Princess of Darkness

A Marriage That Will Last Forever

The next month was the same thing sometimes. Hermione always got a letter each week from her grandfather, setting dates, telling her whats going to happen, and so on and so forth. Draco always looked frightened when he was alone with Hermione or just in a matter of thought. They talked at some points. A homework question here and there and little conversations about Hermione's letters.

One seemed very important…

Flashback -


I will see you on the night of Halloween. You will receive the Dark Mark for being the heir to my thrown, and will also marry the Prince of Death Eaters. I'm sure you will like each other quite… lovingly. Be ready at midnight.

Your Grandfather,

Lord Voldermort

Just then, an eagle owl flew in threw the window and dropped a role of parchment on Draco's lap. He read it and then closed it with his eyes closed too. Then he threw the letter in the fire…

The day had finally come. It was Halloween.

"All students!" Mrs. McGonagalls voice came from the head table that afternoon.

Dumbledore got up and every ones head turned toward him.

"Tonight is the feast of Halloween. We will be having a special celebration. A dance has been set up by our prefects and heads. You are allowed to where costumes. The dance will be setup a half hour after when dinner should begin but we shall have dinner at the dance. The prefects have designed a haunted house in the Forbidden Forest if you wish to be scared to the point where you lose your voice or your knickers." He said with a bright smile and a twinkle in his eyes "That is all the announcements for today… please precede to your classes"

- End flashback

That was then… this is now. The time had come. It was 9:30 o'clock at night.

"Only two and a half hours" Hermione said to herself while she dressed in a costume she and Ginny chose.

She wore a long black dress the reached the floor. It was long sleeved and hugged her figure perfectly. She wore simple 'Mulan' like shoes.

A knock came to the door.

Hermione took her wand, gave it a swish and stuck it in the pocket of the hooded cloak that came with the costume.

Draco stood at the door, dressed as the masked man from Phantom of the Opera (A/n: I don't know his name.. give me a break)

He looked dumbfounded at how Hermione looked… very dark yet beautiful.

"Yes?" Hermione broke him out of thought.

"Dumbledore suggested we go together since we are heads" he said simply. Hermione nodded.

"Shall we go?" Draco said and stuck out on arm for Hermione.

She put her hood up and walked to Draco and gripped his arm as if they were a just married couple, though they didn't seem to smile much, just a smirk.

They walked down the steps of the headroom and out of the tapestry's door.

They made it to the staircase that lead to the great hall to find it lined with students all coupled up.

The clapped as Hermione and Draco walked up the stairs and meet with Dumbledore at the door of the great hall.

"Now that our heads and prefects have joined us" Dumbledore said and Hermione and Draco now noticed all the prefects lined up with their partners behind them all dressed up as well. "That dance shall begin" Dumbledore said and raised his hands. The doors to the great hall swung open to reveal an open space in the center. Little round tables surrounded the edges of the dance floor and a DJ was up at the great table with a banner hanging above him saying "The Muggle and Magical DJ Nutters"

Hermione and Draco were the first to walk into the great hall and see what magic can really do. On the tables were menus for everyone since they hadn't at all eaten yet.

The DJ started playing and everyone in the great hall rushed past Hermione and Draco and began dancing. Hermione and Draco looked at each other and smiled… Draco led Hermione to the dance floor where they began to dance themselves.

The time passed and it was just about midnight. A grandfather clock that stood in the hallway struck twelve and Hermione gasped. Her and Draco both looked at the door to the way out.

"Im sorry Draco but I have to go" Hermione said and ran out of the Great Hall.

Draco ran to the door on the side of the Head Table and ran out like a bullet.

Hermione ran to the heads room and up to her room were the raven stood with a letter tied to her leg. Hermione ran over and took the letter

It is Time

The letter said. In the corner of the parchment was the Dark Mark that was glowing black. Hermione knew what she must do. She touched it and felt something pulling at her navel. She felt like she was floating and then ground appeared under her feet. She opened her eyes to see that she was in a circle of Death Eaters. All of them had their hoods up and their faces covered. In front of her was Lord Voldermort, on his thrown. Next to him stood two Death Eaters. One seemingly looking like the others son.

"Welcome grand daughter" said Voldemort in his evil way.

Hermione didn't flinch at all. "What is it that you want with me?" Hermione said, with a death glare on her face and the words rolling out of her mouth as evil as ever.

The young Death Eater flinched at her stare.

"As you noticed in your previous letter, you will be receiving the Dark Mark tonight and will marry the Prince of Death Eaters" he said simply.

"I do not wish to do such thing" Hermione said.

"But you will… you are the heir to my throne" he said getting up and walking slowly to Hermione. "You are the one who is to carry on what I have done and create an heir of your own with the Prince. You are the Princess of Drakness and you will always be Hermione Granger"

Hermione dropped down to her knees… she didn't like this news and started breaking down and cried.

"I bet you are wondering what did happen to your real parents" Voldermort said, sitting down again. Hermione nodded with tears still rolling down her face. "Well… your mother was the last Princess of Drakness. She did as she was told but when it came time for her to marry the last Prince of Death Eaters, she refused. She ran off with a death eater that betrayed us… and that's how you were born. Once I found out… I killed your parents-"

"You killed you own daughter… my mother!" Hermione asked, voice rising. She wiped away the tears.

"She betrayed all of us… Lucius moved on and married Narcissa and had Draco, our new Prince of Death Eaters. You'll be marrying him tonight."

Hermiones mouth gapped open as she heard the news. The youngest Death Eater that was standing next to Voldermort's head dropped. Voldermort walked over to the two Death Eaters and pulled down their hoods. There stood Lucius with a smile plastered on his face and Draco whose head was down. He looked up to Hermione and said "Im sorry" and then his head dropped again.

"No" Hermione said and dropped her head as well.

"Yes Hermione" her grandfather said "You have been arranged to marry Draco since you were born. It should be an honor to marry a pureblood family after having to deal with those foul muggles"

"Shut up!" Hermione yelled "They were kind to me… always there for me. For all I knew… you, my grandfather that I never knew, were dead!"

"You will not rise your voice to me young lady" Voldermort said calmly. "If it weren't for me, you wouldn't even be born. You should be thankful and you are going to do this even if you refuse"

"The ceremony shall begin" Lucius said and pulled something from behind his back. It was a box. He walked over to Voldermort, knelt down before him and opened it. Inside was a knife with a serpent carved on the blade. Voldemort took grip on the knife and walked over to Hermione. He lifted her sleeve up and cut a mark on the lower part of her wrist. He took out his wand and tapped it lightly. It went lime green and formed itself into the Dark Mark. Then he walked over to Draco.

He stared at him, not even saying a word. Draco nodded and walked over to Hermione, knelling on the floor. He helped her up and stood in front of her with sadness in his eyes.

Hermione looked up at him with tears in her eyes. She jumped and put him in an embrace, crying into his shoulder.

"Im sorry. Hermione" Draco whispered into her ear. "I never thought it would happen like this"

"You are not following him, are you?" she asked, quietly so no one can hear but him.

"No" he replied "Just go along"

"You two are to be entwined by blood so nothing can break it" Lucius said.

Dracos head dropped again as they let go of each other. They both faced Voldemort and he came to them with the knife. He took Hermione and Draco's left hand and cut a line on their ring finger. Then he put their cuts together. Hermione and Draco watched in amazement as it glowed a lime green. Then it went around their fingers and vanished leaving a tattoo that looked like ivy going around their fingers. They pulled their hands away and looked at it clearly. The tattoo was black and the details of the leaves and stems were lime green. It was pretty. Hermione Granger was now Hermione Malfoy. Hermione and Dracos head dropped at the thought. They both touched the permanent ring and vanished back into their own bedrooms, lying on their beds.

"It was just a dream" Hermione said to herself.

Then there was a knock at the door. She gave her wand another swish and Draco stood at the door.

"Hermione?" he asked, rising his left hand to reveal the ivy ring tattoo on his ring finger.

Hermione looked down at her hand and saw it too.

She gasped "It wasn't a dream?"

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