The Final War


Chapter 18: Separation

The last thing he remembered was being devoured by his own monsters. After that, everything went black. He remained there, lying in the darkness, not knowing if he was dead or alive. He couldn't see, he couldn't hear, he couldn't feel; he just drifted. The man known as Gilles de Rais could be considered a man with a very sad fate.

His madness was a product of pain, of betrayal. He believed God had forsaken him. After all, he saw the god he had served and believed in abandon the girl he appointed to fight in his name. He really loved Jeanne, but it wasn't an average love. He saw in her everything he wasn't. She had led him and many others in battle and, though many were lost, they managed to achieve victory. He saw how she had sacrificed her youth and body for France.

It wouldn't be wrong to say he considered her more of a savior than any god. But that was the very reason he couldn't help but hate God. If a girl who had sacrificed so much could burn to ashes while being considered a witch, what about him?

This realization grew, and with it grew his hate. He couldn't understand the justice, or lack thereof, and God's will behind her death. If there was someone in his eyes who deserved heaven and respect more than any other, it was her.

As he continued to wallow in the darkness, a light illuminated everything. Such a bright light, he couldn't see anything, but he didn't care if he was in light or darkness. Either way he was on his own. He closed his eyes, ready to simply be there.

"I'm sorry, Gilles."

A voice he recognized very well spoke.

In that moment, he began to slowly open his eyes. He saw the blue sky, but there were no clouds. Apparently he was still alive, but he couldn't feel his arms or legs. He would normally wonder about it, but he was too tired, and he began to believe her voice had been just an illusion. After all, she was the only person who didn't need to ask for forgiveness.

As he was about to close his eyes once again, he felt something wet fall on his face. He was barely able to move his head, but it was enough to tilt it a few inches to the left to see the face, full of tears, of the young woman he had once followed.

After the destruction of the demon by the hands of the Knights of the Round Table, Ruler, who stayed hidden in order to keep her existence a secret, not only for the other contestants but for the Counter Guardians, decided to appear.

It was the least she could do. She hadn't been there when he lost himself, she couldn't help that he turned into that thing; she wasn't even there to prevent him from causing all that destruction.

So at least she could be there in order to fulfill the last wish of a man she considered almost a brother, to at least be there to say goodbye. After the battle ended and the Masters began to leave the area, she moved at great speed, avoiding everyone's eyes. This was only possible because the Servants were too exhausted to even consider being alert in a moment like this.

It took her a couple of minutes, but she finally found what remained of the body of Gilles. She knew about the acts he had committed after her death, all the killing and the sins, but she also knew how desperate he was, how he tried to save her when everybody else gave up. She grabbed his body and took him to the roof of a building a small distance away.

She put his head in her lap and called his name. The man didn't open his eyes. She continued to call him.

"What's wrong, Gilles? You usually woke up right away when I called you," she said with a sad smile.

Tears began to well up in her eyes. She couldn't help but feel sadness. After all, her death had driven him to madness, and even when he was responsible for his own actions, she started to think it was also her fault.

"I'm sorry… Gilles."

She couldn't stop her tears anymore.

"Why … are you… apologizing?"

A voice stopped her sobs.

She looked down and found he had opened his eyes. There were so many things she wanted to say, but she just couldn't.

"You… saved me… Jeanne," he said while looking at the sky.

"I didn't!" she yelled back. "I couldn't protect any of you. I disappeared and left you all alone!"

"Still…those times… were the happiest… in my life," he said as a smile formed on his lips. "So… don't cry."

Gilles' words were true. At her side he managed to find peace, a feeling that had eluded him since birth, and for that he was thankful.

His vision became blurry, and he knew he was going to disappear. But he'd seen her once again, once more, so in his mind it wasn't so bad. Still there were so many things he wanted to tell her, but it wasn't possible. As he felt himself vanish he closed his eyes and for the first time since her death he prayed.

He prayed that this time, that girl could be happy, that the tears she cried for him would be the last ones she needed to shed for anyone, and that someday in the distant future he'd meet her again.

Jeanne saw him begin to disappear.

"Wait! Please, I need to talk to you!"

He didn't answer and just closed his eyes.


At her scream he murmured a few words that made her cry like never before.

"Thank you… Jeanne."

Finally he disappeared, and maybe he could become free, but that didn't stop her tears. She cried so hard that her screams could be heard all around.

Ginevra watched this for afar. Normally she would be angry that Jeanne disobeyed her orders, but she also understood she couldn't deny this opportunity to either of them. The world had already refused to give those two a real goodbye, and to do the same would mean becoming like that and this was something she wouldn't do no matter what.

She turned and saw Rider landing on the roof next to her, alongside Breno. To her surprise, Breno looked at Ruler and seemed annoyed.

Ramses felt curious about it and decided to ask as he made his chariot disappear.

"You seem angry, peon," he stated.

"You care?" Breno answered back.

"Watch your tongue, peon. I was just curious."

Breno remained silent for a few seconds while he continued looking at the woman crying on her knees.

"It's just… no woman should cry like that," he said as he turned his back to her and began to walk away.

Ramses was surprised by his answer.

"I agree with you, peon." The pharaoh started to follow his Master but then stopped. "You coming, Supervisor?"

Ginevra didn't answer and turned to follow the pair. After all, everyone had the right to grieve on their own.

Arturia and her knights looked at the space where the demon used to stand and saw that nothing remained.

None of the four spoke. Truth be told, none of them could remain standing for long. But their pride didn't let them fall.

Arturia turned to where Lancelot was standing, with his helmet still on.

"Lancelot…" She walked a few steps and tried to reach him.

She was a few inches away when the mist that had dissipated came back and wrapped itself around the lonely knight. He turned to face her for a second before disappearing.

"Lancelot!" she yelled.

"Let him be, Arturia," Gawain said while thrusting his sword into the ground to keep upright. "It's too late for that man to be saved."

"How can you say that!" she yelled, ignoring all the wounds she had.

"Shut up, will ya." Mordred decided to speak. "You really believed that after working together, we would forget everything else?"

Arturia wanted to reply, but she couldn't find the words.

"We can't go back to those days, 'Father,'" Mordred said as she turned to leave. "We are no longer knights united under your ideal. We are Heroic Spirits that seek to realize our own dreams. So be sure that the next time we meet, you know I won't let anything get in my way, and I will destroy you."

Mordred took a few steps before being hit by the exhaustion of using Clarent three times on the same day. She wouldn't let her father or Gawain see her falter, so she continued on and watched the other Servants and Masters leave the area. She walked to an alley and leaned against one of the walls. She was about to pass out when she felt something supporting her.

"You really are stubborn," Kairi said. "You could just turn into spirit form."

She looked to her right and found her Master. He seemed a little beat up but fine overall.

"Shut up," she said, tired.

"Let's go back."

After Mordred left, Gawain allowed himself to fall to his knees. While having the protection of the sun he couldn't get hurt, but the mana he received from Leo wasn't much and using Galatine twice had sucked him dry. Moreover, he didn't mind if the only witness to this was his former king.

"She is right you know." He spoke, making Arturia, who had been staring in the direction Mordred had gone, turn back to him. "A single battle can't mend all the hate we feel for each other."

"I… I know," she said, looking down.

"But I must admit that the four of us fighting again like we used to was nice," he said with a smile.

In that moment, Leo B. Harwey walked up to them. His orange jacket had been turned to shreds. At his side was Julius, as well as Rider and Assassin of White.

"It seems you are fine, Gawain," he said, smiling, as he helped him stand.

"Please… my king. I… can stand on my own."

Leo's smile grew wider.

"You did well Gawain."

"Thank you, my lord." He then turned to Arturia. "We shall meet again."

Saber was about to answer when all present felt an ominous power coming from somewhere nearby, a power both Gawain and Arturia recognized.

"Excalibur?" they said in unison.

A few minutes ago, steel clashed on steel as Saber of Zero and Tamamo continued their fight. In order to counter Saber's blade, Tamamo summoned an ancient katana with a very dark aura around it.

Saber could feel the great power coming from it, but she was a better swordsman. Tamamo's mirror, which acted as a shield, and her spells had to make up for her lack of skill.

Though they were even at the moment, the situation was still bad for Tamamo. She could only use her Noble Phantasm for two more minutes. She needed to land a hit with the sword. Just a graze was enough. Tamamo saw Saber coming at her and grit her teeth.

"Uzuyami!" she yelled as multiple tornadoes made of darkness appeared, all aiming at the black swordswoman.

Saber made a path for herself by cutting and dodging the tornadoes. She closed the distance between her and Tamamo, her speed something beyond this world. Tamamo originally thought she would be delayed by the tornadoes, but that wasn't the case.

In her eyes, Saber seemed like an unstoppable force, much like the Berserker they had fought back in their world. Saber was already in front of her with her blade, ready to strike.

Neither of the Servants had noticed that while they were fighting, the priest and the samurai continued their duel. Both were now exchanging blows at amazing speed. Kousuke had stopped using his eyes as he was almost running out of power. He had enough strength for one more spell. The Black Keys and the katana clashed with each other once again while their owners were now looking at each other in the eye.

Kirei was surprised. His Black Keys were about to break, but Kousuke's sword seem fine. Eventually it happened, what he predicted. His weapon broke, but instead of backing down, he used the momentum to connect what remained of its blades into Kousuke's abdomen. He didn't expect it to kill him, but it should slow him down and give him an opening. Kousuke coughed blood as he felt the jagged metal pierce his skin.

"You did well, boy," Kirei said with a smile.

To his surprise, Kousuke raised his head and smiled back at him.

"Yes. Yes I did," he said as he placed his left hand on the priest's chest. "Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō!"

Blue lightning came forth and passed through the priest. Kousuke saw how Kirei was sent flying and how the energy that went through him was now aiming at the real target. He smiled before falling to his knees. Tamamo needed to use her sword, but to do so one had to spill the blood of the opponent. That was the only way the sword Muramasa could be activated.

To do that to such a Servant wasn't easy, and Tamamo needed a chance, so he gave it to her.

Saber saw the bolt coming at her. She knew it wouldn't hurt her, and that thinking went right along with Kousuke's plan. The lightning struck her, but she didn't feel any pain and got ready to cut down the Servant in front of her. But she felt somewhat slower, and in that moment she realized the lighting wasn't meant to hurt her using the electricity, but to paralyze her because of the static.

For someone like her that state would only last a second, but that was enough. Tamamo mentally thanked her master and swung Muramasa, cutting Saber in the stomach. She wanted to inflict more damage, but her armor was strong.

After receiving that damage and recovering from the paralysis, Saber raised her blade, but Tamamo's mirror stood in the way.

Tamamo pushed her back. Saber got ready to counterattack, but she never expected what was coming next. The sword Tamamo wielded was leaking purplish-red and black prana, pure power condensing around the goddess.

Saber's own blade began to glow in order to finish the fight.

"Ex…" she said, surprising Tamamo.

"So it was really you. I can't believe you became this," she said as she saw the dark light engulf Saber, unable to help but wonder what had happened to that holy sword. Then she swung the demonic weapon. "Get ready, Saber!"

"…calibur!" Saber answered back.

Two beams of light came from the swords. In a matter of seconds, the entire roof was consumed by darkness.

Neither of the two Servants backed down. Both put their very heart and souls into the attack. The power was such that both Kage and Kiritsugu stopped their fight. Kiritsugu had some cuts on his face, neck and arms, but nothing serious.

Kage on the other hand had a bullet in his left shoulder and was breathing heavily. He was looking at the man in front of him and couldn't believe he had managed to do this.

It was quite simple. The two were completely even, save for one thing: Kiritsugu had Avalon in his body. In other words, his body didn't have a limit. While Kage could barely keep up Double Accel, he could go beyond that. This was how he had managed to hit him.

While glaring, Kage understood one thing. The way he was now, he couldn't win against the Magus Killer.

"Time Alter." Kage heard him say. "Triple Accel."

He knew the opponent was now moving three times faster and that he wouldn't be able to dodge, but that didn't mean he would die. Kiritsugu saw the world around him move in slow motion as he moved behind Kage with his Contender, ready to shoot.

The reason he moved behind him was in order to make the bullet's direction unpredictable. But the moment the bullet left the barrel and time returned to normal, he saw Kage had turned to where he was standing with his left arm raised.

"Impossible." Kiritsugu couldn't say anything else.

He and Kage were alike. Kage knew he couldn't catch him and gambled everything on his next move. He reacted as if he were the person shooting. He moved his arm in order to intercept the bullet, and the moment he saw his knife connect with the projectile, he knew it was worth it.

Still this only allowed him to survive. His knife broke upon impact, but it managed to divert the bullet's path. It pierced his hand and went through left side of his arm. He lost his arm, but he managed to stay alive.

This act give him a chance, too. Completely surprised, Kiritsugu couldn't move, and Kage raised his right arm and threw his knife. The blade cut through Kiritsugu's arm, making him drop the Contender and lose his momentum. Both had lost an arm but Kiritsugu would eventually heal. Now he saw Kage take a small gun from his coat and aim at his head.

But before he could pull the trigger, a large-scale explosion erupted as Tamamo's slash overcame Excalibur. The only reason she managed to win was because of the cut she had landed earlier on Saber, and even so it was by a narrow margin, and she knew this wouldn't be enough to kill her.

The smoke of the explosion threw off Kage's aim and the moment it dissipated the two Masters from the Faction of Zero had disappeared.

Kage fell to his knees as a pool of blood began to form around him. He was about to pass out when Assassin appeared and supported him.

At the same time Tamamo, who had gone back to her normal form, ran to her master.

"Goshujin-sama!" she yelled, voice full of concern.

"Those two were insanely strong," Kousuke said, completely exhausted.

On Leo and Odysseus' end, things weren't going so well. No matter what they did, Achilles didn't seem to receive any wounds. This was the protection given by his mother, Thetis: Andres Amarantos. They had been hitting him with everything they had, but he just kept standing as if it was nothing.

"Stop underestimating us," Odysseus said with a tired grin.

"What are you talking about?" Leo asked.

"Leo, he is a Rider right?"

In that moment Leo understood and glared back at the Greek hero.

"He isn't even using his mount."

Achilles just laughed it off.

"Tell you what, if you manage to hurt me, I will use it," he said, grinning.

"Oh, I will do more than that. You just wait!" Leo said with a grin as well and ran at him.

Archer knew what to do. He took the pouch from his belt and opened it in order to unleash a great tornado over his old friend.

Achilles, focused on Leo coming at him, didn't notice the tornado coming at him. Odysseus knew him very well, how much of a monster he really was, and that even with his Master fighting beside him he didn't stand a chance. But that didn't mean he would give up. After all, he was a schemer.

The tornado engulfed Achilles and suspended him in the sky while the strength of the wind tried to rip him apart.

"That isn't it!" Odysseus yelled as he shot all fifteen of his arrows into the tornado. The axes, propelled by the air current, began to cut him.

The tornado began to taint itself in red but then suddenly, from inside, something destroyed it. Odysseus' eyes widened in horror as he saw Achilles floating in the sky like normal after receiving such an attack. The only wounds he had were shallow cuts that didn't seem to affect him too much.

"All you got, old friend?" he asked with a smirk.

"Will you shut up?

Achilles turned and saw Leo coming at him with his fist raised. He raised an eyebrow, not really understanding the reason behind the boy's actions, and that was a mistake. He lowered his guard just like at the beginning, assuming the blow wouldn't hurt him. In the next moment, Leo's fist began to glow, surrounded by pure energy.

The blond young man had used the current of the destroyed tornado to reach Achilles and before the latter could even react, he landed his fist on Achilles' face.

At first he didn't feel any pain, but suddenly he felt the space around Leo's fist distort and even when it should have been impossible to hurt him without any divinity, he had managed to do it.

"Sevdim Punch!" Leo yelled.

Achilles was sent flying and went through many buildings before crashing into the floor.

"Well, it seems I managed to hurt you," Leo said smugly.

The next moment, Odysseus grabbed him and began to run away.

"What are you doing, we…"

He didn't finish. He felt the murderous intent coming from where Achilles had landed. The worst part, it felt stronger than before.

"That guy..." Leo couldn't believe it.

"Let's leave, Leo. We are both tired after the fight against the woman and her Servant. The way we are now, we don't stand a chance."

Leo was about to retort, but he noticed Odysseus was clenching his fist in anger.

"I know how you feel, but he can't die just like that." He turned back to Leo. "Trust me. I have my own reasons to defeat him."

Near where the monsters had disappeared, Kariya lay in one of the alleys while enduring the pain of making Lancelot use his holy sword. He knew it would hurt, but it went beyond what he ever imagined.

As he remained there, a petite girl with white hair and a woman wearing a green dress found him.

"It seems we came across something very interesting. Don't you agree, Jack?" the woman asked.

The girl just nodded. Kariya didn't know what to expect. But being helped to his feet by the woman wasn't one of them.

"Don't worry, we won't hurt you," she said.

Kariya remained silent as the three of them began to walk away.

Kirsche saw, very amused, how the fight between the Emperor and the Gladiator continued while also observing the power of that world. It was as if those flames were alive. They attacked the gladiator without Edward doing anything and formed shields around him and Saber in order to block the gladiator's attacks.

"You are quite the showman, Hellhound."

Another interesting thing was that Saber became stronger, as her attacks were now able to actually hurt the gladiator. They were turning the tide of the battle, but despite this the gladiator didn't seem to falter.

On the other hand Spartacus, though devoid of all reason, felt something wasn't right. He was fighting the oppressor but he wasn't able to win. He couldn't understand why he wasn't able to destroy her.

Their blades clashed, Nero's being filled by rage. She hated the gladiator in front of her, not because he was an enemy of Rome or that he had called her an oppressor—that was part of his twisted logic. But she hated him because he dared to lay his hands on her praetor more than once and forced him to summon this world.

She knew her master was almost at his limit, so she needed to finish this quickly. She dashed toward Spartacus and thrust her blade at his heart, but once it came a few inches away he grabbed the blade and using all his strength managed to stop it. Crimson and black flames rose behind him, burning his back, but the gladiator acted as if it was nothing.

Nero could not get her sword back and as she struggled, she saw his other fist coming at her, but a spectral hand stopped it. Seeing this she turned back.

"Praetor! It's enough, I can manage!" she said as she turned, and then saw him on his knees coughing blood.

Edward couldn't maintain the world for much longer, he could feel how everything was about to begin disappearing, but he couldn't just let her fight on her own. He prepared to put everything he had in the next attack. Flames began to surround him as he stood.

The spectral arm managed to push Spartacus away, and the next second the arm disappeared and was now over Edward holding a gigantic sword wrapped in in the tricolor flames with the crest of a hound on the blade.

The moment he lowered the blade, Spartacus' left arm was turned into ashes and left many marks on the Servant's left side. It seemed as if the very hound on Edward's shoulder had taken a bite.

"Crimson fang." he managed to say as his arm turned back to normal and the world began to crumble.

The sudden attack made Spartacus lose the grip he had over Nero's sword.

"Finish him Saber!"

"Fax Caelis!" she yelled as her blade wrapped itself in flames and thrust into Spartacus' heart.

The next moment Spartacus was engulfed by fire. For the first time they heard the giant yell in pain. Saber tried to pass through him, but she couldn't. That was Spartacus' Noble Phantasm, Crying Warmonger. With each strike, each time he felt pain, he became stronger. So at a moment like this, when he was about to die, he became even stronger than before.

"You damn beast!" Nero cried. "Just a little more!"

She put in more power, but the very muscles near his heart stopped her from inflicting a fatal wound. Suddenly, what little remained of that world came at her aid, and the flames stood as a support, pushing her forward.

"Disappear, Spartacus!" Nero yelled as she pierced his heart. At the very same time the fabricated world disappeared.

Nero's armor was replaced by her crimson dress. She turned and saw the gladiator on his knees, burnt to a crisp.

"Why?" the gladiator asked, now free from the madness. "I tried to eliminate an evil being who oppressed the weak and made people unhappy. Why was I defeated?"

Nero looked at him for a few seconds.

"I won't deny I was an emperor who inflicted pain upon many people and suffered an ugly end because of that," she said, walking past him, "but he is willing to accept me, to take my sins as his own, and more than anything he would be sad if I disappeared. Even if I must make the rest of the world suffer, that is something won't allow. He has suffered enough."

Spartacus began to fade as he looked her in the eye.

"You are quite the tyrant, Emperor," he said as he faded into nothingness.

Saber saw him disappear before turning and running to her master.

"Praetor!" she yelled as she supported him before he passed out. "You really pushed yourself too hard."

Kirsche teleported in front of them.

"I must admit, you really don't disappoint, Hellhound," she said with a smile. "Let's go back."

Atosaki couldn't understand why Rider of Black had stabbed her, and judging by the expression on his face, neither did he.

He removed the blade from her abdomen as she fell to her knees. It was a good thing she could heal herself, but she still lost a lot of blood. After seeing this, Lance rushed at the paladin with Gáe Bolg, defensive and full of rage, but an arrow blocked his path.

"It seems she isn't dead yet."

Caules heard a familiar voice. Both he and Berserker turned around.

"Celenike and… Fiore?" He couldn't understand. "What's happening?"

Fiore didn't say anything as Celenike kept pushing her wheelchair.

"Maybe you aren't as useless as we thought," said Celenike. "You managed to ambush an enemy Master."

"That's not it. We called a truce because the golems were going crazy!"

"Whatever the case, I've come to help you and make sure you deal with her."

"You forced Rider to stab her, didn't you?" he said while glaring back.

"So? What if I did?" She looked at him, amused by his anger. "Are you going to betray us and join that girl?"


He turned and saw a saddened Atosaki lying on the ground while Lance and Rider kept fighting.

"...Berserker! Go!" he yelled.

The bride rushed at the spearman and took him by surprise, hitting him with her mace so that he crashed into one of the nearby buildings. The next moment, she pounded it into the ground and lightning flew everywhere, knocking the building down on top of the Lancer.

Rider walked to the collapsed building and passed by Berserker, who murmured something only the paladin heard. He approached the rubble and thrust his sword into the spearman's back before returning to his master, all his cheerfulness gone.

"Don't you dare order me to do something like this ever again," he said, with such anger that Celenike just nodded.

"Lance!" Atosaki cried, uselessly trying to get up. Tears began to form in her eyes when she realized what had happened to him. It was all her fault, too.

"Stop it, Atosaki," Caules said without a hint of emotion.

"How... how could you! I trusted you!"

Now she was beginning to regret it. Trust was a foolish notion during times of war, but Atosaki wanted to believe there were still good people out there who deserved it. Despite the risks, she hoped she could give them a fair chance. The apocalypse from back home taught her to value life like that. This time, however, she went in too deep, dropped her guard too low, and the price to pay was heavy. Even though she'd gladly suffer the consequences herself, she never wanted for Lance to get hurt, or worse, killed. Her heart ached from guilt and her own stupidity.

Before Atosaki could say anything else, Caules hit her on the back on the neck and she lost consciousness. He stood and looked at the two from his clan.

"What are you waiting for, boy? Finish her," Celenike said.

"The Servant is gone. You saw Rider pierce his heart."

"I'm not sure. Show me proof."

Caules just sighed as he knelt in front of Atosaki and lifted her left hand. The Command Seals were gone.

"Happy now?"

Celenike walked up to them and realized the girl was still alive. Being stabbed in such a way should have killed her. She shifted her a little and saw the wound on her stomach was gone.

"Change of plans, we are taking her with us."

Chiron went and lifted the girl over his shoulder, and they began to leave. Rider passed by while glaring at him.

"You disappoint me, Chiron," he said as he turned back to spirit form. The Archer didn't answer.

"Caules…" Fiore moved her wheelchair to where her brother was standing.

"Don't say anything, Lady Fiore," he said while looking straight at her.

Fiore froze when she saw his eyes. They were dead, and she wasn't the only one who noticed. Berserker was also scared and worried about her master. Caules didn't say any more and began to walk away.

"Let's go back, Berserker."

Berserker of Black looked at his back as he continued to walk. She knew he wasn't alright. Being with those people was slowly breaking him, and she couldn't do anything. A single tear fell down her cheek before she followed him.

Fiore also watched him, guilt eating her heart, but it was too late to fix anything. Once again she had betrayed him. She couldn't help but laugh upon realizing that Berserker, a being he had just met a couple of days ago, seemed to understand him better than her.

"I'm sorry Caules."

Back at the mansion of the sixth faction, everyone had managed to return and were being given first aid by the maids—almost everyone. They kept waiting for Atosaki. A few hours passed and Leo, Kousuke and Edward couldn't shake the bad feeling they had.

The six Masters along with Ginevra were in the living when all of them felt something. During the three days of rest, Atosaki had given the others stones engraved with the tracking rune. They took out the rune stones and were surprised when each one of them cracked.

"This isn't good," Ginevra commented.

In that very moment, Lance burst through the door. He was battered and bloody and it seemed he could barely remain standing. The present Masters saw this, shocked, and they understood what had happened.

"Atosaki-san," Edward said in a whisper.

Servants Remaining : 38

Masters Remaning: 37

Counter Guardians Remaining : 5 (counting Ruler)

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