Princess of Darkness

Just A Shot Of Firewhiskey

Ok... everyone has been wondering why does no one care about Hermione and Draco's marriage and how do they know?

Simple really...

People do care that they are married. Gryffindor boys are mad that Draco took their Princess and the Slytherin girls are mad at Hermione for taking their "Sex God"

They know by Pansy, Harry and Ron. Harry was the first to find out, from noticing the rings at the Halloween Ball. Pansy told all the Slytherin girls that their boy has gotten married and Harry told one boy, who told a girl, who told everyone... news spreads quickly in Hogwarts.

And then, last chapter, Dumbledore announced the house unity thing, and said that even one couple married. Hermione and Draco. People werent surprised cuz they had already gotten the news from someone else.

Now to the story:

Hermione and Draco smiled as people gasped at the beautiful site before them.

She had to agree. It was breath taking, but she already knew what they were in store for.

Once everyone was in, they made their way in, arms linked.

She looked around and smiled at people's reaction.

There was a group of girls sitting on the edge of the tub and sticking their hand in the waterfall. Other girls were standing under the floating mistletoes, hoping some guy would accidentally go under.

A group of first years were dazed at the site of the colorful candles that they've known to be white.

Boys were either sitting, or eating. This didn't surprise Hermione much though.

"Wow Hermione… you did great" she heard a voice say.

She turned to see a boy with a mask on, but then she noticed something else. He was trying to hide a lighting shaped scar under his hair.

"Thanks Harry"

"And might I say, you look great" he added.

"Thanks, you too"

Harry looked to Draco. "Mind if I have a dance with your wife?"

Draco looked back and forth. Then he nodded.

Harry led Hermione out to the middle of the dance floor as a slow song was playing.

"How have you and Ron been?" she asked.

"Pretty good… Ron is still a little upset that you're married to Malfoy but he'll get over with it. I'm actually ok with it. He seems to be treating you nicely." Harry said.

"Yes. He doesn't wish to hurt me like we all thought before I was Head" she replied

A candle made Hermione's necklace shine and he caught sight of it.

"Hermione, where did you get that necklace? If I'm not mistaken, that was-"

"Salazar Slytherins?" she asked and he nodded. "It is"

"What? How? It was taken"

"Bellatrix gave it to my grandfather who gave it to me, saying it's the Slytherin heirloom and that it now belongs to me… to make it short" she said.

"Wait… if it's the Slytherin heirloom, then why did they give it to you? And how does your muggle grandfather know Bellatrix?" Harry thought straight. "What's going on Hermione?"

Hermione looked down. I knew it would come, she thought

"Harry… I need to tell you something, but you must not tell anyone."

He nodded.

"Ok… I'm pureblooded… I'm the last heir to Salazar Slytherin. Lord Voldemort is my grandfather."

Harry's eyes opened wide. "How? Aren't you a muggleborn?"

"Was… I, apparently, was adopted" she replied.

"And that day when you accidentally hurt Ron, with magic. You didn't use a wand… how?"

"Part of being a pure pureblood. No other person has powers like that except Draco and grandfather"

Harry thought. What else did Salazar Slytherin have that Voldemort has?

Then it came to Harry and he thought about a snake moving around. "Can you speak Parseltongue like Voldemort?" he said in parseltongue.

Hermione understood what he said perfectly. She never tried before. She didn't even think she could. But then it just came to her "Yes" she said in parseltongue, nodding.

Harry looked shocked. His best friend was related to Salazar Slytherin and the man who wants to kill him, and is married to someone he thought he hated, but not anymore since they are married.

Hermione smiled as the song ended. "Any other questions?"

Harry nodded. "Lots more… but I think if I keep you any longer, Malfoy will kill me."

Hermione laughed. "Then you can ask Draco questions too, he knows just as much as me"

Harry nodded.

Hermione looked around for Draco until she spotted her platinum haired boy sitting at a table with Ginny and Blaise. Hermione led Harry over and conjured a chair with a twist of her hand for him to sit down in.

"Does Ginny know about this?" Harry asked.

Hermione nodded.

"Are you with the light side?" he asked both Draco and Hermione.

"Yes" they said in unison.

"What is he planning to do with you?"

"Well… he wants our first child to help kill you." Hermione said.

"Are you going to allow that?"

"He wants me pregnant now so you can be done with sooner, but I was given a time limit and we're sticking with that. I will not let my child kill my best friend." Hermione said.

"We will not conceive until we are ready" Draco said as he put an arm around Hermione's shoulders.

"Am I missing anything?" Harry asked.

"There's a new prophecy" Hermione said.


Hermione repeated the prophecy for Harry and explained what it means.

"What are your desires, Hermione?" Harry asked.

She looked down. "For my grandfather to be dead, and for the light to win"

"Hmmm… according to the prophecy, your wish will be granted."

"Huh?" Draco asked.

Hermione already knew. "There's a loophole" she said. "Grandfather thinks his desires are mine, but they are not. You and I will stay happy together, and our child will be more powerful than Harry and Grandfather because they have powerful parents. They will do things only me and you would want which, I believe, is with the light."

Draco smiled. "What a happy ending… my child will be more powerful then Potter"

Harry glared at him.

"I'm just playing" Draco said laughing.

"You know what Malfoy…" Harry said "You're all right."

Draco nodded. "And so are you… truce?"

Draco stuck out a hand and Harry shook it "Truce"

Hermione smiled but then it faded. "All we need now is Ron to join in." she said. She thought for a second of the thought. "I need a drink."

She snapped her finger and a bottle of fire whiskey and a shot glass appeared on the table.

"Whoa" Harry said. He didn't know she could do that.

"Whoa yourself" Hermione said as she purred herself a shot and drink it in a second.

"Mmm" she said. "Better than what I thought it might taste. Want one?"

She looked at Draco. He shrugged "Why not?"

She snapped her fingers again and another shot glass appeared. She poured him his drink and handed it to him.

He gulped it down and sighed.

"Nothing better than to drown your worries in alcohol" Hermione said as she took another shot.

Harry rolled his eyes. The last time he saw Hermione get drunk was last year when they won the Quidditch Cup (A/n: not true but go with it) It was the first time he saw Hermione wild. She was nuts! Hermione had even given Seamus a lap dance because she was so drunk. It was funny though.

.: 15 minutes Later :.

Ginny laughed as Hermione sang her ABC's, all in the wrong order.

"Ohh… I love this song" Hermione said. "You guys stay here, me and Ginny will go and have fun"

Ginny jumped "Ok!" she walked over to Draco and Harry "I love it when she's drunk, she's so fun!"

Draco and Harry laughed as they watched Hermione dance like there was no tomorrow. The funny thing about it was that Ginny joined in with her.


Now Hermione is chasing Ginny around just for the hell of it.

"They looked like they're really enjoying themselves." Draco said.

Harry nodded.

Then suddenly they saw Ginny fall from being caught by Hermione.

Draco and Harry laughed.

Ginny pushed Hermione off and turned over and looked at Hermione who was just lying there. Then the look of pure horror spread across her, Ginny's, face. She was tapping Hermione, trying to see if she would get up.

But then she just started cracking up.

"Umm… Draco, she passed out" Ginny said to him.

He laughed and walked over to them. He looked at Hermione and smiled. He brushed a strand of hair out of her face as he stared at his wife. Then he picked her up bridal style and carried her over to the table and set her in his lap. Her head was lying on his chest.

"She had fun" Harry said to Ginny and Draco, who nodded.

Hermione started to stir and she moved her arms around Draco's neck, holding on for dear life.

Draco laughed "She's comfortable" he wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her closer and also so she wont fall or anything like that. He kissed her forehead and she nuzzled into his chest. He smiled down at her.

"You seem like you've never seen her sleep" Harry said.

Draco nodded. "I haven't… well, unless you count when she's unconscious"

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