Princess of Darkness

Common Room Problems

Just so u guys know... this is DMHG fic, I like those fics alot so im writing one...

The Sorting went by like usual. There were 14 new Gryffindors, 15 new Ravenclaws, 11 new Hufflepuffs, and 13 new Slytherins. Then the feast began. Hermione and Ginny watched as Ron stuffed his face with as much food as he could get. He practically choked when he tried to swallow.

"You're supposed to chew first" Hermione said to him.

He glared at her. "Be careful Ron, she can give you a detention for being reckless" Harry whispered to Ron, a little too loud.

This time, Hermione stared daggers at them as they sniggered.

Once they all finished, they heard a fork banging against a glass from the head table where they found that Professor McGonagall was the one doing it. Dumbledore then stood up.

"Welcome back to those from the past, and Welcome to Hogwarts to our 1st years" he started. "I will start off with the Forbidden Forest which is off limits to anybody who wants to meet something out of the ordinary. Also, our caretaker, Mr. Filch has asked me to warn you that if any student brings a dungbomb on the school ground will get detention and serve it with him. And Congratulations to Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy for making Heads." Everyone clapped, Gryffindor louder than any other, though Slytherin came close. "Heads, please stay a few minutes after. You may go to your dormitories, 1st years, follow your house prefects" and with that, everyone got up.

Hermione sat at the table and waited for everyone to leave, as they came by and gave her a pat on the back or shoulder for making head. She looked across the room to see Draco staring at her from the distance, with a determined look on his face. Then the doors shut, waking her up and she got up and walked to the heads table to meet the professors.

"You two will share a bathroom and a common room. I trust that you will not kill each other for the time being. Lets go to your dormitories" said Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eye.

He led them to a tapestry with two brooms crossing and a lion on the left and serpent on the right.

The lion and serpent turned to face them

"Pass-" the lion said "word" the serpent finish.

"Unity" Dumbledore said clearly.

The tapestry opened up to reveal a hole in the wall. Dumbledore led them in to show them the common room. It was much like the Gryffindor commone room only with a little bit of green and silver, here and there although there was a staircase that looked like the one that leads to the Great Hall excepts it curves a bit.

"This is your common room that you will be sharing. Over there" he indicated to a bookshelf "Is your private library. Some of the books you find there are not in our school library so take the opportunity to read them, Miss Granger" he looked at her over his half moon glasses. Hermione smiled "Up the stair cases you will find the washroom you will be sharing. It is similar to the prefects washroom. To the left is your dormitory, Mr. Malfoy. It is marked HB for Head Boy and yours is on the right, Miss Granger, marked HG for Head Girl or Hermione Granger if you prefer. You trunks have already been placed in your rooms and you are allowed to decorate you dormitory any way you like" Dumbledore smiled at them and left the room. The tapestry closed behind him.

Hermiones smile vanished and went back to her death stare. Draco saw this and was shocked to see that she even had one. Hermione ignored his look of concern and sat at an armchair near the fire and began reading again. Draco still stared at her…

"Something's up" he concluded.

Hermione did not even bother looking up at him "What makes you say that?" she said in an ungrateful way.

"Granger, didn't we have this conversation already… I know something's bugging you so just let out with it"

Hermione slammed her book shot and stomped up the stairs to her dormitory.

"You cant hide the truth!" Malfoy shouted.

He heard Hermione slam her door shut

Inside her room, she had the normal four posts bed with a desk, a chair, and a dresser. There was a painting of an old woman sitting in a chair with a cat that resembled Professor McGonagall we she tranfigured. "Hello Dear" she said. The window was open letting in a slight breeze of September weather. Hermione throw herself onto her bed with her head in her pillow.

She heardsomething at her window and looked up to see a beautiful black raven standing on the windowsill with a letter attached to its leg.

She looked puzzled at the raven until it came and landed on her shoulder and stuck its leg out. Hermione took the letter and began to read.

Dear Hermione,

I know who you are and you secret. You will be given another letter soon but not at this moment. I will send a port key. I hope to finally meet you soon.

Your Grandfather

Hermione reread the letter… she dropped it and fainted.

The woman in the picture gasped "Oh My" and ran out of her portrait.

.: With Draco :.

Her heard a loud thump and someone gasping. He looked up and in a picture with a man in his late 50's was sitting reading a book when a woman came in.

"Sir, you must help. The child has fainted" she said, panting hard.

Draco jumped to his feet "Hermione" he whispered.

"So thats the childs name" the woman said rubbing her chin

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