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Deku the cat


Deku( A student of U.A) was just walking by an alley when he blacks out, when he wakes up, he finds himself smaller and a furry. This story is only fanfiction and i do not own and characters. Enjoy!

Adventure / Fantasy
Phoebe Ren
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Hands to paws

* Authors note this happens after dorms but before they meet Eri. Also do you guys want dadzawa and/or erasermic? Should i make them realise its deku? Put in comments plz*

Deku was walking past a alley when he heard a strange sound. He decided to investigate.

"Hello?" He called, "is anyone here?"

He felt a touch on his shoulder, then blacked out.

When he woke up, he found himself closer to the ground. He felt smaller and tried to stand up.

Huh? Why am i standing on four feet? Why am a small? Wait second! Im a cat!

Then he got up, determined to make it back to the dorms.

Deku POV

How could this happen? I should i have tried to find out what that noise was? How am i going to turn back?

I was interrupted by bumping into a foot. I looked up.

"Mr Aizawa!" I trued to call, "Its me, Deku!" But all that came out was a meow.

Aizawa POV

I was walking down a hall when I heard a meow at my feet.

"Hey there little kitten, how did you get here?"


I mentally awwed at the adorable kitten, but why is it green? I wondered, but before i could ponder more a meow sounded, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Ok little kitten," I told it, making up my mind in a few seconds, "you're coming with me!"

Deku POV

I meowed at Mr Aizawa again. He the said " alright little kitten, you're coming with me.

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