the most of and said "Fear"

Some of the Death Eaters gasped. How could someone who shows no fear, be scared?

Simple… she didn't know if she would live past the Final Battle to see the child the prophecy talks about… fear. She thinks her best friends hate her and she doesn't know if they will accept who she is… fear. She wasn't truly aware of what her grandfather wanted from her… fear.

They all scared her at just a simple thought.

"Why do you fear so much, my granddaughter?" Voldemort asked

"I don't truly know" she replied. "I have no idea of what to think and I don't know what to say but… I don't know"

The Dark Lord nodded. "Maybe its stress" he suggested.

Hermione shook her head no "It is nothing like that. I have dealt with issues more severe and this seems like a piece of cake"

"Maybe the fact that you know you are the last heir of Salazar Slytherin?"

She shook her head no again. Voldemort thought about the topic.

"Now that we're on the topic, I have something for you, Hermione" Voldemort said. He called Wormtail over who had a small, carved, wooden box with him. Voldemort took the box and examined it. "This is something my mother wore. It's a gold locket, it was one of my Horcruxes until someone found it"

He got off of his throne and walked swiftly towards Hermione. He opened the box and showed Hermione the necklace before handing it to Draco, who put it around Hermione's neck.

"I must say, it looks beautiful on my daughter-in-law. Good choice, my Lord" Lucius said and bowed down to them both.

Hermione flicked her wrist and a mirror appeared in her hand. She looked at herself and gasped. It was beautiful.

"How did you get this? As you said, someone had found it" Hermione said.

(A/n: Forget about the person who found it in the book)

He nodded. "Yes, but it was found by one of my followers,Bellatrix has had it but didn't realize whom it belonged to until she figured out about my horcruxes. So she gave it to me, because, from what she knew, it was mine, and I was the last heir of the Slytherins until we found you. This heirloom belongs to you now. Dont worry, its not my horcrux anymore."

The mirror vanished out of her hand, on Hermione's command. She nodded and thanked him.

"My lord?" Lucius asked, getting Voldemort's attention "The prophecy"

"Oh yes!" Voldemort said and walked back to his throne, and sat comfortably. "You see Hermione… I was thinking Potter can be gone sooner by just-"

"No" Hermione said firmly.

"You dare interrupt the Dark Lord?" Bellatrix bellowed, and Hermione nodded.

"He is after all my grandfather" she said with her face staring blankly at Voldemort.

"Hermione… we need it-" Voldemort was cut off again

"No" Hermione said again. "I have a time limit and I will not have it when a battle is brewing. Right now its no"

Draco was confused. What were they talking about? The Prophecy… what about it did they need because of it?

Then it popped into his head and his eyes widened.. "A child" he said and Hermione looked toward him and nodded.

"We are still too young grandfather. I am sorry but you will have to wait till the time" Hermione said, with no fear or regret in her tone.

Voldemort looked from Hermione to Draco and back and forth for a few minutes.

He sighed. "I had a feeling you would say that. You sounded just like your mother when I told her about her destiny. Although, I don't think you will be as careless as her, knowing how she ended up"

Hermione looked down. "I will not have the same fate."

"Good" Voldemort said. "I will wait till your time, but until then, you and Draco may begin practicing."

And with that, Hermione and Draco began, him teaching her about a couple things that you could do with it, such as causing someone to die with just a look.

.: 2 Hours Later :.

Hermione was just finishing everything that she had learned. She knew exactly what her powers could do and what they could not. She was perfectly capable of learning anything else without Draco's help.

When they stopped sparing, something happened to Hermione.

She was standing there, head down, and thinking of her breath. Then she was completely green, like an aura was around her. A huge tornado came and was only around her. As she looked up, her eyes were glowing green. And then, she was lifting into the air. 1 foot… 3 foot… 7 foot… 12 foot… 15 foot. Then she stopped at 20 feet. She put her arms out as if she were Jesus on his cross, and then she was spinning, rapidly. (A/n: no fence 2 religious people about Jesus)

From what all the Death Eaters could see, the green light that looked like a diamond was Hermione, spinning.

Draco smiled at the site. She's ready, he thought

Voldemort looked proud. Draco had taught her well. It had only been a few lessons and she was already an expert.

She really is the smartest witch of her time, he thought

Hermione stopped spinning, and her dress began to transform into a black dress fit for a queen. It was long, and it trailed. It was long sleeved, bell-like at the ends, and hugged in the right places. Three rows of black beads were placed in a long line down the center. Her hair, that was still straight from her spell, grew longer, down to the end of her back.

A silver tiara was placed on her head. And then she was let down, still glowing.

Draco walked up and stood in front of her.

As the glowing green went away, she almost collapsed but Draco caught her.

She opened her eyes and looked around and then at herself. "Whoa" was what she said.

"How did I change into this?" she asked. "And my hair, it wasn't this long before. How did this happen?"

"That is what happens when you master your power. Draco went through this at the age of ten, right before he started school at Hogwarts" Lucius said.

"What am I going to say when people ask 'How'd your hair get so long?'" she asked.

Draco shrugged "It's a spell… I guess"

She thought about it for a moment. "That will do"

And then they were port key-ed back to the Common Room to find a surprise.

"Wow Hermione… that dress looks wonderful on you. And your hair is so long. You look beautiful!" a voice said from behind.

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