Fionna is a teen who fights in the underground. She soon meets Marshall Lee a wealthy heir who is intrigued by her. Will he find out about her dark past, and the fact that they are intertwined?

Adventure / Romance
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I look in the vanity mirror gently taking off my silk robe. Midnight blue with flower patterns. "Fionna you're on in Five!" Kate, my "manager" yelled frantically. My name is Fionna. And I'm a stone cold fighter. The only way I would stop is when my victim's pleas for mercy stop abruptly…yup. That's about it. I'm the Queen of New York's underground fighting clubs and everyone knows it. In fact I'm one of the only girls that are eligible to beat the tar out of- "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! ANIMALS THAT HAVE A THIRST FOR BLOOD!" The announcer Pep yelled into the slightly rusted and old microphone dangling from a chewed up wire. "INTRODUCING! THE WIFE BEATER! THE BEAST OF FURY! THE MMMMAAAN OF THE HOUR! DUKE!" The crowd was a mix of "not so polite"-ish cheers and a couple of jeers as the hairy man that looked like he was fresh from prison sauntered on stage and yelled at the crowd. He had brown, garlic rancid teeth and bleeding gums. I smirked from the corner….. eligible to beat the shit out of Men. "AND….IN THIS CORNER…." They played my song. It was sort of strange. They played Requiem of a Dream. One of my favorites even though it was from a movie. I walked out slowly with the haunting voice of the soprano. The crowd went wild as I walked into the light. I looked up at the tattered remains of the screen and saw my slim slightly muscular back decorated with tattoos. 'Veni Vidi Venci' was etched on my spine in Italics. Warrior, serpent like, blood red bands wrapped around my arms and ended in an eerie eye at both wrists. And finally….a cute bunny on my lower back grinning evilly with a knife between its teeth. So cute!

"The Challenger….The blonde bitch with a bad attitude!...ECHO!" the crowd exploded in their seats as they shook their beer bottles excitedly. I calmly flicked my gaze calmly to the screens. Icy blue eyes stared back at me with utter indifference. I walked onto the stage and stared down my opponent. He had to lower his head to look at me and I looked up with my hands on my hips. He chuckled deeply as the crowd went quiet. "What is this? kroshechnaya blondinki shlyukha? I See You after Fight! One night will set you Straight ya? Be My Bitch and I Spare you!" He chuckled in broken english with a Russian dialect. I smirked and uttered in fluent Russian. 'Oh no, I'm pretty sure its you who'll be my personal bitch Shrek. What's the matter? DreamWorks fired you for getting so damned ugly?' he stopped laughing abruptly.

I translated to English letting my voice boom. The crowd laughed and cheered. The "Duke" plastered on an ugly grin. I wrinkled my nose. "Eck, be careful where you point that thing! You're gonna kill somebody with that face Stoppit!" The crowd laughed again. His eyes looked sinister. "…I will crush you little girl," He whispered darkly, the i's and r's becoming warped on his foreign tongue. I shrugged. "Whatever floats your boat Poopsy," I winked and leaped just as his fist came thundering down with a bellow. I bounced on the balls of my feet as I backed away. He swung whirling around and I jumped again. I flipped before landing on my feet again. Adding flourish to this sad performance makes the drug addicts toss more coins. As predicted, the crowd filled with twenty year olds high out of their minds, screamed in rage and excitement. Crumpled up dollar bills and quarters rained onto the stage as if they were projectiles. I forced a grin and fought back winces as hard quarters found themselves bouncing off of my scalp. Morons.

"Oh come now dear when's the fight gonna start?" I said boredly. The Duke glared and snarled as he swung his left fist. Saliva and sweat whipped around his head as he missed once again. I duck under his arm and appeared behind him. He whipped around and tried to tackle me before I ducked into the shadows. The large man , losing his balance at his momentum crashed into the side of the rickety platform. A guard rail made of molded wood shattered under him. I looked at the screen as the crowd gasped. Sure enough they thought he crushed me. Morons...definitely. The spotlight was focused on his figure. I decided to make my presence known. "….Seriously?" More lights flickered on to find me leaning casually on the railing next to a drunk. I was having a loud conversation with him so the crowd could hear. "I know right? And they think I'm-!...Oh yeah, you're still here," I deadpanned gazing at 'Duke' The crowd laughed and some clapped. Morons All of them. I rolled my eyes as he bellowed in Russian and charged.

I crouched and balanced myself with one arm on one of the remaining guard rails and concentrated, waiting for the exact moment. Once I could see the sweat beading on his bottom lip, I launched myself off of the rail and used the momentum to grab The Duke by his left arm and judo flip him. He hit the floor with a thud and I looked around with my heightened senses. The crowd had not even registered what happened yet. My heart beat pumped in my ears as my brain was in overdrive. I blinked as I tired to slow my breathing before the flashbacks started but I was too late. Snowy sky, a church, blood. I winced as my ears started to ring and covered them. I squeezed my eyes shut as I breathed in deeply again. Memories of a small girl's voice fading from my head. I am not Papa! I am Not! I shook my head and clenched my fists as hot sweat ran down my forehead. Get a grip Fi. Not now. I tuned back into the crowd's screams, the smells of destitution, and alcohol once again entering my nostrils in the humid underground arena. I nodded looking at the crowd plastering on a victorious smirk. "…Finish him?" The crowd started to cheer "FINISH HIM! FINISH HIM!" I crouch down and look at the partially delirious man, and grab a fist full of his hair almost feeling sorry for him. He let out a hacking sound as phlegm and blood left his mouth. I twitched, the smile growing painful as dread built in my stomach. I hate this. I shouted my voice cracking as I tried to stifle the feeling. "Hey! Why do they call me Echo?!" I yelled as I tossed…Literally…Tossed the Russian into the air. I leapt onto the railing, jumped, slightly above him, and let gravity take over as I landed both of my elbows on his head with a sickening crack. I flipped and slid as I tried to cushion my landing as best I could my ribs connecting with the ground as I stopped myself with my forearm. He fell. His sweaty body causing a loud slap as it hit the hard ground. It echoed through a silent arena. I took a breath and pulled myself to my feet shakily and stood over him. The smile didn't reach my eyes as I stared at him. "Its the last thing you hear..."

The cacophony started up once more as I tried my best to walk off of the stage without limping. I walked back to my hole in the ground while people cheered and jeered as I shut the gate behind me. I sighed throwing my towel on the chair and sinking into it exhausted. "Another days work," I said holding my ribs gently. Kate came in with a bucket and a worn rag. She shoveled ice into it and handed it to me. I took it graciously and hissed as I placed it on my now bruising side. Kate tsked as she pulled semi-decent bandages from the bucket. She smiled warmly, "Normally people would say 'Satisfying' or 'Good' in there somewhere." She said condescendingly. I snapped my head up abruptly. "It's a day. I worked it. Isn't that enough? Oh yeah. That hits the spot Kate," I said as she gently rubbed my tense back muscles. Kate is my care taker, and thankfully a damn good Orthopedist. I cracked a few muscled in my knees and back. She smirked. "Well I Am a muscle specialist," I snorted. "Yoga, Message therapist, who cares? You seriously know where the pain is," I groaned wincing as the pain in my ribs throbbed.

She walked around gathering our stuff. "Well serves you right for lifting 940 pound men," She said grabbing her purse. "I'll patch you up once collect your earnings and head home." I rolled my eyes and hoisted myself out of my chair. "Yeah, Yeah it keeps food on the table!" I said closing the door behind me. Kate was my aunt. We lived in an apartment in New York city, well….She and her boyfriend Lance did, they were kind enough to let me crash until we raised enough money for me to get my own place. I barely kept any money for myself insisting that Kate used it for groceries and funds for my apartment. She keeps nagging me on 'Living life to the fullest' 'Go shopping' 'Buy a dress' 'Fionna Don't put a fork in there!' bla bla bla. The usual Big Sister/ Mother figure type of stuff.

I looked down solemnly as we walked in the chilled New York Night. I exhaled and a small fog erupted from my mouth. The little girl's voice echoed at the back of my head again and I shuddered. I hate the cold. I dug my fingers into my worn hoodie as we entered the apartment building and caught Kate staring at me. She looked down worriedly as she brought out her keys. A moment of silence ensued and I prayed that Kate would stop bringing this up every night. "…You know you should really buy a new jacket," "Oh Boy. Here we go," I said exasperated as we entered the small flat. "Fionna I'm just saying-" "Kate. Come on. I'm not spending unnecessary money!" "Well Fionna-" "I won't be a nuisance." I said narrowing my eyes. "Baby, no you're not, I just want you to be happy and live as normal a life as you should! You deserve that!" "I'm not normal Kate." I said as I started walking up the stairs. "But Sweetheart, we could make an effort. Lance and I don't need that much money for ourselves, I just want you to be a normal teenage girl….someone who's happy….that's all…" she said gently.

I stopped walking. "…..I'm a fighter in an illegal underground game. My parents are dead. And both Federal agencies and Gangs are after me….what makes you think that I could have that?" my voice cracked. Kate sighed and looked down. "...It happened again didn't it?" I didn't respond as I started towards the stairs. Kate nervously played with her nails as she gazed at me. "I ... noticed it in the were holding your head again. Perhaps we could-" I cut her off. "No. Let it go Kate." She fumbled trying to piece together a sentence as I trudged upstairs tiredly.. "Fionna, sugar I didn't mean, I mean, I-" "It's alright Kate. Don't bother with the rib thing. It's not hurting anymore," I said gently lying to get away from her. There was a moment of silence. I took the opportunity to walk the rest of the way upstairs. Kate struggled trying to find the right thing to say, "…D…Dinner will be ready in a minute," she called shakily. Trying to get me to answer, to stay. I wiped a tear away sniffing. "…I'm not hungry," I closed the door to my room shut tightly.

I sighed as I flopped onto the bed and grunted. The throbbing pain in my ribs still reminding me of its presence as I curled into a ball. I gently propped myself up and pulled a small drawer beside my hammock and pulled out some bandages I stole from Kate. I tore off a few strips and started to wrap my torso sloppily gazing exhausted at my painted walls. On one side was a painting of mountains. Mount Kilimanjaro to be exact…on another, the great wall of china stretching vastly into the distance. The next a rain forest…I forgot which one, Amazon probably? And finally Niagara falls. I kicked my bag under my bookshelf, remembering trying to painstakingly copy them from memory when I shuffled through them at a gift shop near the square. Back when I still had hope that there was a place that I could go. A place I could call home without having to hide anymore. I tied the bandages into a knot and stood from the tattered cloth, it brushes against my legs as it swung gently. I hobbled over to the window and opened my tattered curtains peaking out at a view of the city before backing up and carefully flopping back into the hammock. I stared at the ceiling at my final painting. This one painted as one would view if they were lying in a meadow. My ears pricked at the memory of childish laughter and my eyes started to burn again. Someone knocked on the door and I fought back a sound of annoyance when I thought it was Kate.

I looked over to the door and my eyes softened when I saw Finn and Jake, my two foster brothers that Lance and Kate adopted a few years before me. The Seven and Eight year old boys smiled and shouted "Fi!" in unison before they ran up to me. One mixed boy, with dark brown eyes. And one short blond with two missing teeth. He had one green eye and one blue that sparkled as he placed his chin on my knee. I smirked and ruffled their hair. "Hey guys," Lance knocked on the door and came in. The twenty year old was dark brown with curly black hair. He smiled and was holding a plate. "Heyde how," He said handing the plate to me. "Fi! Fi! You'll never guess what happened today!" Finn said his shaggy blonde hair bouncing excitedly. Lance leaned against the door as Finn and Jake took turns telling a long winded story about how they followed a butterfly into a museum…then it started getting a bit ridiculous when they swore they saw the whale exhibit come to life and wave at them.

I nodded grinning, saying that I believed them. And I did….I guess…I mean who knows what went on in their little heads? Lance watched as Kate peaked in. Her almond shaped honey colored eye was laid against light pecan colored skin. Like early morning sunlight and wavy light brown hair. She smiled at me and leaned against Lance as I chased my two younger bros around my room playing Cavemen and Dinosaur as best I could carefully trying to maneuver with my damaged ribs. Eventually I caught Finn and blew on his belly and held Jake upside down. Yeah. I guess I was still in touch with my inner child too. Soon Finn yawned and Kate came over to take him.

Lance came and scooped up Jake. Jake smiled weakly at me. "You're still gonna play pirates with us….right Fi?" he asked groggily. "Sure, tomorrow squirt." I said ruffling his hair. Finn laughed bubbly, and they both fell asleep as Kate took Finn out, followed by Lance. Lance stopped at the door. He sighed. "Look Fi, I know it must be hard…living here, and….well…if there's anything you need, Kate and I…we wouldn't hesitate, you know that right?" I nodded. He sighed again. "…We appreciate what you're doing. But try and have a little fun," I nodded smiling tiredly at my foster dad before a mischievous glint in his eye caused my grin to falter. " And who knows? You might meet a nice boy who will wanna be your boyfriend-" I rolled my eyes and groaned trying to hide in my pillow. "Aw Man Lance that's gross!" I said throwing a pillow at him laughing. He grinned and put his hands up in defense. "Okay, okay…but I'm just saying, one might sneak up on you, and you might feel a zing!" I laughed plugging up my ears. "Lalalalalalalaaa I can't hear you! This is Disturrrbing! You're my Unclllle!" I said with my eyes shut.

He rolled his eyes and threw a pillow at my face. We both laughed. He once again held up his hands in defense as he tried to get me to settle down."Alright, Alright...but I am just saying, why don't we keep our options open, I mean there is nothing wrong with trying to connect with...people" he looked up thoughtfully. "I mean It might just be the least one you expect. Get that kid you go to school with...uh.. Bubba," He said snapping his fingers as he remembered. Mean while I simmered in my own embarrassment, my face in my hands. I rolled my eyes again as he talked about my friend from school. Lance didn't seem to notice at all as he listed off qualities on his fingertips. "He's Strong, Independent, and a Damn Good student-" he said lightly. I made an exasperated noise "You TELL YOUR UNCLE ABOUT A SCHOOL CRUSH ONE TIME, AND…" I yelled rolling my eyes. He shrugged again. "Hey, I'm just saying. I am friends with his father, say the word and I might just hook it up," he popped the 'P' and closed the door as I threw a pillow at it. I chuckled and sagged against my hammock/bed and swung a little. I frowned as I inhaled and looked up at the meadow painting once more. "No...not yet.." I whispered to the painting. "I can't go home. I have a family here..." I sniffed as I wiped at my eyes once more. "I can't leave them yet," I whispered in determination as I rolled onto my side and gazed out the window.

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