The Final War

The gathering

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Deux Silences - Atosaki Kurokawa

Suchbass - Kage

Nomorenamesleft - Yagami Kousuke

Count Valerian - Kirsche Von Einzbern.

Topographic Ocean - Breno Da Roche

AzarielKayras - Leo Wells

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Chapter 1: The Gathering

A girl with black hair, messy in the front and long at the back, wearing a denim summer dress found herself coming to in the cold, dark streets of a city she had never seen before. Atosaki Kurokawa slowly remembered how she had ended up like this. Back then, she'd awakened in a white room with six other people. Seven black chairs were found in front of her.

Atosaki recalled a boy perhaps a little older than her, clad in a striking red jacket. Besides that he wore a T-shirt and matching pants which complimented his short raven hair and eyes. A black glove concealed his left hand. He looked accustomed to all this as he took a seat.

There had also been a man with similar short, sooty hair wearing a white dress shirt along with a black tie, pants and shoes. He seemed to be in his twenties and displayed an annoyed expression as he seated himself near the boy.

Next was a third male, this one with dark brown hair and dead gray eyes. He had on a white shirt with a dark-colored tie and trench coat, a leather belt and a pair of gloves, pants and shiny dress shoes all in matching black. Even though he leaned casually against the wall, he showed such a serious face that Atosaki couldn't help but think he was a little scary.

She clambered into a seat near the young man with the red jacket as she continued to look at the others.

At her right side sat a blond boy with pale skin and blue eyes, a small scar traced under the left one. He was clothed in a black jacket and a bleached t-shirt with the words "Are You Alone" printed smack-dab in the middle, plus black sneakers and blue jeans. A silver cross on a chain dangled from the right pocket.

Behind her she saw another boy, this one with jet hair and eyes, dressed in a long-sleeved black shirt, a blue vest and denims. His left hand gripped a Japanese katana. He seemed rather calm, much like the red-jacketed boy.

On Atosaki's left was a young woman with black hair, light skin and blue eyes. She was dressed in a long-sleeved white blouse under a black, sleeveless vest, as well as black pants and tie. Fashionable but functional boots rounded out her attire, along with a long and black overcoat. She looked bored and apparently uncaring about the current situation, but her eyes were bright and alert. Atosaki turned her head and realized there was a silvery-haired, bearded old man with a scar running over his left eye. He wore dark robes and held a black cane in his right hand.

"Welcome, young Masters," he finally said.

None of the seven people reacted in any way to his words. The magus seemed rather disappointed, but just for a second. He sighed and his expression turned dead serious as he began a heartfelt monologue. The girl could feel his sadness, his despair, and how much he really hated the fact the he was asking them to save his world. When the old man finished, she and the others remained silent. She couldn't deny that he was asking for something pretty crazy and very suddenly, and she didn't quite know how to answer his plea for help. Then the boy with the red jacket stood up and began walking to where the old man sat. She

saw his eyes turn a bright crimson hue.

"Tell me, when do we begin?"

Atosaki was surprised, but she wasn't the only one—the others seemed it too, even the old man. Before he could answer, a voice interrupted him.

Emiya Kiritsugu never expected that he would find himself in a silver room with the same people his informants had found to be Masters in the Fourth Holy Grail War. Not only that, he realized he had neither his trusted Thompson Contender nor his Origin Bullets.

He looked at the people inside the room and did not try to converse with them. They did the same. Still, without words, he realized some of them were related to each other.

There was a priest his informants had identified as Kotomine Kirei, who stood near a man with a tailored maroon suit and brown, almost black hair known as Tohsaka Tokiomi. There had been rumors about the latter being Kirei's mentor in magic but after being chosen as a Master he'd left him. Still, in Kiritsugu's eyes, they seemed very friendly toward each other.

Then there was Matou Kariya. Kiritsugu could barely recognize the young man who now had almost half of his face disfigured and his hair turned ghost-white. Still it didn't surprise him; he knew that was how the magic of the Matous worked and assumed he became that way because he wanted the Grail. Feeling no pity, Kiritsugu only noticed how Kariya glared at Tokiomi.

In the left corner was a younger boy with black hair outfitted in a forest-green sweater and pants with a white shirt and yellow tie. Kiritsugu didn't have the slightest idea who he was or why he was there, but he could see fear in those eyes. Not because of him or the other Masters, because of a blond man wearing a stiff cobalt-hued coat standing near him. He knew his identity: Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. Kayneth ignored the boy and like Kiritsugu observed the room.

He peered at the right-hand corner and found a ginger-haired teenager wearing a purple jacket with a white t-shirt and jeans sitting with his head down. His eyes seemed lost and even though he was on the other side of the room, Kiritsugu detected the strong smell of blood coming from him. The worst part was his reaction at being in the room, he seemed bored. Being on guard like almost everyone there or fearful like that boy were understandable, but being bored was not. After observing him Kiritsugu could only conclude that this youth was either a killer or a madman. Exactly as he finished analyzing the six Masters, a voice rang out from nowhere and spoke:

Welcome. You seven are the Faction of Zero.

Inside a crimson-walled room, a white-haired, tan-skinned young man wearing a somber cassock and a red mantle sat in a black chair, looking at the six people trapped there. He was the sole survivor of an experiment that had happened in northern Europe. Some foolish magi developed it so they could have their own Holy Grail War, as they hadn't been selected to participate in the one from Fuyuki. The experiment went horribly wrong. Instead of seven Servants, only one appeared, and not only that, he had gained a real body. The Servant itself didn't understand how the magi before him had managed to achieve this, as if he cared, and after killing all those involved in the ritual he went on the move. His travels brought him to this room, and he found it all quite amusing as he continued to look at the other six inside.

After a while he decided that five of them were boring traditional mages There was only one he found interesting. He felt the man was a magus, but he carried a thick stench of blood and gunpowder. To him that alone was strange, as magi usually detested the use of weapons. Also, that coppery scent made him wonder about the man's bloodline, and if he was a freelancer or something similar. The person in question had a scarred face coupled with razor-sharp eyes. He wore leather pants and a black jacket with an orange V-neck t-shirt underneath. He stood up and walked to where he was resting on the ground.

"Hello, I am Kotomine Shirou, nice to meet you," he said with a fake smile.

The man opened his eyes and looked at him like he didn't want to answer, but he didn't have a reason not to.

"Kairi Sisigou" was his response, and he shut his eyes again and pretended to sleep.

Shirou returned to his seat and couldn't help but think that things would get interesting. Then what he had been waiting for finally happened when he heard a voice.

Welcome Masters, you are the Red Faction.

Leonardo Bistario Harwey has been raised to be a leader since birth. No, that was wrong; he had been raised to be a ruler. After all, his world of hundreds, perhaps thousands of years into the future needed a savior. It had entered a stagnant state and his family had claimed sixty percent of the globe. Magic still existed but in a lesser degree. There were no big families of magi or Magic Crests anymore, so any complex magic was gone and the search for the Root stopped. Even after the purge of Gaia, people with Magic Circuits were still born, but instead of using them in spells or rituals, the Harwey family used them to strengthen the different abilities humans possessed, like strength, speed, and reflexes.

In other words, with no more development they used what remained of magic in order to create a cage in which humanity could survive. The Harweys consolidated their power using the ignorance of the survivors to their advantage.

Leo looked at the other six people that like him stood within a golden room. By his side was his brother Julius, brooding like always. While being his brother in name, Leo didn't really feel anything toward the man. If nothing else he saw him as hired help. He also viewed this situation as a test for him to prove himself as a king. Even without knowing where he was or what was about to happen, he was sure he would be able to overcome it, the result of the idea that he was a superior being reinforced since birth. Then a voice was heard in the room, and he had to smile.

Welcome, Masters of the Future, you are the White Faction.

Emiya Shirou couldn't understand how he and the Masters he had fought in the Grail War were now in front of him. They were all there, including the child with silver hair he had seen die at the hands of Gilgamesh and the girl with twin ponytails wearing a red turtle neck whose Servant was a future version of himself. Even his school teacher, who was actually an assassin and died while protecting Caster, had returned.

He searched for a boy with blue hair who had been his friend, Shinji Matou, the Master of Rider, but he couldn't find him. In his stead was a girl with long, purple hair.

"Sakura?" he said sadly to his friend.


Fate was indeed a cruel mistress. Shirou had managed to avoid fighting her during the War because she had given Rider to Shinji, but this time around Gaia didn't allow it and forced her into being a true Master.

Before Shirou could think of something to say, he felt a sharp pain on the back of his left hand and watched with horror the stigma he thought was gone appear once again with a red glow.

"So this is the Grail War?" asked someone, stealing his thoughts.

Shirou looked for the owner of the voice and found a woman wearing a purple suit and black gloves. She had magenta hair and alabaster skin, with a mole under her left eye. He didn't know it, but her name was Bazett Fraga McRemitz. Shirou found himself unable to answer the question.

"Yes it is." Rin spoke with a solemn voice while looking at the woman.

"That can't be, Tohsaka," he finally said. "We destroyed the Grail!"

Rin shot him a troubled glare. She understood his feelings but there was nothing any of them could do, so she just lowered her gaze.

"Then everything we'd done was for naught?!" Shirou screamed as he fell to his knees.

Sakura walked up to him and consoled him along with Ilya and Rin. Bazett and Kuzuki ignored his outburst. No one noticed the dark, grinning figure in one of the corners.

Then a voice was heard in the room, much to Shirou's dismay.

Welcome, Masters of Fate, you are the Blue Faction.

Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia, the head of his family, considered one of the greatest magicians still alive, couldn't be happier when he found himself in that black room looking at the red sigil on his hand.

He was a man with long, turquoise-blue hair wearing a white vest and cape with black formal pants and shoes. Held in his hand was an ebony cane adorned with a golden snake that surrounded a blue gem on its top. While everybody who looked at him would concluded that he wasn't older than twenty years, in truth he had lived for more than a century.

In the last hundred years an interest had been born in his mind. After seeing the First and Second Holy Grail Wars in Fuyuki he couldn't stop himself from desiring the Grail. He had tried to steal it during the Third War seventy years ago, aided by the Nazis he'd promised to give a share of power so they could conquer the other countries, but he failed. In the end he was defeated by one of the Masters of that War and was unable to get his hands on the Grail.

But still, even with that failure he didn't really care. He had seen it, he knew how it worked and he believed that with all the resources at his disposal he could create another Grail with similar or even greater power. Yet even after seventy years he found himself unable to do it, but now he was in a black room from which emanated unspeakable power. He knew because of the Command Seals that he was about to fight for the Grail, but he knew this one wasn't the same he had tried to steal from the Einzberns. This was, by far, much more powerful, and he wanted it. He looked around the room. Even with its pitch-black walls, floor and ceiling he could see the other six people in it. He didn't bother to try to understand the reason behind such a phenomenon, as it didn't pique his interest.

Out of them five were part of his clan and almost all of them were replaceable, except for one girl in a wheelchair: the girl with long brown hair, Fiore. His little Fiore was the only one he considered worthy in the whole family of being his successor. He saw the boy behind her with short hair of the same color looking at his sister with eyes full of concern.

Darnic would always wonder how the two siblings could be so different. Fiore was a genius. Of course she had to pay the price for her power, her body ending up being crippled, but her brother was useless. The boy, Caules, didn't have any talent whatsoever, and Darnic expected little from him. If anything he wanted Fiore to cut ties with him, as in his eyes being with Caules would only hinder her progress. He began wondering about the reason for the seven of them to be reunited in this room. He could only guess that the rules of the War would change, but he knew the one about a single winner would never be altered. Darnic had no qualms about killing his own family since he saw them as disposable, but he could allow himself to spare his heir. Then a voice which would answer his questions was heard inside the room.

I greet you all as you officially become the Black Faction.

After giving its greetings, the voice was heard once more in the six rooms and while those confined within didn't know, it gave the same message.

I am Gaia, also known as the World.

You have all been chosen as Masters to participate in the Final Holy Grail War.

There are 42 Master and Servant Pairs divided into 6 Factions.

There are no rules. The fight will continue until only one Master remains.

I wish each of you good luck.

Atosaki looked at the old man, who now carried a shocked expression full of despair.

"No… It's too soon. I thought we had more time," he said.

He stared at the seven in front of him and whispered a phrase before disappearing.

"…" She didn't manage to hear him.

Then, one by one, the other six people in the room began to fade away just like the old man did. Atosaki found herself in a smaller room with a pentagram on the floor and an inscription on the wall.

Live or die by the sword, let your destiny be decided by this chant.

Fill, fill, fill, fill, fill. Repeat five times, but destroy each when filled. I hereby propose, my will shall create thy body and thy sword shall create my fate. Abiding by the summons of the Holy Grail, if thou dost accede to this will and reason, answer me! I hereby swear I shall be all that is good in the eternal world. I shall be the disposer of the evil in the eternal world. Thou, clad with the Great Trinity, come forth from the circle of constraint, Guardian of the Heavenly Scales.

Atosaki's Command Seal began to glow as she recited it. She didn't understand its meaning or know what would happen once she finished, but still she went on, almost compelled to; after all if what the old magus had said was true then she couldn't let this world die.

The circle glowed and from it emerged a man attired in a black full-body suit, with a blue and white fur pelt slung over his right shoulder and a dark visor covering his eyes. He had pure white skin and ultramarine hair tied back in a long tail that ended with blood-red tips. Her eyes widened. It was someone she knew very well.

"Lance!" she cried as she jumped up and embraced him. The man hugged the petite girl back and even when he appeared to show no emotion, it seemed he was happy to see her. He had been Atosaki's Lancer-Class Alter Servant in her world, and once again he came to her aid.

Then the room crumbled and she found herself in the streets of a city. This was the present. It had been two hours since she started walking around. She didn't know where she was and with no money or supplies she didn't have many options. Lance had turned into spirit form, which she didn't even know he could do. The strangest thing was that in those two long hours she hadn't seen a single person.

"Hey there, missy." She heard a voice coming from behind her.

Atosaki turned and found a man with spiky blue hair wearing a red shirt and black pants. He had a smile that make her shiver in fear.

"Hello. …Who are you?"

"Apologies, the name is Gene Rum. I'm a freelancer, also known as the Storms Treads."

"Freelancer? Storm Treads?"

"Yes." He raised his left hand and show her his command seal in the form of three lightning bolts. "Kill her, Lancer."

"Alright," she heard a monotone voice reply.

In that very instant, at his left side appeared a man with long white hair wearing black-and-golden armor with a bright ruby centered in the chest and a red fur that flowed like a cape on his shoulders. He raised his arm and a long golden staff appeared in his hand. There was no blade on top, only something shaped like a sun. Then he lowered it.

Suddenly Atosaki found herself in Lance's arms and situated on one of the rooftops of a house nearby.

"Lance, what…?" She didn't finish. There was a large slash on the spot where she had been standing only a few seconds ago.

"Not bad," Gene praised, "but that's not enough."

The moment he finished, Lance materialized his red spear, Gáe Bolg, to block the attack of a second, green-haired man. His strength was such that it sent Lance and his Master flying before they crashed into the asphalt.

"Hey, Rider, I was here first," complained the Lancer with white hair.

"I don't care, just following orders," he answered.

"Whatever. I'll just have to finish this before you can."

Lancer's right eye began to glow red just as Lance stood up and pushed Atosaki behind him.

"Bramasthra!" yelled Lancer as he fired a wide vermillion-tinted beam toward the pair.

Atosaki understood that she and Lance were going to die, and so soon after their reunion too; they didn't have a way to block or dodge the energy ray before it reached them. Such a powerful attack would surely reduce them to ashes. She closed her sad brown eyes, holding Lance from behind, and prepared for the impact. A second passed, and then another and the attack never reach them. She opened her eyes and saw the boy with the red jacket from before, along with a blonde girl wearing a red dress wielding a peculiar sword of the same color. Then Atosaki realized that they were encircled by fire.

"Hey, are you alright?" the boy asked without looking at her.

She could only nod at his words.

"My name is Edward Hellhound, and this is Saber."

"Praetor, you shouldn't say those things. She is a Master."

"Don't worry, she is an ally."

He turned to her and the spearman. "Isn't that right?" he added with a smile.

"Y-yes! My name's Atosaki. Atosaki Kurokawa."

Edward looked to the blue-haired enemy and his Servant while Saber smiled at the green-haired Servant with excitement.

"I don't know who you are, but I will show you hell. Black Seal 30% unleashed!"

Atosaki saw how his left arm was suddenly covered by flames, and when they died down it had turned into a menacing red claw. The only thing she knew was that the War had begun.

Master Remaining: 42

Servants Remaining: 42

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