Princess of Darkness


Hermione woke up with the biggest, splitting, headache she had ever had. She tried opening her eyes but it was too bright even though the lights were dimmed. Her hands automatically reached for her eyes and she felt something wet on her forehead. She realized it was a cold damp cloth.

"Your awake" a gentle voice said.

Hermione tried one more time to open her eyes… she kind of succeeded but she still had to squint. She then realized that she was on her bed in her room. Draco was coming toward her. He gently sat next to her on her bed and put his hand to her forehead and switched the cloth around so the cold side was on her head. He smiled down at her.

"Feeling better?" he asked, softly.

Hermione nodded which was a bad idea. It felt as if a big air bubble was in her head and it just burst into many other bubbles.

"What happened before?" she asked him, her eyes going into focus and not having to squint anymore

Draco looked down at his hands that were on his lap.

"Well… your grandfather is a powerful wizard. We all know that. Your pureblood with very powerful families. Lord Voldemort has the power to do magic without a wand. It usually skips generations so you mom didn't have it but went to you. That's something special… not many people have it" Draco said now looking up at Hermione, straight in the eye. "When two purebloods with this power get married, then there power doubles. You had it and didn't know about it till just recently. I have it but ive known for my entire life. It just happens on either instincts or your own free will. That's why I went to Dueling in the 2nd year… I wanted to see who else had it. But only me and you have this" he raised his palm and looked at it.

"So then, why did I faint?" Hermione asked.

"You weren't used to the power. It drained your energy because you don't know how to fight it"

"Can you teach me?" she asked.

Draco smiled and nodded "Although…"


"The Lord wishes to teach you as well, but to use it against instead of defending"

Hermione looked at the ceiling, examining it closely.

"You'll learn with him but I will teach you how to use it for defense" Draco added.

Hermione smiled and looked at her husband. She sat bolt right up now that the headache was fading easily. She kissed him on the cheek and then looked back at him as his face turned crimson red.

"Im gonna take a bath" Hermione said and got up. She grabbed her towel and robe and walked through the bathroom door.

Draco smiled as he watched her shadow fade within the creaks of the door, then left her room for her privacy.

.: 30 minutes later :.

Hermione came out of the bathroom with her hair in a towel and herself wrapped in her robe. She walked to her dresser and got dressed into pajamas: pants that have kisses on them with the words "Smooch" written around them and a white cami bra. She took out her wand and mattered a chant. Warm air come out of the end and dried her hair like a blow drier. Then she muttered another incantation of some sort and spun her wand around her head and it straightened to how she had it before she got in the shower.

She looked herself over in her mirror, making sure she didn't have any wet spots on her shirt that would be inappropriate for everyone to see. She turned out fine and then walked out of her room to the stairwell. She could see from the balcony, Draco reading a book near the fireplace, still in his Halloween costume.

Hermione walked down the stairs quietly to not disturb Draco. She snuck up behind the couch and then jumped next to him saying "Hiya!" all cheery and happy.

She scared him out of his wits because he dropped the book and his eyes were practically out of his head.

"Are you mad?" he asked staring at her.

Hermione raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Just bored"

She got up and grabbed a book from the private library. She walked back up the stairwell and into her room without saying another thing to Draco. She closed her door and went to her balcony and sat on the Adirondack chair that were supplied for this spot and looked over the quidditch pit and lake. She opened her book and began to read.

She had just been reading for about fifteen minutes, and yet she got pretty far, she heard something go 'swoosh' by her and she looked up to see nothing. She went back to reading for another minute or so till she heard the 'swoosh' again. She looked up and saw a flash of green go by. She was starting to get scared yet frustrated.

Anger started ruling her thoughts as to what it is that was bugging her. Her brow furrowed and a death glare came upon her face before she realized. The wind started to pick up around her. It was like a tornado only it was around Hermione and nothing else. He hair whipped up and she shut her eyes to block anything from flying in them. Her book's pages started turning to various places. She opened her eyes to see Draco on his broom stick with his quidditch uniform on and a shocked look on his face threw the wind. Hermione moved her hands aside as if pushing something away and the wind stopped. She looked up at Draco.

"What?" she asked.

"Your eyes…" he said still with the shocked look "They were glowing… green?" he lowered down onto her balcony and smacked his head with his hand saying "Duh"

"Huh?" Hermione asked, with an eyebrow in the air.

"That was your rage… did I really make you that angry but flying around you?" he put a questionable look on his face. Hermione gave him a glare and fear struck throw Draco. "Ummm… yea, right. Anyways, that was your rage. When you get angry, things happen. But you can control them, you just have to learn. I've never seen the wind pick up like that again... wow" Draco shrugged it off. He mounted his broom and rode off in the air.

"Hey Draco!" Hermione called out, while leaning against the edge of her balcony.

He turned around and faced her.

"Can you take me flying?" she asked with puppy dog eyes on.

Draco smiled and rode back down to her balcony.

He stuck out a hand for her to grab and she accepted. He pulled her in front of him onto his broom sidesaddle style.

"Comfy?" he asked. She didn't like sidesaddle but she could deal, so she nodded. "Hang on" he said. Hermione put her arms around his neck. Draco put an arm around Hermione's waist and the other on his broom handle.

Draco mounted his broom and went soaring through the air. He went straight to the Quidditch pitch and stopped in the center of the field, high in the air.

Hermione looked down but then shut her eyes and put her head close to Dracos chest while her arms went around his neck tightly.

"You ok?" he asked.

Hermione nodded her head "Just peachy" she said without moving her head or opening her eyes.

He looked at her questionably. "Hermione?"



She pulled her head out and looked at him. He nudged his head to his left where it pointed to the lake. She looked over and saw the moon reflecting off of it and making the scenery look quiet, dainty… romantic.

"Wow" Hermione said, her eyes as round as dinner plates. "Its beautiful"

"Just like you" Draco said.

Hermione glanced over and smiled at him. He leaned in and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Hermione gasped at the sudden action, giving Draco access to enter her mouth. Her eyes widened but soon closed as she started to kiss him back.

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