Princess of Darkness

Dresses for Two

I kno u guys wanted the dresses to be told more about but i was leaving them as a surprise for this chapter, so u can gape at it and imagine the same picture i have i my head... enjoy

"The News is out! The Christmas Ball is to be today, Friday. It is a Mask. You must wear a mask or something that hides your face in any way or form. The Ball will start at 8, after dinner, and will continue until the 12th stoke of midnight. But there are only two rules you must follow. 1.) You must not reveal yourself until the clock strikes 12, and 2.) Have fun. Let us eat before we all starve till we are the remaining point of a shriveled bezoar."

Dumbledore sat down as the chitter chatter of the students began. Everyone wasn't asking anyone out. They wanted to be introduced to people by surprise during the ball and Hermione and Draco had no problem with that. They were going together as was Ginny and Blaise.

"I think we're going to have to cancel my wedding with Parkinson" Blaise said to Draco, who was sitting across from him.

Draco nodded. "I didn't expect anything less"

"One Last Announcement" Dumbledore said and stood up to get everyone's attention. "I would like to thank Draco and Hermione Malfoy for starting the Inter House Unity. I would also like to thank Ginny Weasley and Blaise Zabani for continuing it. I hope all of you are encouraged to do as these students have. We even had a pair marry!" Dumbledore smiled.

"We didn't plan it" Hermione whispered to Draco who nodded.

"But do you have any regrets?" he asked, with a smirk.

She smiled "No"

"Another thing" Dumbledore said "I would like to thank Miss Lavender Brown for returning the fairy back to Hagrid. You may all continue with your meal"

"It's only lunch and he's got plenty of announcements" Ginny said.

"Yes, but we got brownie points for dating, or marrying in my case, Slytherins." Hermione nodded.

Ginny giggled. "I only do it for the love"

This caught the guys' attention and they both said "What?"

Hermione gave Draco apassionate kissas Ginny said thank you to Blaise.

"What was that for, not that I'm not grateful?" Draco asked, with a smirk, of course.

Hermione smiled. "I only do it for the love"

Ginny smirked. "I'm sorry to interrupt but me and Hermione have got Ancient Runes to go to." She gave Blaise a kiss on the cheek "Bye"

Hermione smiled and gave Draco another kiss. "I'll see you later" and she winked as she left.

"We have fallen for two angels" Blaise broke the silence.

"Yes" Draco replied staring at the Great Hall doors as Ginny and Hermione exit the room. "Who knew Gryffindors could be like this?"

"Not me… but they're sexy little creatures, aren't they?" Blaise growled playfully.

"That's my wife you're talking about" Draco snapped.

They stared at each other for a few seconds until they burst out laughing.

.: At Dinner :.

Ginny and Hermione were walking over to the Slytherin table, sitting with their men.

"Hey, Hey" Ginny said as she sat down next to Blaise.

"Hi girls" Blaise replied.

"How was your day?" Hermione asked as she sat next to Draco.

"Boring. Nothing happened. Although, Parkinson is scared that you might kill her, from what Trelawney said in Divination" Draco said. "I see a great deal of pain in your future from a certain Princess"

Blaise nodded. "She was whiter than usual"

Ginny and Hermione giggled.

"That's good Hermione. You already have someone that fears you" Ginny added.

Hermione nodded. "Hopefully she wont spread any nasty rumors about me."

Draco shook his head. "We'll know the first person to go to then"

"And then you can really scare her" Blaise said, smiling.

.: After Finishing Dinner :.

"It is time for all of you to go to your dormitories and get ready for the ball. Will Draco and Hermione Malfoy choose one person each to help you with the decorations and stay after." Dumbledore looked at them and they nodded and chose Blaise and Ginny, since they knew the plans. "Then everyone shall be off. Remember to keep your mask on until midnight, then, you can take your mask off and reveal yourself."

Everyone scurried out of there and Ginny and Blaise closed the doors to decorate.

"I think you might need room" Dumbledore said and flicked his wand so the tables disappeared.

"Thank you, Sir" Hermione said and then took out her own wand.

Dumbledore smiled and left with the other teachers out of the Great Hall by the side door.

They began setting up wreaths and mistletoes around the hall. The Christmas trees were decorated and the snack/drink table was set up.

Hermione and Draco conjured small round tables for four (without their wands) and Ginny and Blaise conjured the chairs (with their wands).

Hermione pointed at all the candles and caused them to turn different colors. Red-waxed candles had green flames while the green-waxed candles had the red flame.

The Head table was decorated with a white sheet put over it and many small green Christmas trees were set up with lights, and pieces of cut off Christmas tree were pinned to the edges.

A bow was added here and there and they set up a little area for the DJ.

Then there was a knock on the Great Hall doors and Mr. Nutz walked in and set up everything in the area they just made.

Ginny looked at the list to make sure they had everything when she spotted one thing that they were missing. "A waterfall?" she asked.

"Oh yea!" Hermione said and walked to the back, behind the heads table.

Hermione conjured a long tub that was as long as the back wall and about 6 feet wide. She said a little spell and pointed to toward the ceiling with her wand, then water came cascading down out of thin air and landing in the tub, that was never filling up.

The noise was very loud and no one could hear what he or she was saying to each other.

Hermione said another spell and the waterfall fell silent. She said another incantation without her wand and a barrier was set up around the waterfall so no water would splash on the Heads and only land in the tub, though people could still reach through the barrier to touch the water, only if they wish to. Then she added a couple of lights to make the water look lit.

Hermione smiled at her work and walked back to the others.

Ginny and Blaise were staring at the waterfall in awe.

"It's so beautiful" Ginny said and run up to it and felt the wetness of the water as she touched it. "I thought it was like an illusion"

Hermione shook her head "It's as real as the hair on your head"

Ginny's mouth was agape as she felt the cold water on her palm.

Hermione sighed and walked to Ginny and pulled her away from the waterfall.

"You forget that me and you have 40 minutes to go and get dressed" Hermione said and Ginny snapped out of it.

"Oh my god! We have to get ready! Lets go Hermione!" Ginny pulled her out of the Great Hall.

"We'll meet you guys in the Common Room" Draco called out.

Hermione nodded and they exited, going to her room since that's where the dresses were at the time.

"Girls" Blaise said.

"You know it" Draco replied and they left for the Slytherin dormitories for their dress robes.

.: In the Heads Common Room :.

Draco and Blaise were sitting on the couch staring at the fire waiting for the girls to be done.

Draco was wearing the half faced mask that was in Phantom of the Opera while Blaise wore one that looked like two X's put together (XX) and his eyes were centered in the middle of each X.

Then they heard a door click and looked at the stairs to see Ginny at the top.

She was wearing a strapless green and silver dress. Above her torso, it was completely a dark shade of green. On the other half, stripes of silver fell nicely and blended with the green. Her hair was up in a messy bun and she had a light touch of make-up on. She also had on a mask that covered only one eye and it was shaped like a star. Her shoes were "Mulan" like shoes. They were black and the lining of the mouth was dark green, like her dress. In the corner was a silver bow.

(A/n: if you have read my stories, you know that I love the Mulan shoes, which I now own a pair of. W00t W00t!)

She peered down at the men.

Blaise gulped and walked to the edge with his hand out for her to grab when she got to the end.

She accepted the hand while he bowed and kissed it.

They stepped to the side as Draco came and waited at the end.

"May I present to you, The Princess of Darkness, your wife, Mrs. Hermione Malfoy!" Ginny said as they heard the door open.

Hermione came out of her room and stood at the top of the stairwell.

Draco gaped. She's beautiful, and she looks just like that one time in my dream, he thought

She was wearing a black dress that reached the floor. It was tight around her top, and flowed out after her torso. Over it, she wore a long, thin, black sweater that stayed open, and reached mid-thigh. She wore a 60's like mask (A/n: think of the glasses they used to wear). She kept her hair down. It was straight and brown and reached the end of her back, due to mastering her power. On her left finger, she wore Salazar Slytherin's black ring. Through the blackness, you could see green ivy, trying tobreak through it,to show the permanent ring beneath that one. Around her neck, she wore his, Salazars, locket.

Draco held out his hand for her like Blaise did.

"How is it that you look more beautiful every time I see you?" Draco asked, flirting badly.

"It's a mystery" Hermione replied, taking his hand.

"Shall we?"

Hermione nodded. "Let's"

They exited the common room and went towards the Great Hall.

Hermione and Draco stood at the front doors of the Great Hall while Ginny was on Hermione's right, and Blaise to Draco's left.

People began to come and they stopped at the site of the heads.

Once everyone was in the hall, Hermione spoke.

"Good evening Hogwarts. I'm Hermione Malfoy, the Head Girl, if you didn't already know, and welcome to The Christmas Ball. I'm sure you will all be surprised by what we have stored inside the Great Hall and be as stunned as my friend Ginny Weasley was."

Everyone looked towards Ginny, who giggled at remembering the waterfall incident.

"I'm Draco Malfoy, Head Boy. I must remind you all not to take off your mask until the stroke of midnight. But until that time comes, I wish for all of you to have fun."

Hermione thought for a second, and then the Great Hall doors opened, revealing the waterfall to all in front of her.

"Enjoy" she said as her and Draco moved to Ginny and Blaise's sides. (Hermione next to Ginny and Draco next to Blaise)

Hermiones dress is almost the same as the dress in Draco's Dream (chapter title) so thats where his thought came from. Hopeu enjoyed and make sure u review. I want at least 10 reviews 4 u 2 get the next chapter. 9 wont be accepted (god im evil... hehe)

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