~Omnipotent P.O.V.~

A man sat inside of a black chevrolet as he monitored the activity in the apartment. A man whispered into an earpiece on the other line. "Sir, there seems to be no further development on behalf of the girl. I shall continue to monitor her actions as per command." The man on the other side of the speaker poured himself a glass of clear vodka. The light reflected off of the ice. "Excellent Jamie. Continue your current activities and report if anything peculiar rises." The man placed the crystal top back on the crystal glass, and pressed the end button. The Man was in a silver suit with a purple shirt. He had clean cropped platinum blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He straightened his cuff before tapping his glass mindlessly. "Marshall the Abadeer has taken a liking to my 'precious' daughter?" The man whispered to himself sarcastically. "Oh will not cheat me." He smiled to himself. The first chess piece has been put into play

To Be Continued.~

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