~Fionna’s P.O.V.~

I rushed to find Kate. She was collecting our earnings for the day. “Kate! We have to go! Right now!” Kate’s eyes widened as she nodded. “What is it?! Oh lord is it another angry revenge seeking drug dealer again?” she asked worriedly as I grabbed her hand. “Worse! Let’s get out of here!” We started to weave our way through the crowd as Kate held onto the money. I glanced behind us every once in a while to see if he would follow us. Kate and I finally made it to the Exit and we pushed the door open. We started to run as the warm and dank underground turned into cool night air. I started to jog and Kate jogged behind me. “Come on Kate we-“ I was cut off as I heard the metal slam against brick wall and heard his voice. “Fionna! Fionna wait!” he shouted. I looked at Kate with wide eyes. “Run!” I started to drag her behind me as I heard his pounding footsteps grow closer. He caught me by the arm and tried to turn me around to face him. “Fionna, wait-“ Kate kneed him in the stomach and his words were cut of sharply as he collapsed. “Don’t you dare touch my baby !” Kate yelled as she staggered , unknowingly dropping our earnings on the floor. My eyes widened in fear as Marshall saw the clump of money. I clenched my jaw and made a very hard decision. I grabbed Kate’s hand and we ran home. Marshall clutched the dollar bills in one hand and reached out with the other. “Fionna!”

I didn’t look back.

Once we made it to our block I slowed down. Kate was out of breath and I looked down at my shoes. We walked in silence as Kate caught her breath. “Fionna! Who was that?” she asked worriedly. I sighed. “…A guy from school.” I muttered. She froze her shoulders stiffening. “Oh no! Fionna-“ I roughly ran my hands through my hair as I sped up my pace. “I know! I didn’t know he was going to be there! I’ll talk to him tomorrow, maybe I can convince him not to say anything!” I sagged my shoulders as we walked up the stairs to our apartment. Kate’s voice was solemn and quiet. “He made me drop the money…” I tensed my shoulders as I put the key in the lock. “I know…I saw. It wasn’t your fault, I should have faced him.” I muttered quietly. Kate and I walked into the living closing the door shut behind us. A few minutes later, heated up leftover meatloaf sat on two plates between the two of us. Why can’t I ever win? I can’t even give my brothers a frickin toy for their birthday because of my jacked up lifestyle choices. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I held my face in my other hand as I cried silently, letting the fork in my other hand cltter to the plate. "Baby?...Talk to me," Kate pleaded softly. "…please," she whispered.

"I…." I started my voice cracked and weak. "I was gonna u-use that money to buy finn and jake a b-birthday p-present," I cried. "Fionna….it's alright-" "NO IT'S NOT ALRIGHT!" I snapped putting my head down. "WE HAD THE MONEY AND I LOST IT ALL! ALL OF IT! GONE! Just because I wasn’t man enough to punch him!" I finished weakly as I cried, unconsciously clenching and unclenching my jaw."…All because of me…." I sniffled again. "…Th-they were supposed to…." I trailed off as I felt Kate’s warm arms embrace me. “Fionna, this is as much my fault as it is yours.” Kate whispered softly. I returned Kate’s hug before standing up and gently pulling away. "I'm sorry, I need to be alone right now." I ran up the stairs and shut the door before I started to cry my eyes out. I just couldn’t handle the frustration! Is hurting people the only thing I’m truly good at? I can’t even make sure my family is happy…damn it all. After ten minutes my door creaked open and I looked down wiping my eyes. Finn was giving me a curious look with his multi-colored eyes. Jake jumped on top of my bed and patted my back. "We gotcha big sis," Jake said through his lisp. His teeth still haven't grown in yet. Finn hoisted himself up pulling up his pull-ups and straightening his shirt. He beamed. "I made you a pick-chure to help ya feel beddur!" He said loudly. I smiled softly and wiped my eyes sniffing and sitting up. "Really? Aw come on guys," I chuckled. Jake glared. "Hey I helped too!" he pouted. "Thank Both of my guys…My guy-Zeees," I said wiggling my nose in Jake's face. He laughed and finn handed me a homemade picture folded up. I sniffed and wiped my eyes again before unfolding the crumpled paper.

It was a picture of us three with swords fighting a dragon on a pirate ship on a flying whale. My mood perked up a little. "Oh wooow, You did this yourself?" I asked them. They nodded. Finn pointed down at the dragon. "That's the monster! His names ZergDaaaath!" he shouted mightily and tumbled down to the bed sheets. Jake pointed next. "And Then! That's a Ship! But iz also a tree house! With a pizza room! and a dog room! And movies! And a pool so's we can swimz-!" Finn whimpered. My eyebrows raised. "Uuuuuh, a pool…full of….chocolate ice cream!" His expression brightened into a satisfied smile. Jake's eyes widened. "Yeah! And We can play all day and none can stop us cuz we iz in the air and no ones invited!" He beamed. Finn gasped. "Except mommy and daddy and us!" he cut in. Jake nodded "oh yeah! Course!" I gasped down at the picture. "…..I love it…." I stood up and opened my drawer for some tape, and taped it to the wall. I knelt down to their level and admired the work. "Hmmm…Well, we don't have a flying whale….buuuut," I smirked down at them. "…We Can build a pillow fort! Finn you go get you guys’ favorite movie! Jake help me with the pillows blankets and chairs and I'll go make some popcorn!" I shouted. The saluted and then laughed as they got started.

I smiled and chuckled as I leaned on my wall. I looked out of my window feeling a draft. "Huh," I furrowed my eyebrows "Wha?" Jake asked carrying a load of blankets and plopping them on the ground. "Nothing…just…don't really remember opening the window….." I squinted suspiciously, then shut it. "Ah whatever," Typical paranoia. I finished setting up the pillows and blankets and stood back. "Who's up for a movie night?!" I shouted. Finn just got back holding 'How to Train your Dragon.' "I don like the kissing but I can handle it!" he shouted jumping up and down. "Hmm…You know, we should probably add some Ice cream to this," I thought out loud. "I got those! Jake there's a movie player near the games!" Jake leaped over and grabbed it. Finn and Jake laughed eagerly climbing into the pillow fort. I laughed and left the room to pop some popcorn. As I scooped the ice cream into the bowls I hear Finn and Jake chatting and laughing. I looked over to see Lance and Kate watching their own movie. I walked over and kissed them both. Kate smiled warmly.

"Hey sugar, don't stay up too late okay?" I nodded. "You should see the picture they made me Kate….Memories. I swear." Lance ruffled my hair. "Have a good night, and don't worry sweetheart. We'll figure everything out in the morning. I promise," I smiled and nodded goodbye and started to walk upstairs and came back inside my room with popcorn and ice cream bowls. Finn and Jake leapt out with their wooden swords. "Friend or Feet!" shouted Jake. They then burst out into a fit of giggles. "Foe!" Jake corrected. I shouted. "Eeek! Friend! With treats!...And delicious fattening beverages!" I said also holding out soda cans with my foot. Finn stroked an imaginary beard. "Hmm…..,"his expression brightened. "Can spider-man have some too!" he shouted. I nodded. "Yeah, the plushy can have as many as he squishy wants," I said crawling under the pillow fort with them. They shared a look and laughed to themselves.

"Whoaa, what was that?" I asked. Jake put his hand over his and Finn’s mouth. "Can't tell! S'secret Nah nah nah nah naaah naaaaah!" they said in unison and laughed again. I chuckled rolling my eyes. "Whatever, I'll grill you later. Play the movie ya’ ankle biters!" I yelled tickling them a little. Jake cast a shooting glance towards the window. I looked over….nothing… I shrugged and pulled them close smiling. "Bleck, I hope there’s no gross kissing," Finn whispered. I rolled my eyes. "It's the same movie as last time dum-dum." I kissed his forehead and he blecked and wiped at it. "You gots cooties!" Finn shouted scrunching his nose as I laughed. Jake shrugged. "I don't mind it," I laughed and kissed him too. He grinned wider and wiped his cheek. "Ew gross! I didn't mean from You cootie holder!" we all laughed and continued watching the movie.

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