Grass...there was grass once. I used to play with my doll in tall dry grass. A soothing wind blew through the meadow as I combed through my rag doll's hair with tiny fingers. A soothing wind blew around as I hummed to myself. "Marcy, sweety" I turned towards the house and got up squinting. "Mama!" I waved towards her as the wind blew again, this time a lot harder. Clouds started to gather in the once blue sky and I was afraid, Run...gotta run to Mama! The wind started to make howling sounds and I imagined ghosts. They were wearing all white. Mama still stood smiling in front of the house but she started to fade away. It was starting to become too bright to see, the wind was very loud. I looked up at the gray sky as the clouds carrying all of that wind turned dark and started to take the form of helicopters. I screamed and tripped, reaching an arm out desperately towards Mama. In an instant the meadow turned into an Evergreen forest during a blizzard. There were ghosts standing in the middle of the blizzard where Mama used to be. Men wearing white with glasses and clip boards. I was being dragged by my wrist through the snow. I was crying. "No! I don't wanna go! I don't wanna do it Papa! Papa Please!" The ghosts started to whisper as I was being dragged towards them.


'You're just like us'

'You're name is Fionna. Its Fionna Now.'

I woke up sweating and rubbed my eyes as my ribs throbbed. I sat up gingerly and hunched over. I looked up at the ceiling painted to look like a meadow as the last echoes of my dream drifted through. 'Monster' 'Your name is Fionna. Its Fionna now.' I rolled out of my hammock and headed to the bathroom to take a cold shower. Once I had on a tank top and jeans I laid out a hoodie to wear to school and started to dry out my hair by ruffling it. Right in time for my little brother Finn to saunter on passed my door in nothing but his Lightning McQueen briefs. I paused in drying my hair and looked at him with a smirk. He turned to me and waved. "Hey Fio!" right before he quickly sped off before Kate and Lance crashed to the floor in an attempt to grab him. I could hear Finn and Jake giggling from the living room as they enjoyed thier little game, meanwhile Lance and Kate look like they have seen better days. Kate held a brush. Lance had the soap. "After them LANCE ITS ALMOST 8!" Kate yelled frantically and scarily. She poked her head in her exhausted and mortified expression immediately melting into a ray of sunshine as she saw me. "Hi Sweety! There is French toast on the table! FINN! JAKE! KATE! AINT!...LAUGHIN!" She got up with Lance's help. Finn and Jake burst into my room and hid behind me. "Fio! Look out! IT'S!" all three of us grinned and pointed. "THE DEATH BAR!" We all said in unison as I ran out of my room with them. I watched as Lance and Kate caught their happily screaming laughing forms. Kate's hair in tangles all around her head. Lance in a Not much better state. They panted as they held them at arm's length.

"…Let's….get them…..back in the bathroom!" Kate panted. "Thanks…for all….the help…Fionna!" Lance panted glaring at me as I giggled and shrugged. "Okay," Kate hoisted up the boys and Lance walked in smiling and preparing coffee. "Ready for school?" I took a bite of French toast and then took a bite of sausage smiling. I licked my fingers adding more syrup to it. "Ready, yes. Do I want to go?...No not really," He rolled his eyes and set a coffee in front of me, "Yeah, Yeah." I hugged him and started out the door. "Later Lance! Later Kate! Good Luck My brothers in Soap Dodging!" I called to the remainder of the house. Lance looked after me. "Is it Disturbing to say that we have to wake up at 6 just to get them ready this far?!" He asked as I walked down the hall. "Yup!" I fained a high british accent. "Somebody Call the Nanny Mc. Fee!" I slammed the door shut behind me.

I walked down the street in a blue hoodie, jeans and converse covering up my tattoos. I hobbled along wincing trying not to put too much strain on my body today. People brushed passed me in a hurry to go to work or hail a taxi. I listened to 'Come with Me' by Puff Daddy as I waited for the light to change and crossed the street. Sure it was a little 90's but the song suited me well….I should make a note of it for later fights. I looked to my left and heard footsteps, my brows furrowed as I subtly turned down my music a little. Sure enough they were there. I calmly gazed to my left. No one. I walked a little faster, dismissing it. But there they were….a few seconds later. I walked calmly down the street, and heard them approaching fast. I turned to my left calmly and saw a group of people sloppily stop and chatter laughing in Spanish in a little group. I continued to walk my gaze looking at them indifferently. One man lit a cigarette. He was sweating. He kept flicking his gaze to me. They were dressed as painters who were taking a break from painting the side of one of the new apartment buildings.

I looked harder. Squinting…and then I found it….No paint on their boots. One had on a pair of Italian leather loafers. I shut my eyes tightly. "Shit," I sprinted. They shouted running after. I cut into an alley just as the loop came on. I ran faster skirting past trash bags leaking liquids and dogs on rusted chains snapping at my ankles. I turned again. I reached a fence with barbed wire at the top. I panted as I gazed at how high it was my ribs already on fire. I heard voices shouting coming nearer and grimaced. "Looks like I have no choice," I backed a few steps, and ran, lunging at the fence and started to scale it shouting in pain as I felt something tear inside. I winced as my hoodie tore a little and jumped down. I heard bodies slap against the fence and looked back to see gang members.

I crossed my arms smirking trying to hide the strain on my body. "Oh what's the matter? No wait! Lemme guess. You bet on the wrong guy, huh? Lost some Money?" I cooed. They yelled profanities as they shook the gated fence. "Psh, you're not the first assholes I had to encounter. Later losers!" I started to sprint towards the exit grinning, until Another one jumped out at the exit laughing. I skirted to a stop eyes wide my heart rate speeding up as I evaluated the situation. With my injuries there's no way in hell I'd be able to take this guy on, unless I go for a duck under his arm, but with my ribs I'm screwed. I skidded to a stop and looked around before clenching my fists. "I've got you now you little-!" He was cut off by someone hitting him with a broken off table leg. He fell to the ground without another word. I looked at his unconscious body wide eyed. And turned my head on the corner to see no one but a guy in a black hoodie whistling a few notes of 'Surprise Surprise by Billy Talent.' I shrugged and turned back to the wide eyed painters.

"Crazy people, am I right?" I said quietly, winking at them before sprinting in the direction of my school. It was a quick sprint down the remaining block, up two flights, down a hallway, and I didn't so much as take a breath until my palm slammed flat against the locker. I managed to make it to the hallway. Panting at my locker. "Whoa-oa Fifi, what the hell happened to you?" I turned around to the slightly curious mischievous grin. "Hey Maddy," I managed to say through wheezing as my friend leaned against her adjacent locker. Maddy wore a red t shirt, leather jacket and some jean short-shorts with black stockings underneath. She wore black combat boots, hoop earrings, and a snap back. "Hey," she turned concerned. "Why is your hoodie all mauled?" I looked down to discover my once clean light blue Bunny hoodie was now stained with coffee grinds, Ice cream cone which was more prominent, and "I Really-Really Hope that's Mud". All of this topped with tattered glory. I looked down my ears burning in embarrassment as I tried to come up with a lie.

"Uh. I went….to the dog park….and got attacked by a couple a dogs," I shrugged opening my locker. Maddy turned to open hers and started putting away and taking out her books. "Oh grod, why?" I tried to pull off a shrug but it sort of came off as a nervous twitch. "Morning jog….at 8….s'kinda my thing," I lied looking frantically from her to down the hallway so that she wouldn't see the lie in my eyes. "Oh….okay…. but...why are you covered with ice cream cone?" I paused then forced an awkward laugh, "Ohohoho! This? This right here? Um this um!...This is from…..The Ice cream parlor….I spilled some on myself," She squinted into her locker mirror applying eye shadow. "Uhuh. I didn't think Hogen Diaz was Open this time of morning?" She glanced at me suspiciously. Oh boy. "Um It's not. It's a new one. I forgot the name I only been there once or twice," Nailed it!

"Huh, the stains look new though, how did you manage to get those?"

"I went there this morning at 8."

"I thought you went jogging in the dog park this morning at 8?"

"You're right I jogged there.….on my way to jog some more."

Lsp walked up to us. The short and squat girl had a crave for purple. Purple fur lined track suit…thingy with purple lipstick and purple hair extensions. She had a yellow star tattoo with a fake diamond rock glued to it on her cheek. She also had on purple eye shadow and sunshades on top of her head. And a nice dusting of glitter. Weird. But it suits her. "Hey Galllllls, what is up Fio? You look like lumpin hell and back girl," she said briefly looking up from texting. I mentally sighed in relief. "Hey Lsp," I said rolling my eyes. Lsp put her hand on her hip, "So what like, happened girl? Was it Melissa?...Tch… totes whore," she said twirling her hair around her finger and rolling her eyes at her ex-best friend's mentioning.

Marceline snorted. "Ice cream puppy accident apparently. Here." Marceline tossed me a black t-shirt with a skull with a pink bow on it that said 'She-Devil' I nodded my thanks. I took off my hoodie my back against the locker. I was stupid enough to wear a tank top, so I had to hide my tattoes. Marceline and Lsp weren't surprised. They knew about my tats. Hell. They were in the parlor when I got them on New Years. The only thing thy didnt know, was that I fought to the death like a fricken Gladiator. The t-shirt was long sleeved thank fully, I can hide my hands. But unfortunately, they stopped at my belly button and I mentally face palmed. "Thanks Marcy," I said quietly. If I could pull down the shirt a little…maybe cover it up with my hoodie, then maybe I could. "Hello everyone," I turned abruptly slamming my back against the lockers and winced in pain. "…Hey….Bubba,"

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