~Fionna's P.O.V.~

~Early the next day~

I ate cereal with Kate as she and Lance read the morning paper. Finn and Jake were still asleep so I took the time to tell them the great news. But Kate went first. "….Guess what? I got you a fight! A Big one! Three grand! Easy!" she said with a snap of her fingers. I beamed excitedly. "Great! You can have my portion and we can-" Kate glared and held up her hand "Oh No." Kate said sternly. She slapped her newspaper on the table. Lance looked up and raised an eyebrow. "This time you are going to spend the money on something that You Want." I rolled my eyes in exasperation. "But Ka-" she cut me off quickly "Don't 'But Kate' me." She folded her hands on the table. "You are going to have Some normalicy even if I have to Force you to. You will not become a weirdo like Your Uncle Jermaine!" she raised her voice sternly. I rolled my eyes. "Oh boy here we go," I muttered. "Did you know that Jermaine had never been out of the house?" I mimicked her as the All too familiar story unfolded.

"Uuugh, for damn near twent-" I started but she spoke over me. "For Damn near Twenty years!" she said completely ignoring me. "And once he came out guess what?" I gave her a dead panned expression leaning my head on my hands. Lance chuckled silently, failing to suppress a smile. "He….didn't know ho-" I continued bluntly, knowing that she would interrupt me. "HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO APPLY FOR A JOB, BUY A CAR, OR EVEN LEARN TO RIDE A BUS! IT AINT THAT HARD!" she ranted. "AND NOW HE SPENDS THE REMAINDER OF HIS DAYS IN WHAT?" I rolled my eyes. "The….remainder of his…days in an old sh-" "IN AN OLD SHOE BOY CART!" She finished, folding her arms. I grinned and submitted "Okay! Fine, fine. I'll go clothes shopping with you," I said picking up my spoon again. Kate looked surprised. I smirked. "But the Rest? Is gonna be spent on Finn and Jake's birthday, They will have a cake, and a balloons, and" I lowered my voice. "I even found out what they want for their birthday," I whispered and wiggled my eyebrows. Kate and Lance comically leaned in forward grinning. "What? What?" Kate asked eagerly twice. I twitched an eyebrow. "It all started while we were playing pira-" Kate rolled her eyes "Oh skip the long story girl, we're on a tight schedule its two days away!" Kate whisper yelled. Lance and I laughed at the irony. Kate is filled with nothing but long stories. Especially about her brother Jermaine.

Kate frowned a little but the smile never left. "What?" she asked. I laughed again putting a hand to my forehead shaking. "Nothing, never mind. Anyways I'll tell you." I looked behind me to see that Finn and Jake's bedroom doors were still closed. Then pulled out the crinkled Toys Catalog page from my back pocket that's been there since last night. I unfolded it. "It's the Mega cruiser tumbler bike, with water soaker action, grip, gear shift and fire-arm darts! Finn wants one in Blue with waves, Jake wants one in Red with flames! It's really expensive for each, so I'm spending the rest on that," I nodded holding out the treasured piece of paper. Kate looked close to tears as she smiled. "Oh baby, that is so sweet of you! You are the kindest, sweetest, angel baby cake-" their door rattled. We snapped our gaze to it wide eyed. Kate glared at me, "Hide it Fool!" I quickly refolded it and put it in my back pocket. We all struck a leisurely pose as Finn came out in his onesie and Jake in his pajamas. They yawned leaving the bathroom. I suppressed a grin. It's both cute, and disturbing that they could use the same bathroom at the same time, "Hi mommy, hi daddy," Finn greeted. He hoisted himself up onto his chair as Lance quietly poured them a bowl of cereal. Jake looked between us with his eyebrows furrowed. "Watcha doin?" he asked tilting his head to the side innocently.

"Oh you know…..eating," I said. I blinked and then blushed as I grinned face palming. "…Wow that was dumb," I mumbled. We chuckled. I looked at them and ruffled their hair. "I'm gonna get you the best b-day present ever little squirts," I whispered. They shared a look. Jake the oldest one shrugged. Finn pouted. No matter how much the wanted to, they could never find out secrets that I held I mean I was trained to resist torture for fucks sake. Two years ago, they stopped trying. I turned back to my cereal…Finn smirked and inhaled. "No I won't tell you," I said never breaking a stride. They crossed their arms in defeat. I smiled at them.

~Later that day~

"Omg, girl! You have to introduce me," Lsp whisper yelled. She smiled past me fixing her hair and popping her gum beaming. I looked up from my pasta. "What? To who?" I furrowed my brows at Lsp. "Marshall Lee! Duh." I raised my eyebrow at her love struck tone. "You met him yesterday, talk to him yourself." I said casually as I shoved another fork full of pasta into my mouth. "Fi, that lunch intro yesterday was a friend introduction. But now you're introducing me to my new husband. I'd do it for you girl! I mean he's totally checking me out from the lockers," she said flirtatiously. Maddy gave her a deadpanned expression and turned around. I flicked a glance behind me as well. Sure enough he was standing alone, leaning his back against a wall with music blasting from his earbuds a couple of girls were trying to get his attention, but his eyes were fixed on our table….. he was slightly smirking to himself. Smug Bastard. I sneered and rolled my eyes turning away. Maddy did too. Lsp kept winking at him and twiddling her fingers with soft 'heyyys' I almost lost my appetite…..Almost. I shoveled another forkful into my mouth. "Fi slow down or you'll choke," Maddy rolled her eyes. "And Lsp he's not looking at you…he could be looking at any of us he's just…staring…" she shot a glance my way and smirked evilly. "Most likely at our Fifi," I slammed my fork on my tray glaring at nothing. "I'm goin' for a walk," I muttered to more myself then them. I picked up my tray and had to walk over to the trashcan. Where he happened to be standing so close to.

I brushed passed him to try to get to the trash bin. "Leaving so soon, 'Fifi?' " he asked sarcastically. I could hear the grin in his voice. I glared and tossed my entire tray into the trashcan. "…Lost my appetite" I marched through the doors. Unfortunately I only got a few steps before I heard footsteps behind me. "So what are you doing tonight?" I almost jumped as Marshall's voice was an inch of from my ear. I jerked and punched the locker, creating a dent. Shit stupid reflexes! My eyes widened as I snapped my head around. Marshall's grinning face turned into a pleasantly surprised one as he took a step back. "Whoa, a little edgy there," he chuckled. I panted as a red blush creeped across my face. "But! I heard yo-" I stuttered. He tilted his head to the side smugly. My flustered expression turned sour as I continued to walk. "Whatever," I muttered. "Still haven't answered me" he asked in that stupid flirtatious voice of his. I could practically feel the evil grin on his face as he whispered. I shrugged one shoulder. It was more like a twitch really. But this guy's air was so….what was it?...cocky a voice deadpanned. Wait a minute.

"Ew gross. Are you hitting on me?" I asked with a confused and unsure look on my face as I cringed. He chuckled silently before a sincere sheepish smile found its way on his face. "Maybe. Maybe not," he said softly. For some reason my cheeks burned and he snickered. Obviously enjoying himself. I managed to recover myself as I continued to walk. "Stuff." I said curtly. Unfortunately, he decided to follow. "Stuff?" he asked in confusion. "Stuff. I'm doing stuff tonight. Private stuff, it's a family thing." He laughed softly once more and swerved to walk directly in front of me. I turned my head to the left to avoid his gaze. I could see his toothy grin from the corner of my eye. "What kind of stuff?" He leaned to the left, I turned my gaze right. "My own! Maybe if you spent more time minding your own business instead of harassing ME Then. Oh, I don't know. You'd have a life and maybe even Stuff to do." I spat with a raised eyebrow. He paused mid step and stood shocked. I noticed that he wasn't walking, so I stopped as well. Maybe he finally got the hint! My short lived feeling of victory disappeared as he burst out laughing. How could he be walking backwards like this anyway? Without even tripping? Or Bumping into a person? Or something! I just want to see HIM embarrassed for Once!

"Whoa, I always loved that bite of yours Bunny," he said in that seductive voice of his. I shuddered this is weird. "Don't call me that," I shot back not meeting his gaze and staring straight ahead trying to stifle a blush. "Than what would you prefer I call you?" he asked silkily. I hissed as the blush found its way onto my face once more. He laughed again. Cruel. Sadistic…like a wolf playing with prey….I don't like being somebody's toy. "Anyways Bunny. Still haven't told me what you're doing tonight, you want to hang out?" he asked putting his hands in his pockets. "Leave me alone." I sighed. He stopped suddenly and so did I. I finally met his gaze with a pout on my face. He was smiling down softly at me. "Okay. Walk you to homeroom tomorrow then?" My eyes widened. I looked down. I was carrying my books for the next class….I turned around….And am currently standing in room 107….Sure enough…Homeroom. "O-oh, I didn't even…" I looked down at my feet. Yes, I Fionna, was so fully immersed in a conversation with a boy that I didn't even know that we walked to homeroom together, like a couple. I could have face palmed myself as I sighed. "Great." I muttered. However I still didn't know that Marshall was still waiting for an answer as he smiled. "Sounds good? Great. Then it's a date then." He turned around and walked to his next class just as the bell rung. I stood there flabbergasted and helpless before stopping my foot. "Dangit Marshall!"

I tried to forget about the embarrassment that evening as I danced around my opponent. The girl threw a punch so hard that I flew backwards towards the circled crowd. The people in the crowd shouted and pushed me back in the middle, bleeding mouth and all, "Come On Echo! Get in there!" shouted some random girl from the crowd. You think this is easy? You try it! I panted as I backed up a little staring down my opponent, before hunching over in the defensive position. This chic had tattoos all over her, and two piercings, one on her lip and one in her nose she was glaring at me spitting for me to 'Come up and take this Woopass!'. Fresh from prison no doubt. An Asian man wearing…what, some 60's gold chain with a half buttoned shirt held up a wad of money as he grinned between a cigarette. "I ADVANCE!" He shouted holding up the wad of money as he tried to get the attention of some of the crowd. "TWO HUNDERED BUCKS…THREE TO ONE ODDS! ON ECHO! FULL BETS ON NIKKI!" he shouted. I rolled my eyes panting. Glob almighty can't I get One day where I don't encounter one of these nit wits?

I roll my eyes. 'Just dance around a little, take a few blows, then bam….give them all you've got.' Kate's words echoed in my head as she kneaded her elbow into my neck straightening out a muscle. I sighed. Time for the show. I straightened from my previous hunched pathetic little girl position. I stretched my arms rolling my neck a little. The bets have been cast, time to win this. The crowd was shocked as I walked up to "Nikki" who was at the moment show boating and laughing at the crowd behind her. I tapped her shoulder. She snapped her head around and her eyes widened as I barely looked fazed. I twiddled my fingers at her with a sneer. "Hello," I then made them crack as I glared and balled them into a fist. "…And Goodbye," I punched her so quickly her nose cracked spewing blood. All was silent. I bounced on the balls of my feet and kicked her in the same spot with a roundhouse, the crowd started to cheer again, but this time for the new champion.

I punched her once with a left hook, Right hook, left, right, right, left, elbow to her stomach, spun midway and punched her in the chin, and rounded my right leg tripping her to the floor. I growled and pounced. I punched her face watching her bleed, then grabbed her head into a head lock. I heard the cracking of muscles as she struggled to breathe, the crowd went wild. Fionna. Don't do it, do not fall under 'the feeling'. My fingers loosened slightly as I tried to find a balance between a good show, and a brutal murder. I hate this… "You give up yet, bitch?" I snarled but my eyes were more tired than anything else. She tapped her hand to the ground and I let her go. I made her stand up as she swayed side to side. Elite military training flashed through my mind as I could practically see the list of effects cutting off circulation with that much muscle fatigue can produce. Thus the final chant began 'End It!'. I peered around the arena and spotted Kate in the front row as per usual. She had a worried expression on her face, her hands folded tightly as the crowd chanted that sick phrase over and over again. Sometimes I wish she didn't have to love a monster like me. I decided to draw the ending out a little, just enough for a few more dollars to be thrown in the betting hat. I ducked my head to meet Niki's eyes. "Yoohoo," I smirked snapping my fingers to get her attention, then I waved. "See you around~" I folded my two hands into battering ram shape then upper cutted her with it. There was a third sickening 'Crack!'… and she fell… hard. I stood over her glaring.

A drunk and sweaty bony looking guy marched over and raised my hand. "Winner!" he shouted as I wrinkled my nose, he smelled like weed. The crowd of junkies and drunks roared like crazy. He then marched over collecting bets and yanked the wad of cash out of the Asian guys hand as he stared slack-jawed. The man ground his teeth and marched away from the crowd. I stared after him. I should watch my back tonight…again. I sighed in relief as I started to walk towards Kate so that we could go home. "Whoa. Fionna?!" I looked up and saw Marshall standing a few feet away from me wide eyed. My own eyes widened as I grew slack jawed. "Marshall?! What the hell are you doing h-"Before I could finish my sentence the crowd surged forward as the next two fighters entered the ring. We were separated once more. My stomach pooled at my feet once again. I have a bad feling about this.

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