Open Window

~Marshalls Pov~

Of course I followed them. Running full sprint I managed to tag them all the way to their apartment…it wasn't that long a run….I guess. They opened their door and closed it. I tried the handle….Locked…duh. I listened in. "I was going to u-use the money for Finn and jakes b-birthday p-present," I heard Fionna’s sobbing voice through the thin door. I immediately felt guilty. Who were they? Cousins? They never mentioned family going to school at Aaa high in her records. And Yes, I read them because I can. I heard her run up the steps. I looked at the apartment number and ran outside. I smirked up. "Nothin like the good o'l fire escape." Using Parkour, I silently ascended and came to a lighted window. Thank Mom for all of those self-defense and escape lessons. ‘Can’t have the heir of Abadeer getting kidnapped for ransom if he insists on going out at night.’ I looked through the window and looked around. Must be Fionna's room. Tomboy to the back bone but with an air of femininity. Like a hairbrush…..yeah….Fionna came bursting through her door and collapsed against her wall crying. I immediately felt double guilty. I crouched to stay out of sight. I watched her sniffle for a good five minutes…..what the hell was I doing here? This was stupid. I mean what did I even expect to do?! Break in, say sorry disappear in a Ninja smoke? What? She'll forgive me and Invite me to dinner?!

I sighed and was about to drop down when I saw to younger boys walk inside her room and comfort her. I saw her plaster on a smile and praise the small drawing they made. The laughter. Seeing her tape the picture to the wall. I smiled softly….I remember times like that. I found myself engrossed in whatever they were doing. Finn and Jake….her younger brothers maybe? But they don't look like her….Are they visiting cousins? No I would've been informed. Adopted maybe? I leaned in a little more and became excited when they became excited at the idea of building a pillow fort. It was so small and such a stupid thing…but…it meant the whole world. I smiled softly watching them build. I watched Finn and Jake take themselves so seriously. They couldn't have been much older than six. I chuckled. I watched them laugh and wrestle…..and I watched Fionna…what was she, a big sister to them? I watched her interact with them. Nothing more than a bigger child herself. I watched her walk out of the room leaning in dazed as she left. Close enough to inhale the sweet scent of vanilla in her room. To feel how warm it is inside and how freezing it is outside….just wanting to…join in…how could she be…..I looked around.

"…Where are the kids?" I whispered to myself. The wooden swords they were playing with were left on the ground. I looked around confused. Maybe they wen-"HELLO!" I jumped back as I was met with the face of a blonde kid with one green eye and one blue eye. I supressed a shout of surprise by covering ym mouth and exhaling harshly. “Oh my Glob.” I whispered to myself harshly, my heart was almost beating out of my chest. I panted looking at them. "Y-…..You almost gave me a heart attack," I said between pants staring from one to the other. "Are you a stalker man?" Finn asked tilting his head to the side. I glared. "Of course not!" I said with a glare. “Then why're you in our window dumb-nut?!" He asked leaning on the sill. I blinked…they got me there. "….Uh…." I said as embarrassment wafted over me. The two boys both laughed. "Maybe he's that prince guy from that lady with the long hair…uh…Rapsungle!" Jake inserted momentarily forgetting about Marshall Lee. He looked between the two, unsure of what to do. Finn turned to his brother Jake. "Ora Jack and-ah Beanssstalk," Finn said making the sentence three seconds longer than it should've been as he sounded out each word. Jake shrugged. "Let's ask him. Hey are you Batman?" Jake inquired. I blinked again at the totally unrelated question. "Um,"

Finn shook his head. "Noooo, look at his cape!" I glanced down at my red hoodie…..cape? "He's Spider-Man! Hi Spider-Man! Can ya teach me how to climb a building?" Finn jumped up and down and Jake nodded eagerly. "Yeah! That'' es-plain why he's so slow cuz he has a dumb spider brain," Jake said in a deep voice with a ‘duh’ face. Finn laughed. I couldn't help but smirk. "Yeah? Well I can just wrap you up and stick you to the wall goldie, how’d you like that?" I said ruffling his hair. They both laughed and my grin widened. I couldn't help but like these kids. "Oh! Can you do me next!" Finn bounced up and down. Jake eagerly started to bounce up and down as well. “Can you tell us some of your super hero stories?!” I looked up thoughtfully. "Hm." Whelp, couldn’t hurt to entertain the kids a little.

~Five minutes later~

"And then I wrapped him up like a burrito!" I wiggled my fingers at the two wide eyed boys. "And drank all of his blooood miiiiist," I finished with a ghostly moan. They both clapped loudly. "Another! Another! Another!" they shouted in unison. I chuckled. "Maybe some other time…Maybe next time I’ll tell you about the time I rode a dinosaur UNDERWATER that I turned in to the magical Universe wizard for a free wish," I leaned back casually. Their eyes widened. "..So math," Finn whispered holding Jake tightly. Jake was the first to compose himself. "w…what was the wish?" he asks shakily. I shrugged. "Well, it depends on how big your dinosaur offering is," I said grinning at them. Finn's eyes widened. "…H…how big was it?" I leaned in close. "Bigger than the Biggest whale in the History of Whales Ever…why…it made a whale look like a…Goldfish…." I said slyly. Jake smiled. "A goldfish?!" I scratched my chin. "Yyyup….A big moaning blue goldfish, I asked the dinosaur if the goldfish was sick. 'Why…He's so Blue!'….and Makin a whole lotta noise!" they laughed. I chuckled a little. "At least that's what I saw. Oh and what's the rule?!" I asked them sternly. "Never trust a mermaid!" they laughed in unison. I nodded. "Yup. That one mermaid took my hair! Left me bald for a whole week! I would Offend British old women!"

I jumped up and fained a high voice. "Oh Charles! I say Why is that Old Bald boy walking towards the Mall!" they both laughed again and I sat back down grinning. Then I remembered. "Hey, scoot your boots before I boot ya," They giggled and jumped out of the way. I took the wad of money out of my pocket and gazed at it. Then I put in in her drawer next to the scotch tape. "Now this is very important," I looked to both of them. I whispered for them to come close. "…Your sister…is also….A Wizard," I whispered wide eyed. The gasped. "She never told me!" "Or Me!" Finn and Jake shouted. I chuckled. "Oh don't worry! She was protecting you! If she told you…..You know how you eat grapes?" I questioned. They looked at each other, and nodded at me. I leaned in. "…Well…there's this Giant grape in Wizard valley…That Eats people." They gasped. "Only little kids who's birthdays are coming up!" I whispered. They gasped again. "Your sister kept a secret and I need you two to keep on too okay?"

They nodded. I leaned in. "….Don't tell them Anything about Spider-Man," I pouted "You wouldn't want me to get eaten by George the Giant grape would ya?!" I asked them frantically. They both laughed and nodded. I gasped offended. "WHAT?!" Finn sat criss crossed with Jake grinning. "Well I just wanna see what happens and what he looks like!" He shrugged. I pouted. "Fine…but I'm trusting you to keep a secret. A very special secret. Don't tell her where the present in her drawer came from alright?" they nodded and zipped their lips. I grinned and nodded at them too. "Good," I stood up and prepared to leave. "But if we keep the secret…will you go away?" Jake pouted. I knelt down. "…Hey. I'll see you guys around," I smirked. Finn and Jake pouted sniffing. "But you're leaving…won't you stay for movie night?" Finn tugged my jeans. "Come on kid, you're breakin my heart guts here." They hugged my shins. "…Okay, look….Wizards aren't supposed to see other wizards without their magic powers…it's like Nana naked," Finn and Jake laughed. "Ew, gross!" Finn said. I smirked. "Look, I'll promise you'll see me again, okay? But…." I looked to both of them. "But…..Fionna the Wizard Queen cannot see me, or know who gave her the money. Got it?" I asked them. They nodded with saddened smiles. "Good," I ruffled their hair. "I'm counting on you Wizard Pirate, Knights in training! You promise?" I asked inching backwards as I heard footsteps approach the stairs.

"We promise!" Jake yelled. "Okay…but if I wake up with garlic in my toes on a stake, I'm blaming You two karate squirts." they laughed again. "Bye Spider-Man," I knelt in the shadows. I watched as they ran from the window and ducked under the fort seconds before Fionna came in weighed down by food. She said something about 'Eeek!' I watched for a moment, never seeing her smile that way before. I shook my head….and closed the window.

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