Princess of Darkness

Nice Boy?

Draco ran to the staircases and dashed up the stairs to Hermione's room. He burst through the door and saw Hermione on the floor with a letter clenched in her hand. He runs over and picked up Hermione's head but she didn't budge.

"Hermione, you have to wake up… If Potter and Weasley see this they're gonna kill me" he said, a hint of scared in his voice.

The woman in the portrait came back and looked at the site.

"She was just reading a piece of parchment and then she fainted. Look at the letter boy" the woman said.

Draco looked at Hermione's right hand were the letter was held. He grabbed it out of her hand and looked at the letter. His eyes widened as he saw the Dark Mark in the top right hand corner. He knew exactly what was going on.

"Grangers Pureblood? Shes related to Lord Voldermort." At this Hermione popped up, gasping for air.

"Where is he?" she asked.

Draco looked at her puzzled. "He's not here. Granger… whats this about?" he said holding up the letter.

Hermione's eyes widened like dinner plates again. "Can this day get any worst?" she asked.

"Probably… but that depends on what you ate" the woman in the picture said. "I ate a bowl of pudding once… ended up breaking my arm in Quidditch when I came to this school. I was keeper. Lovely game too…" Hermione looked at the woman. She shut up and Hermione looked back at Draco.

"Explanation would be nice" he said with his eye brows raised.

Hermione sighed. "Lets start with the summer"

She told him about the certificate she found in her adoption envelope. His eyes widened. He never knew she was adopted. She went on about how terrible it was, knowing that she was related to the man who killed her friends parents. She finished with the black raven that Draco noticed was on one of the post of Hermione's bed, staring at them as they talked.

"Are you going to tell Potter and Weasley?" he asked.

Hermione shook her head 'no' "I will have to eventually though" she said not sure of what would happen.

Draco smiled a weak smile. Hermione knew something was up. She knew he would never back down and show the weak smile that he did.

"What's wrong?" she asked, concerned, even for Malfoy.

"Its nothing… nothing at all" he said showing that weak smile again.

Hermione shrugged it off. "When do you think hes going to send for me?" she asked.

"Halloween" Draco said without a thought. Hermione looked at him, eyebrows furrowed. "What?" he asked.

"How do you know that?" she asked.

"Hello… my fathers a death eater… remember? Or has that bushy hair gone to your head?" he asked… turning back to Malfoy.

Hermione stared daggers at him. She reached into the pocket of her robes and pulled out her wand and pointed it at Draco.

He looked down at the tip, scared of what she was going to do. She pulled it back and spun it around her head saying some sort of chant that Draco couldn't understand.

Suddenly, Hermione's hair turned silky and straight to the point where it fit her style perfectly.

Dracos mouth dropped. "Wow" was all he could say.

Hermione smiled. "You like?" she asked.

Draco, mouth still open, nodded.

"Good, now, if you don't mind I would like to sleep. We have a long day tomorrow" she said getting up, taking her letter and stashing it into her desk. She took her wand and gave it a wave at her trunk. It opened up and all of her clothes folded nicely into the drawers in her dresser. All her books were stacked nicely on the desk with the spine showing.

Draco got up and left her to her thoughts.

"He's a really sweet child" the woman said in the portrait. "He seems very worried about you"

"Please… Malfoy doesn't care about anyone but himself" Hermione said. She changed into her pajamas and jumped into bed and shut off the lights.

"I still think he's a nice boy" the woman in the picture said.

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