Marshall's P.O.V.

~Earlier that night~

I walked the abandoned streets once again, sipping some of New York's finest soap watered coffee. My phone rang once more and I pulled it from my pocket to see my mother flashing on the screen for the third time. I rolled my eyes and pressed ignore. The last thing I need, is another "Stop emulating a commoner" Speech. I swear, the woman just never lives and let live! The phone screen went blank and I stared at it as I walked, brushing my thumb across the screen. While I was gazing at it, I grinned as I thought about a certain Bunny girl. Maybe I should ask for her number later? I took another sip of coffee and grimaced gulping down the rest, and gazed at the cup. It was disgusting, but oddly crave inducing. I looked over it again and aimed shooting it straight into a dumpster. Rats scattered as I looked behind me once more, before taking a right into a familiar alley. I opened the rusted metal door and started my decent to the underground. The stairwell held the familiar smell of Urine, and cigarettes. I walked passed a stoned twenty year old as I made my way towards the arc. It takes ten bucks just to get in here, and he won't even be able to see the fight, what a dumbass. The crowd had already gathered and started placing their bets when I got there. I started to weave my way to the front to try and get a better look at the fighters. "Come On, Get in there Echo!" a woman threw the blond fighter back into the center of the arena. Whoa, Echo? The Echo? I haven't been able to catch a fight with her in it, I can't possibly miss this! I started to try and push my way towards the front, but people get a little aggressive when it comes to a good viewing spot. I only managed to make to the fourth row of screaming lunatics as I managed to see the two bodies of the fighters.

Twenty minutes in, and based off of what I can see, this fight wasn't half bad! Though that blonde chic was getting her butt ass handed to her by that tattoed girl. I wonder which one is Echo? I've only heard of her through word of mouth, but based on the description, "Stupid ass Blond bitch! I good money on that fight!" from some men recounting fights she starred in, I assume it's the blondie. She didn't look so tough…. but It's been a while since I've seen a good Cat fight. The blonde was bleeding and hunched. I looked at her and felt a little sorry for her as she panted. Wow she doesn't look too good. Better get a closer look! I weaved through the crowd, some people yelled in my ear, while others bumped into me. Drunks, Stoners, some people having the best of both worlds. I finally stood two rows back so that I could actually get a closer look. The blonde came flying a few yards away from me and I cheered the Nikki girl on. I flicked my gaze to the blonde, who was crumpled in the corner, whimpering and rocking. Beaten for sure. I grinned. Glob the very air of this place was amazing. No pompous rich old women, free liquor and chaos. The place hummed with some Dark energy I craved just as badly as that gross coffee. What's the name of that place? I yelled my approval at the top of my lungs at the strong fighter. I once again returned my gaze to the blonde. Probably some Junkie or Whore. Couldn't pay her rent and came in here drunk, angry, and Way in over her head. I frowned thinking that her pathetic whimpering figure would soon be toast. But then my grin faltered.

"Yeah, you notice it too?" I glanced to my left and raised my eyebrow as I the guy next to me smirked. He wasn't screaming at the top of his lungs like the other people. In fact his calm demeanor seemed almost like the eye of the storm. The man nodded smiling. "People can sense weakness in others. But her little show? It's not natural in the slightest," he chuckled fondly and I observed him. An African American guy, with a black t shirt, jeans and some classy loafers. I raised an eyebrow at him. "I guess you've seen her fight before?" I asked casually as I tried to peek over the crowd. The man chucked. "Yeah guess you can say that. Fate has a funny way of drawing us together." He smiled fondly. I nodded and rocked on the balls of my feet. Huh, he must know her from somewhere. He nodded in the direction of the fighters. "It's the small details that count Mr.?" he inquired. I raised my hand. "Marshall," he clasped my hand firmly and nodded in greeting. "Joshua," he smiled. We turned back to watching the fight as he chuckled again. "Anyways, I think it's best I start to move along now. Hey and Marshall?" He stopped and smiled again. "It's the small details that count. Bet wisely." The man wove through the crowd as silent as a trained assassin. I furrowed my brow as I looked after him. Well…that was the strangest two minute conversation I've had. I smiled shrugging it off before cheering at the fighters a little bit, but my mind was a little sharper. I have to say I was a little curious to see what the guy was talking about. And then I thought I found it.

I squinted as I tilted my head to the side. Something was….off about her crumpled form….her eyes weren't shut…they were squinted. Her whimpering was spaced out, she was looking around. Following the Nikki girl who was brushing past her like a shark. Nikki was grinning. The girl…followed her with her eyes… wait. I leaned in closer. Probably the only one who's eyes weren't on Nikki the prized fighter, but instead the girl. She was following her! I glanced at where she was looking. She was watching Nikki like a hawk, Her rocking stilled, and then started up again. But I saw it. Her lower back was too straight. She barely had any blood on her. My grin faded completely. Oh my God she's faking it. But what is she waiting for?! Every time Nikki glanced at her she made sure to crumple herself a little bit to convince her that she was beaten. I then knew what she was doing. She was averting attention from herself and becoming less of a target and let the crowds eagerness…..I looked around. All attention was on Nikki. I moved closer to the front. The crumpled girl was facing towards me, but her squinted eyes were still on Nikki…..She wanted Nikki to take her attention off her, a girl behind Nikki shouted at the top of her lungs clapping, starting the crowd over there into an even bigger frenzy. I squinted. The girl in the crowd was careful, but gave fleeting glances back towards the blonde…..distraction.

The blonde wanted Nikki to turn around! "Place the bets stupid!" shouted a sneering guy. Without pulling my gaze from the blonde girl I reached into my pocket and pulled out six bucks. I placed it in the dirty hat. I pointed to the blonde girl. "…Who's that fighter? There?" I asked the guy. He raised his eyebrow. "That's Echo, current champ of the underground," he started chuckling. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. "But not for long!" "All bets on her." I said sternly. I pulled another twenty bucks from my pocket and placed it in the hat. "What are you kidding? She's getting creamed out the-" his voice faded as I wove my way towards the front. This one was fighting smart. Not with strength. "Hope whatever you have planned works girly…I just lost twenty-six dollars' worth of groceries on you today," I muttered to myself as I crossed my arms. "…cmon turn around you dumb bitch," she snarled. No one would've heard her, if one wasn't listening intently. I silently urged the Stupid show boater to turn around same as o'l girl. I'm starting to like this fighter girl, she got spunk. It seemed like an eternity, but finally, The Nikki girl took the bait and turned around throwing her fists in the air. The girl up front who was looking at…..Echo? Plastered on a smile and clapped the loudest. The Nikki girl smugly averted all of her attention to that part of the crowd.

I exhaled, my heart thumping in my chest as I rubbed my hands together. Alright kiddo, here's your chance, don't blow my money down the toilet. I sent the mental waves towards the blonde. As soon as she saw her opening she stopped rocking. She smirked to herself and silently climbed to her feet. A slow grin found its way on my face as most of the crowd became silent. The blonde stood to her full height, pure muscle and confidence, as she stretching her arms and rolled her neck. She began a long silent stride towards the Nikki girl, who seemed that much smaller now. She tapped her shoulder twiddling…her….fingers….I squinted. "Hello," she balled them into a fist causing them to crack. "….And Goodbye," She sent a flying Right to Nikki's face. I almost jumped in the air with my cheer. "Yeah! That's what I'm talking About!" I clapped as the crowd roared. She started to beat the crap out of Nikki "Go Echo!" I shouted with the crowd. She was concentrating on beating the girl senseless, but I could also see a hesitance in her punches. I guess she doesn't take to getting kicked. She was tanned and blonde. Three tattoos stood out on her back. Vendi vidi vici I read them to myself.

"Vendy…Vidy…Vicky? What?" but then it came to me. Vici….Vici…I've seen that somewhere before. Where have I seen that? I tried to move through the crowd to try and get a better look. But the Fighter's back was to me. I saw her stand the half comatosed Nikki girl on her feet, and waved her hand in front of her face. "Yoohoo," I chuckled a little….this girl was alright. "END IT! END IT! END IT!" I managed to get halfway around the ring and stopped. I had to see this. I stopped and smirked to myself as I watched her. She coiled her muscles and my mouth dropped. That was the sickest triple combo move I've Ever seen! This girl's my new favorite fighter! Other than myself of course, I cheered with the crowd as she stood over Nikki. In all of her gold toned glory. I smirked to myself as the guy marched up to the girl about to raise her hand. I collected my money from the bets guy. "Impossible!" He said in awe. "She was on the ropes! I Saw it! You….how did you?!..." he trailed off as I grinned counting out my wins. I looked back at the girl as she made her show boating trail….First the right side…then left…then south…Hey this girl aint half bad lookin from the back… She started to turn towards me, If she's pretty maybe I can get her after the fight…..make out with her behind the dump-"WINNER!"

I literally heard a record being scratched as the wind left me. I dropped my cash which was quickly stolen from the ground but I didn't care…All I did was gawk. "Fi….onna?" I muttered to myself. My brain shattered. I felt myself pushing through the excited crowd, my mind numb. No frickin way. But the closer I got to her, the more she came into focus. Fionna…was one of the top ranked underground fighters? I felt cool air as I was finally in the front of the crowd. People shoved at my back but I didn't register what was happening. I saw Fionna smile sadly to herself and prepared to walk away. I could have just stared at her for the rest of the night in shock. She turned and started for the exit of the arena. It can't be her! There's no way in hell! "Whoa. Fionna?!" she snapped her head around and we made eye contact. She looked just as surprised to see me there as I was to her. "Marshall?!" I could almost see the color drain from her skin as she took a step back. "Marshall what the hel-" before she could finish her sentence, she was absorbed into the crowd and out of site. I called out her name before being shoved to the second row as two new fighters gathered on the stage.

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