Princess of Darkness

Royalties of Magic

.: A Week b4 The Last Day:.

"Come on, Dumbledore said he wanted to see us in the Great Hall this morning" Hermione said as she leaned against the bathroom's doorframe.

"Ok, ok… I'm coming" Draco was, of course, obsessing over his hair this morning.

The Great Hall wasn't the same anymore after that. We had all the houses sitting with other houses. Up at the Head Table, all the teachers were smiling brightly at the site. It hadn't been as "together" like this since the time before Tom Riddle entered the school. The twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes was brighter than ever.

Once everyone realized Hermione and Draco were at the doors, they all stared at them, silenced.

Then Ginny stood up and started clapping. Soon Blaise, who was next to her, began clapping. Then Harry, Ron, Lavender, Cho, Dean, Crabbe, Goyle, Luna… soon, everyone was standing and clapping, except Pansy, who was stubbornly sitting down.

Hermione and Draco smiled. They had done something no Head Boy or Girl has been able to accomplish for a long time. They couldn't help but feel proud.

Hermione saw Dumbledore gesturing for them to come to the front. So she grabbed Draco's hand and led him to the front.

Then Dumbledore stood up and everyone quieted down.

"I would like to thank you two for uniting the houses. The staff and I have decided that we must do something for you in return. You two will be receiving awards for doing 'Services for Hogwarts.' You will also be given a proper title that this school and the world will know forever, and are to have a portrait done, to be as the new door to the Heads' Room" everyone cheered but it seemed Dumbledore wasn't finish. "Please kneel" he said, through the cheering, and they did so. Then Madam Pomfrey came with what looked like two crowns on a burgundy pillow, and that's exactly what it was.

"Hermione Isabel Granger Malfoy, Keeper of Knowledge, and Beauty, is now, and forever known in Magical History, as The Princess of Gryffindor and Magic" Dumbledore said and Madam Pomfrey placed a silver crown on her head. People began to cheer, but soon died out as Dumbledore moved towards Draco.

"Draco Gregory Malfoy, Keeper of Smarts, and Charm, is now, and forever known in Magical History, as The Prince of Slytherin and Magic" Dumbledore announced and Madam Pomfrey placed the remaining crown, gold, upon Draco's head.

(A/n: little fairy tale)

Everyone began cheering again.

Hermione and Draco glanced at each other and smiled. Draco held out a hand and Hermione gripped onto it.

They looked back up to Dumbledore who was telling them to rise and face the students, which they did.

Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape came with long, trailing robes, which right now were rolled up.

Professor McGonagall clipped Hermione's on and rolled it down to its full length… really long. It was red, white, and gold, for her house colors(A/n: think of a queen's longs dress that trails, with all the designs and stuff)

Professor Snape then came and clipped Draco's on and also rolled it down to its full length. It was green, white, and silver. His house colors. It had the same designs as Hermione's.

Snape walked over to Draco's left, while McGonagall went to Hermione's right.

"When Dumbledore gives the signal, walk out of the Hall and wait for us in The North Tower" the professors said to Hermione and Draco, simultaneously. "Don't nod" they warned.

They smiled at the fact that they knew where that was located.

"I like to present to you, for the first time in Magical history, The Prince and Princess of Magic, Draco and Hermione Malfoy" Dumbledore gave the signal, which was a stomp from him, and Hermione and Draco walked out of the Great Hall, hand in hand, crowns on, androbes trailing, as everyone clapped and cheered.

Once the doors were shut and they were out of earshot, they continued on toward the North Tower.

Draco smiled "That was fun"

Hermione giggled. "I didn't expect this to happen."

They passed by clapping portraits, until they made it to The North Tower's portrait.

The woman was in her frame, smiling, and clapping. Her cat - a meowing bowl.

Hermione took out her wand and tapped the frame twice and it swung open.

They walked up the spiral staircase and reached the top to find their Head of House, Dumbledore, and a painter waiting for them.

They smiled at them, That was fast, and they returned it.

There was a chair, in an angle, near the window and the sky was bright outside.

"Mrs. Malfoy?" Professor McGonagall asked.

Hermione turned to her, already used to the name.

"You will be sitting in the chair, while Mr. Malfoy stands behind you." She instructed.

Hermione sat in the chair and Draco walked behind her.

The painter came and put Draco's hand on Hermione's shoulder, and the other one resting on the chairs back. The painter grabbed Hermione's hand and put it on Draco's and they, Hermione and Draco, smiled at each other.

"Perfect" The painter said and he looked through a square he made with his finger at the couple.

He took out his wand. "Smile over here" he said. Hermione and Draco smiled.

This was Hermione's first magical portrait being done, she didn't know what to expect.

The painter came with his wand and said an incantation, and made what looked like an invisible rectangle with his wand tip around Hermione and Draco, like a frame. Hermione and Draco didn't bother to move, knowing they wouldn't want to mess up the painting.

The rectangle seemed to thicken a bit, like a sheet of paper thick.

The painter pointed his wand at the blank canvas and the rectangular sheet went straight for it.

"You can relax now" the painter said.

Hermione and Draco went to go and see what the painter had done.

They saw themselves moving in the portrait, smirking, and giggling, in Hermione's case.

"Now we just need to enlarge it to fit the proper size for it to replace the tapestry" Dumbledore said as he took the painting. He gave the painter 20 galleons and shook his hand.

"Come now, Hermione, Draco, we must put this in it's proper place." He said and led them out of the room.

As they made their way to the tapestry, a question popped into Hermione's head. "Professor, what will happen to the tapestry?"

"Ah, what a good use it will make at the ministry. They asked, once they heard what me and the professors were doing for you, if they could have the tapestry, for decoration in their "Red, Green, Silver and Gold" hallway. Quite convenient too." He replied.

Hermione sighed. "As long as it gets some good use"

The finally came across their dormitory. Dumbledore waved his wand and the tapestry came down, with its final hiss and roar of "Password"

Dumbledore enlarged the portrait and levitated it up to the right position. He then conjured a frame to go around it. He pointed his wand at the lower, center part of the frame and said an incantation, causing a small piece of gold to appear. Carved into it was:

Draco and Hermione Malfoy

Head Boy and Girl of 2005

Prince of Slytherin

Princess of Gryffindor

Royalty of Hogwarts and Magic

Hermione felt teary eyed. She will never be forgotten

"There" Dumbledore said as he lowered his wand.

Hermione jumped up and hugged Dumbledore, while saying "Thank You"

Dumbledore smiled and patted Hermione's back.

Hermione released him and stood next to her husband.

"Go in and take off your robes. I'm sure you are hungry." Dumbledore said and they nodded.

Hermione and Draco had to reset the password since it was a new portrait, but they entered safely.

The Prince and Princess walked out of their Common Room with their crowns on still.

The crowns weren't huge like a King or Queens crown. They were like gold and silver ivies. (A/n: think of The Chronicles of Narnia's crowns… if you saw the movie)

They walked towards the Great Hall and just ate, like they normally would, while people came by and shook hands with them, patted them on the back, or gave themhugs. They were glad to get the attention.

.: A Week Later : That Last Day :.

Everyone was saying goodbye to each other. Some people crying, some people laughing, but all were smiling.

It has been a good year. The Final Battle still hadn't come but it was coming soon, everyone knew it.

Hermione was standing as the edge of the Great Hall staircase. She was wearing her long, royal, trailing robe, and her crown, peering down as the students traveled around the school, saying goodbye to all their other house friends. Her hand rested on her stomach, that had a little bluge, but wasnt to big for people to notice.She remembered the years she had spent there, at Hogwarts.

"Did you realize," Draco, also wearing hisroyalties,started, getting Hermione's attention, frombehind"that this is the first place we met?"

Hermione looked down at the steps in front of her. He was right.

She looked at him, smiled, and nodded.

"Come on, lets say one last goodbye to our portrait before we leave" he led her to the Heads Room entry way and stopped at the painting of themselves.

"Draco! Looking good!" his painted self said.

He laughed, as did Hermione.

"We came to say goodbye." Hermione said

Her painted self smiled, "It will never be goodbye, Hermione, just a see you later"

Hermione smiled, as did the painting.

"Well then, we'll see you soon" Draco said (not painting)

They, the painting, nodded.

"Who knows? Maybe sooner than you think" Draco (the painting) said.

With a final wave, they left towards the gates of Hogwarts, where the carriages, being pulled by threstrals, waited.

Hermione and Draco walked to the carriage where Ginny and Blaise were.

"That was a wonderful year" Hermione said, as she peered out of the carriage as it took them to Hogsmeade Station.

"Yes, and I'm looking forward to my last year there. Maybe I'll become the next Princess of Gryffindor" Ginny said, with an evil grin.

"Sorry Gin, but Draco and I are the only royalties that came from the school. I don't think Dumbledore is going to have more."

Ginny nodded in understanding. "I like my title as Duchess anyways... it sounds so me"

Hermione smiled. She remembers giving Ginny that name in her 5th year. She couldn't believe it stuck.

They arrived at the station not to long later. Hermione got out of the carriage, still wearing her royals.

They boarded the train and got into a compartment. Harry and Ron were already in it, waiting for them.

It was decided that Draco and Blaise would go with Ginny and Hermione to the Orders Headquarters. There, they would live. And when Voldemort called, they would come back with information for the Order.

… Once the train started moving, Ron whipped out a bottle of fire whiskey.

"Let's celebrate to a good year!" he said as he started pouring glasses for everyone.

Hermione stared blankly out the window, a hand on her stomach again.

"Here 'Mione" Ron offered her a glass.

She shook it off, not even bothering to speak.

"Merlin 'Mione, your acting like your pregnant" Ginny said and took Hermione's glass out of Ron's hands and drank it.

Hermione's eyes widened and she tried to avoid the looks Draco was giving her, but she failed.

"Hermione?" he asked. She looked at him. "Is there something you wish to tell me?"

Hermione shook her head. "I think Ginny pretty much covered it" she smiled, innocently.

Harry spit out what he was drinking. "Your pregnant!"

Draco's eyes widened with glee. "I'm going to be a father!"

He picked Hermione up from her seat and spun her around, not caring that theirrobes were hitting people. Who cared? He was going to be a dad, and Hermione a mother.

He put her down and kissed her. "I'm glad you're happy" she said with a smile.

"I'm glad you're pregnant!"

She laughed. She saw the look on Ginnys face, and said a few words in Latin.

Time stopped and Hermione and Ginny were the only things moving

"Are you mad! Having a baby when a war is brewing?" Ginny asked, scared for Hermione's infant's life.

Hermione shrugged. "I was given a time limit andI kept my promise to Grandfather."

"How far along are you?"

Hermione sighed. "About three months"

Ginny's eyes widened. "Don't blame me when you get hit" she said. "I warned you"

Hermione nodded and unfrozed time.

The rest of the train ride home was what the baby should be called, when the baby shower would be scheduled.

Then it hit Ginny "Is it a boy or a girl?"

Hermione smirked. "You're going to have to wait to find out"

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