Red Apple

"So then Brad was all like OMG Lisa, you're lookin Fine! And then I was-" I blocked out Lsp adding in the occasional 'Uhuh' with a deadpan expression. Maddy went to quickly go say hi to some of her friends…leaving me….with the queen of chatter boxes, Lisa. I mean I love the girl, but man, she can make somebody spaceout on their own thoughts. I slid my lunch tray along and gathered up a lunch as I whispered to myself. "Let's see, lasagna, French fries, buffalo wings, three burger shots, a pickle, a salad, Jello a large coke, what else would I want?" My eyes wandered before landing on a pile of fruit. I shrugged "Meh, guess I'll have an apple as well, I mean, why not mix it up a little?" I glanced over the variety of green and yellow apples. And those ones that turn to Powder in your mouth. Bleck. "Oh!" I whisper shouted. One delicious looking blood red apple rested on the third pile of apples. I gently laid my palm on it, gazing back at Lsp biting my lip to make sure she hasn't noticed my absence…apparently she was grabbing her yogurt chatting on the phone, and then sashayed to our table…I shuddered. I hated when she sashayed. "Guess I'm in the clear then," I smiled and balanced my tray precariously on the edge of the table that held the fruits.

Just as I reached for it, a hand landed on top of mine. I furrowed my eyebrows and yanked it, but whoever was on the other side, yanked back. "Um, Excuse me! Ma'am? Miss? Grubby mitts off!" shouted a familiar voice.I was once again thrown in a state of confusing as I stood on my tip toes and immediately, dread pooled in the pit of my stomach. Oh no not this dick again. And lo and behold, there Marshall Lee was in all of his Twilight worthy glory. I gulped in apprehension before contorting my face into a scowl. Marshall needed to only extend his neck a little, and light burgundy eyes met mine. His face immediately brightened which only pissed me off even more. I hate his face...I hate his height...I hate his shirt. "Bunny!" he shouted happily and waved his hand. "Leaving!" I shouted sarcastically smiling and waving my own hand, before my expression fell as I attempted to pull the apple out of his grasp. My expression almost faltered as I was met with his iron grip. That's odd, I'm usually stronger than the other boys my age? "Right after I grab this apple," I grumbled yanking again. His expression was calm as he didn't even have to bother struggling to try and pull the apple away. "Oh, no you sweetheart, there's only One thing I eat in this slob of a lunchroom, that's not at least Partially radioactive, and that's some wholesome fruit." He looked down calmly as I grew pale trying to fight his grip. "He smirked "And besides, don't you think you have enough? But I do love a girl who has an appetite." I could have rolled my eyes at his flirting attempts if I wasn't too busy competing with him for this stupid apple. I mean I put my foot in it and everything! "Well for your information. Today is an all you can eat special for $7.99, I am simply trying to get my money's worth is all. Don't think snobs like you could understand." I meant it as a joke as I struggled to pry his fingers off of the goods.

His shoulders tensed briefly as he looked down at his feet,( still holding on to the fricken fruit I might add!) and I could sense the change in mood as I furrowed my eyebrows. What? Did I hit a nerve? But the only way I could hit a nerve with a stupid joke like that, is if he really was in no way hurting for money. My glare immediately intensified. I hate his hair...I hate his shoes…He finally lift his head, a wistful soft smile on his face. "Oh yeah? Well sorry sugar, but I see only two options here. Either you feed me-" at my intensified glare his smirk broadened. "- or I take this." With that final word he effortlessly yanked the apple from my hand and sent me to the ground with my own momentum. I accidentally let out a small yelp. I blushed a deep red for the fifth time that day and all of it was because of him! Marshall laughed a little as he repeatedly threw the apple up in the air and caught it taunting me. "Ha! Silly bunny, apples are for Luggage!" He smirked and turned around teasingly as if preparing to walk away. I was about to shout back some comeback along the lines of "Well the apple doesn't fall far from the apple either! Keep your crumby fruit!" but the moment I looked up, Marshall Lee was no longer Marshall. The way he held the apple, it turned into a shiny silver whistle. Marshall Lee was replaced with a twelve year old rich girl in an expensive dress who grinned sadistically from the shadows. "Oh no," I whispered to myself as the anger melted from my face and was replaced with a wide eyed helplessness. "The right to have don't belong to livestock." I swallowed thickly as my jaw clenched. Marshall turned around and immediately looked concerned. "Hey, you alright?" I didn't answer as he paused and walked over to kneel beside me. "Hey Fi, you know I was just kidding-" I cut him off by snatching the apple from his hands. "..I'm sorry Marshall. But I can't let you have this..I just...can't." I stood up as he had a confused yet still slightly amused look on his face. He stood up with me as I gathered my lunch tray and reached in my back pocket for my wallet. I took out seven dollars and held it tucked between my thumb and the lunch tray as I walked to the payment line. Marshall smiled softly, almost in consideration. "Well I'm sorry you feel that way." He said as he stood to his feet. "But it's alright though" My eyes widened as he reached into his backpack and pulled an apple from a brown paper bag. "I had one anyway." his smiled and winked as he bit into it. I scowled and threw my wallet on his chest as he laughed.

"UGH YOU ARE SUCH AN IRREDEEMABLE ASSHOLE!" I stomped to the register, payed for my food and turned on my heel making an angry beeline for Lsp. I slammed the tray on the counter before I started shoveling food in my mouth. I HATE him! I looked up from my plate to Lsp who was grinning. "..What?" I asked with a mouth full of lasagna. "Who was That?" lsp purred. "Douche bag," I said with a shrug and started shoveling food in my mouth once more. "Well can ya hook me up?" I grimaced. "Oh shut up Lisa."

~Marshall's P.O.V.~

I smiled to myself as Fionna walked back towards her lunch table. I swear! She is just way too fun to mess with. I looked down to see the light blue "Mean Bunny" wallet on the ground. I picked it up and flipped it over and felt a grin slowly creep its way onto my face. "Looks like fate just keeps drawing us together bunny, I'll give this to you later." I casually pocketed the wallet and left the lunchroom, having had my fill. I thought back to Bubba's warnings in confusion before shrugging the memories away. Fionna's not dangerous. I chanced one last look over my shoulder to see Fionna pouting as she played with her salad. I smiled softly as I turned on my heel and made my way towards her. "Hey Fifi! Forget something?" I dangled her wallet in front of her face and her eyes widened as she searched her pockets. She blushed in embarrassment and glared as she snatched her wallet back. "Give me that!" I laughed at her as her face became even redder. I'm sorry Bubba. I continued to joke and bicker with her throughout the entire lunch period when her other friend joined her. I want this. Fionna and Maddy burst out laughing and I found myself staring. I think I really want this.

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