The Case of the Camberwell Vampire


“What’s inside the box?” I asked Holmes when we were finally left alone in the room. Holmes stooped and picked it up from the remaining supplies left by the Doctor.

“The device by which most of London became anxious of the existence of vampires.” He held up the key he had taken from Berger’s pocket and opened the case. Inside was a hand-held device with two small rounded knife points attached.

“It was an ingenious idea by a desperate man,” I remarked. “Only who knows when a slight slip of his shaky hand or an error in judgement could have resulted in murder.”

“It was only a matter of time,” agreed my friend. “Thank you for washing my neck, by the way, I was in need of a good clean.”

“Honestly, Holmes, do you not realise how close we came to a dirty end?”

“I have washed my hands of the matter.” We were both smiling covertly now.

“Could you wash the floor of your chamber while you’re at it?”

“I haven’t the time for that!” He replaced the implement. “I must take Ms. Shepard her last bouquet of flowers before Trevor Pickering leaves England forever to seek his fortune in America. I’d hate to leave her fearing the worst.” I scoffed.

“And what about Herbert Lancaster?”

“I’m sure he’ll be relieved to know that his rival will be spending quite some time in prison.” He tucked the box under his arm. “Lestrade will be most interested in this, I’m sure. Shall we?” I followed him out of the heavy atmosphere of the chamber as we both put the disquieting events of that case behind us forever.

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