New Kid

I forced a smile twitching and clutching my throbbing hand. "H-Hey Bubba! What did I tell you about sneaking up!...On people like me?" I twitched smiling rocking back and forth cradling my bruised hand. I waved it. I looked at my strawberry blonde friend. He was the only one who knew about my…"job" so to speak. One night while we were dating, I had to leave early and while he was a nosy one, he kept his distance. Then one day as I was running from a gang. My first one, I panicked and ran to his house. He turned on the light and looked at me as if I were a crazy person. I was bloodied and bruised and he helped nurse me back to health. I told him everything….We broke up immediately after that. But he always stuck around to "Protect" me as a friend.

Yes….the guy who once ran away from a butterfly claiming it was too bright colored… that he's gonna protect me from multiple armed men three times his size on a good day. Doesn't get any brighter than that, Bubby. His smile faded to concern. "Oh…My apologies Fionna forgive me!" "It's alright dude. I'm not dying. Chill." I waved my hand one last time before putting my hands on my hips rolling my eyes. His smile returned. He was always such a gentleman. "Of course…Escort you to class?" "Sure knock yourself out," I grabbed his wrist and turned to my two bfs. "Later galpals!" and walked off to class.

Maddy leaned against the locker door smirking. "Ah, young love. I remember when Me and My boyfriend used to do that, now he's just an ass. My perfect ass." Lsp stopped texting and looked at Maddy. "I thought you were gay," Maddy sneered at her. "Oh shut up. It's the piercing isn't it?!"

Bubba walked me to my classroom in silence. I gazed at him. He wore a pink button up cotton shirt with a Magenta vest over top of it. We opened the door to Science. I looked around and found Bubba's and my favorite seats. His looked normal, but since the school is on a budget my desk was somewhat warped. It had an oval seat and a sloppily made rectangular back that was half-assedly smoothed down just so I wouldn't cut myself, let alone be comfortable. It felt hard as marble and it was shaped like an oval. So, I did the rational thing and called it a toilet.

The only upside to this, was that I could cheat off of Bubba. I managed to get through Sophomore year. Call it payback for Ms. Bonnibel giving Bubba the good seat. Whatever happened to Lady's comfort first?! However…well she Is his mom… Ms. Bonnibel *eye roll* smiled warmly at us. "Salutations! Oh Fionna, you have a new seating assignment," she yelled after me as I skirted to a stop. "Aw, what?" I paused blushing as I remembered to tie my blue hoodie around my waist to hide the tattoo. Ms.B was…very…..easy to startle….very proper woman. "Yes, it appears we have a new student here, so…You'll be sitting next to him!" she clapped her hands squealing excitedly. I slowly gazed after Bubba as he sat down at our double desk…..ooooh, I was Reaaaally missing that toilet seat, She grabbed my hand.

"Everyone settle down We have a new friend joining our class today!" I pulled my hand away and wiped it on my shirt with a frantic expression while she wasn't looking. The class chuckled, and Bubba looked at me distastefully. I shrugged and winked at him. I heard a chuckle from the back. "Nice, Bunny." Someone muttered….a boy maybe? My hands flew to my sparkly bunny clip that held my hair out of my face. pulled out a clip board, and I inadvertently shuddered as flashbacks from my dream tried to crawl to the surface of my mind. I tried my best to shake them away with a twitch of my head.

put on her glasses and squinted at the clipboard"…Um…Marshell…..Lye?" "Marshall LEE woman! That's the fourth time today, Oh sure you can pronounce Barneby-" I glanced towards Bubba. "- but not something as simple as Lee?" An unknown deep voice said exasperatedly from the back. I frowned and looked towards the direction of his voice and saw and empty seat in his general vicinity. Totally not algebraic. I puffed out my cheeks in frustration. Please not next to the loud asshole. A flustered straightened her glasses, and I almost felt sorry for the poor woman. "Oh! Yes of course, my apologies. Fionna you'll be sitting there," Of course it is. "Oh okay, just as long as she doesn't forget your name on the way back here," He said. Everyone chuckled again as Ms. Bonnibel blushed profusely….Okay, this was getting sad. "Hey! Leave her alone!" I shouted towards the voice. "I still need her son to chea-!…. he's my goodest bestest friend!" I corrected myself quickly smiling at the woman who cluelessly smiled back. The class laughed again.

"Ooo, bunny's got bite. I like that." the voice responded. The tension in the air was thick as the class was pulled into something interesting to look at today. I mean what's the point of going to highschool? The education? Of course not! It's all about the daily dose of drama! I huffed in annoyance as I placed my hands on my hips ready to face off against this 'Marshall' jerk. "Oh please spare me the tough guy act. Let me guess you were the 'big boy' on the playground in your old school, just graduated from third grade, congrats, and now think you have to prove yourself by hosting your own daily dick measuring contest. Don't be that guy man." I said crossing my arms. gasped and clung to the edge of her desk as I cringed inwardly. Whoops, forgot the Lady filter. The boy took his feet off of the desk, and stood. He was whoa….tall…My eyes widened. And Hot. He wore a red hoodie with a black T-shirt, blue jeans and red converse. He had a chain with a bat on it hanging from it. He had perfectly tousled black hair and reddish brown eyes. Perfect nose! Flawless skin! (That was slightly pale for my taste, but whatever!) Lips! Jaw! Everything!...

He smirked deviously at me and I held my breath. "Like what you see?" he asked my gaping face. I slapped myself mentally and scoffed turning away. "Meh," I crossed my arms. "A little too tall,"

He waggled his eyebrows. "You know what they say about guys who are tall…" I smirked and glanced at him from the corner of my eye "That they have tiny dicks? Yes I have," shook and I made a note to apologize to her later… I think I was draining her lifespan. Once again the class laughed . He backed away eyes wide. "Oh so she is a bitch. Little bunnies should be careful, talking like that could get you into trouble." He flashed a dangerous smile, and I had to will myself to not look him in the eyes. My knees shook a little as I squared off with him again. Damn this boy.

"Ha! I'm not scared of you." I eyed him smirking in victory as I saw him blush a little, he then hid it with a devilish smirk. "Oh? And what exactly does it take to get you a little...excited?" He whispered in a husky tone as he stalked towards me. I felt my eyes flutter but collected myself just in time. We were now a few inches apart and I had to look up to meet his eyes. A challenge still burned in his almost blood red pupils. I leaned in closely and surprise briefly flashed inside of them. "….Somebody with bigger luggage," I whispered loudly. The crowd laughed and Ooed again. "Well baby how do you know if you never even saw?" He quickly grabbed my waist and dipped me a little. "Wanna find out?" He licked my ear and I pushed him away disgusted as I stomped to my seat my face as red as a tomato with both fury and embarrassment. The class laughed loudly as Ms. B finally worked up enough strength to try and take control of her science class once more, although her skin was still a little pale. She silenced the classroom with a yell. Marshall smirked as he walked towards his seat and I tried my best to ignore him, even when the seat kind of gave way under his weight. The class was soon immersed in boring science dumps and I too tried to concentrate.

"This isn't over bunny," he said deviously. I felt my face warm at the soft tone of his voice. "My name. Is Fionna." I said through clenched teeth taking notes on Trophic levels in my notebook. Though it was kind of hard to focus on animals eating other animals as I felt an uncomfortable sensation eating me from the inside. Hope it's cholera. "Hm, Fionna…what a pretty name," my face warmed again and I tried to busy myself by doodling on the borders of my notebook paper and turned my left shoulder to him, to try and hide my blushing face. His gaze went to my hands as the sweatshirt rides up. "…Whoa, cool. Are those tattoos?" he reached over and brushed my hand. An electric shock went through my body and I pulled away gently. "Um…please don't do that," I said softly blushing. He looked at me with a weird expression before pulling away swallowing, his ears a bright pink. "…Sorry." There were a few minutes of silence. He turned back to me his charm back to normal. "So where'd you get them?"

"None of your business" I said reflexively as I doodled a bunny.

"What do they mean?" he leaned in closer

I snorted and rolled my eyes. "You sure ask a Lot of questions…' '" I said sarcastically as I used my finger quotes before drawing a sword. He smirked back and leaned on his hand. I mentally cursed myself for giving him leverage. "Well I'm a curious guy," he purred. "Especially when there's a pretty girl in school having something that's as hot as tattoos-" The bell rung and I sprung up from my seat briskly walking to my next class. On my way through the crowd, people kept stepping on my hoodie. I tried to wave them away as best I could, before one of them stepped on it, inadvertently tripping me, as it pulled off completely. I saw a hint of Strawberry red hair as he looked at someone, smiled and weaved through the crowd. "Urgh, Bubba you moron," I growled. Marshall came up behind me, laughing.

"Quite a fall there, really funny to watch, need some…" he started as he knelt down to pull my hoodie from the floor. His smile faded quickly. I looked down to find the word 'Vinci' in Italics peeking out of my shirt. I blushed like fire as he stared intensely at it. "Give me my jacket already and stop staring at my butt!"

I spoke loudly glaring and snatching it away from him. He blushed hard and stood up shrugging it off as it faded quickly. He plastered on a grin. "Can't blame a guy for trying, right?" He offered his hand….I refused it, tied on my hoodie, and stomped off to the next class as a cold sweat trickled down my back.

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